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Dec 02 2012

West Point Chapel Defiled by Blasphemous Homosexual “Marriages”

Believe liberals when they say the issue is never the issue. For example, are that many of them homosexual that it is worth defiling West Point and a 102-year-old church with an absurd and blasphemous outrage like this?

Cadet Chapel, the landmark Gothic church that is a center for spiritual life at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, hosted its first same-sex wedding Saturday.

Penelope Gnesin and Brenda Sue Fulton, a West Point graduate, exchanged vows in the regal church in an afternoon ceremony, attended by about 250 guests and conducted by a senior Army chaplain.

That would be Army Chaplain Col. J. Wesley Smith.

He is the senior Army chaplain at Dover Air Force Base, where he presides over the solemn ceremonies held when the bodies of soldiers killed in action overseas return to U.S. soil.

The solemnity of these ceremonies is mocked by placing them on a par with the bestowal of the federal government’s blessing upon perverted sexual relationships.

The very concept of military ceremony is ridiculed:

The couple added other military trappings to their wedding, including a tradition called the saber arch, where officers or cadets hold their swords aloft over the newlyweds as they emerge from the church.

These militant rug-munchers weren’t the first to desecrate West Point with their agenda.

The ceremony was the second same-sex wedding at West Point. Last weekend, two of Fulton’s friends, a young lieutenant and her partner, were married in another campus landmark, the small Old Cadet Chapel in West Point’s cemetery.

Liberal drovers don’t promote homosexuality merely to attack Christianity and the family. It is also a useful tool to undermine the military. How will patriotic Americans ever be able to hold West Point in the same awed reverence we have in the past? The liberal objective in all matters military is to corrode the morale of our armed forces, which they openly despise.

There is no pillar of American society they do not seek to sully and destroy.

From awed reverence to this.

On tips from Wiggins and St. Gilbert.

22 Responses to “West Point Chapel Defiled by Blasphemous Homosexual “Marriages””

  1. grayjohn says:

    Projectile vomiting in 5,4,3,2,—

  2. Ummah Gummah says:


    This is Satanic..


  3. metprof says:

    That rumbling you felt was grave spinning in Arlington.

  4. Ummah Gummah says:


    Of course one of these degenerates had to appear on one of those government-provided [that’s you and me, except that our opinions and values don’t count. Our money does. Once that’s gone, we’ll be expendable as far as these people are concerned.] electric scooters, just to rub it in. I bet they drive a Prius with a handicapped sticker in the window.

    Good GOD, how I despise these smug self-satisfied sanctimoniously smirking libs!!!!!


  5. Ummah Gummah says:


    The highest goal for libs, besides wielding power over the hated producers in this country is in-your-face exhibitionism of degeneracy in the deliberate defilement of the most sanctified spaces.

    Piss Christ was a huge success from that point of view. It was beautiful to see Piss Matthews [sorry couldn’t resist] on Obama provoking the shrieks and howls by the libs.

    If they can do it so can we.

    Sadly, we will have to if we mean to push back.


  6. Clingtomyguns says:

    J. Wesley Smith, an Episcopal chaplain, should be ashamed of himself for presiding over this abomination. Likewise the Episcopal Church USA has jumped the shark in recognizing clearly un-Biblical same-sex marriages. Again, another example where idolatry permits the unrepentent to pick and choose their morals, but Christian, this isn’t.

    In the same manner this corrupt and rogue administration has ignored DOMA and don’t ask don’t tell that would have banned this atrocity, and allowed these lezbos to literally spit in the face of US military honor, so should patriots fight with everything in their might against Obamacare. Coming next for liberals, progressive transvestites marrying fish and animals in West Point Chapel.

  7. victoria in san diego says:

    my father was a graduate of west point, class of 1949.
    i am thankful that he has passed away.

    he would be devestated by this evil.

  8. That must be the entire West Point GLBT cadet club forming that arch. Awesome how America bends so far over to accommodate the few at the expense of the many.

  9. Beef says:

    “There is no pillar of American society they do not seek to sully and destroy.”

    And it looks like they are almost done. Another pretty convincing display as to who is control.

    You know anyone who made the merest peep about this would have had their military career ended.

    The noose tightens.

  10. cecil henry says:

    This is what barbarians inside the gates look like.

    “We don’t have your standards, your values or your abilities, BUT we envy your positions and want it.

    Me too, me too. Gimmme, gimme, gimme.”

  11. oldguy says:

    It should have been obvious to everyone that the military academys were no different than the liberal universities in America. Just look at the Pentagon and the generals who run it.

  12. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    What about the “separate church from state ” libs ?

  13. pa says:

    Please take a moment to read two posts that will put this issue in perspective, and then read the rest of my comment.
    This Redstate post explains how acceptance of gays has begun changing churches all over America: “… those who seek to legitimize deviancy do not do so honorably. Ostensibly, they only want equality, fairness, or justice. Truly, they want to destroy the standard.”
    This post describes the deliberate process that completely changed a local church and forced out many of its long-term members.

    As someone once said, when gays come in, straight men leave. What has happened in churches will inevitably happen in our military. One small part of the debate over repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” was the effect that the new policy might have on enlistment and re-enlistment numbers. Changing warriors into social workers, forcing them into classes on tolerance and diversity, lowering standards to accommodate the physical limitations of women, and other PC rules may yield a military force that is less capable and less principled. Policies that favor special groups create resentment and impair unit cohesiveness. The traditional people will be driven out of the military, and the non-traditional people will become dominant.

    Now here’s the most important point: Obama’s transformative process will not only make the modern military less effective as a defensive force, but also fill its ranks with people who are already somewhat hostile to traditional American values and traditional Americans. For years we’ve all believed that no matter how despotic our political leadership becomes, the American soldier will never turn on his fellow citizens. Changing the moral makeup of our troops is a key point in changing their attitude toward the people. Our leaders are rapidly degrading every element in our society in their fight against American exceptionalism, and the military is being remade by the same process and for the same objectives.

    All the better to eat us with, my dear.

  14. Gunny G says:

    THANK GOD my WW2 combat veteran of four years of combat and then the first four years of the Cold War (45-48) did not live to see the US military become faggotized and feminized.

  15. Sid says:

    The end is near

  16. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Is that a scooter? Next I reckon there’ll be accommodations for disabled soldiers.

  17. Dr. 9 says:

    I would imagine America’s greatest warriors, men like Patton, McArthur, and others must be spinning in their graves.

  18. rex freeway says:

    PLEASE,PLEASE! Somebody kill it! My eyes!

  19. Duke says:

    “The shadows are lengthening for me. The twilight is here. My days of old have vanished, tone and tint. They have gone glimmering through the dreams of things that were. Their memory is one of wondrous beauty, watered by tears, and coaxed and caressed by the smiles of yesterday. I listen vainly, but with thirsty ears, for the witching melody of faint bugles blowing reveille, of far drums beating the long roll. In my dreams I hear again the crash of guns, the rattle of musketry, the strange, mournful mutter of the battlefield. But in the evening of my memory, always I come back to West Point. Always there echoes and re-echoes: Duty, Honor, Country. Today marks my final roll call with you, but I want you to know that when I cross the river my last conscious thoughts will be of The Corps, and The Corps, and The Corps. I bid you farewell.”

    How does this reconcile with a couple of filty lesbians being married in the very same chapel where Gen. MacArthur worshiped as a cadet? Sad.

  20. mojo says:

    Gee, was the “Wiccan Temple” unavailable?

  21. Nicki Thomas says:

    This breaks my heart. So sad. My God, it’s come to this. A total inversion of morality.

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