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Sep 25 2022

PayPal Weaponized

The totalitarianism currently unfolding differs from repressive regimes of the past. Rigid adherence to official ideology is imposed on a more decentralized basis. The Constitution defends us against political censorship imposed by the federal government. So our rulers utilize private sector cat’s paws like PayPal, where you can find yourself banned for any thought the liberal opinion enforcers don’t like.

Even gays opposing the sexual exploitation of children can find themselves canceled:

Gays Against Groomers is far from alone:

On the same day, the Telegraph reported that PayPal shut down the accounts of Free Speech Union, its founder Toby Young, and his opinion and news website the Daily Sceptic last week without a clear explanation. Free Speech Union is a nonpartisan organization that opposes cancel culture and has defended academics who have criticized transgenderism and people who have been fired for expressing their opinions.

Toby Young sounds off:

The infraction:

[C]omments from PayPal given to the Advocate suggest the bans are related to both Free Speech Union and Gays Against Groomers’ public opposition to “radical gender theory” and drag queen story hours in schools.

Quacks a PayPal apparatchik:

“Achieving the balance between protecting the ideals of tolerance, diversity and respect for people of all backgrounds and upholding the values of free expression and open dialogue can be difficult, but we do our best to achieve it.”

How do you argue with NPCs who tell you with a straight face that deviation from their demented ideology must be suppressed in the name of tolerance and diversity?

The arms of the octopus work in tandem:

Hours after being banned by PayPal, Gays Against Groomers shared that the group’s gmail account had also been disabled.

The implications of this developing form of liberal tyranny are truly alarming. Paul Joseph Watson explains:

Revelation 13:17 tells of a time when no one may buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast. Compliance with woke ideology is the Mark of the Beast.

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Sep 25 2022

Civilization Is Fragile…

…and moonbattery is breaking it:

This is what you vote for when you vote for the party of entitlement, irresponsibility, and marginalized local police — i.e., Democrats.

It is easier to vote your way into it than fight your way out.

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Sep 25 2022

People Begin to Learn the Truth About Slavery

The de facto state religion of the USA under Democrat rule is based on the concept that whites are inherently morally wrong because of slavery. The leftist ideologues who control the schools and media are correct that whites played a key role in the institution of slavery. It was nearly universal throughout the world from before recorded history until whites largely ended it.

The main instrument responsible for marginalizing slavery to backwaters like Africa was the British Empire — upon which leftists have been vomiting bile on the occasion of Elizabeth II’s death. Britain’s control of the seas allowed it to suppress the international slave trade.

Ending slavery cost hundreds of thousands of white lives in the USA. The Civil War was not the first war America fought against slavery. “The Shores of Tripoli” is a reference to the war Thomas Jefferson fought against Muslims to force them to stop enslaving Americans.

All races have enslaved and have been enslaved. Blacks are not special in this regard, despite what kids are taught in Democrat-run schools.

The truth will out. Even left-leaning comedians might sometimes go off the reservation and admit to it, as Bill Maher did recently in the context of ridiculing presentism. The slavery part starts at 2:17:

Yet we are endlessly bullied with the assertion that blacks are oppressed because some of their ancestors were slaves prior to 157 years ago.

It would be hard to call CNN propagandist Don Lemon oppressed, although admittedly he has had a rough ride lately. Not only has CNN demoted him from his prime time slot in an attempt to restore credibility, but he is leaving with the imprint of UK royal commentator Hilary Fordwich’s shoe on the seat of his pants:

Candace Owens helps fill the gap left by our ideologically deranged schools with this brief history of slavery from Prager University:

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Sep 25 2022

Open Thread

Critics of the global warming agenda are motivated... by a love of freedom and civil liberties. They want a discussion based on logic and facts that will address any problems without depriving us of liberty and personal choice. They do not want to sacrifice our way of life based on fears of an unproven theory. After all, the loss of liberty is a greater cause of alarm than global warming. - Deneen Borelli

Sep 24 2022

Joe Biden Displays His Power at Expense of Elton John

This joke would immediately extinguish the career of any non-Democrat:

Maybe these aren’t senile blunders but deliberate displays of authority. Biden makes a joke about his well-documented molestation of school-age girls and the audience of teachers obsequiously laughs. He can even poke fun at a prominent representative of LGBT, the identity group atop the cultural Marxist totem pole of weaponized victimhood. That’s power.

