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May 24 2012

Wind Turbine Flunky

At last a use has been found for the hideous wind turbines that government subsidies have caused to sprout across the country. We can strap bureauweenies to the blades and hook them up to overbearometers:

Via Brick Moon Productions, on a tip from Les.

8 Responses to “Wind Turbine Flunky”

  1. Blow em up says:

    Looks just like Michael Moore.

  2. geeknerd says:

    Naw, too skinny and clean shaven to be Michael Moore.

    Chaz Bono looks like Moore, and his/her/its mother thinks like Moore

  3. Piker says:

    I think might be a little irked that someone swiped his whole “frog in a blender/gerbil in a microwave” schtick

  4. TED says:

    AND even if you disagree we will shortly be FORCING you to comply because WE on the left know better than YOU. Reguardless the fact than NONE of our theories EVER work we still know better than YOU.

  5. Les says:

    Piker: Maybe slightly less than Roddenberry resented Star Wars for swiping his whole “FTL space travel” shtick — or less than the estate of Frank Zappa might be irked at someone using his likeness as an avatar.

    Those who can’t, become critics.

  6. whotothewhat says:

    What a great idea after the SHTF strapping Eco-Marxisit EPA goons to windmills.. Talk about going medieval.

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  8. Piker says:

    yeah Les, my tribute to FZ via a 30x30pixel box is the moral equivalent of lifting an entire concept and cartoon style for a flash animation that is a poor imitation at best of the entire basis on which Joe Cartoon’s career was founded. The potential damage to Joe’s income by this shoddy knock off being confused with his work is an actionable law suit waiting to happen. Oh, and Roddenberry didn’t invent FTL in science fiction so your analogy there is crap.

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