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May 25 2018

Open Thread

The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic. - Joseph Story

May 25 2018

Georgetown United Against Police Aggression Banned Whites

Georgetown United Against Police Aggression is a collection of swarthy students, presumably beneficiaries of Affirmative Action, who indulge in juvenile leftist politics rather than attend to their studies. They have been resisting oppression by trying to kill a proposal that would arm the campus police, on the grounds that the guns would be used to shoot sacred Persons of Color. As for Persons Not of Color, they are shunned:

Georgetown University students who recently held a community dialogue event on a new proposal to arm campus police told their white peers that they weren’t permitted to attend.

But what about fellow-traveling whites who accept the BLM precepts that police are discriminatory villains who can’t be trusted with guns and that blacks should be allowed to run riot because forcing them to follow the law like everyone else would be racist?

The event’s description on Facebook explicitly stated that white students would not be permitted to attend, even those white students who share the group’s beliefs about police aggression as a political issue, who the group describes as “allies.”

Good thing Shaun King isn’t a Georgetown student. It would break his heart to be left out in the cold with the other Ice People.

This moonbat posturing regarding police and guns will result in needless deaths if the next Seung-Hui Cho goes berserk at Georgetown. It is dangerous enough that too few law-abiding citizens are armed.

On a tip from Guy B.

May 25 2018

Justin Trudeau Receives Award for Pushing LGBT Agenda

Congratulations to quintessential moonbat Justin Trudeau. His obsequious pandering on behalf of sexual deviants has earned him a pat on the head from militants:

Trudeau was greeted with a standing ovation as he took to the stage at a Toronto hotel on Thursday night to accept an award from human rights group Egale Canada for his LGBTQ advocacy.

Like many terms, including the word “liberal,” “human rights” has been twisted by liberals into very nearly the opposite of its original meaning. It now means leftist advocacy. Outside of communist and Muslim countries, it would be hard to find anything more tyrannical than Canada’s Torquemada-esque Human Rights Tribunals.

As he reflected on his efforts to make amends for historic wrongs suffered by LGBTQ Canadians, the prime minister affirmed his commitment to remedying present-day discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

That is, the promotion of homosexuality will be pushed even further, until Canada resembles a San Francisco bathhouse, then still further after that.

To secure the support of this tiny minority, Trudeau is eager to endanger the health of everyone else:

He also expressed disappointment with the persistence of what he described as discriminatory restrictions preventing sexually active gay men from becoming blood and organ donors.

HIV in the blood supply is a perfect metaphor for the effect perversion-pushing liberals have on the culture of North America.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

May 25 2018

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Exploits Light Rail to Funnel $2.4 Million to La Raza–Affiliated Allies

As noted earlier, light rail is good for more than virtue signaling by municipal educrats who pretend that it will somehow make for better weather than buses. Not only does light rail provide housing for derelicts, it also allows unscrupulous ultra-moonbats like Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and his liberal friends on the City Council to launder our money before passing it out to their leftist allies:

Under the shady deal, the radical La Raza group Promise Arizona (PAZ) will receive $2.4 million from the city of Phoenix to conduct “Business Assistance” during construction of a light rail extension. Some Phoenix City Hall insiders believe it’s a payoff by the outgoing mayor, Greg Stanton, to support his upcoming congressional run. Stanton, who will resign on May 29, and PAZ Director Petra Falcon are close political allies fiercely opposed to immigration enforcement and border security. “PAZ has zero experience in business anything,” said a veteran Phoenix official. Another Phoenix government staffer called it a prime example of race-based political payback. “PAZ is no more qualified to provide economic development input than a fox is fit to provide chicken and egg care for a henhouse.”

PAZ has received the Affiliate Award for Advocacy from La Raza (The Race), a radical organization devoted to facilitating illegal immigration and to advancing the interests of Latin Americans against those of America’s core population.

