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May 21 2022

LGBT Grooming Is Making Schools Dangerous

It’s official. LGBT grooming materials to which children are exposed in public schools are legally obscene:

On Wednesday, the Circuit Court for the City of Virginia Beach deemed two novels to be “obscene for unrestricted viewing by minors,” including the widely controversial graphic novel “Gender Queer, A Memoir.” …

Gender Queer,” written by Maia Kobabe, has gained widespread criticism across the country for depicting in the comic-style book scenes of teens engaging in sexual acts.

Censorship in the name of decency is unfortunately necessary in a country infested with degenerates so wicked that they expose children to explicit and depraved sexual material to advance a sick ideology.

Here’s what happens when a parent tries to read from Gender Queer at a school board meeting:

Christopher Rufo shines some light on public schools in Philadelphia:

In early July 2021, the district’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sent invitations to the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference to teachers and staff on the SDP Connect mailing list, promoting the conference as a way to “learn more about the issues facing the trans community.” …

The conference attendees included educators, activists, adults, and adolescents. There were graphic sessions on prosthetic penises, masturbation toys, and artificial ejaculation devices, which some hosts explicitly promoted to minors.

The corruption is intended to be irreversible:

The conference began with presentations promoting puberty blockers, hormone treatments, breast removals, and genital surgeries.

In a woke society, this comprises continuing education for educators:

Two female-to-male trans activists, Kofi Opam, a graduate student at the University of Iowa, and Sami Brussels, a medical illustrator, hosted a presentation called “Bigger Dick Energy,” in which they explained the process of phalloplasty and using an artificial penis for “navigating cruising and anonymous/casual sex life.” Chase Ross, a transgender activist and YouTuber, hosted a series of sessions on “packers,” “masturbation sleeves,” and “prosthetics for sex,” demonstrating various devices from his collection of more than 500 genital prosthetics. “I have tried and touched many dicks, right—prosthetics, real dicks, all dicks. This is one of the most realistic feeling in terms of like the inside of a penis,” he said during one demonstration. “It’s a big boy, this is, like, gigantic. Alright, give me two hours alone and I’ll get this in my butt,” he said during another.

Another presentation was entitled “Trans Sex: Banging Beyond Binaries”:

Jamie Joy, a self-described “kinky,” “polyamorous,” “pretty big slut,” and Lucie Fielding, a self-described “white, queer, kinky, polyamorous, visibly able-bodied, Jewish, witchy, non-binary, trans femme” led the session. The women led a presentation on politically correct anatomical language, including terms such as “front hole” and “back hole,” and shared personal information about organizing orgies for participants to “explore their fantasies and their perversions in groups.” The instructors then discussed various “kink” activities, including fetishes about puppies, Mary Poppins, and spanking.

Complained Joy,

“I haven’t gotten to explore a lot of my mommy kink.”

This is the lunatic fringe, but under liberal domination, the lunatic fringe is in control. The conference was organized by the Mazzoni Center, which…

…received more than $5 million in government contracts last year and runs sexuality programs in schools throughout the region.

In a related story,

At least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested so far this year on child sex-related crimes in the U.S., ranging from child pornography to raping students. …

Arrests that weren’t publicized were not counted in the analysis, meaning the true number may well be higher.

No doubt the true number is many times higher. Victims may be too baffled and terrified even to tell their parents. Left-leaning parents and authorities have a political motive to keep the matter quiet.

By embracing LGBT ideology, public schools have become magnets for perverts who prey on innocent kids. When Ron DeSantis put up slight resistance by restricting grooming in kindergarten through third grade, the liberal establishment — including Hollyweird, the media, and the Democrat Party — went ballistic.

Either America rises up against its decadent ruling class, or it dies disgracefully of the disease that is turning public schools into San Francisco bathhouses. This will take more that scraping some of the LGBT kiddy porn out of school libraries in Virginia.

