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Aug 13 2020

Actress Alleges That Trump Supporters Are Stealing Mail Trucks

No need to worry about Democrats stealing the election with vote by mail and the ballot harvesting that worked so well for them in 2018. Turns out it is actually Republicans who are planning to steal the election. Hollywood’s Jamie Lee Curtis has proof:

I swear, in broad daylight, the driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters. Conspiracy? Outright attempt at stealing the election by denying the access of the @USPS ? Let’s not let it happen!

The evidence:

Celebrities know best. That’s why we take their political opinions so seriously.

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Aug 13 2020

Leftist Media Tries to Make Madison Cawthorn a Nazi

Leftists must be terrified of North Carolina congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn. They have beclowned themselves in a desperate attempt to portray the 25-year-old as a Nazi sympathizer for posting a picture of himself visiting the Eagle’s Nest, which is a popular tourist destination. The Instagram caption refers to Hitler as “a supreme evil,” yet we are asked to regard this as evidence that Cawthorn is a Nazi sympathizer:

HuffPost takes the handoff from Jezebel, only to fumble:

“The vacation house of the Führer,” Cawthorn wrote in a caption for the post, addressing Hitler using the reverential term Nazis associated with their leader.

Make note of the new rule. If you refer to anyone by their title, you are being “reverential.”

Actually, Hitler’s official title was “Führer und Reichskanzler.” HuffPost should have spun this as Cawthorn revealing an unsavory degree of familiarity by calling him “Führer” for short.

Cawthorn told HuffPost that the Allied victory “was the history I had in mind” when visiting the Eagle’s Nest. “It was a surreal experience to be remembering their joy in a place where the Nazi regime had plotted unspeakable acts of evil,” he said.

According to Jezebel, however, the candidate has named his real estate company SPQR ― a term popular among white nationalist groups ― and has allegedly displayed Betsy Ross’ version of the American flag, which the Anti-Defamation League says has been appropriated by far-right militias “among other Revolutionary War-era symbols.”

SPQR stands for Senātus Populusque Rōmānus (Roman Senate and People), in reference to the Roman Republic that preceded the Roman Empire. Among sarcastic Italians, it can also stand for “Sono Pazzi Questi Romani” (These Romans are crazy). The Betsy Ross flag stands for American patriotism, which is why Colin Kaepernick doesn’t like it. When leftists started going after our history and heritage, they were never likely to stop with tearing down statues of Robert E. Lee.

The ADL confirms that SPQR and the Betsy Ross flag are not hate symbols. Via Breitbart:

Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow for the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, said the Betsy Ross flag, the SPQR abbreviation and Spartan helmet are not included in the league’s database of hate symbols. Pitcavage said while there are examples of their use by white supremacists … they are used “just as much or more often by nonextremists than extremists.”

Cawthorn responded to the attack by pointing out the obvious:

The Blaze has some background on Cawthorn:

Cawthorn stunned the political world in June when he won the Republican nomination for the election for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District in a landslide victory. The motivational speaker trounced the GOP candidate who was backed by President Donald Trump, but he also ran in support of the president and his policies.

If he wins in the heavily Republican district, he would become the youngest member of Congress.

Cawthorn was paralyzed from the waist down in a 2014 car accident that nearly took his life.

A guy who might have been euthanized by the Nazis probably isn’t a big fan of them.

Looks like Cawthorn is making the most of the second chance he was given. Good luck to him in fending off future attacks from left-wing propagandists.

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Aug 13 2020

Pushback Against Black Lives Matter in Englewood

There has been no significant pushback against Black Lives Matter mayhem from the liberal establishment — quite the contrary. If it is left up to the major corporations that lavishly fund BLM and own the mainstream media, the whole country might get the treatment Chicago received Sunday night. But there may be hope from within the black community that BLM purports to represent.

When mostly peaceful protesters tried to follow up the Magnificent Mile looting spree with a demonstration at the 7th District police station in the South Side Chicago neighborhood Englewood on Tuesday, residents were having none of it. After some shoving and strong words, the protesters retreated:

“If you ain’t from Englewood, get the F*** out of here,” longtime neighborhood resident Darryl Smith told protesters.

Smith has lived in Englewood 51 years, and doesn’t want to see it suffer the fate of the Magnificent Mile on behalf of someone else’s ideology.

[Smith says] he and other Englewood residents had wanted the protesters from Black Lives Matter Chicago, Good Kids Mad City and other groups to leave.

After some tense moments, the protesters were sent packing, marching away from the 7th District police station.

“We refuse to let anyone come to Englewood and tear it up,” said activist Charles McKenzie.

Too bad local Democrat pols in riot-afflicted cities don’t adopt a similar policy.

Black Lives Matter does not speak for Darryl Smith.

