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Jun 21 2012

University Teaches That It Is “Unfair” to Be Caucasian

Not long ago, our liberal rulers decided that everyone should own a home. To advance this objective, they forced banks to make race-based subprime loans. The result: housing prices climbed and climbed and climbed and then collapsed when the bubble popped, bringing the entire economy down in ruin. Then our liberal rulers decided that everyone should have a college education. To advance this objective, Obama nationalized the student load industry. Tuition is climbing and climbing and climbing and… you know what comes next. In the meantime, colleges are wasting the money on corrosive moonbattery like this:

The University of Minnesota – Duluth (UMD) is now sponsoring an ad-campaign designed to achieve “racial justice” by raising awareness of “white privilege.”

The project disseminates its message, that “society was setup for us [whites]” and as such is “unfair,” through an aggressive campaign of online videos, billboards, and lectures. The ads feature a number of Caucasians confessing their guilt for the supposed “privilege” that comes along with their fair features. …

The Un-Fair campaign also held a series of lectures and events on campus last semester. One included a presentation by Tim Wise, author of Dear White America. In his book, Wise confesses a “longstanding fantasy” where he turns to a man with a “God Bless the USA” button and asks him, “why can’t you just get over it?”

These lectures were publicly endorsed by university Chancellor Lendley Black. Black sent a message to the campus community in April describing his effort to “create an inclusive [i.e., rigidly doctrinaire leftist] campus climate for all” through providing “support and… leadership to the Un-Fair Campaign.”

Why do moonbats promote racial division? Susana Pelayo-Woodward, the same school’s Director of the Office of Cultural Diversity, offered a clue when she denounced a countermoonbat as a white supremacist for passing out free copies of the Constitution.

Progressives want us to hate ourselves and each other. They want to destroy our civilization. They want to use what was once called “higher” education to accomplish these objectives. That’s why everyone must attend college, no matter how unsuited they are for it, and no matter how much sooner it brings on our increasingly inevitable collapse into insolvency.

Lower education.

On tips from TheWrightWing, Whotothewhat, StanInTexas, Sean, and Shawn.

49 Responses to “University Teaches That It Is “Unfair” to Be Caucasian”

  1. StanInTexas says:

    I am amazed that racism of this magnitude even exists. Both I and Dr. King weep for this nation.

  2. Jeff says:

    It seems that one need not have to travel to the coast to see moonbattery in action. Here in fly over land a trip to Madison WI or Duluth MN will do. MN is known for its Loons but it was assumed that one was reffering to birds that lived by the lakes rather than the maleducated, mentally unhinged citizens of the state.

  3. 762x51 says:

    This is consistent with the race war that the left has been trying to foment for years. The usual suspect race-baters, Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, will smear anyone to tries to expose and dispute this trash.

    All you really need is a little common sense. Blacks comprise about 12% of the U.S. population, whites are about 70%. Now we all know that the liberal myth that ALL whites are rich is a bald faced lie, I know I’m not rich so if I’m the only non-rich white guy I want my cut. I’m not of course which should tell you three things.
    1. There are more poor whites than there are poor blacks.

    2. Blacks are so outnumbered they would lose any race war that is started by the racist liberal left.

    3. No one would push such a lie unless they were straight up evil.

  4. Jester says:

    The Fall of Rome, all over again. I hope these barbarians enjoy the ruins left behind after they get rid of us all.

  5. Chicago Voter says:

    Minnesota was on the college list for my son. It’s off the list. NFW I am going to send my son to a college system that is working against him.

  6. Tchhht!!! says:

    Geez, it seems that this kind of crap has infected many if not most main stream colleges. I guess I would have to send my kid to Hillsdale or some similar school.

  7. J says:

    First of all this RACISM. Whitey is bad, because s/he is whitey…

    Secondly, now is not the time for the Republic’s eulogies, however eloquent they may be. Rise and rise again. We will overcome.

  8. J says:

    P.S.: log into Youtube and rate that trash accordingly.

  9. justme says:

    How many Caucasian Americans will die because of this?

