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May 17 2017

Venezuela’s Socialist Regime Forces Protesters to Eat Excrement

Before the collapse of Louis XVI’s regime, Marie-Antoinette allegedly said of the peasants who had no bread, “Let them eat cake.” People are also without bread under the socialist regime in Venezuela, which has a different idea regarding what they should eat:

Venezuelan security forces have increasingly detained and arrested innocent protesters in the latest wave of demonstrations against Nicolás Maduro’s regime, which began 46 days ago.

The Chavista government has also stepped up its use of torture against members of the opposition. …

Luis Betancourt, head of Foro Penal, an NGO based in the city of Carabobo, reported that he has received “many complaints” from victims of government officials’ “brutal treatment.” …

Betancourt also mentioned other cases of torture against detainees. “One victim said he had a cigarette buried in his arm, while 15 reported that they were forced to eat pasta with grass and excrement. The regime’s officials forced dust from tear gas canisters up their noses to pry open their mouths. They then shoved the pasta with excrement in their mouths and made them swallow it,” he said.

If the people won’t swallow socialist crap on their own, they have to be forced. Otherwise, how is utopia to be achieved?

I hope she brought along a healthy appetite.

On a tip from Torcer.

12 Responses to “Venezuela’s Socialist Regime Forces Protesters to Eat Excrement”

  1. Torcer says:

    Venezuela Regime Buys Anti-Personnel Mines With Plans to Arm One Million Untrained Civilians
    Venezuela’s Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles Radonski spoke out this week against President Nicolas Maduro’s alleged purchase of “antipersonnel mines” that would increase repression of protests.

    Capriles said Maduro is implementing a plan called the “Book Operation” with the country’s military, which would approve a purchase of the equipment and in turn allow for an increase in repression of anti-dictatorship protests.

    Capriles said the Bolivarian National Guard will supply armed groups with both vests and weapons starting this Wednesday, May 17 in order to “to contain demonstrations.”

    He called it “Phase Two of the Zamora Plan,” which will be implemented in each state across the country.

    According to Capriles, “Phase Three” of the plan can be described as a “civil war.”

  2. Torcer says:

    Why Security Forces Repress instead of Joining “el Pueblo”
    We love to hate the National Guard. The Bolivarian Police, too. After experiencing their violent repression of peaceful civilian protesters, it’s little wonder. We see them as brutes or malandros that almost relish violence. It’s almost as if they couldn’t help their sadistic selves. It seems so easy for them to dole out violence. But why?
    The training of security forces is actually designed to wring this survival instinct out of the soldiers or policemen. Training consists of exposing them to constant loud explosions and gunshots during grueling obstacle courses, so they get used to reacting “calmly” in situations of physical threat. The thing is, unless a member of the security forces is a true psychopath, the part of our survival instinct making violence difficult never goes away. Not entirely.

    The most common way to trump this survival instinct making violence difficult to dole out may also be the ugliest: attacking the weak. In WWI some fighter pilot aces shot down dozens of enemy pilots because they chose to attack the ones that were not in complete control of their aircraft: novices.
    Another less dramatic and more commonly found example is this one from a “fight” between mostly young protesters and the National Guard on the 3rd of May in Caracas.

    The uniforms, helmets, shields, guns, APCs do more than provide a fighting advantage. They create a group identity that makes the guardsmen anonymous. This goes a long way to disarming the fear of committing violence. Throughout history warriors went into battle with their faces painted or wearing garments, in uniform with their fellow combatants, as this immersion in a common fighting technique controls the natural instinct to run away from the very dangerous place that is a battle. Some of the protesters are doing the same, as seen in the last video, by the use of makeshift shields and formations. This allows them to circumvent the fear of engaging a much better equipped opponent.

    Group identity sets in: that’s another key ingredient if you want to dole out violence or even to resist it. It becomes the new “normal.” It creates a sort of social inertia. Once this happens, it is very difficult to break. From the point of view of the guardias and the pacos, what started out as orders from above to repress political opponents becomes into a fight to protect us from them. Repressing protesters violently becomes normal, because now they’re the other.

  3. Torcer says:

    Venezuela’s Riot Police Are Ready to Jump Ship according to WSJ
    In the wake of two months of massive violent protests throughout Venezuela, the nation’s riot police has been stretched to the breaking point, with many seeking a way out, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal. The piece also notes that riot police are offered the most meager rations, deprived of sleep, and have been confined to their barracks in off-duty time, due to recent desertions.

    Strongman Nicolas Maduro, who has completed Hugo Chávez’s vision of turning Venezuela into a socialist dictatorship, has relied on the support of the military and the police to prop up his increasingly totalitarian regime as it navigates the most dire of straits. Faltering loyalty to his administration on the part of the military and/or police would spell doom for his attempts to cling to power, potentially signalling his impending exit.
    In the Wall Street Journal‘s report, rank-and-file officers interviewed suggest that support for the regime is wavering, a situation only hastened by insufficient food, water, medical care, and wages. Yet riot police also bear the brunt of jeers and ridicule from their neighbors, with many removing their uniforms on their way to and from work. Working for the Maduro regime now comes with a severe social stigma, a fact that could prove catastrophic for the socialist government.

    Thus, the question remains: Will Venezuela’s state security rank-and-file desert their posts and/or turn on the government despite the consequences?

  4. Cryin' Chuck U ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    ..if Hillary were President..

  5. Bodhisattva says:

    That wouldn’t work with our brownshirt NAZI lunatic leftist moonbats.

    They’re so full of excrement that it’s plain they’ve been eating it for some time and certainly have built up a tolerance…

  6. RKae says:

    No comment from Sean Penn, Danny Glover, or Kevin Spacey?

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  8. gary says:

    life is a shit sandwich, the more bread you have , the less shit you have to eat

  9. ICEvictim says:

    voting communist guarantees a future of eating crap

  10. Torcer says:

    Victims of Communism Memorial Group Tells Networks to Stop Whitewashing Crimes of #Socialist #Venezuela #SOSVzla

  11. MiloMason says:

    “Venezuela’s Socialist Regime Forces Protesters to Eat Excrement”
    —leftovers from MOOCH’s “lunch” program !!!!

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