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Dec 18 2012

Welfare Colonists to Cost Australia $5 Billion Next Year

There are two prices to be paid for Third-World immigration moonbattery. The long-term price is also the objective: the eradication of the European race, and with it European notions of liberty and limited government. The short-term price facing Australia:

Taxpayers face a quadrupling of the cost of managing boat arrivals to almost $5 billion next year if warnings from the government’s independent panel eventuate. …

Each one of the 30,000 possible new arrivals next year, flagged by the Houston Panel this week, would cost Labor’s battered budget an estimated $165,000.

Based on last financial year’s $1.3 billion bill for specific offshore asylum seeker management for 8300 new arrivals, 30,000 arrivals could cost up to $4.9 billion.

The next generation of Australians will live in a bankrupt, non-Western, Third World socialist country. It is no exaggeration to call liberalism an existential threat to Western Civilization.

Coming true before our eyes.

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6 Responses to “Welfare Colonists to Cost Australia $5 Billion Next Year”

  1. christopher swift (@wyatt99) says:

    I was amazed to learn Australia’s population is only around 22 million. And they are being subjected to this onslaught? In many countries younger people will have to support large numbers of retirees and seniors – Australians will also be saddled with supporting third worlders who have contributed nothing to their heritage or country. And liberals cheer about it!

  2. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Okay..foreign cultures composed of people who hate their host country, are committed to changing the host country’s demographics, won’t integrate and whose every living breath concerns something about their race and racial politics—-I understand that’s what you get in the U.S.

    Everyone alive in the U.S. has grown up coping with it.

    But for cryin’ out loud, do we have to have our intelligence insulted by relentless propaganda as well?

  3. Clingtomyguns says:

    And back in the US, looks like we will move to a balkanization between states with producers and states with takers plus hordes of foreign welfare colonists:

    “Obama has told America that [Obamacare] will not provide benefits to illegal aliens. Who believes this? Expect a mass immigration of ailing foreigners eager to tap into America’s new socialized medical system. They, along with low-income Americans, will move to states that provide expanded Medicare benefits, and they will have a crushing impact on funds and programs available to indigenous welfare recipients.”

    So, the same indigenous welfare recipients in states like New York, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Vermont, Mass., Washington State, and Nevada, that went for Obama and have said they will participate in the Medicaid Expansion programs are going to be up to the eyeballs with third-world welfare colonists that will have a “crushing impact” on indigenous welfare receipients who voted for Obama. Yes, elections do have consequences, and it ain’t going to be pretty for Obama’s peeps while they’re getting crushed.

    Read more:

  4. Aussie_john says:

    Refugees are now Australia’s third biggest Australian foreign aid recipient.

  5. Red Dawn says:

    Make no mistake – Today’s liberals are impelled by the same primitive impulses that impelled the Bolshevik socialists and the national socialists.

    The primitives’ war against civilization is perennial.

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