    When Caucasian Americans “get stopped” in the wrong neighborhood, they aren’t lucky enough to get off with a warning or a ticket – they are beat, raped, robbed and too often murdered. That is privilege for ya.

    Who were those stupid people in the video painting bulls eyes on their own foreheads like that? Do they really think they will be spared?

  10. Kevin says:

    Whites are evil because of their skin color? It would be more beneficial to spend your time teaching a watermelon to sing Frank Sinatra songs than to try and debate someone with this sick and perverse (dare I say racist???) mindset.

  11. Kevin says:

    Of course, the amount of ‘evil’ is in direct proportion to one’s ideological affiliation. The more Liberal you are, the less this applies to you.

  12. Path says:

    And this is not only being taught to your children but guess who’s paying for it??

  13. whotothewhat says:

    Strange I do not feel guilty for being white, let me ponder this for a moment mmmmmmmmmmmmm nope, nothing, nada. Still have no problem being white.

    I do enjoy the hypocrisy from black libs when they speak of their support of Obama by looking at their
    skin color on their arm and go “Oh yea I am for Obama.” Obama can eat puppies and they would still vote for him. Oh wait he did eat puppies, never mind.

  14. Coastal Eddie says:

    Every [imbecile] individual involved in this Politically Correct [stupidity] exercise should be released from their duties so they can pursue their philosophy to the degree they desire.

    In short, FIRE THEM ALL!

  15. Jeff says:

    The unspeakable, politically incorrect truth is that damn near all of the problems and social ills blacks, (especially inner city blacks) face are of their own making. They and they only can solve them. They are the ones making babies outside of marriage, generation after generation of children who have no clue as to who their father is, or how to act as a mature adult male since they have no dad to show them on a daily basis. They are the ones who reject education, saying that if you want to do well in school you are “acting white”. They are the ones who have made sports the ultimate goal in life. They are the ones with the “I’m entitled” chip on the shoulder. Nor am I a racist if I state that the rule of law ought to apply to every one equally. Period.

  16. Jeff says:

    And to all of you liberals out there, what part of the word NO has you confused? NO I will NOT feel guilty in the slightest about the past sins, transgessions and mistakes this country has made. A civil war was fought to end slavery once and for all. The matter is settled, deal with it. If some of us white guys don’t seem to “care enough” about race, That is because we are too damn busy minding our own bussiness, and paying own bills from our own pocket book.

  17. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Thing is, it’s these very leftards that have set up the system to reward irresponsibility, and reward it richly, so they have the bottom-up going, now they try to shame us into guilt for the top-down phase. I don’t buy into either metaphor, and, I’m sure, neither do you. That makes us dangerous to them, as sense demolishes their machine. It doesn’t work when people see what’s really happening.

  18. Fiberal says:

    I don’t get this.

    The biggest disparity between blacks and whites is IQ.

    Clearly, these students have nothing to worry about.

  19. Fiberal says:

    Besides, if these students were sincere, they would have these slogans tattooed on their faces, not just drawn on.

    I’m sure they could find some blacks who would be glad to assist.

  20. Fiberal says:

    Wouldn’t the white students make the point a lot better by distributing some of their ill-gotten grade-point averages to less capable blacks?

  21. Fiberal says:

    Slogans written on your faces ain’t gonna cut it.

    Get together a mob and go beat someone up, raid a convenience store and become a community organizer.

    You are either dedicated to the cause or you’re not.

  22. Fiberal says:

    I don’t what these people are talking about– more advantages bc of whiteness?

    Hell.. As most of you who read my comments know, I never hire whites for my Chinese prison camps along the Yangtze River.

  23. Noelegy says:

    So what would happen if all of the Caucasian students transferred elsewhere and stopped spending their money there?

  24. Clingtomyguns says:

    So in the video below provided by a Campus site for this sicko liberal school a black panther threatens to shoot a kid who is merely handing out consitutions on the campus and then this looney bitch Susana Pelayo-Woodward says his organizations look like a White Supremeicist Group?

