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Oct 31 2017

UTSA Student Learns That Muslims Rank Higher Than Gays

Bad news for the LGBTQ community: there is room for only one belligerently oppressed special interest group at the pinnacle of the cultural Marxist caste system, and they are not it — as graduate philosophy student Alfred MacDonald discovered at University of Texas at San Antonio.

MacDonald committed the thought crime of complaining that being a bisexual could get him killed in 10 Muslim countries…

After that, he was called into the philosophy department chair [Eve Browning]’s office and told making that statement was “derogatory” and won’t “be tolerated” and essentially threatened him with administrative discipline, according to a recording of the conversation.

Browning’s approach to nurturing thought is not likely to produce any Aristotles. She threatened to turn MacDonald over to the Behavior Intervention Team, which could recommend his academic dismissal, and informed him that his comment about Islam would get him fired if he worked in her office.

“Would it really get me fired to say that I could be killed somewhere,” MacDonald asked.

The answer was “absolutely yes.”

MacDonald pleaded, “I’m just trying to understand the reasoning.”

“You don’t have to,” she said back.

“Well, this is a truthseeking discipline,” he retorted.

It used to be. Nowadays, as a division of academia, philosophy is a moonbattery-serving discipline.

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16 Responses to “UTSA Student Learns That Muslims Rank Higher Than Gays”

  1. Azsteve53 says:

    Pure Orwellian,nowadays even if belonging to a privileged far left caste, you had better remember where you rank. All pigs are created equal but certain pigs are more equal then others

  2. hoagie111 says:

    He’s lucky they didn’t toss him off the building for emphasis.

  3. JackisBack says:

    MacDonald should have read Milo’s book.

  4. TrojanMan says:

    Speaking the truth shall not be tolerated.

  5. Especially the gay Muslim pigs.

  6. JamesMacArthur says:

    “Student Learns That Muslims Rank Higher Than Gays”

  7. Morbidly ironic that the post above and this link were the only two things in my Feedly at the time —

  8. Take The Red Pill says:

    Or off the first floor, as a ‘lesson’ in ‘tolerance’.

    “Some animals are more ‘equal’ than others.” — George Orwell, Animal Farm

  9. 100Bravo says:

    “What’s that spell??” “BITCH, BITCH, BITCH!!!”

  10. HENCHMAN 0804 says:

    Give it time and it will come to the United States it’s not a matter of if but when it
    will happen.
    What he should have her ask her “husband” if they have a daughter if she can
    marry a non Muslim. She will not be shocked by the answer because Islam is
    about domination of countries.


    The latest truck jihad in NYC proves he can get killed not only in explicitly moslem countries.

    The woman on that tape is SICK !

  12. physicsnut says:

    // pat condell – EUROPE IS KILLING ITSELF


  13. ICEvictim says:

    colleges are rife with little Stalins. These same people would be bottom of the pile out in the real world and they know it so they do their KGB/GESTAPO routine in no fear of being brought up short.

    I’d just pick up the phone and sue for wrongful dismissal and bring civil rights charges against that smarmy beyotch.

  14. […]  UTSA Student Learns That Muslims Rank Higher Than Gays […]

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see her argue her point with a muslim student…×560.jpg

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