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Jul 25 2024

Human Rights for the Spirits of the Forest

No matter how insane the Democratic Party becomes, overpriced law schools will egg it on to new extremes by pushing the envelope further still:

A relatively new legal field gaining traction aims to establish rights for natural formations and other inanimate objects.

One of the law schools leading the charge for this novel legal theory is New York University School of Law, which in 2022 launched the More Than Human Life Project, or MOTH, an initiative of the law school’s Earth Rights Research and Action Clinic. …

More Than Human Life’s founding director, César Rodriguez-Garavito, who chairs the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU Law, stated that MOTH was inspired by a 2021 decision by the Constitutional Court of Ecuador, the nation’s highest court, holding that mining operations in the Los Cedros forest had violated the rights of Pacha Mama, or “mother nature.”

Mother Nature can even hold a copyright:

MOTH attorneys currently seek to argue before an Ecuadorian judge that a song by British musician Cosmo Sheldrake that features sounds of birds, animals and wind noises recorded at Los Cedros should be copyrighted as a joint creation of human and non-human entities.

According to Rodriguez-Garavito, “The forest is alive, there are spirits in the forest, they are the real rulers of the forest.” So be sure to pay them royalties if you make any forest noises.

It isn’t just NYU:

Harvard University will offer a course this fall titled “Rights of Nature” that “will examine this fast-growing field, assessing the origins, practice, and potential of granting legal personhood to natural objects.”

The point of granting human rights to rock formations and imaginary spirits? Christian bioethicist Wesley Smith offers a clue:

“If everything has rights, one could say that nothing really does.”

He compares it to the way the value of our money is destroyed through inflation.

The immediate purpose is to suppress economic development in the name of envirofascism on the Democrat principle that the poorer we are, the easier we are to rule.

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Jul 25 2024

History Rewritten After Crowning of Queen Kamala

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. By the same token, Kamala Harris — who was ranked the most extreme leftist in the US Senate — has always been a moderate. On behalf of the Democratic Party, the liberal establishment has spoken:

GovTrack, an organization that tracks congressional voting records, confirmed to Fox News Digital it had removed a 2019 web page that ranked Kamala Harris as that year’s “most liberal” U.S. senator sometime within the last two weeks.

The self-described “government transparency website” scored Harris as the “most liberal compared to all senators” in 2019, outranking Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at the time.

“Transparency” is Liberalese for “opacity.”

It should be noted that Sanders and Warren are effectively communists.

If Elon Musk didn’t own Twitter, this might be memory holed:

Likewise, Cackling Kamala used to be the Border Czar. Now, in light of the border being an unmitigated catastrophe, she was never the Border Czar, according to the same Axios that repeatedly referred to her as the Border Czar:

Like they used to say in the USSR, the future is certain; it’s the past that keeps changing. If Democrats hold on to power, America will be the Soviet Union recreated by degenerate mental defectives.

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Jul 25 2024

Fentanyl Featured in Trans Hall of Horrors

Transsexualism and fentanyl are both prominent features of the degenerate culture produced by moonbattery, so it is no surprise to see the drug that martyred George Floyd feature in the latest entry in the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors.

Via Reduxx:

A former teen trans activist is under investigation in relation to the death of a man in Lake Township, Ohio. William John “Selena Leyc” Milligan, 29, was arrested last week…

Milligan was first named as a suspect in the death of Kodiak Solomon in December of 2023…

An autopsy determined Solomon died of a fentanyl overdose.

Same with George Floyd. But this time it may not have been self-administered.

Nowadays people feel compelled to take video of everything. This could be an evildoer’s undoing:

Milligan was found to have been in possession of a video he had taken that night of Solomon while the man was fatally overdosing. Milligan claimed he had shot the footage “to show the victim what he looked like when he was overdosing.”

The video’s timestamp revealed that Solomon had overdosed and gone unresponsive over two hours before 911 was called, despite Milligan claiming he had only waited 15 minutes. In the video, Milligan can be heard expressing annoyance with the situation.

