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Apr 22 2013

Tom Brokaw Blames America for Boston Terror

Tom Brokaw — the liberal elitist who triumphantly crowed “Take this!” at Obama’s first inauguration — weighs in regarding Islam’s latest major attack on the American homeland:

Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw strongly suggested Sunday that America is partly to blame for the gruesome terrorists attacks in Boston, because the young, Muslim men involved may have felt “alienated” and angry over U.S. drone strikes on “innocent civilians” in Muslim countries abroad.

Would Brokaw also sympathize with Timothy McVeigh, who felt alienated and angry over Janet Reno’s massacre at Waco? Unlikely. The difference is that liberals instinctively side with Islam, because they share a common enemy: us.

He said Americans need to take a hard look at “the roots” of why so many Muslims, including Americanized terrorists like the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, want to kill them.

Brokaw went on to denounce the “presumptuousness of the United States.”

The explanation resembled that of President Obama’s preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, on the Sunday after the 9/11 attacks: “America’s chickens are coming home to roost!”

Through sheer pompousness, Brokaw has been able to dupe the gullible into thinking he is a journalist rather than a left-wing political operative.

He is, however, a self-described Democrat who in 2008 referred to Obama’s inauguration as a “velvet revolution” and equated him to Jesus Christ, while comparing GOP running-mate Sarah Palin to Pontius Pilate.

In a recent National Press Club speech, moreover, he lamented the rise of the conservative press on the Internet and talk radio.

He accuses the conservative press of being “jingoistic” — i.e., patriotic, a sentiment liberal elitists depise.

Brokaw also believes that the media has an “obligation” to advocate on behalf of liberal causes.

Those whose views do not lean left he ironically compares to the same jihadists he apologizes for at his country’s expense.

If the oligarchy that is systematically destroying America in the name of depraved moonbat ideology can be personified by a single person, it would not be Obama — a lazy post turtle figurehead chosen for his race and his name — but the malignant Tom Brokaw.

A face of America’s anti-American oligarchy.

On tips from Clingtomyguns, Sam Adams, and The MaryHunter.

26 Responses to “Tom Brokaw Blames America for Boston Terror”

  1. Marmo says:

    “He said Americans need to take a hard look at “the roots” of why so many Muslims, including Americanized terrorists like the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, want to kill them.”

    By this logic, then, the Afghanis and Pakistanis need to take a hard look at the root cause of why the U.S. feels the need to kill their jihadis. It must be partly their fault, right?

  2. Doug says:

    Would you ever trust a man with a uterus under his nose?

  3. JNN says:

    These pathetic people(LSM, etc.) hate the US because we continually prove that they are unnecessary.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Go screw yourself, Brokaw. You don’t speak for me or anyone I associate with. You are a fool.

  5. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    What the Hell is Brokaw’s problem?
    He doesn’t like dogs?
    Give me a brea…

    Wait. WHAT?… Are you sure?

    Well, how can you understand someone with a speech defect?

    It sounded like he said, “Boston Terriers”

    Never mind. 🙄

  6. StanInTexas says:

    When was the last time Brokaw took “a hard look at “the roots” of why” a person wanted to rape someone, or rob a bank, or steal millions from a pension fund?

    Also remember that these are the people that want FoxNews off the air because it is ‘biased’.

  7. whotothewhat says:

    The day these old left wing media fossils have finally given up the ghost will be a good day.

  8. Henry says:

    Tom Brokaw blames rape victims for wearing mini skirts, or being in the wrong part of town.


  9. Clingtomyguns says:


    SHOCKING REVELATION – The two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings WERE NOT LICENSED to have the firearms they used in several shootouts with police on Friday, Reuters reported Sunday night.

    So what’s the answer? Since they didn’t obey the laws already on the books, of course the answer must be more laws for them to ignore would have helped. At least we can all feel good about it, right? Well, the press thinks so:

    “The news that the suspects were not authorized to own firearms will likely add fuel to calls for tougher gun laws – an issue that was put on the back-burner last week after the Senate blocked the central elements of a gun-control package backed by President Obama.

    Because Massachusetts state law bars handgun ownership for those younger than 21, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, age 26, was the only brother who could have obtained a license from the town of Cambridge, Mass., where he lived. But he didn’t take that step, Dan Riviello, spokesman for the Cambridge Police Department, told Reuters.”

    As Michelle reports: “Maybe a separate law with slightly different wording that had “seriously, pay attention to this one – we’re not kidding” written in bold would have gotten their attention.”

    Or maybe TO ALL AMERICAN JIHADISTS – pretty please with sugar on it, The Obama Administration respectfully requests that you obey just this one law, to license your firearms, please. Its for the children that you don’t mind bombing indiscriminately.

    That should do it.

    Oh, and we need to hurry up and pass the new amnesty bill brought to us by the gang of 8 traitors, since we’ll all be safer if we do.

    Speaking of amnesty, gang of 8 traitor Grahmnesty lets it slip that the FBI missed keeping tabs on the older brother, after being informed he was a terror threat by Russia, was because his name was misspelled!:

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) revealed a crucial piece of information that may explain why the older of the two Boston Bombing suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was allowed to travel to Russia early last year: His name was apparently misspelled.

