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Apr 26 2018

Vagrants Cause Chaos at New York Starbucks

Due to the absurd brouhaha over the arrogant loiterers who were made to leave a Starbucks even though they are persons of politically preferred pigmentation, Starbucks will be closing all 8,000 U.S. locations so as to subject employees to indoctrination on how obsequiously blacks must be treated so as to avoid the wrath of the media. Most likely, black loiterers will not be ejected in the future. Police will be less likely to be called for any behavior short of homicide. The bathrooms will be made available to anyone of proper racial pedigree regardless of their status as paying customers. Inevitably, many Starbucks will come to look like the one at Eight Avenue and West 39th Street in New York:

An NYPD sergeant urged a Midtown Starbucks to stop giving free food to the homeless after dozens of disturbance calls at the location.

But the coffeehouse, not far from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, ignored the warning and that same cop wound up being assaulted by a vagrant — who was angry over the quality of his free croissant, the officer charges in a lawsuit.

“I warned that someone would end up getting hurt — it was an unsafe environment. It turned out to be me,” Sgt. Timothy Wall told The Post.

Vagrants at the Starbucks assault patrons, get high on the premises, and urinate on the seats. They caused 80 disturbances in 2017.

A police officer may have to go into a Starbucks. Most people don’t, so they won’t.

Nice as it may be to feed the homeless, there are more appropriate venues. How many will pay $5 to drink a cup of coffee amid brawls at a homeless shelter? We will find out after the new racial pandering policies are applied, because they are certain to be exploited by junkies and derelicts nationwide.

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