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Jun 17 2017

Wonder Woman Versus Blunder Woman

Unless Shrillary has developed a sense of humor to go with her shrieky laughter, the poor woman is more delusional than we knew. The inept moonbat who was handed the electoral opponent of Democrats’ dreams and yet still managed to lose cannot tell herself apart from Wonder Woman:

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night compared herself favorably to comic and movie heroine Wonder Woman during a video appearance at a glitzy Beverly Hills awards show.

Shrillary has not taken time off from her compulsive excuse making to watch the movie…

“But something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley,” the two-time failed presidential candidate added, comparing her battle against Donald Trump to the Wonder Woman character.

Like they chant at the Trump rallies, Lock Her Up! If not for her criminal behavior, then in a rubber room for her own safety. She’s liable to step off a roof thinking that she can fly.


10 Responses to “Wonder Woman Versus Blunder Woman”

  1. Steve2 says:

    Well I own a hammer, so I’d like to be thought of as equal to Thor from now on. Thanks.

  2. Kevin R. says:

    Hillary Clinton lives a very exciting life in her pathetic imagination. In real life she is just a corrupt mediocrity who’s never done anything to deserve the positions she’s been handed on a silver platter.

    But I hear she knows how to drink a lot. At least she can do something.

  3. grayjohn says:

    I tried to watch that movie. It sucked beyond all reason.

  4. Skip says:

    Crooked Hillary – a legend in her own mind.

  5. KauaiGoneGin says:

    Her golden lasso forces people to tell lies.

  6. Katya Kakhov says:

    Wundah Womah !! GOOD JOB !!

  7. Arleneswoodby says:

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  8. CEM says:

    I actually agree with Hillary, she is just like Wonder Woman: NOT REAL!

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