PAZ’s only qualification for the “Business Assistance” job is that it can rally the Spanish-speaking community to help Stanton succeed noisily bisexual communist-connected Kyrsten Sinema, a progressive congresscritter who is running for Senate. The highly qualified but politically less useful Callison RTKL submitted a bid and was rejected.

The PAZ outrage comes atop Phoenix taxpayers being forced to finance an obnoxious billboard depicting Trump as a Nazi/evil capitalist/nuclear warmonger.

The authoritarian moonbat Greg Stanton will not be missed as mayor after he steps down on May 29. It will be a pleasure to vote against him for Congress, and heartbreaking if he wins.

On a tip from Guy B.

May 25 2018

Imitating Jesse Jackson, David Hogg Mau-Maus Publix Supermarket Chain

Looks like 90-lb bully David Hogg plans to leverage the 15 minutes of fame the media granted him for attacking gun rights to launch a lucrative career as a shakedown artist and political power broker, following the Jesse Jackson playbook. He is mau-mauing Publix, a major grocery store chain based in Florida, demanding that it pledge fealty to his authoritarian ideology and cough up a cool $1 million.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

If you’re shopping at a Publix this afternoon, beware. You may be accused of supporting child murder.

There’s a “die in” scheduled for 4 p.m. Gun-control diva David Hogg has called on people to go to a Publix and lie on the floor for 12 minutes. …

It’s to protest the grocery store’s support of gubernatorial candidate Adam Putman, who’s a big NRA guy.

Under the surface, the antigun jihad is about more than disarming law-abiding citizens. It is about imposing leftism by intimidating its opposition. Regarding Publix and its support for Putnam,

The company’s $67,000 [sic] worth of support stems far more from Putnam’s his pro-business positions than his NRA support. Publix said it has never donated to that organization.

That should be $670,000 according to other sources.

Hogg wants more than to make an example of companies that donate to Republicans. He also wants cash:

If the Jesse Jackson/David Hogg brand of politics by public intimidation prevails, our country is in for a dismal future. Publix has a duty to America to stand up to this punk. If it does, Florida shoppers have a duty to shop at Publix.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

May 25 2018

Amazon Associates Program Shafts Legal Insurrection

Progressives scour every aspect of society in search of discrimination. Their job would be easier if they would include discrimination against conservatives. It seems every major player on the Internet is saturated with it — not only the companies that control the information infrastructure (Google/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter), but also Amazon, despite the grief Jeff Bezos has been getting from his fellow moonbats in Seattle. The Amazon Associates account was pulled out from under Legal Insurrection:

For as long as I can remember, Legal Insurrection has participated in Amazon Associates, a way for websites to earn fees when readers shop at via links from our website.

It was an important source of revenue to us, and paid for some of the operating expenses readers never see.

On Saturday morning, April 28, 2018, I woke up to an email in my inbox from Amazon Associates telling me our participation in the program was terminated, our account closed, that the decision was final and there was no appeal. On top of that, Amazon was holding back any accumulated money it owed us.

Click through to read the full details.

Legal Insurrection has also had their channel terminated by YouTube. They must be doing something right.

On tips from J and Dragon’s Lair.

May 25 2018

Rachel Dolezal Accused of Welfare Fraud

Leftism is a fraudulent ideology, so it is to be expected that if you scratch a moonbat, you will find a fraud. More fraudulent even than the long list of hate hoaxers are whites who pretend to be black to achieve the holy status liberals ascribe to that race. For example, BLM activist Shaun King has been accused not only of lying about his race, but of being a hate hoaxer, swindler, plagiarist, and disseminator of false inflammatory charges. Another example is Rachel Dolezal, who was President of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP before it was revealed that the reason she looks white despite her outlandish hairdos is that she is white, although at last word she still “identifies” as black, calling herself “Nkechi Diallo.” Few could be surprised that she stands accused of welfare fraud:

According to court documents, Diallo illegally received $8,747 in food assistance, and illegally received $100 in childcare assistance.

Dolezal/Diallo claimed to be subsisting on $500/month. But that’s not what her bank statements say.

