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Nov 26 2022

Open Thread

Far too often we see attention paid to the firearm and not the criminal. - Jeff Miller

Nov 25 2022

Now Teachers Unions Are Against Lockdowns

Teachers unions constitute a central pillar of the liberal establishment, brainwashing children with leftist ideology, strategically keeping them ignorant, and funneling vast amounts of money that originated with taxpayers into the Democratic Party. On orders from Randi Weingarten’s American Federation of Teachers, Biden’s handlers ordered the CDC to advise the Covid lockdowns that allowed teachers to avoid work.

Now that even liberals are starting to understand that the lockdowns were not only tyrannical and unnecessary but profoundly destructive, teachers unions are against lockdowns. Weingarten keeps a straight face while making an impassioned case:

Rank and file Democrats will use doublethink to erase from their minds that unions took the diametric opposite stance when it mattered. They think whatever they are told to think, whenever they are told to think it. To quote Occam’s Stubble,

We have always been at war with East Schoolclosia.

Nov 25 2022

Poetic Justice Is Harsh for Pro-Criminal Activist

It isn’t always pleasant to see people get what they asked for, especially when it costs them their lives. But then, moonbats don’t ask for violence for themselves. They ask to have it inflicted on others. When what goes around comes around, it no doubt catches them by surprise:

Kelvin Blowe was shot and killed in Washington, D.C., on the same day the city council voted unanimously to pass a bill he advocated for that reduces penalties for serious offenses such as robbery, burglary, carjackings, and carrying a firearm without a license.

The Washington Post reports Blowe had spent over five years in prison for robbery, and the experience “instilled in him a passion to right inequities he believed he encountered.”

After getting out, he joined DC Justice Lab, one of the groups that pushed to overhaul the city’s criminal code.

Liberal criminal reform of this type, driven by Black Lives Matter/Critical Race Theory ideology, has been the main cause of the recent explosion in violent crime.

Rather than learn from these experiences, moonbats double down on their moonbattery. Barks Patrice Sulton, a civil rights lawyer and executive director of DC Justice Lab,

“He dedicated himself to preventing the exact kind of harm that befell him.”

As with everything else moonbats disgorge from their maws, that is not just wrong; it is the diametric opposite of the truth.

“The bill passed earlier this week, reduces the mandatory minimum sentences, which are already lenient for gun offenders [and] felons in possession of illegal guns,” D.C. Police Union Chief Shop Steward Adam Shaatal said in reaction to the news.

As Jazz Shaw notes,

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that the City Council waited until after the election to pass this mess. The murder rate in Washington this year has already reached a fifteen-year high. Passing a law designed to put more criminals out on the street more quickly just before an election might have cost some Democrats on the City Council their jobs. But now that the election is behind us, it would appear that everything is going back to business as usual in the Capitol region. Sadly, “business as usual” cost Kelvin Blowe his life.

Those grieving Blowe can console themselves that he did not die in vain. The Democrat Party/liberal media will exploit his death as an argument to disarm law-abiding citizens, leaving us even more at the mercy of criminals, who will of course remain heavily armed. This only sounds insane to the sane; to liberals, it makes sense.

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Nov 25 2022

Gay Teen Animated Movie Strange World Is Bombing

The twisted social engineers at Disney have stepped on a rake yet again while promoting homosexuality to and among children in the animated film Strange World.

On Monday, the moonbats at Variety were gloating:

By far the most overdue of these innovations is the way [the hero] Ethan has a crush on a boy named Diazo (Jonathan Melo) … and everyone is cool with it. The only drama that subplot generates is whether Ethan will find the nerve to tell Diazo how he feels — although it’s pretty clear Diazo already knows, and shares Ethan’s feelings. Sure, some countries will lose their minds over there being a gay character in a Disney movie, which makes it all the more courageous that producer Roy Conli deemed it time to expand the studio’s “Someday My Prince Will Come” idea of romance. It’s normal that some kids should feel as Ethan does, just as it’s normal that his mom is also a pilot.

These days, it is normal for moonbats to dictate that perversity is normal, and for them to claim that compliance with degenerate ruling class ideology is “courageous.” Ramming this down not only American throats but those of foreign audiences is another example of woke imperialism.

Breitbart was less enthused:

The child groomers who now infest Disney have a big, new, animated children’s film set for release next week that features homosexuality involving two teenage boys. …

This is the second time Disney has tried to sneak innocence-shattering homosexual material into a children’s movie. It blew up in the groomer’s smug face the first time when Lightyear tanked. Yeah, someone at Disney thought it was a good idea to add homosexuality to the Toy Story franchise.

We all know what happens next if Strange World bombs. We bigots and homophobes will be blamed.

