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Jan 03 2018

Top Five Triggered Campus Moonbats of 2017

2017 saw the triggering of many a campus moonbat. In the video below, Campus Reform collects the top five triggerings:

#5: Angry Student Steals MAGA Hat

#4: Professor Assaults Conservative Students

#3: Coffee Shop Staff Kick Conservative Students Out

#2: Masked Protester Arrested For Vandalizing Pro-Life Display

#1: Student Screams At The Sky Over Trump Sign On Campus

Have a look at these top five arguments for putting Thorazine in college water supplies until the liberalism epidemic can be brought under control:

On a tip from Sterling B.

5 Responses to “Top Five Triggered Campus Moonbats of 2017”

  1. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Why would any man let a simp get into their face and threaten them? A size 12 steel tipped boot would save the taxpayers so much on gender reassignment surgery

  2. […] saw the top five triggered campus moonbats of 2017. Now let’s venture outside the college safe space. Mark Dice presents the top 10 triggered […]

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