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Mar 12 2018

United Kingdom Gulaged for Wrongthink

Although America was born of rebellion against the British Empire, the liberty we developed was inherited from Britain. The Founding Fathers were originally British subjects. Possibly the greatest influence on their point of view was English philosopher John Locke. Tragically, liberty is now dying in Britain, a casualty of multiculturalism, as Black Pigeon Speaks explains:

Multiculturalism will tear any society apart. When Islam plays a major role, you can be sure the strife will be spectacular. Remember Beirut in the 1980s? That is what London will look like in the 2020s, thanks to the policy of displacing the native population.

Already authorities are attempting to keep a lid on the powder keg they created by curtailing fundamental liberties. It is certain that they will fail, although it is far from certain that Britain will survive as a free country in any meaningful sense.

On a tip from Physicsnut.

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