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Sep 24 2022

FBI SWAT Raid on Pro-Lifer Mark Houck

The police state intimidation tactics were not likely to end at Mar-a-Lago. Mark Houck serves as an example of what can happen to those who speak up in defense of unborn children:

A well-known pro-life author, sidewalk counselor, and father of seven was the latest victim of a U.S. Department of Justice-sponsored SWAT raid and arrest — for supposed “FACE Act” violations — at his rural home as his children looked on “screaming.”

Mark Houck is the founder and president of The King’s Men, which promotes healing for victims of pornography addiction and promotes Christian virtues among men in the United States and Europe.

This has incurred the disfavor of our militantly tolerant degenerate overlords.

According to his wife Ryan-Marie … the SWAT team of 25 to 30 FBI agents swarmed their property with around 15 vehicles at 7:05 a.m. [Friday] morning. Having quickly surrounded the house with rifles in firing position, “they started pounding on the door and yelling for us to open it.”

After at first refusing, the FBI goons produced an arrest warrant. Houck was charged with violating the “Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act,” which was designed to protect abortion mills from Christians who discourage customers by praying in the vicinity.

Houck supposedly attacked a “patient escort.”

Ryan-Marie stated this charge comes from an incident that had already been thrown out of the District Court in Philadelphia but was somehow picked up by Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice.

Let’s note here that Barack Obama appointed the conspicuously malevolent ratlike authoritarian Merrick Garland to sit on the Supreme Court. Democrats nearly managed to place him there.

On several occasions when Mark went to sidewalk counsel last year, he took his eldest son, who was only 12 at the time, she explained. For “weeks and weeks,” a “pro-abortion protester” would speak to the boy saying “crude … inappropriate and disgusting things,” such as “you’re dad’s a fag,” and other statements that were too vulgar for her to convey.

By now we all know how vile activist moonbats can get.

Repeatedly, Mark would tell this pro-abortion man that he did not have permission to speak to his son and please refrain from doing so. And “he kept doing it and kind of came into [the son’s] personal space” obscenely ridiculing his father. At this point, “Mark shoved him away from his child, and the guy fell back.”

No injury resulted. The social justice warrior tried to sue Houck and was laughed out of court. But Merrick Garland isn’t laughing.

Garland’s Department of Justice and the FBI have committed dozens of SWAT team raids that have been characterized as a political “weaponization” of the federal agencies against pro-lifers, Trump supporters, conservative Christians, and medical freedom advocates.

Meanwhile, abortion advocates continue to wage a terror war against facilities that help women deal with unwanted pregnancy without killing the child. The latest:

For the sake of appearances, the FBI is finally going through the motions of investigating the ongoing epidemic of pro-abortion terror. However:

Six days after the FBI announced a formal investigation into a series of attacks against churches and pro-life organizations, the agency seems to be following through but apparently has made no arrests.

The Washington Stand contacted 27 pregnancy resource centers and pro-life organizations that had been attacked since May 2. Four of the centers said the FBI had reached out to them, seven said that the FBI had not as yet contacted them, and 14 did not respond to the request for comment. …

Overall, The Washington Stand has counted at least 63 acts of violence, property destruction, and disruption of religious services in the 52 days since the leak of the draft Supreme Court decision. Forty-four of these incidents have directly involved property destruction and vandalism of churches, pregnancy resource centers, and other pro-life organizations.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the FBI to arrest anyone.

Under the rule of what the Democrat Party has become, we have a two-tiered system of justice. This entails two-tiered law enforcement; its primary purpose at the federal level is not to enforce the law but to terrorize dissidents. Accordingly, the Biden Regime has been “pressuring agents to cook up domestic terrorist cases involving racist extremists.”

The FBI has embraced its new mission. Targeting a veterans group as “facilitators of domestic terror” is one example. The theatrical arrest of Mark Houck is another.