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May 21 2022

Pfizer CEO on How to Make Us Take Our Meds

Covid vaccines will not be the last mandatory medicine, not after Biden et al. turn over totalitarian control to the literal communists running the World Health Organization. How can our rulers be sure that we ingest whatever we are told?

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has a solution. Pills will come with little chips that inform the authorities when we have consumed our medication as required:

If James Bond can take on SPECTRE, why won’t he do something about the World Economic Forum? The United Nations also requires his attention, and Pfizer might too.

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May 21 2022

What Kids Wouldn’t They Kill?

At what age wouldn’t abortion advocates kill a child? At a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Rep Dan Bishop (R-NC) tried to get an answer out of abortion advocate Aimee Arrambide:

Other people’s decency forces abortion advocates to speak in euphemisms. The duckspeak in the video above about people being able to do whatever they want with “their bodies” only seems to be meaningless. What it actually means is, “their children’s bodies.”

This is why Joe Manchin was the only Democrat senator opposed to a recent bill that called for killing healthy children right up to the moment of birth.

If they would subject innocent babies to horrific death by partial birth abortion, imagine what they will do to racists and transphobes when they get the leverage.

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May 21 2022

Why the Planet Needs Genocide

Looks like we are going to have to kill billions of people and/or impose a globalist dictatorship. According to an Expert, the Planet can only support 1 billion free people. Dennis Meadows, scientist, Emeritus Professor of Systems Management, former director of the Institute for Policy and Social Science Research at the University of New Hampshire, and President of the Laboratory for Interactive Learning, has spoken:

They often look and talk like civilized people. But their ideology is more evil than anything the world has ever seen. The atrocities of communists and Nazis are weekend traffic fatalities compared to the body count the self-ordained priests who speak on behalf of the Planet would inflict.

Already, they effectively control American energy policy, as evidenced by gasoline prices.

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May 21 2022

Open Thread

I distrust all multiculturalism, liberal or conservative. The Balkans amply demonstrate the perils of Balkanization. - Charles Krauthammer

May 20 2022

Karine Jean-Pierre May Be Qualified After All

Karine Jean-Pierre gives the impression of being yet another unqualified Affirmative Action hire. Unlike Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson, she wasn’t explicitly given her position for identity politics purposes. Yet she checks more boxes than either of them, being not only a Woman of Color but also ostentatiously sexually aberrant and an immigrant born of a Haitian mother in Martinique. However, watching Mark Dice’s summary of her career as a propagandist suggests that she has the one skill required to be spokesmoonbat for Biden’s failing presidency.

Democrats are down to their last resort — namely, yelling their favorite word “racism” as if it were a magic incantation. Fortuitously, the one thought in Karine’s otherwise empty head appears to be, “Racist!”

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May 20 2022

White Supremacy Makes Black Shoot Asians

Looks like the “white supremacy” crisis the Democrat–media complex keeps shrieking about is more of a problem than we realized. It even causes blacks to shoot up Korean hair salons. We have it on unimpeachable authority:

The chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) blamed White supremacy for last week’s shooting at a Dallas Korean hair salon, but the suspect charged with carrying out the attack is Black.

Sounds crazy, but you don’t want to contradict Rep Joyce Beatty (D-OH). That would be racist.

“On Monday, three people in a Korean-owned hair salon in Dallas were gunned by yet another White supremacy replacement theorist,” Beatty said…

Barked the professional race-baiter:

“We are sick of the pipeline from racist rhetoric to racist violence.”

That means free speech must be abolished or people will get hurt.

Beatty must have been counting on the media to keep Jeremy Smith’s race from the public. He is the black guy who has been arrested for walking into the Hair World Salon in Dallas and opening fire with a rifle a week ago last Wednesday (not Monday), wounding three.

Despite Smith’s politically inconvenient race, the FBI is investigating the event as a hate crime, since he really seems to have a thing about Asians. Black on Asian violence has been on the rise, much as the media hates to report on it.


May 20 2022

How Robert Downey Jr Is Saving World

We face serious crises, but fortunately, our betters in Hollyweird are Good People, and they deign to save our world. Robert Downey Jr does his part by investing in moonbat pseudofood:

Downey Jr. just announced that he is investing in Motif Foodworks – a food tech company working to improve sustainability in the food system.

