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Feb 14 2013

War on Soda Escalates

You didn’t think sanctimonious moonbat totalitarians would quit with cigarettes, did you? Soda pop is under siege:

Soda and other sugary drinks have unsafe levels of high-fructose corn syrup or other added sugars, a consumer group says, and it’s urging the government to determine a safe level to reduce Americans’ “dangerously high sugar consumption.”

The Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a petition today with the Food and Drug Administration urging the agency to identify a safe level for added sugars in beverages. …

Beverage companies can use natural non-caloric sweeteners and sweetness enhancers instead, [CSPI Executive Director Michael] Jacobson says.

How generous of him. However, there is no guarantee that a jihad against artificial sweeteners won’t follow. Forcing a rat to eat a pound a day of aspartame could be found to cause health problems (not that aspartame would count as “natural” anyway).

Self-righteous health initiatives like the War on Soda are popular because they achieve two of liberals’ main objectives: control for the sake of control, and confiscation of other people’s wealth through punitive taxation:

The state Senate judiciary committee has pushed forward a proposal to add a fee to sugary beverages in Hawaii.

The judiciary committee’s vote Tuesday came just a day after the Senate health committee approved the same bill.

Moonbat Governor Neil Abercrombie will eagerly sign the bill, in order to “fight obesity” and more importantly rake in $38 million in revenue with which to buy votes from society’s barnacles.

Even the health fascists of the FDA recognize staples of our diet like sugar and corn syrup as perfectly safe. But nothing is safe if you consume enough of it. A woman who died of a heart attack after drinking an astonishing two gallons a day of Coca-Cola has been seized upon as evidence that bureaucrats must regulate our soda drinking for our own good.

The beverage industry will be tempted to pour every penny it can scrape up into the Democrat Party in hopes of bribing it to call off the attack dogs. This won’t help. Next will come lawsuits from greedy parasites sniveling that Pepsi made them fat. Eventually soda will be either prohibitively expensive or illegal.

Next to be taken away from us will be… hot dogs? Pie? Potatoes? Who knows? All we can say for sure is that liberals will never stop boxing us into an ever smaller space.

soda pop
Enjoy it while you can.

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17 Responses to “War on Soda Escalates”

  1. Comrade J says:

    So let’s get this straight.

    According to Neil Abercrombie sugar is bad…, needs to be controlled. Pot on the other hand, he’s ok with.

    So as long as the kind in his state are not obese, it’s ok that their brains are fried. I suppose that makes perfect sense why a Politician would want brain dead voters.

  2. whotothewhat says:

    They will only take my Coke Cola from my cold dead arms.

    Of course anything that can bring a little bit of pleasure to ones lives will be looked at closely by the Government.

  3. wingmann says:

    And doomberg will never stop.

    When the worm turns on these marxists…it won’t be pretty.

    What a TOOL !

  4. IslandLifer says:

    Lol! I think sugary drinks are the last things they need to worry about here. Stupid.

  5. Henry says:

    Phew! POG is safe… for now.

  6. christopher swift says:

    Ha! Just finished stack of pancakes topped with butter and corn syrup. It comes out of the bottle like it’s nearly solid…so golden and cheerful. My reward for early 10K run in Canadian cold.

  7. ent says:

    The war on high-fructose corn syrup is one of the most scientifically stupid things that the libs have come up with yet (not as stupid as global warming, but I digress). HFCS is about 55% fructose. The sugar in oranges and other fruits is about 100% fructose. If fructose is so dangerous, then why are we not banning fruit??

    I’ve concluded that the war on HFCS is really just a not-so-cleverly disguised left-wing attack on Archer Daniels Midland and the American economy. They can’t bear the thought of those horrible big American corporations actually making money.

  8. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    This war is being waged way above our heads
    It’s government sponsored sugar lobby gods vs government sponsored HFCS lobby gods.

  9. Jester says:

    What about free choice? Oh wait — Nevermind.

  10. Beforethestorm says:

    I am currently trying to stop drinking soda all together because it’s bad for me. But I’ll be damned if I let somebody impose a ban from on high ostensively for my own good!

  11. Mickey Shea says:

    Stupid moonbats ! Apparently diet sodas are WORSE than
    Everything in moderation…

  12. Dr. 9 says:

    As i said the other day, the Left is exerting more and more control over every single aspect of our lives, and it’s all being done under the guise of “health” matters. The Left’s power is almost unlimited in matters of health, even if it’s totally fabricated. In fact, the gun-control nuts are trying to link guns to “public health” in the same way they attacked tobacco products. And, since there’s clearly no one to stop them, i’m betting they do it.

  13. Sam Adams says:

    Your brain works on sugar. It consumes sugar in the blood stream. No sugar in your blood=no brain activity.

    Yes, you can argue that starches, etc., are converted into sugar. However, based upon the level of moonbattery, the evidence to support that contention is scant.

  14. Flu-Bird says:

    Last year the CSPI lost a stupid lawsuit against McDonalds over their HAPPY MEAL TOYS. Frankly MICHEAL JERKCOBSON needs to have his public funds cut off by 100% SAY NO TO THE FOOD POLICE,SAY NO MORE CSPI

  15. Glorious Socialist Utopia says:

    A glorious future awaits comrades after we ban everything. Yes it is always somewhere in the future where the glorious socialist utopia kicks in.

  16. Flu-Bird says:

    Defund the Food Police totaly by 100% NO MORE CSPI,PCRM and abolish the FDA

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