    Gawd these colleges are infested with some of the worst vermin known to the thinking and free world. Look at some of the comments about the illustrious faculty (as one would suspect, the most left leaning are the fuglyest):

    Ann Mitchell


    Frequently brought up issues of gay marriage and plugged bus trips and rallies for that cause. Chastised me in class when she asked what the voters in California had just defeated and everyone said they voted against gay marriage and I said they just voted to define marriage as between one man and one woman.…
    [View Full]
    Frequently brought up issues of gay marriage and plugged bus trips and rallies for that cause. Chastised me in class when she asked what the voters in California had just defeated and everyone said they voted against gay marriage and I said they just voted to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Constanttly accused the white students of not realizing their racism and bias toward others.


    I had this teacher back in 2001 and she was the most biased loud mouth I have ever scene in a classroom. She did nothing but praise democrats for everything that has gone right in this country and blame Republicans for the country’s faults.…

    Betty Morgan
    Political Science

    I had this teacher back in 2001 and she was the most biased loud mouth I have ever scene in a classroom. She did nothing but praise democrats for everything that has gone right in this country and blame Republicans for the country’s faults.

    Her office door would always have ridiculous anit-Bush and anti-GOP posters on it. She made it known she was a wacko before you could even enter her office.

    Jame Ryan


    This guy bases all of his lectures on disproving basic conservative ideals. It’s almost as if he doesn’t care about the history part, but just wants to prove to the kids that conservatives are evil.

    What sane individual would pay a dime for going to such a f$%ked up school. Lao would undoubtedly be a full tenured professor at this hellhole.

  25. House of Kell says:

    @Stan: I used to…now I’m simply mildly amused by it all…the last time someone called me a cracker, hillbilly, redneck or Irish white trash, I simply had to ask, “And”???…like any are anything to be ashamed of….my people built this country, every housing project, school, hospital, prison, or skyscraper they’ve ever been in and somehow ‘I’m’ the one in the wrong for working my whole life???….NOT!!!

    I am PROUD to be white….and its nothing they can take, so….FUCK THEM!!!

  26. TrueBlue says:

    These people are sick, just plain sick. Bigoted, brainwashed, white hating racists.
    Sue the school; they recieve taxpayer money, and the supreme court ruled today that it is unconstitutional to force people “to subsidize a political effort designed to restrict their own rights.”

  27. Red Dawn says:

    If “critical race theory” were actually true, we’d expect those who have not been subjected to the “racist” Constitution, such as those in Zimbabwe, to have a much higher standard of living than folks here in the states united.

  28. Alan says:

    I said this in college 25 years ago and I’ll say it again:

    I’ll forget that you look different than me just as soon as you stop reminding me.

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  30. Ian says:

    This is just another variety of Marxism.
    They failed with class war,
    They failed with gender war,
    Now they turn to the ultimate, race war…

  31. Sandy says:

    Yeah, being white has so many perks….
    1. my children don’t qualify for most scholarships because they are white. A co-worker who’s son is bi-racial qualifies for loads and loads because of his black half. She’s white and totally cool with it…
    2. when one son found he and his family were on hard times, he applied for food stamps and help. The govt worker told him he’d have better luck qualifying if his name had a z at the end instead of a y. Get my drift?
    3. I hate having to press “1” English
    4. I hate the fact that I have to get at the end of the line for anything with the government.
    Enough is enough

  32. james says:

    Stupid Honkies in video think that their capitulation will save them from extermination.

  33. dan says:

    The hand of God just allowed Duluth to be destroyed by a flood…yhey might want to rethink that angst of being made in His image.

  34. […] keep thinking progressives can’t get any lower, but they never cease to surprise me: The University of Minnesota – Duluth (UMD) is now sponsoring an ad-campaign […]

  35. Joe Casepack says:

    This country is truly and utterly fucked. The end.

    George Washington would cry along with Martin Luther King, Jr. if they were alive today. This is not how anyone with half a brain wanted things to end up in this formerly great nation.

  36. Jodie says:

    Sandy says:

    June 21, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    ” 2. when one son found he and his family were on hard times, he applied for food stamps and help. The govt worker told him he’d have better luck qualifying if his name had a z at the end instead of a y. Get my drift?”

    Boy do I GET IT!