The bank records, court documents say, showed Diallo had deposited about $83,924 into her bank account in several monthly installments between August 2015 and September 2017, without reporting the income to the Department of Social and Health Services. The money, according to the case file, had come from authoring her book, ‘In Full Color,’ speaking engagements, soap making, doll making, and the sale of her art.

Maybe D/D thinks being on welfare will make her more authentic. More likely, she is just greedy, immoral, and not very bright, like most criminals and more than a few socialists.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

May 24 2018

Open Thread

Arms, like laws, discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe and preserve order. - Thomas Paine
May 24 2018

Michael Bloomberg: Tax the Poor

Zillionaire social engineer Michael Bloomberg doesn’t mind regressive taxes that fall hardest on the poor. On the contrary, these are the best kind of taxes, because it is the poor who don’t know enough to live the way Bloomberg wants them to unless they are punished for deviating:

This nanny statist missed his calling. He should have been a feudal lord.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

May 24 2018

Random White Girl Used in Person to Stand In for Her Race for Two Minute Hate at Kendrick Lamar Concert

The forbidden n-word gives persons of politically preferred pigmentation tremendous power. Rap musician performer Kendrick Lamar provided a demonstration by inviting a random white girl to sing a song riddled with the word, then denouncing her in front of an audience apparently consisting mainly of self-hating whites.

Paul Joseph Watson is aghast at the hypocrisy on display. WARNING — objectionable language in the video below does not stop at the forbidden (to whites) n-word:

On a tip from Lyle.

May 24 2018

Racist Bodycams Keep Foiling Hoaxes

No wonder BLM fraudster Shaun King, a.k.a. Talcum X, pulled down the Fakebook post in which he incited a mob of moonbats to become enraged over the imaginary oppression of apparently drunk-driving Sherita Dixon Cole. As the Texas Department of Public Safety had indicated, video of the incident proves the allegations to be completely false.

In recent days, bodycams similarly exposed the phony racist oppression of hate hoaxers Rev. Jerrod Moultrie of the NAACP and his fellow person of conspicuously nonpersecuted pigmentation Dawn Hilton-Williams.

Consequently, bodycams are now seen as a threat to civil rights, as Mark Dice explains:

On a tip from seaoh.

May 24 2018

Islamists Have Been Sabotaging Beaches

Evil for the sake of evil. What else would you call sabotaging beaches in the Toronto area with broken bottles, nails, and needles in hopes that beachgoers might step on them?

Some bottles were buried in the ground with the jagged edges deliberately facing up.

Only one ideology would encourage such pointless, indiscriminate malice. A local newspaper received a letter from the “Revolutionary Islamic Force” claiming responsibility and threatening more of the same, in addition to threatening to poison drinking water and set forest fires.

The letter recommends that Canadian citizens convert to Islam and follow the dictates of Muhammad.

This and worse have been going on for 1,400 years now. If you don’t like it, liberals will denounce you as an Islamophobe, usually while denouncing Christianity as being just as bad, as if Christians had committed over 33,000 lethal terror acts and counting just since September 11, 2001.

On a tip from Stormfax.

May 24 2018

Stormy Daniels Given Key to the City by West Hollywood

Even moonbat degenerates need someone they can look up to — someone like a skanky porn star best known for blowing off a lucrative nondisclosure agreement she had signed. Yesterday LGBT-dominated West Hollywood presented Stormy Daniels with the key to the city to reward her for being an embarrassment to Trump:

Daniels made an appearance at Chi Chi La Rue’s as the city declared the day “Stormy Daniels Day,” according to KABC-TV.

During the ceremonies, Stormy Daniels barked that West Hollywood was founded “on the principle that everyone should be treated with dignity and fairness and decency.”

Nobody can comment of dignity, fairness, and decency like someone who performs obscene acts in front of a camera for a living and who violates contracts.

Those who say the city could have found a more appropriate recipient for the honor are mistaken. Stormy Daniels personifies the degenerate moral values that prevail in West Hollywood.

On a tip from Chuck A.

