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Mar 16 2018

Volkswagen Forced to Employ Jihadist

By now we are all aware that the German government sides with expansionist Islam against regular Germans. What never ceases to amaze is how aggressively it does so:

Volkswagen has been ordered by a German court to reinstate a suspected Islamist militant it fired over fears he might launch a terrorist attack on the company.

Samir B., 30, worked as a tyre fitter at Volkswagen’s plant in Wolfsburg, 55miles east of Hanover, and was fired in 2016 after threatening co-workers and pledging to join ISIS in Syria.

His threats were credible:

Two of Samir B’s known associates had travelled to Syria in 2014 to join ISIS and were later killed fighting for the Islamist terrorist organisation.

Authorities confiscated his passport so that he couldn’t travel to Syria to fight for ISIS. Reportedly, he was involved in recruiting jihadists locally and told his coworkers they would “all die.” So naturally the government forces Volkswagen to employ him.

When searching for a single word to describe the ruling liberal elite, one of the first to come to mind after “depraved,” “treasonous,” and “tyrannical” is “arrogant.” This trait will be its downfall.

On a tip from Der Mueller Fuehrer.

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