    After making it through my entire life without ever asking for any government assistance, I finally applied for food stamps about two years ago.

    Oh how they hate whites at the food stamp place!

    The first time I applied, I faxed in my paperwork in and there was a printed receipt. Someone called me at the very last minute and said they didn’t get my paperwork and it would be denied if I didn’t get down there that morning. They knew from the records that I didn’t have a vehicle. And of course they know that there is a three hour wait in line at their office. Six months later when it was time to renew, I decided to be on the safe side and spend the hours in line to deliver my paperwork in person. The girl stamped it with a date and time, made copies, and gave me the copies. Guess what. They said they never got that paperwork and I had to go back again and deliver it. The next time I mailed the paperwork in and guess what, they said they never got it. This last time, I scanned all of the documents and uploaded them onto the DES site. And guess what, this time, I had to spend an hour and a half on a phone interview, in which this woman was just asking me the same questions that were on the application and putting me on hold for long periods of time. My paperwork consists of a small amount of income from my home business and some eBay sales. It’s very simple and I give them exactly what they need every time.

    The thing that makes me feel that it is because I’m white is how they have treated me throughout the process. They shake their heads or roll their eyes when I walk up. Before they even look at the paperwork, they’re grumbling and making noises of frustration. They’ll make it a point to help those of their own persuasion and ignore me standing there. My daughter went with me the last time and she saw it just as plain as day. We still laugh and make jokes about it.

  37. Scrupuless says:

    You guys just don’t get it do you, was not but 60 years ago, white people actively and legally segregated african americans, among other ethnic groups, to a lower social economic status in America. Due to this the newer generations of African Americans have had a very rough go at it, because their parents and grandparents were actively discriminated against, that is fact and you all know it. If your parents were white then they had rights that blacks of the same age did not. In order to make up for centuries of slavery, and a century of legal discrimination, we offer african americans a helping hand. Stop your whining, be thankful you were never actively discriminated upon because of your race, eg, literally kept out of the best schools via segregation, denied high paying jobs because of racism and discrimination and the many other maladies of being an underclass. There is nothing wrong with trying to level the playing field for african americans who have been through so much and only recently been even legally afforded the same rights as everyone else. Have a heart your and get on with your life people.

  38. Jodie says:

    Scrupuless says:
    June 22, 2012 at 7:26 am

    I take it you are not a Bible reader? The Canaanites were cursed by God, due to the fact that they didn’t respect authority. Thus, they were cursed into slavery for many generations. Jesus put an end to the slavery, but those who don’t follow Jesus, don’t seem to know this.

    Don’t blame the U.S. We saved them, fed them, clothed them, and paid them HANDSOMELY. To this day, they refuse to give God the credit for their blessings and want more from US.

    You can make up your own version of history or you can do yourself a favor and learn the truth.

  39. Mary says:

    House of Kells says:

    I am PROUD to be white

    Good for you.
    So am I… fact I love my people and want us to continue. I don’t want us genocided out of existence.

    Loving and placing the well being of our own people at the top of ALL of our list of priorities is the only way we are ever going to create a beautiful and safe space for future White generations to flourish.

    Don’t kid yourself that this ‘UNFAIR CAMPAIGN’stuff is by accident.It is merely another phase of the anti-White plan infecting all White countries at the moment.Brainwashing the kids via the commies and pigs in the Universities are their method of delivery for this ‘virus’. See the election of latest American President for details on how successful these cretins have been in their subversive activities 😉

    Check out Bob Whittaker’s ‘Bugs’ site for more info on how to get involved in the solution:
    “ANTI-RACIST” is just codeword for ANTI -WHITE.

    Ps: Watch this:

  40. StanInTexas says:

    Scrupuless, you may want to get yourself a little history lesson. The people that did what you are suggesting were LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, the same people that are now telling us that Blacks are too STUPID to achieve anything on their own and that only the Democrats can help them.

    It has been nearly 60 years since liberal Democrats blocked Civil Rights. And now you want us to listen to those same RACISTS about how we should act?

    If you truly believed what you were saying, then tell the blacks in this nation to “have a heart and get on with their lives.”

