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Sep 12 2012

Too Busy to Meet With Netanyahu, Yet…

In what can only be considered both a grievous insult and an appalling shirking of responsibility, Obama has refused a request to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Bibi valiantly attempts to keep the Middle East situation from spinning any further out of control.

The Empty Chair in Chief, who spends far more time golfing than attending economic meetings of any kind even as the economy staggers toward another recession, says he is too busy to meet with our only real ally in the violently unraveling Middle East. Yet on the same day he snubbed Netanyahu, he announced that he will be taking time to appear on the degenerate lowlife David Letterman’s moronic TV show. He also found time to discuss the Miami Dolphins and a rapper named Pitbull with 106.7 FM’s DJ Laz a.k.a. “the pimp with the limp.”

This degrading farce of presidency has got to end soon.

One went on to be a great leader; the other remained a useless punk.

On tips from TW, Byron, Libtard, Val, G. Fox, Incitatus, J, Sam Adams, Clingtomyguns, and Shawn.

35 Responses to “Too Busy to Meet With Netanyahu, Yet…”

  1. Dr. 9 says:

    I can’t wait to see how America’s notoriously-leftist Jewish voters respond to this insult to Israel. They’re now caught between their “alleged” love for Israel, and their devotion to their leftist ideology. IMO, they will still support Obummer. Again.

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  3. 4th Estate says:

    You guys nominated a LOSER! He’s not ready for prime-time, 4 more years!

  4. fxdwg says:

    Punk. That is the perfect word to describe Obama.

  5. Ummah Gummah says:


    Looking at that pic I am inclined to call the wonderbama: “the pimp with the limp wrist”


  6. klae says:

    “Punk” is too kind. Gangster. Yet when he loses in November, somehow he won’t even do any prison time.

  7. KHarn says:

    “4th Estate says:September 12, 2012 at 12:20 pm”

    What did your tin god do to deserve the FIRST four years?

  8. reality's liberal bias says:

    In what can only be considered both a grievous insult and an appalling shirking of responsibility, Romney has simultaneously empowered Putin and increased his domestic power… yet another in his endless string of failures on the international scene.

    No word on how this will affect his standing among the sycophantic illiterates who plan to vote for him…

  9. chuck in st paul says:

    Obysmal is the poster boy and icon for the Baby Boom Generation. He IS them. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  10. Sam Adams says:

    4th Estate says:
    September 12, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    You guys nominated a LOSER! He’s not ready for prime-time, 4 more years!

    How’s that Arab Spring issue working out for you and your guy in the White House? Did Obama miss something by skipping so many of his daily intelligence briefings?

    As to being ready for Prime Time….snicker…Obama has some real expertise in the area of foreign policy…snicker…doesn’t he? Snicker..any day now his request to meet with the leaders of Iran will be answered…snicker. Maybe he needs to travel to the middle east and bow a few more times….

  11. Bloodless Coup says:


    “Israeli science website: Obama birth certificate forged

    Award-winning, former Netanyahu adviser behind assessment”

  12. chuck in st paul says:

    Wow, reality’s liberal silliness. This Romney guy must have the power of the gods at his disposal to be so highly influential as a mere state governor. I guess that Putin guy was on the ropes until Romney came along and pulled him up to the peak of domestic power.

    Thanks for pointing all that out to us mere trogs. Please continue to enlighten us oh superior intellect.

  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Someone named “4th estate” posting an article from Talking Points Memo ?
    Irony abounds

  14. reality's liberal bias says:

    … happy to. if Romney can take credit for things like bin Laden, GM, and the like… he sure as shit gets credit for this, too. Can’t have it both ways – he either gets credit for nothing, as a mere former state governor lacking any real authority or power… or he gets credit for it all, including the dumb shit he continues to do internationally.

    Lemme guess… you don’t get it. A pattern hereabouts.

  15. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    You need to understand the intricacies of Obama’s foreign policy. We as subjects may be less safe without missile defense, but hey, the Lightworker is adored by one more (Putin)
    So it all worked out.

  16. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    The progs are back. Must be because they smell their own demise coming.

    The game is up, and FUCK that punk in the White House. This shit won’t stand, he is no longer wanted and elections be damned, his goddamn reign of bullshit is over.

    You progs better realize that all the shit you’ve thrown at liberty and America, all the hate and sneering and middle fingers you’ve given honest, decent people will NOT BE FORGOTTEN.

    We’re going to disinfect America. It starts with Congress and the White House (and the State Department), but all you subversive quislings who think you can endlessly snipe and obstruct freedom will find out differently.

    November, baby. It’s just the beginning.