    “He went over to Russia,” Graham confirmed. “But Apparently when he got on the … plane they misspelled his name so it never went into the system that he went over to Russia.”

    “The reason we didn’t know he went over to Russia is because his name was misspelled,” Graham repeated later while defending the FBI’s handling of the case, saying officials did the best they could with the information they had.

    “We’re at war folks, and if we don’t realize it, there’s going to be more of this. They’re trying to recruit American citizens,” Graham explained, railing against the idea that just because the younger brother is an American citizen he shouldn’t be held — at least initially — as an enemy combatant. “This idea that if you can find an American to help kill us they somehow having a legal safe have is ridiculous.”

    “When we’re trying to defend ourselves against enemy attacks, you don’t give people lawyers. Lawyers are for the criminal process,” he concluded.

    Read more:

  10. Rotohammer says:

    OK, Tom, I have taken a hard look at the roots of Islamic terrorism against America. I traced the roots back to the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights being antithetical to sharia law, and radical Muslims being envious of American success. Now what do we do, Tom?

  11. Tax Slave says:

    People who have no religion cannot understand anyone who does have a religion, any religion, Christianity Islam, Buddhism, shintoism, etc.

  12. Grunt says:

    Dammit, one of you guys already called it. In one of the early poswts about the Boston Bombings and the revelation that it migfht be the guilty parties, someone said “Remember i said this: these terrorists will be made ‘likeable kids who felt put out by society because of their cultural differences’.” Or to that effect.

    Mr. Blount, whoever this person was deserves a Moonbattery tee shirt.

    (Oh…and can this guy please tell me what next week’s Powerball numbers will be? Thanks in advance!)

  13. Grunt says:

    *Posts. Not “poswts”. Sorry.

  14. Time to Close Our Borders says:

    Hey, Tom if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was so “alienated” by his American friends why did he party and smoke dope with his soccer chums on Wednesday night 2 days after he killed 3 people and ruined the lives of 200 others??
    Why is it the retired, has been “News Readers” like Tom think they are so F’ing smart?? What an AssHat

  15. Steve says:

    How about instead of “taking a good hard look at ourselves” we deport all the diaper heads back to Krapistan.

  16. Bo-Jangles says:

    This pompous, elitist asshole is so blind, he can’t see how long ago his 15 minutes expired. He has actually ordained himself to be some kind of “journalistic statesman”, when in fact, he’s nothing more than another liberal talking head, hair-lip and all. They should give him the anchor job on the cartoon channel.

  17. The Blue Meanie says:

    I had totally forgot about lisping Tom Blowchow. Oh well I wasn’t missing anything. Could someone get this guy a mirror and a tape of his super duper journalist moments so he will stay occupied.

  18. justme says:

    Good point about McVeigh…

    The greatest enemy the United States faces is its own government and those who represent it, because everything they do is meant to destroy it.

  19. jtm371 says:

    i will make it real easy for you tom F-CK OFF AND DIE!

  20. Flu-Bird says:

    Tom Brokenjaw a marxist propegandists like WALL-EYE KRONKITE and DAN BLATHER he needs to leave america

  21. Laurie says:

    Brokaw said: “Americans need to take a hard look at “the roots” of why so many Muslims, including Americanized terrorists like the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, want to kill them.”

    Then by his logic, women who have been raped need to take a hard look at themselves and and figure out what they’re doing to cause someone to rape them.

    And, indeed, by his logic, blacks need to take a hard look at themselves and figure out what they’re doing to cause so much racism against them.

    Using Brokaw’s logic, such a line of thinking makes perfect sense.

  22. octa bright says:

    Unfortunately Mr. Brokaw is correct, it is at least partially America’s fault. We have reacted with restraint when attacked by terrorists funded by Islamic powers. When we went to war with Islamic states we showed restraint and mercy. We allowed the Muslims to enter our country, keep their faith, and worship in peace. In fact we accept very antisocial behavior on their part as an eercise in free speech.

    As a result they are confused. In the end we will probably need to slaughter a huge number in their heartlands, destroy the infastructure, and let disease and famine settle the matter. It is not dissimilar to training a dog, limited and consistant punishment is very effective in curbing bad behavior. I am not compairing Muslims to dogs. I LIKE dogs.

  23. grayjohn says:

    Has been, treasonous, senile, traitor, shit head.

  24. Flu-Bird says:

    Most liberal journalists are ATHIESTS/INFEDELS who totaly reject any form of relegion

  25. Nicki Thomas says:

    What a nutcase. His GOD Obama sent the drones in the first place!

  26. Chris in N.Va. says:

    B-b-b-but (*sniffle-snurk-snort*) why O WHY don’t they LIKE us (whimper-whine)?

    Here’s an easy, two-step question/answer to the aforementioned typical-Liberal plaintive plea:

    1. Do you possess a pulse?
    2. Are you one of them?

    If the answer to 1 is “yes” and the answer to 2 is “no” then you have your answer as to why they hate you and want to kill you.

    Any other questions?

    Class is dismissed.

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