“Just to show it is 12:23, this is what I am dealing with again,” he says. The video shows Milligan pushing on Solomon’s chest as if doing chest compressions at that time.

Social media posts suggest that the relationship was not going well. He was charged with administering the fatal dose of fentanyl.

Milligan has a history as a trans activist dating back to when he was just 15 years old and first began to identify as transgender. Milligan was profiled by local news in 2010, and spoke out against bullying and transphobia on the Steve Wilkos Show.

Whether he gets to go to women’s prison is unclear.

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Jul 25 2024

Kamala Harris Might Go After Electoral College

Contra the pious bleating from Democrats about “Our Democracy,” the USA is not a democracy, or it never would have lasted this long, democracies being inherently unstable. The Founding Fathers blessed us with a constitutional republic — if we can keep it. Trump isn’t a threat to our system of government. Democrats are:

In March 2019, Kamala Harris, who was dubbed the “female Obama,” said she was open to discussing eliminating the Electoral College. …

“I’m open to the discussion,” Harris said in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

You can see why a politician from California might like the idea. It would allow winner-take-all states with large populations to select the president. Rural states with small populations would have no say.

As quickly as they can get away with it, Democrats will dismantle everything that makes America America so as to achieve single-party totalitarian rule. That’s what Obama meant when he promised to “fundamentally transform” our country.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Jul 25 2024

Open Thread

The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born; now is the time of monsters - Antonio Gramsci

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Jul 24 2024

Democrat Base Welcomes Netanyahu

Welcome to the USA under Democrat rule, Prime Minister Netanyahu:

Via Breitbart:

Anti-Israel protesters released maggots and mealworms in the hotel where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is staying while visiting Washington, DC.

The Washington, DC; Maryland; and Virginia chapter of a pro-Palestinian organization called Palestinian Youth Movement posted a video on Instagram showing maggots and mealworms on a banquet table at the Watergate Hotel.

Jamaal Bowman can take pride:

The group added that fire alarms had been set off on several floors of the hotel for “over 30 minutes”…

It isn’t just scumbag activists. Netanyahu was invited to speak before a joint meeting of members of the House and Senate — yet:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have both stated they will be boycotting “war criminal” Netanyahu’s speech.

That’s how prominent Democrats treat the leader of a close ally fighting for existence against Islamic terrorists.

You thought Biden was hostile to Israel, with his massive cash infusions for Hamas and pro-Islam propaganda in the aftermath of the October 7 terrorist atrocities? Stand by for Keffiyeh Kamala. She too boycotted Netanyahu’s speech:

Despite having become the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, she decided that an earlier commitment to the Zeta Phi Beta sorority’s convention in Indianapolis mattered more than a speech by the leader of one of America’s closest allies at a time of conflict and crisis in a region involving vital U.S. interests.

Ms. Harris is expected to meet Mr. Netanyahu during his visit to Washington, but the snub is unmistakable.

Like her fellow hard left radicals, Harris sides with Israel against Hamas:

NBC News reported that National Security Council officials “toned down” a draft of remarks Ms. Harris was to give on the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Israelis are “white adjacent” and therefore must be eradicated, according to her ideology.

Due to the leadership vacuum in the USA and Israel’s position at the front lines, Netanyahu is the de facto leader of the free world. As usual, he bore the responsibility well:

Netanyahu delivered a powerful speech to a special joint session of Congress on Wednesday, reminding the chamber that the U.S. has a stake in Israel’s fight against Hamas and Hezbollah terror.

But to the delight of Iran, Cackling Kamala — who is presumably our acting president now that Biden’s cognitive incapacitation has been acknowledged — couldn’t be bothered to listen.

“Our enemies are your enemies, our fight is your fight, and our victory will be your victory,” Netanyahu said.

