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Feb 22 2012

Why There May Not Always Be an England — Or an America

There may not always be an England — thanks to the likes of Tony Blair, as Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party has been explaining to those unafraid to listen:

Mr. Weston spoke of how Tony Blair and his British Labor Party set out to destroy traditional Britain by encouraging mass immigration to ensure a majority that would vote for the Welfare State in perpetuity. Millions of people from around the world were invited to move to Britain. Pamphlets were distributed in Pakistan, for example, urging locals to move to England and go on welfare. And both of these actions were facilitated and were, fed, in part, by post-colonial British guilt. Today, although a native British citizen cannot marry more than one spouse, the United Kingdom pays welfare costs for immigrants with up to four wives and their children.

Some might argue that British liberals don’t know what they’re doing. Even if not, their Islamic beneficiaries do.

Muammar Gaddafi plainly spoke his mind years ago when he said, “We have fifty million Muslims in Europe. Allah will grant us victory without guns.”

Here’s how it works:

The native British white population is having children at a rate of 1.4 per couple — and considerably fewer of them are forming couples these days. The immigrant Muslim population is having children at ten times that rate, Mr. Weston told the audience. Twenty percent of the British school population is white, he further said (yes, Weston is typically called a “Nazi and a racist” for pointing these facts out) and by 2050, this will make whites a minority in their own country. He also said that while the official population of Britain is sixty million, official state insurance card issued is a total of seventy-eight million, indicating an illegal population of sixteen million — or twenty-one percent of the whole.

At this point anyone who thinks Muslims will assimilate into British culture qualifies as mentally retarded.

Weston stated that forty percent of British Muslims want sharia law and there was widespread rejoicing in British city streets by Muslims on September 11th, 2001.

Weston pleads:

“We didn’t make all these sacrifices between 1939 and 1945 to give up now without firing a shot,” Weston emphatically stated, before commenting that the lack of Brits actually practicing Christianity has greatly hurt his country. He ended his speech by saying, “I implore America to not make the same mistakes that we have made in England.”

In closely related news, Barack Hussein Obama

is starting to shut down a program that deputized local police officers to act as immigration agents.

Anyone wonder why?

America’s Tony Blair returns to the scene of his crime.

On tips from Just TheTip, Bob Roberts, and Shawn.

14 Responses to “Why There May Not Always Be an England — Or an America”

  1. Bill T says:

    Now that we have a wetback czar in the White House!

  2. kiplingsburdens says:

    It does seem that those sacrifices from 1939 to 1945 were a waste.

    Hitler had far more respect for England than those invading and conquering her today. He spent time as a teenager in London with relatives and admired English culture. He saw them as an equal to German civilization once they were part of Germania.

    All those brave RAF pilots who fended off the Nazi invasion must spin in their graves as 747 after 747 touch down unopposed with the seeds of England’s destruction.

    The time will come, when a new uber-nationalistic will come to power and make the Nazis look tepid in their methods. This cannot go on forever, when a people faces extermination they often do the unthinkable.

  3. Dr. 9 says:

    Because of a misguided sense of compassion, weakness and stupidity on the part of the people of both the UK and US, and because of a desire to create the “perfect” socialist utopia on the part of the elected lying crooks, both countries are doomed.

    Britain is becoming nothing more than an outpost for millions of radical Muslims. Sharia Law is now “officially” recognized by the govt., the courts, and the church of England. And the whole country is totally addicted to the most extreme forms of political correctness, even moreso than the US, as hard as that may be to believe. It seems like the entire country has taken a Neville Chamberlain pill. But, they’ve never been known for their “backbone”.

    As for the US, we’re not doing any better. No, we’re not being over-run by Muslims, (although we have far too many) not yet anyway, our problems come from south of our imaginary border. We sit by and allow tens-of-millions of invaders to illegally enter our country. And what do we do? We feed them, clothe them, house them, educate them, tolerate their never-ending demands, and give them “rights” they didn’t even have in their own country!

