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Jun 17 2024

Father’s Day in Chuck Schumer’s World

At least attempts by our moonbat rulers to pass for normal Americans provide comic relief:

If only they could make deplorable Republicans eat the ruined burgers and then clean the grill after Schumer flips them with the cheese already on. Then again, the cheese won’t make much of a mess so long as he doesn’t light the grill.

Democrats want to ban using gas to cook food because it offends their weather gods. They also oppose meat and dairy products on the grounds that the climate wants us to eat insects instead. Schumer expiates his gastronomic sins by making sure we know his daughter is an LGBTist who has been making a mockery of holy matrimony. Good thing yesterday wasn’t National Grandparents Day.

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Jun 17 2024

Democrats Break the Irony Meter on Elder Abuse

A single scene summarizes the relationship between Barack Obama and “President” Joe Biden:

Via Daily Wire:

At the end of a fundraiser on Saturday night studded with Hollywood celebrities, former President Barack Obama took President Biden’s hand and guided him off the stage. As the band played and Obama waved to the audience, Biden faced the audience with his hands clenched, only turning to leave when Obama took his hand to lead him off.

Meanwhile, Biden’s handlers declared Saturday to be World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. From the official White House proclamation:

During World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we recommit to standing with elder abuse survivors, shedding light on this important issue, and creating a world in which no older person has to live in fear of violence, abuse, or neglect.

Elder abuse comes in many forms.

One form is exploiting someone who has succumbed to dementia as a mindless puppet.

Don’t worry; the federal government is fixing the problem by the usual means — i.e., throwing our money at it:

To date, my Administration has dedicated over $430 million to Adult Protective Services, making it easier to investigate reports of elder abuse… My new Budget proposes a $30 million investment to sustain and strengthen these resources.

Yet Adult Protective Services fails to investigate Obama, Jill Biden, George Soros, and the rest of Biden’s handlers/puppeteers.

Hold on, the irony meter hasn’t broken yet…

Concurrently, we are working to protect the savings that older Americans have worked their entire lives to build up.

This they accomplish by flagrantly wasting $trillions, thereby driving up inflation and eroding the value of savings. That should do it for the irony meter.

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Jun 17 2024

Whatever the ChiComs Are Up to at the Border…

…we are not going to like it:

How many Chinese nationals have crossed the undefended border since Biden was placed in the White House? Don’t ask Alejandro Mayorkas; he doesn’t know or want to know.

Xi Jinping is getting his money’s worth out of the Big Guy.

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Jun 17 2024

Black Woman Fired for Wholesome Viewpoint

Progressives progress quickly. What started just recently as a demand for tolerance of deviance has already progressed to intolerance for anything except deviance:

An Ohio news station employee was fired for posting a joke about “straight pride” in response to LGBTQ Pride Month in June.

Celebrate straight pride,” the post says. “It’s natural, it has worked for thousands of years, and you can make babies!”

What virtually every human being has regarded as obvious since before recorded history is now regarded as a joke too edgy to be permitted.

Madonna Chism Pinkard had worked as the WFMJ TV station’s community relations director, in Youngstown, Ohio, since 2004.

Also, she is a black woman. However, that ranks her below the top caste in the liberal pecking order. The station fired her explicitly because she offended the Alphabet People by endorsing a disapproved viewpoint.

The thought crime was posted on her personal Facebook page; however,

It appears the reason WFMJ claimed it was a “company-linked social media site” is because she used the WFMJ logo as her profile picture.

Shamefully, she deleted the post and apologized. Not good enough; it rarely is. They canceled her anyway.

Tired of living in fear yet?

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Jun 17 2024

LGBT-Only Taxpayer-Supported Housing

The Alphabet People are so oppressed, taxpayers build them special housing not available to those who do not identify as sexually aberrant.

From Portland, Maine:

The Equality Community Center, located in an old bank in the heart of the city, is set to break ground on its new five-story housing unit for members of the LGBTQ+ community who are 55 and older in the fall.

The name is apt. “Equality” is a Liberalese term referring to the favoritism bestowed upon preferred identity groups.

