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Nov 07 2012

Why the “Browning of America” Means America Is Doomed

As Romney proved, there’s not much use being an infinitely more qualified candidate when you are up against this. From Baton Rouge:

Welcome to the Third World. If you don’t like it, you’re a racist.

On tips from Anne and Lee.

51 Responses to “Why the “Browning of America” Means America Is Doomed”

  1. SandyS says:

    I am so damned tired of them flashing “the race card” and yet if they look at their actions, they are, by far, the biggest racists around.

  2. SandyS says:

    I think the woman “answered stupidly.” How’s that for an Obamanism?

  3. WingMann says:

    She was just confused by the way the querstion was axed.

  4. George says:

    From one VERY conservative “Brownie”, this post falls into their trap, and is in itself “stupidly”, yet get the concern. If we are to rise above and get the message across, it is without obvious simple mindedness/basal tardness, and focus on the fundamentals. The best rises, given the opportunity.

  5. Alphamail says:

    George says @ 8:54 pm

    What exactly, did you just say?

  6. Laurie says:

    I disagree with the basic premise of the “browning of America”. I think it’s a good thing.


    Because, when the “browns” are as stupid as the woman in the video, and their entire world revolves around being “black”, then they’re easy to take advantage of.

    I envision a future where the “browns” are once again controlled by the smarter people (of all colors) because the “browns” are just too f*cking stupid to do anything more than menial labor. And all you need is one black guy on your side to tell them what to do, and they’ll do it without question.

  7. Mary says:

    I am sorry so many Whites are having this rude awakening now instead of during the first Obamanation in 2008, for a racially awake White population could have put a quick stop to this 2012 nightmare.

  8. Mary says:

    Laurie, you honestly believe the 13%-of-the-population’blacks’ will be telling millions of ‘browns’ what to do, and that they will obey?
    Uh, sorry, no they won’t. ‘Browns’ are already clearing the ‘blacks’ out of L.A and various other locales. Numbers are everything, and the ‘browns’ have them.

    If Whites were to wake up now, there would still be a chance to right the ship. Sadly, liberal/Northern Whites demonstrated their complete degeneracy by voting against their own interests and the interests of their Southron fellows by voting en masse for Obama, especially White women (White men tried).
    This is the real problem, and if it’s not corrected very quickly, it looks like America as we know it truly is finished, for a non-White America will not be anything worth saving anyways (see Detroit for details).

  9. Jypsea Rose says:

    Where’s the strangest place you ever had sex?

    “Dat would be up da butt, Bob.”

  10. Metrodorus says:

    Why, by golly, you ARE racist!

  11. Mary says:

    Laurie, having re-read your comment I think I may have taken you up wrong, (missed the sarcasm perhaps)but my comment still stands.

  12. Jimbo says:

    @Alphamail re George –

    It’s a mental disorder. Who knew it was an epidemic!

  13. Dr. 9 says:

    Don’t concern yourself about blacks, because they will always end up at the bottom. It’s where they are most comfortable, and it’s where they’ve been shown by the Left that life is free.

    Instead, concern yourself with the fact that America is well on it’s way to becoming northern Mexico. And when that transition is complete, blacks will still find themselves on the bottom. The big difference will be that Mexicans are not known for being tolerant of parasites. The days of America being a predominately White nation are over!

  14. Bo-Jangles says:

    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide…” — John Adams

    Today, conservatives in America are wondering if the 2012 election was a vote to commit national suicide. It was.

  15. IslandLifer says:

    I spent 3 years of my army tour in Georgia. This is where I learned blacks REALLY HATE whites and vice versa. However, the almost demonic attitude that came out of blacks paled in comparison. One of my good army buddies was put in a coma for 5 months because he got jumped by 10 blacks outside of a bar for talking to a girl who happened to be one of the racist thugs pursued interest. He was smashed over the head by 40oz bottles and kicked repeatedly. Needless to say he is brain damaged now for life and it hurts just to talk to him on the phone. This is 1 of many instances of the evil behavior I’ve witnessed from this race. I know, each race has their good and me I KNOW! But in my experience I’ve seen the majority of hate come from blacks than any other race. BY FAR!!! And I’ve been around them all..white, brown, yellow, red, etc. I will NEVER trust a popolo around anyone I know. Sorry but that’s just how my boat floats. There are very few exceptions to the rule but very few. Look no further than colon Powell. Like muslims they are indoctrinated from youth to hate the whiteys so my warning to you retarded liberals is watch your stupidity level. You just might be next. I look to Allen West and a few others as a beacon to follow. Not snip dog or even loother king. Blacks are dangerous when in groups but one on one they tend to hide it. Beware, once you go black you can never come back.

  16. Gunny G says:

    IslandLifer nailed it.