He recalled the many attacks by Iran and its proxies against Americans, and noted Iran’s intent to target America after controlling the Middle East. In defending itself, he said, Israel was defending the United States as well.

As if to prove his point, the Democrat base, having gathered to support Hamas against Israel, burned Old Glory outside of Union Station:

That’s what our future will look like with Kamala et al. in control. The enemy is not just at the gates, but inside them.

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Jul 24 2024

Elon Musk’s Vow to Destroy Moonbattery

As a Japanese admiral might put it, the moonbats have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve:

Elon Musk believes his estranged transgender child was “killed by the woke mind virus” after he was tricked into giving his consent for puberty blockers.

By “woke mind virus,” the richest man in the world means “moonbattery.”

The 53-year-old billionaire vowed to “destroy” the “incredibly evil” culture that allows the gender reassignment surgery that his 20-year-old child Vivian Jenna Wilson, who was born Xavier, got in 2022.

Musk has taken the essential first step in saving civilization from leftism, which is to understand that it is not merely wrong but evil.

“I was essentially tricked into signing documents for one of my older boys, Xavier,” the X owner told psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson in a Daily Wire interview.

Even a visionary genius can be fooled when emotional blackmail is brought to bear.

“I was told Xavier might commit suicide…”

That’s the tactic. In reality, kids are vastly more likely to commit suicide if they are transsexualized than if the phase is allowed to pass. But a certain kind of health professional is not about to tell parents that.

Peterson suggested it “was a lie right from the outset” because there was no clinical evidence to support the claim.

“It’s incredibly evil, and I agree with you that the people that have been promoting this should go to prison,” Musk stated firmly.

Impalement on stakes isn’t an option, so prison will have to do for those who inflict transsexual horrors on children. But first leftists have to be pried loose from power. If anyone can figure out how to do it, it will be Elon Musk.

“I lost my son, essentially. They call it ‘deadnaming’ for a reason. The reason they call it ‘deadnaming’ is because your son is dead. My son, Xavier, is dead — killed by the woke mind virus.”

Already Musk has moved X and SpaceX out of California in response to a depraved and tyrannical law preventing schools from informing parents that their children are being transsexualized.

“I vowed to destroy the woke mind virus after [Xavier was transsexualized],” he said. “And we’re making some progress.”

Stay tuned for his next move.

On a tip from Varla.

Jul 24 2024

Joy Reid Tells Blacks to Vote As They’re Told

There is no sane reason to vote for Kamala Harris. So the media will resort to an insane reason: vote for the (partially) black woman or you are a racist.

As you would expect from a spinoff of Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden’s administration, the Cackling Kamala campaign will apply this racial bullying with particular force on blacks, who according to liberal ideology are not individual people but instances of a collectivist borg that is racially obligated to vote Democrat:

[Yesterday] Joy Reid of MSNBC told black Americans that they would “look real crazy” if they chose not to vote for Harris.

All they can sell Harris on, aside from the liberal sacrament of abortion, is race and gender.

“You’re gonna look real crazy being on the other side of that line, particularly as a person of color, but really as anyone who claims to have any connection to the culture,” the repellent Reid said in a tone of condescension.

Kamala continues to be DEI incarnate. What Kimberly Cheatle was to Secret Service directors, Harris would be to presidents.

Female gender does not count for Amy Coney Barrett, just as nonwhite race does not count even for a kook like Amber Rose, because absolute conformity to moonbattery is required to activate “oppressed” privilege.

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Jul 24 2024

Question for Dear Abby in 2024

These days, Dear Abby faces questions unlikely to come up in a healthy society:

My 25-year-old son lives with his two girlfriends, who are also romantically involved with each other. They share a single bedroom. One of them has a baby due this week, and the other has made noises about wanting a child.

I don’t approve of this arrangement and can’t see it ending well. …

My question: How do I deal with this threesome if they come stay at my house?

