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Apr 12 2018

Watch Moonbat Wreck Pro-Life Display at Miami University-Hamilton

At Miami University-Hamilton, it’s hard enough to find respect for the sanctity of life, leave alone respect for opinions that differ from leftist orthodoxy:

The Students for Life group at the Ohio university put up its Cemetery of the Innocents display commemorating the lives lost to abortion on April 8, just a few weeks after the school agreed to revise policies requiring “trigger warnings” for pro-life displays and other forms of expression that administrators deemed likely to inflict “emotional trauma.”

Before noon on the very next day, however, a pro-choice student had already vandalized the crosses.

How strange that pro-abortion militants are called “pro-choice,” when they do not acknowledge other people’s freedom to choose a different point of view.

The vandalism was caught on video:

Miami University-Hamilton is hardly unusual:

Displays at Clemson University, Northern Kentucky University, the University of Texas-San Antonio, and Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville have been vandalized, as well.

It is likely that moonbats get a thrill from kicking over crosses, similar to the way Dracula would. Too bad touching the crosses doesn’t cause them to burst into flame.

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