The complex will include 54 studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, including 11 that are designated for those with disabilities or who are living with HIV or AIDS, according to News Center Maine.

HIV and AIDS are prominent among the lethal diseases spread by the LGBT lifestyle. Yet the liberal establishment aggressively promotes it.

It will also provide residents with access to social services, healthcare, transportation, entertainment and recreation, according to the ECC’s Facebook page.

The expected cost is $15 million. Given the government involvement in funding it, the actual cost will be much higher. Good thing taxpayers have plenty of money.

Portland isn’t alone:

Once complete, it will be the second LGBTQ-centered affordable housing complex in New England, as one is already being built in Boston.

Others have also sprung up in Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.

A reason given for supporting discriminatory projects of this kind is that, having rejected the traditional family in favor of warped sexual indulgence, the Alphabet People are less likely to have children to look after them.

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Jun 17 2024

UK Theaters and Drama Schools Promote Obesity

Never mind that it is an avoidable condition virtually guaranteed to damage your health and shorten your life. Morbid obesity is promoted by the establishment, now that fat people have joined the Cultural Marxist coalition of the oppressed. The wokest sectors of society lead the way.

From the UK:

Theatres and drama schools have been offered “plus-size inclusivity training” to tackle “fatphobia” and help the industry become “more inclusive for bigger bodies”.

Ruth Anna Phillips, a “plus-size director” who runs workshops to address “anti-fat bias”, told The Stage earlier this month that “one drama school had already agreed to provide the size inclusion training for its staff.”

“Inclusion training” is what we used to call “political indoctrination.” Those who undergo it are instructed as to what they are required to believe — or at the very least, pretend to believe.

Lock your refrigerator; here comes the Malcolm X of the body positivity movement:

Ms Phillips is co-founder of Inclusion Collective, an organisation that provides training in “creative wellbeing”, “body positivity” and “inclusive movement”, among other areas. Her website contains resources on “fat activism” – “advocacy for the rights and dignity of fat people, combating discrimination” and “the body consciousness scale”, among other materials.

As usual, the moonbattery is funded by the government:

[Arts Council England] records show [Phillips] was awarded £10,479 last year, which she used to develop her project “body acceptance and inclusion”.

If militant fat people continue to follow the game plan that secured privileged status for blacks, we will soon reach the Fat Lives Matter stage. Waddling mobs will protest their oppression by looting grocery stores.

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Jun 17 2024

Open Thread

As civilization has become more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be regimented. - Edward Bernays

Jun 16 2024

Biofuels Are Bad for the Environment

Biofuels like ethanol produce less energy than proper gasoline. But they produce just as much in terms of pollutants:

The 275 Biofuel and ethanol manufacturers in the US released 12 million tons of toxic materials into the air in 2022 compared to 15 million emitted by oil refineries, [a new] report detailed.

Further, these plants released more of four kinds of toxic chemicals that can cause vomiting, diarrhea and shortness of breath in the short term, and have been linked to cancer in the long term.

These green fuel companies use products like corn or vegetable oil to make fuel instead of petroleum.

In addition to being inefficient, using food as fuel drives up the price of food.

As for the lunatic notion that the weather wants us to use biofuels,

The biofuel plants in the US emitted 33 million tons of greenhouse gasses in 2022.

Fortunately, greenhouse gases tend to be harmless. Corn produces 24% more carbon emissions than regular fuel, but that actually helps the plants to grow.

The same is not true of hexane, acetaldehyde, acrolein, and formaldehyde, all of which are produced in greater abundance by biofuel plants than traditional oil and gas refineries.

Can you guess who is paying for biofuel foolishness? That’s right; you:

Even as reports of this sort are increasing, the ‘green fuel’ industry is booming.

This is thanks in part to increased funding from the Biden administration, which has allocated billions in funds for developing a green aviation fuel, Inside Climate News reported.

Presumably the purpose is to launder taxpayer money to pay off campaign donors, as under Obama.