We haven’t reached end-stage moonbattery yet, because the answer wasn’t, “Move out and give them the house, you bigot.”

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Jul 24 2024

That Was Awkward

It isn’t a pleasant job, but Democrat apparatchiks in the government and media have to do it. Resembling a desperate camper whose matches got wet, here is Chuck Schumer trying to ignite enthusiasm for Kamala Harris:

We have not seen crowds that psyched about a candidate since Jeb Bush:

What do you expect when you pull a switcheroo and overrule your own voters?

Even given their control of the media, Democrats will have to cheat like never before to stay in power. They were proactive to establish following 1/6/21 that objecting to a rigged election will not be tolerated.

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Jul 24 2024

Paris Olympic Dancers Threaten to Strike

The border wide open as the greatest invasion in human history pours across, nobody in charge at the White House, a cackling witch to the left of the communist Bernie Sanders threatening to become POTUS, as the Deep State declines to protect the leading opposition candidate from an assassination attempt — but Americans shouldn’t complain. France has got real problems.

No, not the epidemic of rape caused by demographic displacement:

That is dwarfed by the trauma of the dancers at the Paris Olympics going on strike:

With fists aloft in a Black Power-style salute, Paris Olympics dancers have staged a protest against “inequality and discrimination” while threatening to strike during the opening ceremony. …

Around 200 young men and women could be seen mimicking the hand gesture made by African-American athletes during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

Trade unionists have even pledged to disrupt the Paralympics.

“We wanted to show our dissatisfaction,” said a spokesman for France’s Union of Performing Artists (SFA), who said members stopped dancing on Monday “for a few minutes”, with the pledge of more stoppages to come.

That ought to bring their exploiters to the table.

Here’s an idea for a new Olympic sport: see how far away you can throw a pie from and hit a black power-saluting useless moonbat in the face.

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Jul 24 2024

Biden/Harris Regime Hires Erotica the Drag Queen

Whether the figurehead is Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, we will be ruled by the same kind of people. Which kind? This kind:

A Democrat staffer, who recently announced on social media that he has joined the Biden-Harris campaign as a deputy press secretary, works as a “drag queen” on weekends…

Eric Lipka, who most recently worked in Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s, D-Mass., office before joining the Biden campaign, said he was “thrilled to share” that he has “joined the Biden-Harris campaign as deputy press secretary for Pennsylvania!” …

Lipka, who goes by the drag queen names “Erotica,” “Erica Lipka,” and “Erotica the Drag Queen” on social media, has several social media accounts on X, Facebook, and Instagram, but most of them were private as of Friday and then all of them were locked down shortly after Fox News Digital reached out to the Biden campaign for comment on Saturday afternoon.

But the Internet is written in indelible ink. His social media excretions have been brought to light:

In one Facebook post from January 2023, Lipka encouraged Facebook followers to “come get drunk and watch me slam my vagina into the floor”…

He’ll fit in great with Tyler Cherry, Rachel Levine, and the rest of the freak show constituting the Executive Branch under Democrat rule.

Personnel is policy, which helps explain why the USA went into precipitous decline when Biden/Harris took power.

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Jul 24 2024

Bloodthirsty TDS at Rutgers University

Considering what children in public schools are likely exposed to, imagine the level of Democrat indoctrination taking place at the college level. Tracy Budd provided a hint via Facebook:

A source provided Campus Reform with the Facebook posts, which were made by Rutgers University Writing Program Assistant Teaching Professor Tracy Budd in the hours after someone tried to assassinate Trump during a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

”Let’s hope today’s events inspire others,” Budd said in one post.

No doubt they will. The unwillingness of the Secret Service to protect Trump was a declaration of open season.

Budd is also the editor of Dialogues@RU, an undergraduate research journal, “which teaches students the crucial skills of critical reading and thinking, scholarly research, synthesis, and analytic writing across the disciplines.”

They must mean “critical” in the “critical theory” sense.

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Jul 24 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.


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