The “sustainable food system” being created will be “inclusive,” whatever that may mean in this context.

Motif Foodworks developed a heme-binding myoglobin protein called HEMAMI. The company’s proprietary method expertly replicates the texture, aroma, and taste of traditional animal meat using exclusively plant-based ingredients.

Bill Gates would approve.

“If plant-based foods are going to make a real impact on sustainability, we need an approach that’s both delicious and nutritious,” Downey Jr. said in a statement.

He ought to showcase his acting skills by eating some of the lab-grown slime they want us to live off and pretending to like it.

Downey has also invested in a company that fabricates synthetic cheese using soybeans, and another that manufactures an abomination it markets as vegan bacon that is made out of mushrooms — that is, fungus.

Moonbats push artificial food because according to their ideology, meat makes it be too warm outside. So do cars. No worries; Downey has that covered too:

Discovery+ announced the Robert Downey Jr. series under the working title Downey’s Dream Cars on Wednesday.

The show will feature him having his collection of classic cars remade into something less environmentally offensive.

“My goal is to showcase that it’s possible to keep the integrity of classic cars while leveraging new tech and innovation to make them more eco-friendly,” Downey said in a statement.

Just like it’s possible to make bacon out of fungus and keep the integrity of food.

What have you done to save the planet today?

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May 20 2022

Degenerate Hook-ups in Small Town Park

Allowing LGBT militants to forcibly normalize their lifestyle through relentless bullying has had consequences for American culture. These are on display everywhere — not just in morally decayed cities, but even in small towns like Greer, South Carolina. Parents there don’t dare let their children play in Pelham Mill Park because it has become a popular spot to hook up for the anonymous, degenerate sex that defines our age.

“Condoms, porno, lube bottles and not like a few but dozens and dozens,” a witness said.

According to local law enforcement, the assignations are arranged through an app.

The reporter is careful not to mention which app or the nature of the hookups. As with race, readers are left to fill in the gaps on sexuality, lest the allegedly marginalized take offense.

Deputies have been going undercover for months, interested less in arrests and more about stopping the public problem.

Easier said than done.

“It’s big city problems in country nature, right?” a witness said.

Thanks to television and the Internet, everywhere is the big city now. The rot gushing out of New York and Los Angeles seeps into every nook and cranny.

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May 20 2022

Open Thread

Freedom is coming to mean little more than the right to ask permission. - Joseph Sobran

May 19 2022

Donny Deutsch Explains Democrat Strategy

Talk about gaffes. MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch is enough of a blundering blowhard to actually lay the Democrat strategy out in the open:

That is, their short-term strategy is to “scare the bejesus out of people” by demonizing those who call attention to their long-term strategy, which will make the damage they have been inflicting on the country permanent.

Democrats are crippling the economy through grotesquely excessive spending and the War on Energy, while opening the border for the American population to be swept away in a deluge of grasping opportunists from the Third World. This planned extirpation of America is the biggest story since the fall of Rome. That’s why Deutsch et al. talk about “white supremacy” instead.

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May 19 2022

W Gaffe Can’t Compete With Biden’s

W will choke if he gets his foot any farther into his mouth:

The decision regarding Iraq seemed to make more sense at the time than it does in hindsight.

At least W mitigates the self-inflicted damage by having a sense of humor about it.

If you define a gaffe as a politician shooting himself in the foot by accidentally telling the truth, nothing will top this one by Joe Biden:

“We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

YouTube still permits video of this astonishingly honest statement for now, tagging it with the laughable disclaimer that “Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of election results”:

That was so perfect, Dinesh D’Souza used it to introduce 2000 Mules, which documents enough election fraud to have changed the results of the 2020 election.

No one can compete with Joe Biden. With gaffes as with graft, he is the Big Guy.