    Me and another Marine were jumped by 4 AF niggers. We beat the shit out of all four and they tried to tell the MPs WE jumped THEM! I treasure the memory of kicking their asses. I hope we injured them for life.

    I for one am sick of the useless 80% of them who are nothing but breeders of parasites.

  17. Gunny G says:


    FUCK COLIN POWELL. Affirmative Action Perfumed Prince.

  18. Jimbo says:

    @IslandLifer @11:06

    Yep. Don’t hold back good buddy.

    As my grand-pappy told me in 1966, “We’re equal in God’s eye and equal before the law, but that doesn’t make us the same. We will never be the same. Being equal is different than being the same.”

    The fools’ will tell you differently.

  19. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I really feel bad for your friend and his tragedy
    This violence is not a function of skin color, or some DNA trait.
    Rather it is a function of both a breakdown of the family and societal decay.
    Both of these HEAVILY promoted by liberalism.
    Family breakdown by means of a welfare system which encourages fatherless children, and societal rot through racial divisions for political gain, Hollywood, rap music, and poverty stricken urban liberal hell holes (Detroit Chitcago)
    It is relatively easy to identify their territory today.
    It is usually marked by empty buildings, looted cars, plus liberal trademark section 8 housing, prostitutes, pimps, and dealers.
    In other words vote farms for Democrats

  20. Owen says:

    Here’s the deal. A civilization can only be propagated by the progeny of its creators. Over the generations it may be possible to assimilate some newcomers into the fold, but nothing like the en masse population replacement going on all over the Western world. Those who celebrate the “browning” of America, I am not sure what they think their grand prize is going to be. If they think it is going to be the same advanced and prosperous civilization, simply put under new ownership, then they are even more delusional than I thought.

    It’s not a coincidence that places settled by Europeans (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) resemble their European homelands. Neither is it a coincidence that places like Haiti resemble sub-Saharan Africa.

    Championing this sort of transformation of America can be motivated only by either sheer idiocy or diabolical nihilism.

  21. Leevan Toles says:

    As a proudly gay African American man you can not imagine the thrill that coursed through my body as the most ghetto fabulous first couple ascended to the Presidency again. All you crackers are going to be paying for my fabulous homo wedding whether you like it or not!

  22. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    A civilization can only be propagated by the progeny of its creators.
    And liberalism was left behind in the tyrannies of Europe.

  23. Alphamail says:


    Jump school at Ft. Benning plus two years on Kelly Hill.

    Red clay, pine trees, and cottonmouth – no fresh papaya.

    Seemed to do battle with popolos in my unit on a regular basis – they had a chip on their shoulder, but at the time many public toilets were marked “colored” and they weren’t allowed in some restaurants.

    Lots of stink-eye though, and heavy UFC, even after being friendly. Wrestling in high school ended up paying remarkable dividends.

  24. Alphamail says:


    Since you feel free to call us crackers are we allowed to call you a nigger? Just askin’.

    Don’t want to be insensitive or politically incorrect or anything…….you know, double-standard and all that stuff?

  25. Alphamail says:

    I really have no interest in calling Leevan names of any kind…except maybe disgusting.

    Troll or not, his comments do epitomize the intolerant racist subsidized left.

    As a typical gloater he blathers with unfathomable ignorance and snark.

    Under his snotty sniveling oblivious nose, Obama spent four years quietly getting his ducks in a row, and filling the heads of Leevan lemming Obamessiah worshippers with banal distortions of all those who disagree with his nanny ideology – which has clear and even self-professed implications of Marxism.

    The quacking is about to begin and the Head Lemming has the trolls pointed to the cliff – and the only noise louder than the liberal quacks and the pounding of little progressive feet will be the obnoxious derisions of disbelieving gloaters like Leevan, bringing up the rear.

    Pun intended.

  26. TED says:

    There is MUCH pleasure (vengence) to be had in the coming years, rubbing liberal noses in the crap they will make out of this country. You KNOW they will be whining like crazy after thery step in it! 😉

  27. Secret Squirrel says:

    Just think of the possibilities of Darwinian thinning of the herd when the redistributionist and his need a government tit in the mouth types are faced with shortages during another hurricane sandy or natural disaster. These people have already shown they have no abilities to live without that government tit in the mouth.

  28. Canis lupus says:

    “All you crackers are going to be paying for my fabulous homo wedding whether you like it or not!”

    This is the liberal mentality.

  29. Doug says:

    Metorsexual, I have news for you. Now that his puppet has been installed, Soros is no longer in need of the services of his flying monkeys. To put it in simple English for you to understand, he is not paying you anymore to troll conservative websites. If you cliam otherwise, bybal means, continue with the ‘hatesterbating’ but please do that in private, you sexual deviant.