May 24 2018

MS-13 Gang Member Who Murdered 15-Year-Old Goes by Street Name “Animal”

The liberal media worked itself into a conniption of offendedness when Trump called MS-13 gang members “animals.” They must not have heard of Joel Martinez:

A member of the notorious MS-13 street gang known as “Animal,” who admitted to the 2015 killing of a teenage boy in Massachusetts, was sentenced to 40 years in prison, officials said Tuesday.

Having murdered the 15-year-old, Martinez was qualified to be “jumped in” as a “homeboy” in MS-13. “Animal” is his street name.

Maybe “animal” is like the forbidden n-word. It’s only offensive if the wrong people say it.

On a tip from Manuel R.

May 24 2018

Scouts Will Pass Out Condoms at World Scout Jamboree

Now that the Boy Scouts have completely succumbed to the bullying of social engineers by dropping the word “Boy” from their name so as to be more “inclusive,” their motto “Be prepared” has a new meaning. They will pass out condoms at the World Scout Jamboree to be held in West Virginia this summer.

The theme of the jamboree is “Unlock a New World.” This new world is nothing that you would want your kids to be a part of.

An alternative to the defeated Boy Scouts is Trail Life USA. Its Chairman of the Board is Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger, who issued a response:

“The fact that they are requiring that condoms be ‘readily accessible’ and are communicating this to everyone– including youth participants–shows that the BSA is both anticipating and facilitating sexual conduct between minors at this event. These policies are both outrageous and completely irresponsible.”

It would have been shortsighted to expect anything else, once the Boy Scouts started knuckling under to liberal demands to accept noisily homosexual troop leaders, girls who “identify” as boys, et cetera.

Future scout jamborees will probably feature drag performances. From there, they will progress to filming porno movies. With progressives in charge, there is always a new world of corruption and degeneracy to unlock.

On tips from Guy B and TCS III.

May 24 2018

John McDonnell: Collapsing Socialist Venezuela Is Not Socialist

Millennials may embrace socialism because they are too inexperienced to resist their brainwashing, but how is it that political veterans like the British Labour Party Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell glean nothing from the tragic consequences of imposing socialism, both past and present? Rather than learn, they stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes, and shout ludicrous lies:

When asked if Venezuela was a failed socialist economic model, McDonnell said: “It went wrong. I don’t think it is a socialist country.

“I think it took a wrong turn when Chávez went and I think unfortunately since then, I don’t think they have been following the socialist policies that Chávez developed. And as a result of that they’re experiencing problems.”

If it doesn’t work, it must not be true socialism. Not much of an argument, but it’s the only counterpoint socialists have against the deafening roar of history as it continues to unfold.

If only it were true that Venezuela is no longer socialist. Then the rebuilding could begin. The country’s abundant resources could be exploited, and people would once again have food, medicine, toilet paper, jobs, safety, and freedom.

If it is up to McDonnell, we will soon be saying the same about Britain.

On tips from Steve T and Chuck A.

May 23 2018

Open Thread

Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest. - Mahatma Gandhi
May 23 2018

Some of the Dumbest Things Lawmakers Have Said About Guns

What are magazine clips? They are bullets. Also, it is legal to hunt humans in the USA. That is only the beginning of what you can learn about firearms from the pols who want to ban them in violation of the Constitution. Eric Scheiner presents some of the dumbest things lawmakers have said about guns:

Scheiner missed a couple good ones. He should expand his list to the seven dumbest things.

This clown is running for U.S. Senate in California:

Carolyn McCarthy’s husband was tragically killed because no one on a New York commuter train had a gun to defend against Colin Ferguson, who immigrated from Jamaica to murder random white people for racistly oppressing him. Instead of coming away from this horrible incident with a healthy appreciation of our constitutional right of self-defense, she went into politics as a single-issue candidate devoted to forcing us to become still more vulnerable to maniacs like Colin Ferguson:

You don’t have to be a Democrat lawmaker to be comically ignorant about guns. You just have to be a moonbat:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

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