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May 19 2022

Dems Drive Out Elon Musk

Be easy on Elon Musk for having bought into the marketing campaign that the Party of Government was ever the “kindness party.” Most of us did at one point, which is unsurprising, considering that it runs the media. The important thing is that he is awake and smelling the coffee now, having been driven out of the Democratic Party by the divisiveness and intolerance that have become its most conspicuous characteristics.

The long knives are already out for Musk for bucking the liberal establishment by promising to allow free speech on Twitter. Biden has sicced the SEC on him. Meanwhile, Charles Gasparino shouts that Musk might go to jail if he doesn’t go through with the Twitter deal.

If the deal does go through, Musk will have a major housekeeping task ahead of him. The San Francisco company is infested with leftists. Twitter executive Alex Martinez demonstrated the kindness of moonbats by mocking him as “a loony toon” with “special needs” for having been diagnosed withy Asperger syndrome. He also reaffirmed that Twitter as currently staffed adamantly opposes free speech:

“The rest of us who have been here believe in something that’s good for the planet and not just to give people free speech,” Martinez insisted. He later added, “People don’t know how to make a rational decision if you don’t put out — correct things that are supposed to be out in the public, right?”

There is no point sharing opinions with each other in the town square of social media, because our Silicon Valley overlords will tell us what to think.

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May 19 2022

Kathy Hochul Unveils Naked Tyranny

For an idea of how far Democrats will take leftist authoritarianism, turn to single-party New York, where Governor Kathy Hochul continues to make even Andrew Cuomo look less alarming by comparison.

We knew she would be among the first of the vultures to flock to Buffalo. But did anyone think she would exploit the event to this extent?

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Hochul said that she would sign several executive orders to restrict access to firearms and monitor “online extremism.”

The Founding Fathers had good reason to put the first two amendments before the others. They defend the fundamental rights that tyrants are most eager to deny us: free speech and self-defense.

These include a measure authorizing the New York State Police to seize weapons from any gun owner “whenever they have probable cause to believe that an individual is a threat to themselves or others.”

That would almost sound reasonable, if authorities could be trusted to apply it reasonably. However, they take orders from people like Kathy Hochul.

That’s why fundamental rights are absolute. Exceptions will be exploited to render the rights null and void. Without due process, everyone whose politics conflict with Hochul’s may be regarded as “a threat to themselves or others.”

Hochul also announced that a new ‘Office of Counterterrorism’ would be created within the State Police with an exclusive focus on “domestic terrorism,” which would be required to monitor social media for evidence of violent tendencies and extremist ideology.

Any Stalinists who were disheartened when blowback caused Democrats to back off for now from their Ministry of Truth will be relieved to see Hochul step forward to solve the problem of free speech at the state level.

Associating “extremist ideology” with terrorism is even more alarming than suppressing it as “misinformation.” The terminology justifies government violence.

In case anyone thinks they are talking about actual terrorism:

She added that she would formally refer social media companies to the New York Attorney General [Letitia] James’s office for investigation for failing to stop “radicalization” of users towards “white supremacy.”

“White supremacy” is a blanket term for anything leftists regard as obstructing their ambitions. According to Democrat demagogues, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump are white supremacists. If either had ever said anything racist, we would know about it.

At least chasing down “white supremacists” will give Letitia James something to do, now that she has effectively legalized many actual crimes.

Hochul further said that she would propose legislation requiring all semi-automatic handguns made or sold in New York to “micro-stamp” ammunition after it is fired, making weapons easier to trace by police.

You can see why Kimber got the hell out of Yonkers.

The point of microstamping is to make guns and ammo too expensive for regular Americans to afford. The strategy is similar to the $1,000 per bullet tax schemes that are sometimes floated.

Leave it to leftists to wring every drop of tyranny out of a psycho killing some people because he is crazy.

A phrase from Hemingway comes to mind: “gradually and then suddenly.” That is the Democrat plan for snuffing out liberty. Hochul isn’t alone among them in wanting to jump to the “suddenly” phase.

Watch her declare open war on the First Amendment, after absurdly claiming to defend it:

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