Stand by for denunciation, fellow bigots and homophobes. The box office has spoken:

Strange World,” is bombing, grossing a disappointing $4.2 million on Wednesday as it eyes a five-day haul of under $24 million. That’s a terrible result for the $180 million-budgeted animated adventure.

Maybe the sort who run Disney figure it is worth wasting nine-digit figures to advance their agenda by corrupting little kids. Or maybe, if they step on the rake enough times, the handle flying up to whack them in the forehead will knock sense into their heads.

On a tip from Bluto.

Nov 25 2022

What a Moonbat Was Thankful for Yesterday

Leftists are more likely to denounce Thanksgiving than sincerely celebrate it, because bitterness, viciousness, and victimhood rather than gratitude dominate their mentality. But this year, a leftist at The Nation managed to find something to be thankful for — namely, depravity:

This holiday is founded on the unforgivable genocide of Native Americans, and my commitment to justice for all people makes it difficult for me to celebrate things I am thankful for. And the harsh reality is that the utter disregard for all Indigenous people in the 1800s fuels the same systems of white supremacy that dehumanize all of us today. Black lives are taken by the police and the prison-industrial complex, any sense of LGBTQ+ peace and tranquility has been obliterated by gun violence and hate, and, ultimately, the small promise of abortion access guaranteed by Roe v. Wade was stripped away by an illegitimate Supreme Court.

More of the usual bitterness and victimhood, along with the customary viciously distorted portrayal of America and its history. But hold on; even a moonbat can experience gratitude:

I am grateful to have accessed my abortions in Texas while it was still legal in the state, and that my multiple abortion experiences now guide my work.

She isn’t the only one who finds joy in abortion:

Many people who have abortions celebrate their experience. … No matter if it’s their first abortion or fourth, people should be supported in whatever they decide, every time.

Then follow testimonials of moonbats who are glad they killed their babies and encourage others to do the same.

This brings us to the ultimate objective of moonbattery, which distinguishes it from other authoritarian ideologies: depravity as an end in itself.

Why do leftists want to disarm law-abiding citizens, knowing that the criminals whom they aggressively prevent from being incarcerated will remain armed to the teeth? Because this is depraved.

Why do they roll out the red carpet for illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens? Because this is depraved.

Why do they relentlessly promote the LGBT agenda, particularly targeting children? Because this is depraved.

Why do they pass off hideous, meaningless garbage as art? Because this is depraved.

Why do they give the prize to whomever least deserves it? Because this is depraved.

Why do they place the supposed well-being of animals before the basic needs of people? Because this is depraved.

Why do they relentlessly promote societal decay? Because this is depraved.

Why do they demasculinize men? Because this is depraved.

Why do they champion Islam, even though it runs directly contrary to their own ideology? Because this is depraved.

Why are they attempting to homosexualize the military and demoralize troops with anti-American ideology? Because this is depraved.

Why do they side with criminals against the police? Because this is depraved.

Why are they incrementally replacing the economic system that has done more than anything in history to lift people out of poverty with socialism/communism? Because this is depraved.

Why are they reflexively treasonous? Because this is depraved.

Nothing could be more depraved than a mother killing her own child. That is why abortion is the highest sacrament in the moonbat religion, giving even the most miserable among them something to be thankful for.

On a tip from Jack D.

Nov 25 2022

Gay Bar Brick Thrower Is Gay

Liberals screech that free speech must be sacrificed because it leads to violence against sacred sexual deviants. What violence, you might ask? An obvious example is the psycho Anderson Lee Aldrich, who shot up a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. Oh wait, Aldrich self-identifies as a sexual deviant. Hold on, here’s another example — someone has been throwing bricks at a gay bar in aptly named Hell’s Kitchen, NYC:

Sean Kuilan, 34, was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief in the brick-hurling attacks on VERS bar, including a caught-on-video incident Saturday night, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said.

To a liberal, this is the equivalent of vandalizing a church. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a homophobe, no doubt hopped up on Libs of Tik Tok videos.

Oh wait again:

Having seen how he throws and how he runs, you will not be surprised to learn that Kuilan self-identifies as a Special Person.

“I’m gay myself,” Kuilan said as he was led out of a police vehicle and escorted into court in handcuffs on Tuesday evening.

Asked why he threw the bricks, he answered, “Something personal.”

Tuesday night’s Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart killer also failed to meet the identity requirements of the liberal narrative. This is fortunate. Since Andre Bing was black, the liberal media is less likely to hype the incident as part of its campaign to help Democrats deny us the right of self-defense.

