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Apr 28 2016

Trump and the GOP’s Future

Trump and his supporters have already cost us this previously winnable election. The question now is how far the damage will extend into the future:

According to fresh data from the Harvard Institute of Politics’ semi-annual study of young voters, 61 percent of young voters say they’d prefer Democrats hold the White House, against just 33 percent for Republicans, a 28-point advantage. And when Clinton is pitted against Trump by name, her lead widens to 36 points.

That is worse that McCain did with the under-30 crowd against Obama in 2008, despite all the hype promoting Obama and all the dislike for Shrillary.

Republicans who have talked themselves into the prospect of a Trump nomination on the grounds that Trump will run up the score with older, working-class white voters are playing with mathematical fire. In 2012, Mitt Romney won voters over the age of 30, but lost the under-30 demographic by such a large margin that he lost the White House. Facing youth vote numbers like these, Trump will have to win extraordinary numbers of middle-age and senior voters to have a fighting chance.

Those numbers will of course never materialize, considering that a large percentage of Republicans of all ages will refuse to vote for the quasi-fascist lowlife under any circumstances out of basic decency.

Trump’s weakness with the young isn’t just a product of his terrible standing with young Latinos or African-Americans, or the way that he has turned off young independents. Yes, Trump doesn’t even get out of single digits with nonwhite young voters, winning a pathetic 5 percent of black and 9 percent of young Hispanic voters. But strikingly, Trump also tanks with slices of the youth vote that ought to be friendlier to him.

Mitt Romney won young white voters in the 2012 election; Trump loses this group to Clinton. He also picks up only 29 percent of young men, with 47 percent saying they’d pick Clinton. A majority — 57 percent — of young Republicans hold an unfavorable view of their own presumptive nominee. …

The Republican Party is already two bad elections deep with a large slice of the millennial generation. And that group of voters will ripple through elections for decades like the young FDR Democrats and young Reagan Republicans, casting ballots for the party that was in their favor when they first entered the political process.

To mitigate the damage, Trump must be stopped from getting the nomination at all costs, so that the GOP can divorce itself from him as quickly as possible before an association with someone most young people rightly dislike does not become cemented in their minds for many elections to come.

The best thing to happen for the Democrats since the Great Depression.

On a tip from Torcer.

43 Responses to “Trump and the GOP’s Future”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I wonder how many young kids imagine working for The Donald, and fear hearing his iconic words?

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  3. physicsnut says:

    even the nitwits at NPR admit they were wrong.

  4. Beezelbubba says:

    And yet Ted Cruz would somehow be a better choice?

  5. Kier says:

    Young people don’t care anyways. You could offer the Messiah of all Messiahs, and they’d still prefer to hand the country over to PC liberal ‘tards to run because they make them ‘feel good’.

    In the mean time they’re also finding ways to leave the country for more ‘tolerant, accepting, big daddy government already handles the hard stuff so I don’t have to’ countries. They’ll happily leave America to burn and die while they run off to ‘better’ places, as opposed to stay and help the country. They give no shits. I hear it all the time from my friends.

  6. Torcer says:

    Mike Pence’s Time for Choosing in Indiana via @NRO

    Mike Pence’s Time for Choosing in Indiana
    If current general-election poll results are even remotely accurate, Trump would go down to a defeat of biblical proportions in November. His standing with women is so low, he even puts automatic Republican states such as Mississippi and Utah into play. He’s wildly unpopular with young voters — 17 percent have a favorable view of him in the latest Harvard Public Opinion Project poll. Only 37 of young Republicans view him favorably.

    Trump’s new de facto campaign manager, Paul Manafort, recently told fellow Republican insiders not to worry. All of this can be overcome because Trump’s vulnerabilities merely reflect “personality” problems, while Clinton’s reflect “character” issues. “Fixing personality negatives is a lot easier than fixing character negatives,” Manafort said. “You can’t change somebody’s character, but you can change the way somebody presents himself.”

    Let’s say it’s possible that personality and character aren’t synonymous in the minds of voters. But the notion that Trump — a litigious, thrice-married confessed adulterer with a history of hawking snake-oil products, among other sketchy business practices — has no character issues must have Clinton’s opposition-research team spit-taking lattes out their noses.

    Trump says he can start acting “presidential” with a flip of a switch, but does anyone who is not besotted with Trump Kool-Aid think this is actually possible?

    As I’ve been saying for months, the Republican-primary season will end in tears no matter what. If Trump is the nominee, many conservatives will stay home or vote for a third-party candidate. If he’s not the nominee, many of Trump’s supporters will stay home. So why not fall back on principle and pick a side?

  7. Torcer says:

    Yes, by several orders of magnitude.

  8. Torcer says:

    Trying to stay positive this early morn Comrades…. Whoops.. speaking in people’s cube talk there.

    Has anyone noted the sense of humor the almighty must be capable to have Donald stumble of over the word Tan-zay-nia?

    Trump foreign policy speech, trips comically over Tanzania

  9. Eddie_Valiant says:

    No point wasting your brain on brain dead trumpies Torcer.

  10. ComradeJ says:

    Good news everyone. Long lost texting buddy of Orange Hillary has been found! I’ll give you a hint, it’s a Poster Boy for Establishment Rinos.

