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Apr 20 2017

Virginia Commonwealth University Offers $2,500 Awards to Aspiring Social Justice Warriors

Money pours into the higher education industry by the $billions upon $billions, not only from students and their parents, but from taxpayers, who are bled on behalf of academia through extravagant subsidies both direct and indirect. This story is emblematic of what they are spending the money on:

Students at Virginia Commonwealth University are applying for $2,500 awards from a Social Justice Fund, which will finance student projects focused on social justice activism.

VCU is offering four $2,500 awards to teams of students with faculty mentors who work on social justice projects, reports VCU News. …

“Proposals must demonstrate how the innovative solution will address and tackle structural, political, economic or social injustice through the lens of diversity, including race, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, disability status, political affiliation, veteran status and/or socio-economic background,” [read] the application instructions.

They are not educating, they are preparing cultural Marxist shock troops for a nascent civil war.

Kurt Schlichter is right. The traditional university has outlived its usefulness. Academia is our enemy; we need to withdraw its funding and let it die of its own greed, lunacy, and uselessness as we develop more efficient alternatives.

A social justice warrior.

On tips from J, Torcer, Sufferfortribe, and Jester.

9 Responses to “Virginia Commonwealth University Offers $2,500 Awards to Aspiring Social Justice Warriors”

  1. Agrippa says:

    “They are not educating, they are preparing cultural Marxist shock troops for a nascent civil war.” Well said! Of course, when the bullets start flying, how many of these cowards (the “shock troops”) will, like Hitler in 1923, run away and hide?

  2. Jester says:

    Mark my words: 4 years from now, that headline will read: “Virginia Commonwealth University Offers $2,500 to Any Student Who Will Vote Democrat

  3. Jack Bauer says:

    So…..ripping our kids off with absurdly exorbitant rates for tuition, while using the four years to brainwash them into thinking that statism is the only way forward, is not good enough anymore for these Marxist s.o.b.’s?
    Now, they want to offer “cash incentives” as though they’re a car dealership.?

    What the colleges are doing today to our young people is an absolute sin!

  4. J- says:

    That cartoon is flat wrong. SJWs HATE Israel. Social Justice, Black Loved Matter, Feminists all are anti semites because Social Justice loves the poor palestinian terrorists instead. I’ve never met a progressive who wasn’t a Jew hater.

  5. Dave Blount says:

    True enough when it comes to Israel, and that even includes most Jewish progressives. I didn’t notice the Israel sign.

  6. ICEvictim says:

    get all federal money out of education and this crap will just disappear. Who is going to shell out $80,000 or more for your kid to major in Wymyn’s Studies or Queer Theater?

    “My Buffy is graduating from college this year.”
    “Oh yeah, what she majoring in?”
    “Underwater Basket Weaving”
    “How many job offers does she have?
    “Oh, we’re not looking into that just yet. Maybe in a year or two after she’s rested up.”
    Ad Nauseam.

  7. grayjohn says:

    Take note and spread the word, hire NO ONE from this school.

  8. Lenarbeach says:

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  9. 762x51 says:

    “They are not educating, they are preparing cultural Marxist shock troops for a nascent civil war.”

    Actually, when they are doing what passes for “educating” these days, they are preparing their shock troops for civil war which they are planning to unleash soon. Academia is truly our enemy, as a training facility for enemy troops, they are a legitimate military target.

    To quote one of the most decorated soldiers in American history, Colonel David Hackworth (1930-2005), it’s almost time to “kill a commie for mommy”.

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