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Aug 13 2020

Race Rioters Targeted Ronald McDonald House

Kneeling to the Black Lives Matter movement means kneeling to the violent mobs that have been laying siege to the country. It means kneeling to the people who vandalized the Chicago Ronald McDonald House Monday as sick children huddled with their families inside.

From the Washington Times:

The Ronald McDonald House in the Streeterville neighborhood of the city’s Near North Side provides support for sick children and their families while the child receives medical treatment at nearby Lurie Children’s Hospital.

The charity said more than 30 families and their sick children were sleeping inside when the looters, who had taken over downtown, ransacking stores and vandalizing properties, started attacking the building.

Is it becoming clear who the bad guys are in this movie? It isn’t the frighteningly neutralized police.

Several windows on the front of the building were smashed, and the front door had to be boarded up.

No one was injured, at least not physically. Fortunately, none of the mostly peaceful protesters thought to set the building on fire, as they did recently after blocking exits from the East Precinct in Portland.

Anyone who aids and abets rioting shares responsibility for the results, whatever those results may turn out to be. That applies to the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, pro sports, and the rest of the riot-rewarding, pro-BLM liberal establishment.

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Aug 13 2020

MLB May Use Cameras to Enforce Mask Wearing

We have technology that the Stasi could only dream about. Major League Baseball games have been taking place in empty stadiums. When fans return, they had better wear masks.

Bloomberg reports that California startup Airspace Systems has been in talks with several MLB teams to implement systems that would use cameras positioned around the stadium to identify people who are not wearing a mask, or who are not wearing one properly.

The software doesn’t do facial recognition, so more work will need to be done in the future to integrate it with online informant tools.

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Aug 13 2020

Why Fairfax County Educrats Don’t Like Pandemic Pods

“Equity” is a popular goal among leftists. The only way to achieve it is to impose a ceiling above the lowest common denominator. That’s why educrats in exceedingly wealthy Fairfax County, Virginia do not approve of “pandemic pods” — small groups tutored at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

From a message to parents sent by Fairfax County Public Schools:

While FCPS doesn’t and can’t control these private tutoring groups, we do have concerns that they may widen the gap in educational access and equity for all students. Many parents cannot afford private instruction. Many working families can’t provide transportation to and from a tutoring pod, even if they could afford to pay for the service.

We have received some requests from parents who would like to cluster groups or pods of students together with a specific teacher. From both a logistical perspective, and in the interest of educational equity, FCPS cannot accommodate such requests.

If every kid can’t have tutoring, no kid should have it.

Thomas Lifson extends the mentality:

By the same logic, parents who remain married and raise their children in intact families are being unfair to children whose parents cannot maintain their marriage, because many studies show that children with a mother and father at home do better. Taking the logic even farther, parents who don’t become drug addicts are being unfair to children whose parents enslave themselves to heroin, crack, methamphetamine, or even alcohol.

Excellence is the enemy of equity, as is personal responsibility.

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Aug 13 2020

Open Thread

Today Americans are overcome not by the sense of endless possibility but by the banality of the social order they have erected against it. - Christopher Lasch
Aug 12 2020

PBS Kiddie Show Arthur Injects Corrosive Race Propaganda

Racist “antiracist” ideology pervades the country. People widely believe that blacks suffer systemic oppression at the hands of malevolent whites.

There was no need to prove that Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd out of racial animus. Given the context of expectations, the infamous video spoke for itself.

Evidence does not support antiracist ideology. Bigotry against blacks is possibly the strongest taboo in modern American culture. Grievances need to be excavated from the distant past.

Yet antiracist ideology has been tearing the country apart, serving as a pretext for looting and mayhem on a massive scale and turning Americans ferociously against each other. Why do so many buy into it?

Because it is systematically installed before we are old enough to question it, then relentlessly reinforced through propaganda.

This gives an idea of how early they start with the brainwashing:

PBS children’s show Arthur is pumping out taxpayer-funded propaganda depicting the United States as a racist country where unjustified police brutality against black Americans is an aspect of everyday life.

Arthur the aardvark and his friend Buster the rabbit discuss the George Floyd video, though not by name.

Gasps Buster:

“I can’t believe someone would be hurt like that, just because they’re black.”

Why should he believe it? To suggest that the police treat random black people the way a rogue cop treats a 6’6″ 243-lb criminal resisting arrest would be preposterous. We don’t even know that race had anything to do with it — and yet:

“Buster, it happens everywhere!” Arthur responds.

It does not. In the real world, police are more likely to shoot whites than blacks.

Then the school lunch lady Mrs MacGrady comes in to shift the propaganda into overdrive. The likely effect is for black kids to come away paranoid and aggrieved, and for white kids to feel guilty or angry at their own kind. Neither are left better off for it.

Judge for yourself whether this is a productive way to spend taxpayer money:

Fleccas provides an annotated version:

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Aug 12 2020

Kamala Harris Rated Furthest Left Senator

At least we dodged the bullet of the wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders running the country. Kamala Harris is likely to end up in charge if Biden wins, and according to the Paper of Record, she is a “pragmatic moderate.”

