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May 18 2016

Unofficial Trump Consigliere Roger Stone: President Trump Should Shut Down CNN

I hope you like obsequiously pro-Trump Fox News crap like Hannity, because if Trump becomes president, that might be the closest thing to news allowed on TV:

Trump surrogate Roger Stone had some terse words for CNN following their coverage of The New York Times “hit piece” chronicling Trump’s past treatment of women.

In a segment of Sirius XM Patriot’s Breitbart News Saturday clipped by Media Matters, Stone said, “When Donald Trump is president he should turn off CNN’s FCC License,” adding that CNN is “not a news organization” and is “all about censorship.”

Censoring them out of existence is exactly the punishment insufficiently Trump-friendly outlets deserve for being “all about censorship.”

CNN doesn’t actually need a license from the FCC to operate, but the sort of goons Trump surrounds himself with wouldn’t know that. What matters is their attitude toward freedom of the press, an essential liberty.

As noted previously, Trump has announced his intention to distort libel laws and use them to silence dissenting voices in the media.

Trump has also threatened to use the government to kneecap Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post.

In any way assisting the takeover of the country by these people would be un-American.

Separated at birth? Roger Stone and Schlitzie the Pinhead.

On a tip from Torcer.

13 Responses to “Unofficial Trump Consigliere Roger Stone: President Trump Should Shut Down CNN”

  1. Vote Third Party says:

    I think he might be Dr. Strangelove

  2. MicahStone says:

    A Trumpster provides another reason to BE VERY AFRAID…..

  3. Torcer says:

    We tried to inform you that Donald doesn’t care about the 1st amendment:

    Trump Would ‘Absolutely…Open Up the Libel Laws’ So ‘A Person Like Me…Can Bring Lawsuits’

  4. Jodie says:

    I didn’t realize the Zika virus had been around that long.

  5. 762x51 says:

    Judging by the lack of Trumpanzee spittle and feces on this article, you can criticize any of der Furhers ReichsMarschall’s as much as you want, just not the cult leader himself.

    As the Trumpette army of winged monkeys on MB has demonstrated for us to experience first hand, there is no level of fascism they are not ready willing and able to implement against anyone who dares to disagree with, much less oppose, them.

    You may recall I have mentioned here several thousand times that the events unfolding in this nation end in a gunfight. I defy any of you to present a plausible scenario, based on where we are today, that does not end in such a fight in the next few years. Here’s a hint, just as its its implausible that everyone will fight, it is equally implausible that no one will fight. The only remaining questions are who , when and where,

    You want to get on a winning team, prepare to defend yourselves.

  6. Aprildredden says:

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  7. Janice LEE says:

    What say you rushbo and scammity. Sounds like something you both could get behind in a NY minute.

  8. Janice LEE says:

    Especially since melania assured us the other day…….that DT is not Hitler.

  9. toheckwithyou says:

    Well it’s about time that the left got a dose of it’s own buIIsh!t. You pinheads just don’t get it. He’s trolling them (and apparently trolling you too). We love Trump because he fights the left using their own tactics against them. Don’t you remember Obama threatening to do the same to FOX and Rush? It can’t be done because it violates the 1st amendment. But it sure does fire up his supporters. As a bonus it p1sses off the MSM and #NeverTrumpers (like you fools). Trump is in it to win it. He’s not a nice guy loser like Dole, McCain or Romney.

  10. Regulator Unlimited says:

    I am fine with that.

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