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Nov 25 2022

Open Thread

It's easy to be a victim. Look how easy the Democrat Party has made almost half this country think they're victims of something. - Rush Limbaugh

Nov 24 2022

Open Borders Come to Martha’s Vineyard

Liberal elitists advance such pernicious policies because they have been isolated from their consequences. Inflation is less worrisome to those who have more than enough money. Likewise, they don’t mind if America degenerates into a violent hellhole, because within their exclusive communities, all is copacetic — or at least it has been.

As the ship goes down, those in the priciest cabins are getting wet too. Martha’s Vineyard — where the Moonbat Messiah Barack Obama himself has one of his several homes — is a case in point.

The island came up in the context of immigration when Ron DeSantis flew in 50 of the illegal aliens that Democrats have been importing by the millions, to give liberal elitists a taste of what they have been imposing on the rest of us. These illegals were kicked off the island within 48 hours, despite pious sanctuary policies.

However, mass immigration is still having a local effect:

Last Thursday, November 17, minutes after it opened for the day, a small bank in the island town of Vineyard Haven was invaded by three armed masked men. They threatened, subdued, and duct-taped the employees and proceeded to make off in a stolen car with an undetermined amount of cash — after brandishing semiautomatic handguns to intimidate the bank personnel.

Nothing like this crime has ever been seen on Martha’s Vineyard.

The times they are a-changing. As in California, normal people can no longer afford to live on Martha’s Vineyard. However, with some help from the welfare state, impoverished immigrants can live anywhere. This has been changing the demographics.

As we know, increased, unregulated, illegal migration from third-world countries is associated with rising crime rates, and now Martha’s Vineyard appears to be no exception. …

At press time, only one of the three reported bank robbers — allegedly the getaway driver, who is from Jamaica — has been arrested.

Martha’s Vineyard residents are living in fear. The Boston Globe is quoted:

The dramatic theft has left its mark on daily life. … “Obviously, people are on edge and upset this happened,” said Molly Coogan, the owner of the Bunch of Grapes bookstore. …

The bank theft impacted hundreds of students and school staff — buildings were locked down Thursday, and classes ended early that day…

Some residents have made changes to their daily routines in the days after Thursday’s theft at the Rockland Trust bank branch touched off a massive law enforcement response.

They had better get used to the new normal in fundamentally transformed America.

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Nov 24 2022

Thanksgiving Thanks for Relative Economic Freedom

Among the many things we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving are the pilgrims who made the holiday possible by serving as the foundation stone for American civilization. In particular, we can thank them for rejecting socialism.

In the beginning, the pilgrims shared their economic output equally, without property rights. This unsurprisingly resulted in a shortage of food.

After the meager Thanksgiving harvest, the second season of collective farming and distribution proved equally disappointing. Gov. [William] Bradford had seen enough, recording that the system “was found to breed much confusion and discontent and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort.”

So before the 1623 season, he scrapped socialist farming and replaced it with private ownership of land for each of the families. As a result of becoming responsible for their own welfare and gaining freedom to choose what to grow for consumption or trade, the Pilgrims’ productivity surged.

The rest is history.

John Stossel elaborates on the expensive lesson on the evils of socialism that the pilgrims passed on to us through American heritage:

So solid was America’s respect for property rights that 500 years later, termites of the type comprising the Democratic Party have still not been able to eat it away completely. Consequently, even if turkey is far more expensive than before Biden’s handlers took power, at least most of us still have access to turkey.

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Nov 24 2022

COP27 Climate Reparations

So long as Democrats remain in power, taxation and inflation will remain high, because the globalist looting spree will continue — as the blasphemous and hypocritical meeting of the Liberal World Order’s climate cult at COP27 reminds us:

While you might have spent the weekend marveling at the cost of a turkey, Joe Biden celebrated his 80th birthday by signing the U.S. up to a plan that could eventually commit Americans to transferring trillions of dollars to the rest of the world in perpetuity.

Our moonbat rulers have determined that in the name of their religion, we owe climate reparations to the dictators of less successful countries, as punishment for theoretically causing inclement weather.

Despite the havoc Western industrialization has supposedly inflicted on parts of the world that feature more politically correct skin tones, weather-related deaths are “about 80 times less frequent today than they were a century ago.” This is largely due to infrastructure and mitigation made possible by the very industrialization that Democrats want to punish us for.

Climate reparations are not really about CO2 emissions. Here’s how we know:

China and India, as “developing countries,” haven’t agreed to contribute to the fund but have made only vague commitments to assist. So countries whose emissions have grown rapidly in the past decade will be exempt while the U.S., whose emissions have been declining, are on the hook.

China emits more than twice as much CO2 as the USA, and with the Democrats tanking the economy, India is likely to pass us. The liberal elite’s hostility is against European/American civilization, not plant-nourishing carbon dioxide.