Hold on: nonpartisan GovTrack rates her as the most extreme left member of the entire Senate, topping even Sanders.

The only Senator to earn a perfect conservative score of 1.00 is Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). Kamala Harris is the only Senator to earn a perfect liberal score of 0.00. Bernie finishes second in the moonbattery sweepstakes with a score of 0.02.

As noted at Breitbart,

She was an early co-sponsor of the Senate version of the “Green New Deal” of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), as well as the “Medicare for All” bill introduced by Sanders, which would have eliminated all private health insurance.

Harris also supported granting free health care to illegal aliens, slashing military budgets, and other radical proposals.

A gale-force wind has been blowing through the Democratic Party from the farthest leftward fringe. Don’t expect Harris to resist it.

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Aug 12 2020

UK Fires One-Third of Contact Tracers

The important thing in a crisis is to be seen to be doing something. That way, the media can’t accuse you of inaction. Letting a virus run its course is not an option. You must throw money at it. That’s why Boris Johnson promised back in May to hire 25,000 contact tracers. These people have largely spent their time watching Netflix and goofing around:

Three months later, he is facing criticism after numerous reports that many of those hired for the program have nothing to do.

At least the UK’s socialized medicine bureaucrats have taken a step in the right direction:

On Monday, the National Health System announced that it would fire a third of those hired for contact tracing, from 18,000 down to 12,000.

Whether contact tracing is feasible or productive after a virus has spread throughout a population is debatable.

Let’s not single out the British. When it comes to extravagant COVID-19 waste, Democrats like Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey can top them easily:

This spending would largely come out of our savings through inflation.

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Aug 12 2020

COVID-19 Tyranny as a Trial Run for Climate Control

COVID-19 tyranny could be a trial run for something even more repressive, economically devastating, and permanent. Via Breitbart:

Elliott Harris is helping lead the U.N.’s development of policy advice for nations grappling with the pandemic.

Yet Harris has even greater concerns. He recently spoke at an online seminar:

“What we’ve seen in this COVID crisis is that governments are indeed capable of really ambitious, rather unorthodox and extremely important and even massive interventions,” he told the webinar.

“I can think of no stakes that are higher than the climate crisis that we are living in right now.”

If a virus with a mortality rate that might turn out to be not that much worse than the flu justifies lockdowns, mandatory masks, suspension of religious freedom, and throwing tens of millions out of work, what might be warranted in the face of a climate crisis that according to progressive rhetoric threatens the very existence of life? That depends on how much pushback they get.

We may soon have a president with no interest in standing up to the United Nations.

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Aug 12 2020

Virginia Has Online Form for COVID-19 Informants

Big Government can only grow so big on its own. Informants need to step in and do their part. In East Germany, the Stasi had 189,000 informers. In Virginia,

People can now file complaints online about businesses not enforcing social distancing and employees not wearing masks…

The Virginia Department of Health now has an online form where individuals can file complaints regarding violations of executive orders.

It’s hard to like where this is heading.

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Aug 12 2020

New York City Houses the Homeless in Luxury Hotels

There is no end to the moonbattery that has been facilitated by Wuhan coronavirus, including the expansion of housing the homeless in luxury hotels in New York City:

[A]t least 139 hotels are deemed home to people experiencing homelessness – a sharp rise from the estimated 40 hotels that were used in place of shelters prior to the outbreak of the global pandemic this year. Around 13,000 individuals are believed to be living in such hotels across some of the five boroughs, with most of them transferred from various shelters.

About 20% of NYC hotels are now used as homeless shelters.

Congratulate yourself on your generosity:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) agreed to foot at least 75% of the costs of the rooms…

That means you, federal taxpayers. The rest is on New York taxpayers, helping to explain why they have been fleeing the city and the state.

How much money are we talking about?

In 2018, the city spent $364 million on contracts for emergency homeless housing – according to publicly available data – with the invoices ranging anywhere between $150 to $400 per night depending on hotel and location, excluding the cost of meals, social services and other medical and substance abuse-related assistance.

For the money, a high time is had by everybody. Well, maybe not everybody.

A 2018 review by the Department of Investigation also found that “prostitution, drug use, and violence occurred at dozens of hotels that New York City used as shelters for homeless families last year.”

Then there are the pedophiles.

According to a recent New York Post report, the city moved at least six convicted pedophiles – still on parole – into an opulent hotel on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, a mere block from an elementary school playground and thus an apparent violation of state law.

The police are limited in how much they can help. The NYPD’s homeless outreach unit was defunded this year, probably as part of de Blasio’s $1 billion war on police.

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Aug 12 2020

Open Thread

I'm one of the luckiest people on Earth. - Kamala Harris

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