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Sep 24 2022

Someone Who Really Believes in Climate Doctrine

According to the dogma of our ruling class, we are all burning up because we won’t let Big Government grow enough and lower our standard of living enough to take control of the climate. No one actually believes this crap, or the fastest growing US city over the past few years would not be scorching hot Phoenix, and quintessential liberal elitist Barack Obama would not own a mansion at sea level on Martha’s Vineyard, which would soon be underwater if Al Gore’s prophesies were to start coming true.

Hold on — here’s someone who genuinely does believe in climate doctrine:

Play in Friday’s Laver Cup match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Diego Schwartzman was interrupted as a protester went on the court and set himself on fire.

The man was quickly dragged off the court unharmed and play resumed shortly thereafter. According to spectators, the man brought a flare onto London’s The 02 Arena and used it to set his arm on fire before security was able to put the fire out. …

The protester was wearing a shirt that said “End UK private jets.”

Private jets make it be too hot outside, according to the Liberal World Order. Presumably this does not include the private jets Climate Czar John Kerry flies around on to accept climate awards.

You can’t say no one is burning up from climate change. This guy is:

People who worship the weather are savages. Reasoning with them is not an option.

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Sep 24 2022

Open Thread

Compassion comes from the heart, not the government. - Edward Britton

Sep 23 2022

Why They Call Him Creepy Joe

Joe Biden’s sexual aggressiveness toward little girls has been well documented. The guy allegedly showered with his daughter. But Biden is a powerful Democrat, and therefore beyond not only the law but moral judgment, so being known as a pedophile is a joke to him. His supporters laugh right along:

Note that this is from a speech to the National Education Association. His cheering audience was the nation’s largest teachers’ union.

I would not want to be a little kid growing up in what this country is turning into under Democrat domination.

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Sep 23 2022

Alarming Indoctrination in US Air Force

No worries about Biden stumbling into a nuclear war with China or Russia. Our Air Force can easily handle both of them, thanks to its strategic emphasis on trans-inclusive language:

A diversity and inclusion training by the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado instructs cadets to use words that “include all genders” and to refrain from saying things like “mom” and “dad.”

A slide presentation is entitled, “Diversity & Inclusion: What It Is, Why We Care, & What We Can Do.”

“Some families are headed by single parents, grandparents, foster parents, two moms, two dads, etc.: consider ‘parent or caregiver’ instead of ‘mom and dad,'” the presentation states. “Use words that include all genders: ‘Folks’ or ‘Y’all’ instead of ‘guys’; ‘partner’ vs. ‘boyfriend or girlfriend.’”

Meanwhile, our adversaries are still bogged down in outdated constructs like the conventional nuclear family.

Not everyone grasps the strategic importance of the Pentagon’s approach:

Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla., a Green Beret and Afghan War veteran… pointed out during an interview with Fox News Digital that “it’s been a tradition in the military to get letters from mom and dad or your boyfriend and girlfriend for as long as there’s been a military.”

“Now we’re instructing every cadet entering the Air Force to not say ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’ to not say ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend,’ and this kind of drive towards gender neutrality,” he said. “I think the Air Force should be worried about the macro aggressions against America that are happening all over the world.”

You can see why Lloyd Austin’s first priority upon becoming Secretary of Defense was to purge the armed forces of dinosaurs who think like Waltz.

The cultural Marxism goes beyond wasting time on PC silliness at the expense of constructive training.

The academy also offers a “Cadet Wing Diversity and Inclusion Program,” where graduates are given a purple rope to wear across their left shoulder “symbolizing their position as a diversity representative” so that they can “advise students on diversity,” according to a press release.

Democrats are reducing the military to cross between a religious cult and a fanatical political sect. It has been weaponized not to fight America’s enemies, but to fight on behalf of the worst enemy we have ever had, moonbattery.

Waltz, a ranking member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness, told Fox News Digital that the program’s structure is particularly concerning because it appears to create a “separate, parallel chain of command.”

“To those of us who are a little bit older, it reminds us of what the Soviets used to do or what the Chinese do today, where they literally have political commissars inserted at every level end of the chain of command, but they have a separate reporting chain to ensure that the military is abiding by their ideology and their political doctrine,” Waltz said.