[T]he idea that the least developed countries in the world have received only the cost of industrialization and not the many benefits is ahistorical. … If we in the West are to pay damages for the Industrial Revolution, shouldn’t we also consider the extraordinary wealth that process has helped spread around the world?

The answer is no, because liberals want to punish our virtues, just as they reward our vices through woke imperialism.

So, for having the genius to produce the ideas, create the economic system and develop the capital that has in a little more than a century given the world unimaginable prosperity, eliminated deadly diseases that once killed millions, reduced infant mortality, extended life expectancy and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of hunger and poverty, we must now be made to pay.

The Biden Regime also took COP27 as an opportunity to announce an absurd Climate Gender Equity Fund into which it will pour our money. Putting Democrats in charge of the government is equivalent to letting a Black Lives Matter mob manage a Target.

Greed, malevolence, and ideological psychosis do not add up to good governance.

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Nov 24 2022

Open Thread

A handgun ban is not realistically enforceable. Confiscating guns would require house-to-house searches and alienate the very individuals whose compliance is essential to the success of any regulation. If gun ownership were prohibited, organized crime would step in to provide the firearms that will continue to be procured with criminal intent. - Don Kates

Nov 23 2022

How Scared Black Criminals Are of Police

A central tenet of our state religion under Democrat rule is that blacks spend their lives quivering in terror of local police. The liberal establishment screamed this at us incessantly during the hundreds of devastating Black Lives Matter riots. In reality, here’s how much terror black criminals have of police:

No wonder crime has been skyrocketing under liberal rule.

As the Soros financing of dementedly pro-criminal district attorneys* suggests, this situation has been deliberately created as part of a strategy. The likely objective is to foster enough violence that Democrats can seize on it as a pretext to come after our firearms. Only against a disarmed population can their full agenda be implemented.

On a tip from Wiggins.

*Examples include Alvin Bragg (New York), George Gascon (Los Angeles), Kim Foxx (Chicago), Kim Ogg (Houston), Larry Krasner (Philadelphia), Chesa Boudin (San Francisco), and Kim Gardner (St Louis).

Nov 23 2022

CBS News Finally Confirms Hunter’s Laptop

As Shakespeare said, the truth will out. But with the liberal establishment media, it can take a loooong time:

On November 21, CBS News finally aired a segment “confirming” that it “independently verified” the contents of the president’s son’s computer which he left behind at a Delaware repair shop.

Have a laugh at what passes for “news” among liberals:

Countermoonbats have been aware of the significance of Hunter’s laptop since before the election that it would have cost the Big Guy. However, those living snug in the bubble of liberal establishment propaganda were spared this knowledge, thanks to censorship, lies, and willful neglect of the truth on the part of politically corrupted institutions including Big Tech, the FBI, the intelligence establishment, and Big Media outlets like CBS:

Execrable CBS was not alone in its journalistic malfeasance:

[I]n October 2020, 51 intelligence community officials signed a letter saying that Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was Russian disinformation.

The lapdog media ate it up and broadcast that letter through the airwaves. If you even discussed the laptop in a serious manner, you were accused by some leftists of working hand-in-hand with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Now, we all know that the laptop was real. Many knew it at the time. The signatories are still seen as reputable sources. “Vaunted” journalists never issued apologies.

No competent journalist would take “Russian disinformation” allegations from leftist apparatchiks like John Brennan at face value. Liberal propagandists believe whatever supports their narrative, no matter how unlikely, and expect their smugly ignorant audience to do the same.

The laptop represents a thread that if pulled could unravel Joe Biden’s career in influence peddling. That’s why the liberal establishment has tried to suppress and discredit it.

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 23 2022

NHL Goes Full Moonbat

During the Black Lives Matter riots, professional sports became unwatchable for many patriots, as players knelt in obeisance to lowlife thugs who were looting businesses, burning down neighborhoods, and destroying statues of the heroes who personify our heritage, all in the name of radical left ideology. Hockey was somewhat spared from the in-your-face race-based moonbattery, due to it being a game played almost exclusively by white men. But in the ongoing climate of belligerently pushy leftism, even a partial reprieve from wokeism couldn’t last forever:

This can’t mean women pretending to be men playing on men’s teams, because they could not compete. Maybe it means men pretending to be women playing on women’s teams — as a fan was piously slapped down for suggesting:

The NHL’s statement is literally insane, and not only because it alienates fans who are not moonbats — most likely, the vast majority of them.

What makes liberals so insufferable is not that they are wrong or even that their agenda is nauseating. It is that they are bullies who allow no safe haven from their totalitarian ideology.

On a tip from Jester.

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