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Jul 30 2012


Sometimes enough steam builds up that you have to actually do something about what’s happening around us. YPolitic offers a chance to get involved. Sponsored post:

With so many significant and historical elections only months away, there’s no better time to become engaged in the political discussion than now. That’s why we think you should all check out YPolitic, a new online social platform exclusively dedicated to the world of politics.

YPolitic has created a new platform that enables its users to interact directly with their local and national politicians while providing them with the latest political news (both local and national.) Through YPolitic, users can create and circulate online petitions about issues that are important to them and send them directly to any targeted politician, participate in polls, and debate other users on hot topic issues.

In addition, YPolitic users can track any local or national political races in real-time, track polling data and race results, investigate the voting records of politicians, compare candidates’ views on the issues in any political race, and make online donations to support their favorite politician.

Most importantly, YPolitic serves as a one-stop-shop where users can let their voice be heard and truly become engaged in the political process on both the local and national stages.

The “Y” in YPolitic represents “Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Politics”. According to founder Preston Byrd, “The political system truly belongs to the people and it is the people’s voice that should be heard throughout their cities, states and in Washington. YPolitic is a non-partisan platform that believes a true democracy is one that welcomes every voice and every idea.”

For more info about YPolitic, see here, and be sure to sign up and check out the site here!

Also, be sure to follow YPolitic on Facebook and Twitter!

Making your voice heard beats yelling at the TV set.


5 Responses to “YPolitic”

  1. moonbat says:

    Looks like one of Barrys gang signs.

    More collectivist crap.

    Republican style.

  2. Drury says:

    “Also, be sure to follow YPolitic on Facebook and Twitter!”
    Sorry, I don’t “do” social media.

    And until I learn more about this Preston Byrd fellow, I will maintain a healthy suspicion as to the true nature and intent of this new web site. So for me (for now), I will stick with tried and true web sites like Moonbattery, Michelle Malkin, etc. My “voice” can be heard just fine from places like this.

    BTW Dave, thanks for running such a cool site!

  3. Rotohammer says:

    Not interested. Non-partisan means “soon to be overrun by liberal agitators”. The owners won’t care – as long as there is traffic and ad revenue coming in.

  4. marty says:

    You have to register to see anything on that site?? I won’t register for any site that I haven’t been able to look at first. Sorry.

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