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Feb 27 2017

Rogues Gallery of Terrorists, Murderers, and Communists Plan Women’s Strike

Follow-up has been conceived for the guffaw-inducing women’s march spectacles, so as to advance this “new wave of militant feminist struggle.” The Guardian has published the plan, which is “at once anti-racist, anti-imperialist, anti-heterosexist and anti-neoliberal” and will strike a blow against “the violence of the market, of debt, of capitalist property relations, and of the state; the violence of discriminatory policies against lesbian, trans and queer women; the violence of state criminalization of migratory movements; the violence of mass incarceration; and the institutional violence against women’s bodies through abortion bans and lack of access to free healthcare and free abortion.” Kyle Smith shines a light on the authors:

The document was co-authored by, among others, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, a convicted terrorist. Odeh, a Palestinian, was convicted in Israel in 1970 for her part in two terrorist bombings, one of which killed two students while they were shopping for groceries. She spent 10 years in prison for her crimes. She then managed to become a US citizen in 2004 by lying about her past (great detective work, INS: Next time, use Google) but was subsequently convicted, in 2014, of immigration fraud for the falsehoods. However, she won the right to a new trial (set for this spring) by claiming she had been suffering from PTSD at the time she lied on her application. Oh, and in her time as a citizen, she worked for a while as an ObamaCare navigator. …

Another co-author, Angela Davis, is a Stalinist professor and longtime supporter of the Black Panthers. Davis is best known for being acquitted in a 1972 trial after three guns she bought were used in a courtroom shootout that resulted in the death of a judge. She celebrated by going to Cuba.

A third co-author, Tithi Bhattacharya, praised Maoism in an essay for the International Socialist Review, noting that Maoists are “on the terrorist list of the US State Department, Canada, and the European Union,” which she called an indication that “Maoists are back in the news and by all accounts they are fighting against all the right people.”

Maoists uphold as their ideal the communist tyranny imposed by Mao Zedong, who ran up the highest body count against his own people of any dictator in world history.

“Feminism” isn’t about women any more than “anti-racism” is about race. The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution. That is, the issue is always destroying our world and replacing it with collectivist tyranny.

Odeh, Davis, Bhattacharya, and friends will try to advance this agenda by “blocking roads, bridges, and squares.” It falls far short of murdering by the tens of millions, but you do what you can.

Rasmea Odeh
Rasmea Odeh, supposed advocate for women.

On tips from Bodhisattva and Steve A.

4 Responses to “Rogues Gallery of Terrorists, Murderers, and Communists Plan Women’s Strike”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Each believe the other is their useful idiot… but, unfortunately for Leftists, only the Jihadists are right.

  2. TrueConservative says:

    “Rasmea Yousef Odeh” –in English it’s pronounced: “HUMAN EXCREMENT”

  3. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    I’m sure this will please their men. I’m told that Muslim men just LOVE striking women.

  4. 762x51 says:

    Easy fix, run the Mozambique Drill on the organizers and any participants. Problem solved. Recidivism rate = 0.

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