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Apr 12 2018

Willie Parker: Aborting Babies Is My Christian Calling

If killing babies for a living isn’t moonbatty enough, you can earn extra P.C. brownie points by adding some blasphemy. Mississippi abortionist Willie Parker says his gruesome work is his Christian calling:

Parker — who practices at the state’s only abortion facility, located in Jackson — wrote an Op-Ed for Glamour magazine attacking Mississippi’s Gestation Age Act.

The legislation, signed by Gov. Phil Bryant last month, bans abortions after 15 weeks (i.e. four months into the pregnancy). The law notes that the unborn baby’s vital organs begin to function at 10 weeks, and by week 12, he or she has taken human form in all relevant aspects.

On the other hand, a progressive might argue, “So what?”

Parker wrote in his Op-Ed, “As an ob-gyn and a Christian, I see it as my calling to help women in making the decisions that are right for their health, their lives, and their families.”

That is, it is his Christian calling to abort sinless babies.

Islam can be reconciled with deliberately killing the innocent. Christianity cannot. So Parker needs to lie to himself — and also to his guilt-ridden patients.

In an interview with AlterNet, Parker explained how he tries to ease women’s guilt about obtaining an abortion.

He says he is “quite comfortable talking about the moral and spiritual center.” He calls it “dignity restoration.” It’s okay to sin, so long as you convince yourself to feel good about it.

Says Parker,

“I sense when a woman is dealing with guilt and shame and I’m offer a bridging conversation around faith and the sacred decision of whether to end her pregnancy.”

Sacred decision. Maybe calling abortion a liberal sacrament isn’t an exaggeration.

Brace yourself; this could knock you onto the ground:

The doctor contended the key to being involved in the abortion practice — given widespread public opposition to it, particularly in the South — is to be “more principled than average.”

But Parker does modestly admit that abortionists are “not superhuman.” They just draw from a “deep conviction.”

The souls of moonbats are more twisted than anything M. C. Escher could have conceived much less drawn.

On a tip from Jester.

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