  17. 4th Estate says:

    Mr. Adams,

    Where is Osama Bin Laden? I’d say that counts as foreign policy experience and success. Choke on it, and enjoy getting your panties in a bunch for ANOTHER 4 YEAR!

  18. Sam Adams says:

    Really liberal bias:
    Romney can’t take credit for either bin Laden or GM. Obama owns both of those issues, including the fact that GM is fast approaching another bankruptcy.

    How about that….bin Laden is dead, and two embassies were attacked on 9/11. Humm…what are the odds? Surely just coincidence. Nothing to do with bin Laden whatsoever. Bin Laden is dead and so is our Ambassador. Romney probably should have ordered them to beef up security…especially on 9/11. Fortunately Obama wasn’t sufficiently heartbroken that he was unable to make his campaign stops today.

  19. Sam Adams says:

    4th Estate:

    Foreign policy experience success…killing bin Laden??? That was a difficult, gutsy call??? Oh, how he must of weighed the pros and cons of making that call.

    It was especially gutsy in light of setting up a Navy Admiral to take the fall if anything had gone wrong.

  20. Sam Adams says:

    BTW, I notice those on the left are surprisingly silent when the issue comes up about Obama ordering the killing of a US Citizen without benefit of a trial, conviction, etc. Yes, he was a bad guy, but bad guys deserve constitutional rights and protections, don’t they? (Most of the left get all teary eyed when the issue of capital punishment of people convicted by a jury of their peers is brought up.)

  21. Bob Roberts says:

    MSNBC asks: ‘Who’s More Dangerous, the Supreme Leader in Tehran or Netanyahu?’

    Neither. MSNBC is worse. Followed by the ragheads and such in Tehran.

  22. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Where, indeed, is osama? Was he in fact killed? Why haven’t I seen anything that would indicate that as true, such as, say, a picture of him dead? Those guys over there were in some kind of hurry to get him buried at sea, shonuff. Sure, it sounds conspiratorial, but maybe he agreed to shut up for a year to help out his diaperhead bro. Too outrageous?

  23. Bob Roberts says:

    reality’s liberal bias says: September 12, 2012 at 12:55 pm
    Your ignorance is par for the course. The idea Romney is taking credit for bin Laden or GM is just another of your fantasy straw men.

    Obama is taking credit for bin Laden, though his primary contribution was to almost see it didn’t happen. Obama is taking credit for GM, which is about to go back into bankruptcy thanks to his meddling.

  24. Jodie says:

    Sam Adams says:
    September 12, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Right on!

    No other president would have gotten away with killing Bin Laden that way. For Obama to be constantly praised for it is ridiculous.

    Libs are nothing but hypocrites and fools.

  25. Ginsengbull says:

    Maybe Ben Netanyahu should come to the US anyway, but meet with Romney and Ryan.

  26. Ginsengbull says:

    Throw in a couple 4 star generals, and maybe they could get business taken care of, real quick.

  27. SandyS says:

    Obama behaves like petulant child. Needs a serious time-out to let the big boys take care of things. Besides on a more frivolous note….Bibi is HOT!

  28. KHarn says:

    As useual, the neo-commie refuses to answer my question. Basic commie tactic: “attack the beliefs of others. NEVER defend your own beliefs.”

  29. Tim from TK says:

    Unreal Bias sez:

    “No word on how this will affect his standing among the sycophantic illiterates who plan to vote for him…”

    Sycophantic illiterates – who knew Obama worshipers are going to vote for Romney ?

  30. Bloodless Coup says:

    The cover up continues…

    “Israeli Science Website Scrubs Article Claiming Obama Birth Certificate Forgery”

  31. Vic Kelley says:

    Punk. Man if you only have one word to describe him that’s the go-to word. Punk. With all the connotations it has from colored culture especially those locked up. Yeah, Obama is a punk. Mi’chelle would confirm it if we asked her real nice and offered her a bucket of chicken.

  32. Tchhht!!! says:

    Bloodless Coup says: September 13, 2012 at 5:41am

    I am by no means a complete expert on Photoshop, but I have spent over a hundred hours studying and learning it. I pulled the PDF from the White House website and loaded it up in Photoshop CS3. I then zoomed in to the number 10641 to 3200%. The number one did not disappear, but it is clear to see that it is different from the other numbers 1064. The 1064 is solid black while the 1 is more of a lighter grayscale. Why this number is different is open to speculation. I can’t be sure that the font is different. As far as the grouping is concerned, there is no way that I know of to ungroup a PDF file since the layers have been merged. You would need the original PSD file with the layering history intact. I opened the PDF in Inkscape and it shows the files as one group not two. It’s interesting that Arpaio and Israeli Science would take an interest in this and I would love to believe that Obama was born outside the U.S., but I am not convinced.

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