    Well he wasn’t really lost, John Boehner just came out of the closet to endorse his Best Boyfriend Forever – Orange Hillary and to demonize Cruz:

    Boehner described other Republican candidates as friends. In particular, the former speaker said he has played golf with Donald Trump for years and that they were “texting buddies.

    When specifically asked his opinions on Ted Cruz, Boehner made a face, drawing laughter from the crowd. “Lucifer in the flesh,” the former speaker said.

  11. Torcer says:

    But remember, Ted Cruz is ‘establishment’ … ./sarc.

    AWESOME: John Boehner basically just endorsed Ted Cruz

  12. ComradeJ says:

    Like a good libtard Orange Hillary always projects on others its own evil.

  13. MAS says:

    Well that tears it! I can’t even vote for Cruz now because orange Boner said he is the Devil incarnate. >snerk<

    Can't even begin to imagine a better endorsement for Cruz.

  14. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    You know, I can remember a time when nations had such silly names as “Eye-rack”, “Eye-ran”, and “Tan-zay-nia.” That was back when there was this planet named “You-ray-nus.” How unenlightened were those days compared to now!

    Thank God we don’t live in England, though, where they still say “Nick-ah-RAG-you-ah.” God, how ignorant can you get?

  15. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Did you know that it’s illegal to cold-call a cell phone, even for a poll?

    Did you further know that most young people only have cell phones, and not land lines?

    Dewey Defeats Truman!

  16. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    When I step into their shoes, I see a nation where there aren’t jobs for them unless they can pass as foreign. I see parents that sold them down the river through ever-escalating student loans and the insistence that “you MUST go to college; it’s the DONE thing!” I see schools that only teach the negative and never the positive about the nation where they live. I see a certain generation entering retirement that sucked the lifeblood out of the nation and left only a husk for the rest of us, and they’ll be the last ones to GET to retire.

    I don’t blame them for not caring, to be honest. Despair is still wrong, but if you know no reason to hope, what else will you do?

    I have hope, or maybe I’m just damn stubborn. But I can understand feeling otherwise.

  17. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    If someone holding a job ISN’T currently worried that he might hear the “iconic words”, then…he’s probably in Congress.

  18. TED says: YES, THEY ARE THAT STUPID !!!!!!

  19. gr54 says:

    I found the Donald’s yearbook photo.

  20. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Up the street, not across. It’s a win-win for all of us; you get relieved of a burdensome existence, and so do we.

    (Note to the sensitive: It’s a taunt, not a genuine suggestion. This idiot wouldn’t do it, or else he’d already have tried and succeeded.)

  21. Bellator says:

    There is another factor to consider. Many of the Sanders voters hate Clinton with the heat of 1000 suns. And most of the Sanders voters are the young. So…don’t expect them to go out and vote for Clinton because they won’t. Them switching to Trump is quite unlikely — but very likely they will just stay home and not vote in the general election.

  22. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    I wish I knew how to Photoshop!

  23. Karma's Janitor says:

    Who cares what young people think? I’m one of them and 80% of my high school senior classmates didn’t graduate college. Most of the had dumb degrees.

  24. NotKennedy says:

    McCain is probably holding out hope to be selected as Trump’s running mate. Throwing an election used to be the province of the RNC and the GOPe. In these troubled times of polarized disparity across America, irrevocable divisiveness, the libs are depending on a guy like Trump to usher in a socialist coup from the queen of poo.
    When you see massive swings in party affiliation as was evident in Pennsylvania’s recent primary, you can be certain of the ulterior motive.

  25. grayjohn says:

    The GOP no longer exists, so it has no future to worry about.

  26. Dr. John Charles says:

    The American people want Trump and Moonbattery insists on giving them the middle finger to its peril.

  27. swimologist says:

    Exactly right. Moonbattery is gonna look like and be a neutered goofball come election day.

  28. 762x51 says:

    It’s a shame because this was the only bakery in the metro Denver area – apparently. I assume there weren’t any others they could have gone to in order to get a cake, so their only available course of action was to sue.

    Denver is a city of over 3,000,000 people, they really should get another bakery to move to town.

  29. 762x51 says:

    Peril? In what way do you envision MB in peril? Do tell me more, I love peril and experience it often. Progressives just love to make threats, I like taking them up on those threats.

    Only 35% of Republicans want tRump so that isn’t even close to a majority.

  30. 762x51 says:

    Even if that did happen, it would be better than being a dirty Progressive scumbag tRump supporter.

  31. 762x51 says:

    That was before the comb over.

  32. Lobotomist says:

    Make three lists;

    1 People who love tRump.
    2. People who hate Cruz.
    3. People who aided and abetted Obama with his agenda.

    When you are finished, you will have three identical lists.

  33. gr54 says:

    Yes, but he still has tiny hands, sad.

  34. Carmenffriedel2 says:

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  35. millard fillmore says:

    So a survey from Haaavud, a very liberal school that probably only interviewed their own lefty students for the survey,thinks nominating someone they don’t approve of is bad for a party they don’t approve of.Wait,this isn’t a joke?We’re supposed to take this ‘unbiased’ survey seriously?Nice try,but no.

  36. CTsOpinion says:

    Trump the smiling face of an ASSCLOWN.

  37. 762x51 says:

    Oh hell! I didn’t even notice that!

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