Maybe we don’t have to worry about being conquered by the ChiComs. Maybe we have already been conquered by Marxists from within.

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Sep 23 2022

Stacey Abrams Reveals Fetal Heartbeats Are a Conspiracy

The Party of Science has spoken. Babies no longer have a heartbeat at 6 weeks after conception. To say otherwise is to advance a conspiracy theory. We have it straight from Stacey Abrams, who according to the current White House Press Secretary (and Abrams herself) is the Governor of Georgia:

The logic is simple. That babies have a heartbeat 6 weeks after conception impedes killing the babies as sacrifices to the progressive lifestyle. Therefore, they do not have heartbeats.

The conspiracy must reach to the very top of the medical instruments industry. Expect congressional investigations to begin soon.

Misinformation that supports the conspiracy needs to go down the memory hole, because if it is now true that babies don’t have heartbeats at 6 weeks, it must always have been true.

Planned Parenthood is already on the job:

Medical journals will also require some cleanup. Via Washington Examiner:

Searching medical journals, you find plenty of references to a fetal heartbeat, even at six weeks. A 2011 article in the Journal of Prenatal Medicine noted : “At the end of the fourth week of gestation, the heartbeats of the embryo begin.”

The authors, obstetricians in Italy, continued, “The heart, whose development starts at the 3rd week of gestation, has rapid and irregular contractions capable of pumping the blood inside the vessels.” Journal articles with statements like this are everywhere.

Here’s a 2009 journal article about “the normal range of embryonic heart rate and fetal heart rate at six to 11 weeks of gestation.”

More for the memory hole:

In case there are any science deniers out there, a Washington Post fact checker confirms that Stacey Abrams is correct.

Moonbats would not have made Stacey Abrams the President of the United Earth if she didn’t know what she is talking about.

Georgians, vote wisely.

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Sep 23 2022

Open Thread

On a tip from Wiggins.

Sep 22 2022

Watch Him

Biden’s recent 60 Minutes interview featured gently lobbed softballs. Biden swung at them, missed, and hit himself in the face with the bat. Even liberal establishment lackey Scott Pelley had to ask the obvious question — namely, whether Creepy Joe is mentally fit for the job.

“Watch me,” Biden responded.

We’re watching. The rest of the world is watching too. Here’s how he looks from the UK:

Having Biden for a president is like presenting yourself to the public with your fly unzipped, your shoes on the wrong feet, and egg oozing down your face.

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Sep 22 2022

Twitter Admits Sex Change Surgery Is Mutilation

Present a picture of a child murdered in a late term abortion to moonbats and they will go off like dynamite, transferring the guilt for the horror to you for showing it to them. The same holds for the grotesque wickedness of sex change operations, which Democrats advocate for children, force taxpayers to subsidize, and compel doctors to perform despite their conscientious objection. Photographic representation of “gender-affirming healthcare” got Mark Ousley suspended by our Big Tech overlords — who made a revealing admission:

We live in a bizarre world where we are told by the medical community that body-disfiguring surgeries like vaginoplasty and phalloplasty are “gender-affirming healthcare,” but when Mark Ousley of the Unwokeable Podcast tried to show photos of what these surgeries actually do on Twitter, the social media company suspended his account, calling the photos “dismembered or mutilated humans” and “gratuitous gore.”

“In the reason Twitter gave for my suspension, they admitted that phalloplasty is the mutilation of humans and Oklahoma Children’s Hospital is collaborating with schools to facilitate this procedure for little girls under the age of 16,” wrote Ousley after being reinstated on Twitter after deleting the offending tweet. The photos show the end result of harvesting arm tissue to make a non-working phallus. The result is a hideously disfigured forearm that will not only always look like a horror movie prop but will be weaker and at risk of infection and chronic pain. …

“Big Tech doesn’t want anyone to expose the ritual mutilation involved in this procedure because they know that if people see the truth of what doctors are doing, not just to adults but to kids in the name of ‘affirmation’ and ‘inclusion,’ the average person will not stand for it,” Ousley told PJ Media.

So the average person has to be kept in the dark. That’s what the information gatekeepers are for.

Evidence accrues that moonbats realize their agenda is evil, yet push it anyway.

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