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Feb 14 2013

Vintage Countermoonbattery From Uncle Ted

Precious as the Constitution is, it doesn’t give us the right to bear arms. We already had that and always will, as Ted Nugent has been explaining for years:

On a tip from IslandLifer.

12 Responses to “Vintage Countermoonbattery From Uncle Ted”

  1. Dr. 9 says:

    Who said you can’t fight city hall? In fact, you can even fight the communists and atheists from the aclu. And win!

  2. wingmann says:

    Is ok to say this…I LOVE TED?

  3. BoJangles says:

    Why isn’t he the POTUS?

  4. rex freeway says:

    Been listening to Ted since the Amboy Dukes days. His political views are spot on to.

  5. Braden Lynch says:

    Wingmann: We love his ideals, his insights, his adherence to the Constitution, his recognition of our inalienable rights.

    Please don’t get tingles up your leg, though like the idiot Chris Matthews!

    The left is the emotion-driven group that is guilty of cults of personality, of worshiping a man, and not God, the Creator.

    “Only my enemy wants me disarmed.”

    Molon Labe!
    Never Again!
    Not on my Watch!

  6. Jodie says:

    No interruptions by the interviewer; no sighs of frustration; no snarky comments; no rude hand gestures. That was refreshing.

  7. Steve B says:

    This country needs a thousand more just like Ted Nugent, and fifty of them need to run for President in 2016.

    I believe if we had a party that would run someone who thought, acted, and talked just like him with no apologies throughout the whole election cycle we would win in a landslide.

  8. Flu-Bird says:

    Ted Nugent knows more about THE GREAT OUTDOORS then dose PAMMY ANERSON,ALEC BALDWIN whos closes encounter with wildlife is posing for pictures with PETA idiots dressed as PIGS,COWS,CHICKENS and FISH

  9. Jester says:

    Haha! Too funny. The Left wingnuts at YouTube already pulled it down. Typical progressive defense.

  10. Flu-Bird says:

    Hollyweed actor JAMES CROMWELL who played pretend farmer in their two stupid BABE movies is riding a horse a covey of quail takes off in front of his him startling his horse which throws Cromwell into some mud messing up his nice clean clothes and leaving this dumb flatlander with his pride injured

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