  30. Secret Squirrel says:

    Leevan Toles says:

    After thinking about what he said, I get the picture of some zit covered white liberal in college who has attended a few occutard camps recently.

  31. Momster says:

    I thought Leevan was being sarcastic. I HOPE he was using sarcasm. Yikes.

  32. Moonbat says:

    As much as you people disgust me, I’m happy to see that you are still clinging to your ultra right-wing ways. I was a little worried that the shellacking you got on election night might actually wake your party up. Clearly that is not the case. If anything, it has made you move even farther to the right.

    Your breed is dying out. Each decade that goes by, you become less relevant. Soon, you’ll have the political power of a lower-middle class one-legged lesbian eskimo.

    But, hey, don’t worry. In Heaven everyone’s white and has a mansion.

  33. Canis lupus says:

    Can you please tell us why we disgust you?

  34. Racist reporting for duty.

  35. At moonbat — WHO REALLY holds the power here? That’s right, the hand that feeds you and it ain’t the government. We are AMERICANS AGAINST SLAVERY.

  36. JuJuBee says:

    The next 4 years will be, if nothing else, highly entertaining watching white libs explain away Bathhouse Barry’s massive failures on all fronts. The blunders in our Middle East policy, the resurgence of al Qaeda, the continued tanking of the economy, Obamacare’s catastrophic effects on healthcare & job creation, the metastasizing deficit– all the chickens are coming home to roost in the second term. Frankly, Americans deserve what’s going to happen. The Blacks and Browns couldn’t have fundamentally transformed the country into the biggest Third World sh**hole banana republic on the planet without massive cooperation from idiot white liberals.

  37. Mary says:

    Jared Taylor on what the election means for Whites and the GOP.

  38. HappyImNotAmerican says:

    Really? Just, Really? Why is this even being reported?

    She either went for the wrong meaning of “race” because she was nervous, or she didn’t see the context and isn’t all that bright. I don’t know how you can make “Aww! The Niggers are coming to get us!” out of this.

    Hey, if you want to go to countries that are almost entirely white here are some destinations: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finnland and Iceland.

  39. M. Wilson says:

    If you don’t get it, imagine Romney being asked “what race are you most interested in?” and replying “White.”

    How would you react?

    However, just because the Democrats are racist doesn’t mean we need to be. Some Blacks have begun to wake up, and discover the chains that have been foisted upon them by the Democrat party. People like Allen West (who I hope picks himself up after his loss and keeps working for the cause of Liberty), Thomas Sowell, Alphonzo Rachel of PJTV’s ZoNation, are leaving the Democrat’s plantation, and we should welcome them to our side because of the content of their character.

    We need to focus on recruitment. “Brown” people can be just as conservative as we are, they just need to know the truth, and the truth will set them free.

  40. Val says:

    As not White/Caucasian, I feel sad with that video, but even more with the comments here. This is exactly what they wanted, for us to be more divided! I chose to be American, I pay all my taxes, I pay all my debts and yet people still see us as one of the same! Very sad! America is gone. My American Dream is finished!

  41. Rotohammer says:

    I’m inclined to agree with the Bell Curve. I don’t think the numbers lie. They were explained away as cultural differences that caused blacks to be measured lower in intelligence.

    But IQ isn’t everything. I have had great career success in a field that has brilliant people, and I’m not one of them. I succeed by being reliably productive and hard working. I take care of the things I can control, and do the best with what I have.

    Culture and mindset are huge. Blacks have chosen to isolate themselves with their own culture. Cultures are not all equal. Black culture is terrible. Racism, entitlement, victimhood, out of wedlock births, low ambition. Democrats have nurtured this culture and as a result blacks are a reliable constituency.

  42. Laurie says:

    @Mary: Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my message. The reason I used the term “browns” was because that’s how it was stated in the article. I wasn’t separating them out by “brown” or “black”.

    My point was that when members of a race (such as blacks) have reduced themselves to being so stupid that their entire lives revolve around being black (as shown in the video), then they’re easily controlled. All we need are a few conservative blacks on our side to tell the idiots what to do, and they’ll jump up and do it just because they’re black and some black guy told them to do it…therefore it must be right!

    We’re already seeing it….95% of blacks voted for Obama because he’s black. They’ll do whatever Obama says and then wait for their “rewards” that never come…just because he’s black and they’re black. Those are people who can be tapped for menial labor just by putting a black face in front of them. Which is exactly what Obama is doing.

    Also, you said:”we know it (America) truly is finished …(see Detroit for details).”

    No, only in Detroit, NYC, CA, etc. The more conservative states have checks and balances to keep the race-focused scumbags in check. It’s called: a strong police force who doesn’t take that crap and a public who supports them for doing it.

