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Oct 30 2017

War on History Targets Teddy Roosevelt

No dead white male of significance is safe from the War on History — not even Teddy Roosevelt. From New York City:

Red paint was splashed at the statue of Theodore Roosevelt on the steps of the American Museum of Natural History early Thursday, according to cops. …

Activists last year called for the museum to take down the “racist” statue, calling it a “stark embodiment” of white supremacy that Roosevelt “espoused and promoted.” …

The museum recently agreed that “the statue needs to be addressed,” the [West Side Rag] reported. …

Roosevelt — the first president to invite and dine with an African-American, Booker T. Washington, in the White House — espoused a gradual approach to improving the country’s stark racial inequality.

He referred to white Americans as “the forward race,” whose responsibility it was to lift up the status of minorities by training “the backward race[s] in industrial efficiency, political capacity and domestic morality.”

That point of view is now retroactively forbidden.

Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican, but he was also America’s first progressive president. He put the still more progressive Woodrow Wilson in power by splitting the vote with his Progressive Party candidacy in 1912.

His progressive descendants will reward him by erasing him from history. They want to do the same to Wilson.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

21 Responses to “War on History Targets Teddy Roosevelt”

  1. ICEvictim says:

    the never ending march of Cultural Marxism by the ever present army of idiot descendants of the Frankfort School seeks to erase everything that made America the great country it is in order to replace it with the dystopian world of socialism/communism.

  2. MAS says:

    Eugenics was the bedrock of president Roosevelt’s governing philosophy, like many around his time (like Hitler and Margret Sanger). We need reminders in place to remember the errors of our past lest we repeat them. However I suspect that repeating the errors is exactly what the puppet masters of the left have in mind…

  3. Jack Bauer says:

    Dave said:
    “They want to do the same to Wilson”……….

    If ever there was a president that deserves to be erased, it’s Woodrow Wilson.

    He was a liar, a phony, a “big government” socialist, and a racist.

    In other words: your basic democrat pol.

  4. Chuck Aston says:

    The left is intent on erasing American history. Perhaps some of it SHOULD be erased.

  5. Spiny Norman says:

    Oh look! They can count to potato!

  6. Mohammad Izzaterd says:

    The left eats their own as well as the right.

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Let’s just cut to the chase. Teardown 80s statue that is not president Obama

  8. Andrew Pearce says:

    Yeah, but was Teddy wrong … at that point in time??

    And what was his big sin? He wanted to give those people marketable skills so they could get jobs. Oh, the HORROR, the HORROR!!!!

  9. geeknerd says:

    I thought PeTA would have defaced it because of Teddy’s enthusiasm for hunting big game.

  10. J- says:

    Wrong Roosevelt. You are thinking FDR.

  11. J- says:

    Progressives: “make female genital mutilation and widow burning great again.”

  12. ICEvictim says:

    yeah, I love the signs in the graphic! ha ha

  13. MAS says:

    I consider them both to be worthy of the title. T R helped Wilson win the White House…

    Perhaps the argument is over degree.

  14. J- says:

    Some of TR’s progressiveness was good for the country. He ended the truck economy and debt bondage, where it was legal to pay workers in script instead of money. He also was one of the fighters against monopolies and industry barons. If it weren’t for TR, it would be legal for Zuckerberg to own half the business in the country and pay us all in coupons.

  15. MAS says:

    So it IS a matter of degree then…

  16. J- says:

    It always is. Too little goverment power and you have anarchy. Too much and you have totalitarianism. You can’t run a nation of 300 million people without some goverment.

    I believe in the free market, but it has it’s limitations. Take the old medicine shows. Sure, in an ideal world the guy that makes his “Dr. McGillicutty’s Wonder Elixer” out of food coloring and morphine will eventually get a reputation of making a bad product and nobody with buy it and he’ll go under. But the dead that he leaves in his wake to get that reputation is awful.

    The passage of the Pure Food and Drug act which led to the FDA (and also a TR thing) put an end to the old “patent medicines” and led to the modern pharmaceutical industry.

    Are those perfect? No. But at least nobody can sell you arsenic and call it a cure-all.

    We saw this in modern times with the people selling laetrile as a quack cure for breast cancer. Thousands of women died before that was done away with.

    I believe that people have the freedom to engage in business in a free market. Freedom shouldn’t include the right to operate a fly-by-night business that defrauds people by selling them lies and false hopes.

  17. MAS says:

    You assume much on the
    philosophies of others it seems…

  18. BlueJay57IX says:

    That’s “scrip”.

  19. J- says:

    That’s auto correct

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