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Nov 01 2012

Two Pictures Tell the Story

The White House Situation Room as stormy weather hits the Northeast:


The White House Situation Room as an American consulate is overrun by Muslim terrorists who murder four Americans including an ambassador:


In fairness, when terrorists took over our consulate in Libya, Obama did have a fundraiser the next day in Las Vegas to rest up for.

Compliments of Lyle.

5 Responses to “Two Pictures Tell the Story”

  1. Logic_Mine says:

    Yes, in fairness.
    Obama couldn’t be bothered with little important things such as ….. saving the lives of foriegn embassy.

  2. Timx says:

    Notice how his highness has a gold plated cup/saucer while the paupers are drinking from paper cups?

  3. Clingtomyguns says:

    But it appears that the one who causes the seas to subside and storms to pass isn’t doing enough to help those stricken get much needed gasoline – which thanks to him not only costs 3 times as much as when Booosh was in office, it’s not availble. Why wasn’t action taken on this earlier Obama? Remeber Obama as you wait for hours in line to get a few gallons of gas.

  4. czuch says:

    The difference is plain as day.
    One was able to be scripted, IE, phony fundraiser in Florida so he can dash back to save the day.
    The other, Just a spring rain in the arab spring.
    Priorities folks.
    Lets not lose the ball in the rough here.

  5. Lauren Weeks says:

    Great, easy reading, even for a female. Adventures about the rescue team (mostly former military) under horrible, inhumane conditions (ice, cold, storms, broken bones) in Alaska’s mountains. Very dedicated, but fit pararescuers. Keeps you on the edge. Good present if you have a pilot in the family!

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