    P.S. – I could from a family of sharecroppers in the South, so don’t pretend to lecture me about discrimination.

  41. 70Stage1 says:

    Scrupuless, how old are you and where did you grow up? I started 1st grade in 1965, the small town I grew up in had segregated schools. In 1966, started the 2nd grade, the schools were integrated. Played with blacks, did sports, etc, throughout the school years. I never had a hard time getting along with them at all, and I think they never had a hard time getting along with me. What I did notice, even at a young age in 1966, was the immediate pandering and fawning over their blackness. They absolutely got away with more than any White or Mexican kid, and they knew it, even joked about it (special treatment, different discipline, adjusted grades, moved or forced their way to the front of any line for any event, entitlements, all kinds of double standards, etc). When I went on to college, it was even more blatant.

    I know they had a rough go up until 1964 or so, but I had no part in that, neither did any of my ancestors. I came from a long line of poor white trash, half of which only came to the US around the turn of the century. I just wanted to better myself, and nobody was going to do it for me, except me. Liberals act like every White American family (especially in the South) had slaves (in 1860 only 1.8 percent of American families owned 1 or more slaves. 4.8 percent of Southerners did). Liberals act/think like there are no poor Whites, or any other ethnic groups that have had to struggle, except Blacks.

    Double standards and prejudice are ramping up and getting worse as the years go on. You can’t deny this. Ever see a Black kid wearing a famous White athlete’s jersey? Ever see a Black family adopt a white baby from a broken/bad home. Notice how all the newer TV commercials portray the White guy as the goofy doofus that must get guidance from the wise Black Man. No wonder we’re seeing all the young Black violence on others (especially White). It is taught in the broken home that Whites are responsible for their current situation. The green light has been given, justification for this behavior has been established because of something that happened at least 60-200 years ago. I’m just wondering how long America is going to have to pay for alleged sins of the past (even though very few people are still alive that were a part of or were responsible for those sins)?

    I’m trying to be colorblind. I trying to give everyone the same chance to be guided by the same moral and ethical compass.

    I’m just tired of the excuses and blame.

  42. son of a preacher man says:

    If any part of your self-worth is predicated on your ethnical back ground you are pathetic.

  43. Mike D. says:

    Enough….Racism in any form against anyone is wrong. This is shameful. Let them know how you feel.

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  45. Adam says:

    I refuse to feel guilt over things that happened decades before I was born, simply because of the color of my own skin.
    “Stop your whining, be thankful you were never actively discriminated upon because of your race, eg, literally kept out of the best schools via segregation, denied high paying jobs because of racism and discrimination and the many other maladies of being an underclass.”
    You’re partially right, in that I have never faced that sort of discrimination. However, my father and my older brother both HAVE faced that kind of discrimination. Thanks to the institutionalized racism known as Affirmative Action, my father and my older brother, when they each graduated from high school, were each denied entrance to the college of their choice because they committed the hideous crime (To liberals, anyway) of being white heterosexual males. Affirmative Action is racist, as it is all about deliberately giving people of one racial group preferential treatment over people of another racial group.

  46. chris says:

    You know something, there are many programs set up to help minorities go to school, start jobs, buy houses, etc… Yet we still have to hear about it being “unfair” that white people supposedly have it sooooooo much better cause they are white. If it’s true, then I demand my White Guy Bonus for Being White, and I will expect it to be paid to me retroactively from the day I was born.

  47. chris says:

    And Allah dammit do I hate to hear that half growling, “I just smoked two packs of Kools”, freaking liberal voice. “Annnddd, thaaasss unfffaaaaaiihhh.” Give me nails on a chalkboard any day of the week.

  48. RiderInTheNight says:

    Screw MN. I’m proud to be white and if that means some useless idiot is going to call me racist or a white supremacist I could care less. Your opinion of me means nothing to me.

  49. Cptphilb says:

    Another prime example of our Publik Edukation system teaching WHAT to think, not HOW to think….Anyone who graduates from a publik Skool in this day and age, and actually has an education and succeeds, does so in SPITE of the publik skool system, not because of it!

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