It isn’t as if biofuels do nothing to please the climate. Approximately 40% of the corn grown in the USA goes to ethanol. Growing all that corn has required deforestation. Bill Gates says trees cause global warming.

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Jun 16 2024

How Fake Are Canada’s Moonbat Overlords?

This fake:

“Inclusive” means exclusive of everyone who fails to embrace sin and degeneracy.

The rainbow symbolizes God’s covenant never again to drown the world for succumbing to sin. It has been coopted for the purpose of blasphemy. The stooge with the paint-free roller must be wearing a hard hat in case the covenant does not cover fire and brimstone raining from the sky.

How tragic that the crosswalk will soon be covered in tire marks.

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Jun 16 2024

No U-Turn Signs Removed in Obeisance to LGBT Lifestyle

Authorities are running out of new ways to express their adoration of degenerates who orient their lives around sexual perversion. The Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles has resorted to taking down street signs forbidding U-turns because the signs are accused of inhibiting the LGBT lifestyle:

The signs that read “No Cruising” and prohibited U-turns were installed in 1997 when neighbors complained about gay men hanging out and looking for dates in certain residential areas close to popular gay bars.

The “No Cruising” signs came down in 2011. But some U-turn signs remained. LGBT militants viewed them as a last remnant of resistance.

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Jun 16 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

Jun 15 2024

LGBT Pride Parade in Kiev

That was just a joke about the many $billions our government is printing to send to Ukraine going up Zelensky’s nose. Here’s where it is going:

Naturally an event celebrating sin is to be held on a Sunday.

Some are surprised that Ukraine can’t find better uses for its resources. They forget that pandering to Western leftists is Ukraine’s main source of revenue.

LGBTism is the new imperialism. It symbolizes what we are paying for.

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Jun 15 2024

Transsexuals Sue Over Access to Women’s Locker Rooms

Although the LGBT agenda suffers few setbacks, the Alphabet People are still oppressed. The Olympics put the kibosh on Will “Lia” Thomas’s plan to compete on the US women’s team. He isn’t the first guy to encounter resistance at the door to the women’s locker room. In Europe, transsexuals respond with lawsuits.

In Germany:

A trans-identified male who was denied membership and access to the women’s showers at a female-only fitness center in Bavaria is suing the facility for €2,500 in compensation, claiming “personal injury suffered.” The suit comes just weeks after the gym was already ordered to pay him €1,000 by the federal anti-discrimination commissioner.

“Laura Hannah” Holstein, 25 and formerly known as Nicolas, recently came to international notoriety after filing complaints against Lady’s First Fitness Studio with the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency. The complaints came after Holstein, who is balding and fully-intact, was denied access to the female-only facilities.

Long before Herr Holstein takes off his clothes, it is horrifically obvious that he is not a woman.


A soldier in Spain is suing the Ministry of Defense for almost €50,000 after accusing officials of not properly facilitating or accommodating his “gender transition.”

The military agreed to let Francisco Javier López use women’s facilities, but only when no real women are using them, defeating the purpose.

At least his lawyer has a sense of humor:

His lawyer also told press that this restriction revealed “various serious and culpable breaches caused by the [Ministry of Justice],” and that the facts could imply the “existence of a conduct detrimental to the fundamental rights” of López. In particular, the right to respect for his dignity and his physical and moral integrity.

Terms like “dignity” and “moral integrity” are always good for a laugh when screeched by a transsexual’s lawyer.

Like Herr Holstein, Señor López does not look much like a woman.

López does not plan to undergo surgical disfigurement or hormone poisoning, or even change his name. Why should he bother? According to the dominant ideology, he is a woman because he says he is a woman. Having declared himself a lesbian earns him extra oppression points.

So cheer up, Mister Thomas. Liberal courts might bestow jackpot justice. Besides, the Olympics might let you hang out naked in the ladies’ locker room even if they don’t let you ruin the sport by swimming on the team.

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Jun 15 2024

Open Thread

Democracy can hardly be expected to flourish in societies where political and economic power is being progressively concentrated and centralized. But the progress of technology has led and is still leading to just such a concentration and centralization of power. - Aldous Huxley


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