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Nov 08 2012

Uncle Ted Sounds Off on Our Embrace of Disgrace and Demise

Ted Nugent took to Twitter to document America’s willful plunge into the abyss on Tuesday:

“Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters [have] a president to destroy America,” Nugent wrote in the first of a storm tweets. “So Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the [nonworkers]. Shared opportunities my ass,” he followed, before tweeting, “What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cellphones birthcontrol abortions & lives.”

Calling Americans “soulless fools,” Nugent lamented the “economic & spiritual suicide” of re-electing Obama. “I cry tears of blood for The Last Best Place & the warriors who died for this tragedy,” he continued. He even went after the Supreme Court, writing, “So 4 SCOTUS idiots dont believe in self defense. Pure evil.”

Too bad it’s not the Nuge’s country anymore. Now it belongs to the pimps, whores, and welfare brats — until we take it back.

Some of us are still Americans.

On a tip from Wiggins.

19 Responses to “Uncle Ted Sounds Off on Our Embrace of Disgrace and Demise”

  1. ATTORNEY says:

    I just don’t see how we’ll ever take it back. I have never in my life been so disappointed and disillusioned in my life.

  2. Metrodorus says:

    Ah, yes, that illustrious fountain of wisdom and culture, Ted Nugent. He’s a voice for the ages…Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Augustine, Milton, and now, TED NUGENT!

    You really are bonkers, aren’t you? Get a grip.

  3. dmgore says:

    I notice you dont/cant dispute anything he acturally says. All you do is villify someone you disagree with, and have nothing to back it up except snark.
    well argued.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Thank God for Ted Nugent!! I was wondering where he was since he had been silent. Probably like the rest of us, he was stunned. I’m better today. I still believe this has voter fraud written all over it.

  5. Jeep says:

    Metrodorus, Ted Nugent is a scholar compared the idiots that were re-elected. I, for one, would happily vote for Nugent for President. At least I would know he loves America, would not disarm us and is not a marxist.

  6. Son of Taz says:

    Jeep, as President, I think Ted might file a bill requiring every home have a working gun and 100 rounds of ammo.

    He’s my hero for sure.

  7. Grunt says:

    Beat me to it, Jeep.

    For the record, Metrodorkus, Ted Nugent has done more good for this country and contributed more to its people than either you OR obama could even dream of doing. WHat a big man you are, dishing out zero facts, having noo point, and being an Internet Troll.

    Again, I’ll bet your folks are so proud.

  8. Marian says:

    I’ve got family members gloating over Odumbo’s win. I say, just wait. You’ll get what you asked for, dummies. The “elites” are talking about how the country is becoming beiger and browner. Is that why so many are sucking the government tit? What an insult. They talk like this is a good thing, but I say look at what happens when they are in charge of anything, like Detroit. OK, fine. When these better people start inventing things and pay taxes maybe I’ll listen. If they want to be the majority, then take on the responsibility of paying all the bills for everyone else. This is just bullshit. I feel bad for my kids and grandkids because they won’t know freedom like I got to for a while.

  9. Highway Hospital Student says:


    Oh yeah ….you guys really excel. At nothing.

    You voted to take money out of someone else’s pocket so that you can put it in your own.

    Knowing what you are, I imagine you guys must be feeling pretty good about yourselves right now.

    But guess what… the confiscated, “redistributed” theft of other people’s money won’t last much longer.

    See, we of the producing class–can hide our wealth. We can protect it in a million ways. You’ll never “redistribute” it all. You’re too stupid and we’re too smart to ever let that happen. That’s why we’re wealthy and you guys have zip.

    And once your 7-11 Chocolate-Berry Slushy money is gone, then guess what again, genius? You’re going to be the same sap after BO as you were before.

    That is to say…you’ll still be wallowing in your own filth.

    How about that, Dufus?

  10. Canadian Hawk says:

    The sun has set, this was the quickest rise and fall in history. I guess America didn’t listen to the sage advice about history and is now repeating it.

  11. Jimbo says:

    God Bless you Ted Nugent. There are more people our age who armed and ready than any dipshit’s wildest nightmares can conjure.

    A good communist is one who will never take another breath; they will get you if you don’t get them. THAT is NOT an opinion. It is non-revisionist historical FACT.

    The Communist States can go straight to hell and starve. Long live the FSA (Free States of America).

  12. artie m says:

    justwaiting for texas to be the first state to secede .stand by for the bloodbath

  13. Karin says:

    Tagging onto what Highway Hospital said, I just found out one of my tenants voted for Obama. I’m promptly raising the rent. It’s necessary to pay for Obamacare. We can play too, Metrodork.

  14. Kathleen says:

    I love the Nuge! I’m just surprised he hasn’t asked the American Patriots to fly their flags upside down to show that our country is in distress. I turned mine upside down the day after the election, with many positive comments!

  15. GWM says:

    Regardless of your politics, how in the hell can you take anything seriously that comes out of the mouth of this pedophile draft dodger. I’m a Viet Nam War veteran who despises Nugent for having showed up at his draft board with a week’s worth of crap in his pants to avoid service during that war.

  16. Jill says:

    Wasn’t Ted Poopy Pants supposed to in Jail or Dead by now?

    up Ted, no slacking.

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