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Mar 07 2018

Watch Antifa Thugs Shut Down Talk on Free Speech

This is what fascism looks like:

Winston Churchill was right if he really said that the fascists of the future would be the antifascists:

Masked thugs invaded a talk organised by a university free speech society [Monday] night before setting off smoke bombs and attacking security guards.

The self-proclaimed ‘antifascist’ protesters forced their way into the King’s College London lecture hall and grabbed the speakers’ microphones before smashing windows and leaving notes threatening the moderator.

Several security guards were punched and had to go to hospital, according to the organisers, who were forced to evacuate the building and call the police. …

[The] event was organised by the KCL Libertarian Society and featured Ayn Rand Institute director Dr Yaron Brook alongside controversial YouTube personality Sargon of Akkad, real name Carl Benjamin.

Sargon of Akkad has been getting enough grief from YouTube. These aren’t easy times for a classical liberal.

Get used to Antifa and its tactics. The Democrat Party has gone hard left. If Trump manages to crash the economy with his insane tariffs, the backlash will soon put people like this in the driver’s seat.

On tips from Jester and TCS III.

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