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Jul 31 2013

Vintage Weiner

The worst thing about Democrat NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner isn’t that he is a sexual deviant who can’t refrain from showing strangers his genitalia. The worst thing you say about him or anyone is that he is a moonbat — and an obnoxious one. Classic Weiner from his days in Congress:

On a tip from Fiberal.

19 Responses to “Vintage Weiner”

  1. LisaGinNZ says:

    geeez I’m sick of Weiner

    … behinde the scenes though, Huma does NOT want her man to pull out of race… and she’s probably FINE with her man fooling around with other women: its an Islam thing doncha know

    SHE is the real story: the push for power and keeping her ties to muzzie botherhood hooked into White House

    pffffft at her, a war against women?! -> try shariah!

  2. Creepy Ass Crakah says:

    Jeez WHAT A F**KING DOUCHE. So entitled to your money. “You’ll be dead!” when you get taxed is his reasoning; a 2nd bite at the apple. Love the gubmint doing me in a++ a second time by these little arrogant pencil peckers when I die or when a realative dies. Unfreaking beleivable…

  3. Creepy Ass Crakah says:

    Seriously the estate tax has got to be THE final insult.

  4. Alxandro says:

    Is it possible for someone to be both a wiener and an ass?
    After watching this video,I would have to say YES

  5. Red Barchetta says:

    Das Radio played a funny ad from Senor Weiner the peter tweeter. He pretened to care about the little people who work every day to fill the tax trough for maggots like him and that NYC is a tough city and he won’t be quitting. I wonder if he was sexting during the taping of the ad? His 22 year old cyberstrange skank went on Stern and said the bag of douche is quite a needy horndog and other unflattering comments. What is Huma not enough woman for the douchenozzle? The Clintons are having a fit because it reflects bad on the bestest secretary of state evar and reminds people of Bill’s horny exploits.

  6. gemalo says:

    Sorta brings back memories of Mr. Rogers. ‘Can you say douchebag, boys and girls?’ Anybody know his educational background? Was he a product of the N.Y.C. public school system, like A**holder and Schumer the Goomer? (I was too, but I got over it)

  7. IslandLifer says:

    Truth be told? Women do not respect themselves as they once use to. The blame lies equally amongst male and female. The females adopted the “if it’s ok for a guy to do it it’s ok for me” mentality and it’s nothing new. Moral decay for everyone. Plain and simple. It just so happens…women are USUALLY smarter at playing the game. Weiner is a dumb shit and would be perfect for a NY mayor. The pool for honest politicians has just about run dry and the water is stagnant. Our government is pure filth.

  8. Bo Jangles says:

    He is the epitome of the super-arrogant, ultra-assertive, radical left-wing, NYC Jew. And he maintains those traits even now when he’s squirming like a rat caught in a trap. Ya gotta love it.

  9. wingmann says:

    Please,before I die…just let me have one punch!

  10. wingmann says:

    Haw Me Urine
    Iran Hue Mew
    Am Hew Urine
    Uh New I Ream
    ok…that’s all the anagrams for now

  11. rex freeway says:

    Anthony Weiner is Richard Noggin.

  12. davillus hynzerelli says:

    weiner needs a brutal beating just like the one Thgvon was giving Zimm. I’d be honored to give it to him ever though I’m 45 I’d dispatch him w/ no problem.

  13. Clink says:

    What an arrogant, condescending low-life weasel this guy is. Someone needs to smack the s*it out of him and I’m sure that any of the females that he was “sexting” would be able to handle “Carlos Danger”. Carlos Danger?…Thanks NY for ever giving this POS a national stage.

  14. TED says:

    Weiner Speak.

    OR, how Creepy-ass Democrackas make love.

  15. Buffalobob says:

    Anthony Weiner a name that is associated with all that is sleaze. Made even more evident by his staffer Barbara Morgan’s crass depictions of one of their interns.

  16. shohio says:

    I saw this original interview. This is all I think of when I hear Wiener’s name. He’s an obnoxious ugly misogynistic dick.

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