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Jul 31 2011

You’re Gonna Pay

Someone has to pay for the never-ending statist spending spree. Wilson Getchell says it’s going to be you:

On a tip from OccamsrazorX.

3 Responses to “You’re Gonna Pay”

  1. Steve says:

    Great Post!
    Common Cents

  2. Spider says:

    Who else would it be? It’s always the same hard working, mindless sheep who pay everybody’s bills.

  3. A. Levy says:

    Want to save money? Start with these;

    Defense cut by 2/3: $475 billion

    Medicare/Medicaid*: $441 billion

    Social Security Means Testing: $170 billion

    Eliminate Dept. of Education (includes Pell Grants): $106.9 billion

    Social Security*: $85.7 billion

    Eliminate Dept. of Transportation: $84.8 billion

    Eliminate Dept. of Labor*: $78.6 billion

    Eliminate HUD: $60.8 billion

    Eliminate Dept. of Agriculture*: $33 billion

    Cut civilian employee compensation: $30 billion

    Stop maintaining vacant federal property: $25 billion

    Eliminate Foreign Aid: $21.2+ billion

    Eliminate Dept. of Energy*: $20.8 billion

    Eliminate NASA: $19.6 billion

    End Drug War: $15 billion

    Earmark moratorium: $16 billion

    Eliminate Fannie/Freddie Subsidies: $14 billion

    Eliminate Dept. of Commerce: $13.9 billion

    Eliminate Dept. of Interior: $12 billion

    Legalize and tax Pot, Online gambling: $12 billion

    Privatize Army Corps of Engineers: $10.6 billion

    Cut federal employee travel budget: $10 billion

    Eliminate National Science Foundation: $7.4 billion

    End EPA’s State and Local grants: $6.5 billion

    Repeal Davis-Bacon: $6 billion

    Privatize TSA: $5.7 billion

    Cut DOJ’s State and Local grants: $5 billion

    Privatize Post Office: $4 billion

    Eliminate Small Business Administration: $1.8 billion

    Lease coastal plain of ANWR: $1.5 billion

    Eliminate Federal Flood Insurance: $1.3 billion

    Abolish SEC: $1.3 billion

    Eliminate Corp. for National Community Service: $1 billion

    Suspend acquisition of federal office space: $1 billion

    End subsidies for public broadcasting: $500 million

    End the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp: $480 million

    Eliminate the FCC: $439 million

    End the Endowments for Arts/Humanities: $332 million

    Total Cut: $1,882,619,000,000

    Current deficit: $1,645,000,000,000

    Surplus Achieved: $237,619,000,000

    (Research by Maxim Lott and Charles Couger.)

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