    Like the Brits, the American people are too weak, gullible, and stupid to realize they’re losing their country, their history, their traditions, and their very way of life. In fact, that loss is well under way. In a hundred years from now, or a thousand years from now, i wonder how hard they’ll laugh reading about what fools we were.

  4. A. Levy says:

    The British defeated Hitler, thanks to us, but in the end, they’ve lost much more than he could have taken. How many generations will it take for people to understand the true cost of weakness.

  5. Bob Roberts says:

    Actually, there’s more to it.

    This is one big way the libtards hasten the destruction of their nations.

    The amount of income tax paid fell sharply last month in the first formal indication that the new 50p higher rate is not raising the expected amount of revenue.

    Even George Bush I (aka “41” or “HW”) called it “voodoo economics”, time and time again we see Art Laffer’s concept proven correct. There is a point you reach where the more you tax the less revenue you get. If you’re already taxing too much, as counterintuitive as it seems, the way to increase tax revenue is to decrease tax rates.

    Over taxation, such as they’re doing in the U.K. and such as Obama is proposing here, is actually BAD for the country and it’s people.

  6. Bob Roberts says:

    Obama is a champion, or so he claims, of equality and fairness.

    There is nothing equal about this. And Obama and the Democrats know that one key to their re-election is to create a “dependency class”. This is the second way our nation is being destroyed from within.

    Khrushchev must be laughing in his grave.

  7. John Lewis says:

    “The lion and the lizard now keep
    The courts where Jamshyd gloried and drank deep”.

    But I didn’t want it to happen on my watch!

  8. Tatersalad says:

    How corrupt is the UAW these days with Barack Obama as President? Very corrupt and here is proof. No wonder citizens throughout America despise the UAW and Unions as a matter of fact.



    3. Website:

    4. The Letter by the UAW: – Notice on the right hand side of the letter where Communist Van Jones endorses this Occupy Movement, along with a couple dozen Socialist/Communist supporters.

    5. Know the Union Leaders salaries and where Union dues go:

  9. Bob Roberts says:

    For some time I’ve been calling for Buffet and other rich liberals to shut up and put their money where their mouth is with respect to their continued support of the idea that if we just tax the rich to death all our problems will be solved. I already linked the story about how the rich went to Congress and all said that they should pay more, but when given the chance to actually do so, to a man and a woman, they refused.

    Here is the PBS propaganda version of the story.

    And here is the rest of the story. Each one who gave testimony was given the opportunity to actually do what they were saying needed to be done and each refused to do it. Apparently they had their fingers crossed when testifying, or something.

    Christie must have heard me – or the many others saying exactly the same thing as I have.

  10. IslandLifer says:

    That picture is worth 1,000 words! Nobody can undo the mess the open southern border has created. Nobody.

  11. H. Nutczak says:

    Dr. 9 says:
    February 22, 2012 at 9:31 am
    Dr. 9 says:
    (Because of a misguided sense of compassion, weakness and stupidity on the part of the people of both the UK and US, and because of a desire to create the “perfect” socialist utopia on the part of the elected lying crooks, both countries are doomed.)

    I tend to disagree with Dr 9, Because the founding fathers of the United states saw it imperative for the citizens to have the ability to keep and bear arms. This was both for the defense of the nation, and to be able to overthrow a government which may turn tyrannical. The US politicians are trying their hardest to disarm American citizens because they know unarmed populace would have no way of resisting the government. We saw what happened in the UK, and many Americans refuse to allow it to happen in their country.
    “Those who are willing to give up liberty for a little added security deserve neither” Benjamin Franklin

  12. whotothewhat says:

    This type of liberal mindset about immigration comes clearly from white guilt (there I said it) and only 1st world civilization’s are plagued by this other lessor nations are to busy breeding trying to find enough to eat and fighting. But in the near future when Great Britain is now Goatropeastan the only guilt will be from those who allowed the third world invaders to destroy a once Great Nation.

  13. Noelegy says:

    I regret that I never got to visit England while it was still England.

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