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Feb 08 2013

Veteran Stands Up for Second Amendment at Chicago Anti-Gun Forum

The silent majority has finally learned that if we stay silent much longer, we will be silenced for good. Vet Kevin Tully defends the Constitution from moonbats at an anti-gun forum in suburban Chicago:

How about it moonbats? If the Second Amendment can be arbitrarily rescinded without amending the Constitution because according to pointy-headed liberal fools we no longer need it, how long will the First Amendment last?

Via Legal Insurrection, on a tip from Mickey Shea.

21 Responses to “Veteran Stands Up for Second Amendment at Chicago Anti-Gun Forum”

  1. Justme says:

    Again proving that the argument doesn’t matter when those running the show have control over the discussion.

    They are killing the rest of us and turning around and waving their winger at us with a tsk, tsk and taking delight in crushing us and setting us up to be murdered be it by jackbooted bureaucrats or social justice wealth redistribution expediters.

    It is time to start playing by their rules, using their playbook- if some hordes of patriots go flash-mobing in certain places… You cannot win an argument when the court, judge and jury already have decided the case before you entered the room.

  2. Gunny G says:

    What a smug little faggot that poofer professor is. I’d pay $100.00 to put my size 11R combat boot up his ass.

  3. mr_bad_example says:

    talk about a SMACKDOWN, little Lee dressing like Steve Jobs, thinks he’s so cool! little PUSSY!

  4. dan says:

    just get the tar and feathers…they don’t listen and they won’t obey

  5. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    They can’t understand why there is a need to arm yourself in today’s world in which these leftists have a monopoly on “world peace”
    Just as the LAPD, Detroilet, and Chitcago PD has at this moment in those hellholes.
    And anyone who disagrees must have National Socialist leanings
    When to the contrary, it’s precisely these volatile times that the second amendment was written.
    Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot have all said they mean well, and were merely acting in their subjects “best interests” as the bodies were being stacked up like cord wood.
    The first amendment is to stand up and say “hell no”
    The second is to put some teeth into the first.

  6. wingmann says:

    Well,that was refreshing !!!

  7. A. Levy says:

    Hey Dave, don’t look now, but Leftists have already done away with the First Amendment. But it’s just the part that let’s non-Leftists speak and think freely.

  8. Laurie says:

    Just arrest the little pvssy and sell him into slavery. There’s no arguing with a liberal. They just hate all things American, and there’s no way to convince them otherwise.

    They would be best lobotomized and put into a labor camp where they can do menial work the rest of their lives.

  9. Eoin says:

    We are long past “debate” with liberal intelligentsia. I was once a young Marine fresh home from a deployment, taking class on the GI Bill and enjoying my newly minted reserve status (something that hadn’t happened in my first four years of my reserve contract).

    I found the process of trying to engage with these people and using the credibility of my sworn station and experience to sway them in their ways utterly useless. What happened instead was a slow and creeping realization that they will not change, they are not open to information contrary to their views, and it left me feeling emotionally drained that so many of my fellow countrymen despised what it is that I did as a practitioner of arms.

    I know there are newer translations, and I know many prefer the King James, but I prefer the Douay-Rheims:

    Proverbs 26:4: Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou be made like him.

  10. DJ says:

    The left has a well thought out long term plan; as we speak, they’re teaching school kids to hate firearms.

    Twenty years from now (or sooner) there will be enough suitably brainwashed lemmings in AmeriKWA to support the overturning of the Second Amendment.

    Impossible you say?

    Well, consider this: a mere 20 years ago who would have thought gays would be openly serving in the U.S. military? …..or gay marriage would be made legal in state after state after state?

  11. wingmann says:

    Thanks for your service Eion….good thing you finally “figured”those tools out.You cannot reason with them…I have quit trying to re-educated them.
    BTW,nice on.
    Here are my two..”A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,but only in expressing his opinion”.-18.2.

    And one of my favorites..18.6. “A fool’s lips walk into a fight,and his mouth invites a beating”.

  12. wingmann says:

    “Eoin” sorry for the typo.

  13. Jack Reid says:

    DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    Without the Second Amendment, all the others are meaningless.

    Charleton Heston said it best and no, it’s not “From My Cold Dead Hands”.

  15. SNuss says:

    A few relevant quotes:

    The people of the various provinces are strictly forbidden to have in their possession any swords, short swords, bows, spears, firearms, or other types of arms. The possession of unnecessary implements makes difficult the collection of taxes and dues and tends to foment uprisings.
    — Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Shogun, August 1588

    ‘Taking my gun away because I might shoot someone is like cutting my tongue out because I might yell `Fire!’ in a crowded theater.. — Peter Venetoklis

    The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.’– Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story of the John Marshall Court

    Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don’t have a gun, freedom of speech has no power.– Yoshimi Ishikawa, Japanese author, in the LA Times 15 Oct 1992

  16. Mary says:

    Again proving that the argument doesn’t matter when those running the show have control over the discussion.

    Right. And who does control the mass media? Therein lies some answers….

  17. DJ says:

    Right. And who does control the mass media? Therein lies some answers….

    Anti-white Jews.

  18. The Liberal says:

    You support the right to bear arms because you want to control the government, right? The one that spends more than the next 14 countries combined on the military? How are you and your buddies with your paperless AR-15s gonna stand against the biggest, most advanced military in the world? Of course, I’m not against guns. I’m a Thompson (Hunter S.) liberal. I enjoy them, I really do. We just need smarter restrictions. So stop thinking all liberals are against guns in general.

  19. Eoin says:

    @The Liberal:

    First, you make the mistake that the military would turn on its own nation. Sure, some would “just follow orders,” but a sizable portion of the military would splinter. There are over 100 million firearms owners in the United States, more than all the militaries of all the nations in all the world. Our own military is roughly 3 million with the active and reserve components, let’s say for the sake of argument that 2 million of them stay.

    Of the 100 million, only about 15 million of them identify as “hunters,” so let’s say for the sake of argument that NONE of those hunters would be participants in insurrection. Let’s also say for the sake of argument that roughly 20%/20 million of that 100 million are the liberal gun owners with the “do as I say and not as I do attitude.” That leaves 65 MILLION people who are armed in this nation.

    65 million vs. 3 million (assuming NO members of the military resist unlawful orders) is still pretty fucking good odds, no matter how you slice the pie.

    Oh yeah… I know, drones, figher planes, tanks, etc etc etc ad nauseum. People armed with rifles can’t possibly stand a chance against a mechanized and armored military…

    Our military has been fighting savages in Afghanistan armed with little more than rifles, some crude explosives with intuitive detonation devices, and religious zealotry for 12 years now. Guess what, we’re still there. The Russians were there for 20 years before that. They left. Keep in mind that the Russians had enough armor on the Eurasian continent during the Cold War to quite literally wipe us off the continent if they so chose. We would have had to use air superiority to counter their ground supremacy.

    Or, consider the Irish Republican Army before they were infiltrated and taken over by the socialists. The Irish Free State treaty was signed between one of the world’s most powerful militaries and a bunch of Irish farmboys with rifles. The bombings and other nastiness didn’t come until “The Troubles” when the IRA was a socialist organization.

    Don’t doubt the ability of an armed citizenry to turn a standing army into a brutalized mass of chopped flesh.

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