  43. Winston Smith says:

    The problem with the black community is that after 50 years of being dumbed down and handed checks and having their minds warped by white liberals, 95% of them are slaves of their white leftist masters. Black areas of major cities nearly all run by leftist goons are killing zones. Does the media cover this and ask why?

    Afte all the Moonbat Messiah has been president for 4 years. One would think they would all joyful and would have stopped killing each other. But in fact its gotten worse. Black unemployment is higher now than when MM took office. But does it bother them or white liberals? Sure they pay lip service to the problem calling for increased crime fighting and having vigils and peace marches that do nothing. 3 of 4 black children grow up without a father in the home and the results have been tragic. White progressive leftists have destroyed the black family unit (they hate traditional families period) For every Allen West there are 20 Moonbat Messiah drones (that election was probably rigged – now he should make a run for Senate and or VP of the next Republican ticket – then on to President – our first REAL black President. Black women are hearded into abortion clinics to keep their population under control. White liberals want their votes but they dont want too many around.

    Unless black America wakes up and realizes what white progressive/socialists/outright communists are doing to them, the death toll and misery will mount – not just for them but for all Americans. Problem is that the damage may be irreversable.

    On the issue of illegal immigratin – those break the law to get in are likely to break other laws. Controlled immigration is the way to go. This was a major flaw in the Romney strategy – nothing but occasional mentions of immigraation reform were made. And had Marco Rubio (not perfect but good enough for VP) things may have been different. Many races were decdied by a percentage point or 2. Paul Ryan was a great choice — if this were the 1980s it would have worked. People saw two white guys who looked by business executives – the left has so thoroughly demonized such people its no suprise empty headed kids and single women voted for the Moonbat Messigh in droves.

    The country remain in darkness for another 4 years – the planning for 2016 needs to begin now. Just hope we arent a dicttorship by then.

  44. Rotohammer says:

    To clarify about The Bell Curve, its authors identified differences in IQ among races, but could not attribute the difference solely to race because environment (and I’ll add culture) could not be factored out.

    Once you reach some age, maybe adolescence, your IQ is probably set for life. Because culture and race can be tightly bound, it becomes easy to stereotype on race. For me it’s culture and mindset, not race.

    I like being of average intelligence. If you’re the smartest person in the room, then it means you’re surrounded by idiots. 😉

  45. EndofAmerica says:

    If whitey say that s— it be racist and s—

  46. Doug says:

    Metrodorus = Turd, more so.

  47. Alphamail says:

    Val says @ 8:26 am

    Don’t be ridiculous Val!

    You sound like a great person.

    Don’t let ignorant “victim” blacks keep you from reaching your goals, and don’t let comments from white supremicists who troll this site, diminish your enthusiasm.

    Read Winston Smith @ 9:08 am for more insight and wisdom.

    I’m an old white man, and I’m telling you, your only hope to be free of racist bullshit is with conservatives and with Christ.

    If you attempt a task and a hundred people tell you you can’t do it, but you think you can, then go do it – other people’s doubts should never keep you from reaching your potential.

    When you succeed, you can look back and tell them to kiss your butt.

  48. Wizard45 says:

    Moonbat sez: Soon, you’ll have the political power of a lower-middle class one-legged lesbian eskimo.

    Whooo, if I had ALL that goin for me you ‘ll be electin’ me president in 2016

  49. Val says:

    @Alphamail (November 8, 2012 at 10:05 am)

    Thank you! My problem is that this is not the America I chose to be a citizen. I love this Country because of the freedom and the opportunities it offered to all. I understand that people may get upset with the freeloaders, I get upset with them too, and I hate to be put in the same level as them.
    We (my husband and I) rented out our house and we’re living inside our big truck (he’s a Truck Driver) to be able to continue paying our bills, since things were getting too hard. Our tenant keeps complaining about lack of money, last month her husband lost his 3rd job in less than a year, and somehow she thinks we have to help her. We’re Christian and we’re all for helping people, but she email me with her whining from her “I-Pod” or “I-Phone”. Then she asks me why I don’t text her instead of using email, I said “because my phone company charges extra for text messages”!
    You see, when things get tough, we don’t complain, we work harder, but many people, and not just Black or Immigrants, just wait for someone else to “help” them. So, it’s not a race thing, it’s an ideology.
    Sorry about my rant!

  50. Logic_Mine says:

    What the hell is the WHITE Reporter laughing about?

    Oh, I see, so the fact that this country’s freedom is at stake is not your concern but the color of one’s skin is. Yeah, we people in the media and in the real world call that …..RACISM.

    So, there you have it America, if your voting for Obama its just because he’s BLACK and your racist. (Wow, I just sounded like a liberal…except its true.)

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