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Mar 28 2023

Artificial Stupidity

Software engineers have a saying: “Garbage in, garbage out.” That’s why artificial intelligence programs developed by the leftist fever swamp that is the tech industry are no more reliable than the New York Times editorial page on any topic touched upon by moonbattery — and these days, everything is touched upon by moonbattery. Fed a diet of malevolent lies, malevolent lies are what ChatGPT and the rest will regurgitate.

Most alarming for science fiction fans is the motivation global warming propaganda provides artificial intelligence to want to eradicate the human race:

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Mar 28 2023

Transgender Terror Attack in Nashville

“We can disarm you,” liberals smugly assure us. “We have school shootings.”

True enough, school shootings are a trump card for progressives, who know they cannot inflict their agenda on a population capable of defending itself. Each one sends the media into paroxysms of euphoria, because they can be spun into forceful propaganda against our fundamental right of self-defense — even in the case of a terrorist attack, as occurred in Nashville yesterday:

Nashville police revealed that the 28-year-old who shot and killed six people at the Covenant School, including three children, identified as transgender and had a detailed manifesto to attack the Christian academy.

The killer was identified as Audrey Hale.

Mass murderers are not often female. The policy of fostering mental illness by encouraging psychotic transsexual delusions and pumping women full of testosterone so they can pretend to be men is turning out about as well as could be expected.

While Democrats/the media reflexively claim that our right of self-defense is responsible, the actual driver of this atrocity appears to have been Hale’s twisted ideology, as suggested by the existence of a manifesto.

According to Nashville Metropolitan Police Chief John Drake,

Hale was “prepared to do more harm than was actually done,” and that she had drawn up plans to attack another school in the area, but backed out of them because the school was too secure.

No wonder local Democrat authorities do not focus appropriately on increasing school security. Too much of it and there won’t be carnage to exploit for attacking the Second Amendment.

Adding to the media malfeasance this time is the concern for not offending the dead killer by failing to use her preferred pronouns:

The New York Times, CNN, USA Today, and other liberal media outlets have elicited scorn and outrage after they took measures to ensure that they were on the record as not “misgendering” the transsexual who slaughtered children inside a Nashville Christian elementary school on Monday.

Hale demanded that her psychosis be revered through the use of he/him pronouns.

Like liberal journalists, Hale’s mother is a gun control activist. However, the killer herself was probably more focused on transgenderism — speaking of which:

This act of apparent trans-activist terrorism against Christians comes days before a planned “Trans Day of Vengeance” which is scheduled for Saturday.

The “vengeance” sought by transsexuals is in retaliation against normal people for imaginary violence and for legislation that impedes the transsexualization of children, as was passed recently in Tennessee, protecting children from sex change procedures and drag performances.

Transsexualism is based on a fundamental rejection of objective reality. Unsurprisingly, transsexual militants are hardly paragons of mental health. Their current turn toward violent tactics is alarming in the extreme.

Here’s how America’s descent into the maelstrom of moonbattery looks from overseas:

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Mar 28 2023

Deep State Comes for Matt Taibbi

“There is no such thing as the Deep State!” bark moonbats. Tell that to journalist Matt Taibbi.

Taibbi is among the last of the principled liberals, whose numbers also include Glenn Greenwald, Bari Weiss, and Naomi Wolf. Their kind has been driven to the brink of extinction by the Jacobins comprising the Democratic Party, for whom the only principle is power at any price:

Taibbi has provoked the ire of Democrats and other journalists for his role in researching Twitter records and then releasing internal communications from the social-media giant that expose its censorship and its contacts with government officials. This effort has already inspired government bullying, with Chair Lina Khan’s Federal Trade Commission targeting new Twitter owner Elon Musk and demanding the company “identify all journalists” granted access to the Twitter files.

None too soon, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan is conducting an investigation into Democrat weaponization of the federal bureaucracy.

Taibbi has told Mr. Jordan’s committee that an IRS agent showed up at his personal residence in New Jersey on March 9. That happens to be the same day Mr. Taibbi testified before the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about what he learned about Twitter.

Taibbi learned that his 2018 and 2021 tax returns had been rejected.

Timing is never a coincidence in politics. The timing of this rare personal IRS visit was ham-fisted to ensure no one missed the point. The term for this is “intimidation.”

The fear of many Americans is that, flush with its new $80 billion in funding from Congress, the IRS will unleash its fearsome power against political opponents.

Why do you think Biden felt the need for 87,000 new IRS employees? Why do you think recruiters have been emphasizing the use of deadly force?

Through the magic of inflation, Democrats can steal money directly out of every pocket by printing more of it. They don’t need the IRS to raise funds. They need it to punish perceived threats to their rule. In our soft (for now) tyranny, the IRS plays the same role as the Gestapo.

George Orwell described authoritarian statism as “a boot stamping on a human face.” Who would want to live under such a system? Democrats would, believing that it is their boot, not their face.

A constitutional conservative — or a Christian — would understand that it is everyone’s face under the boot. That’s why even if the Deep State were not intrinsically left-wing, no true conservative would use it to punish political opponents, as Obama pioneered and his morally decrepit understudy Biden is carrying forward.

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Mar 28 2023

Hairdressers to Indoctrinate Clients on Global Warming

Neutral territory does not exist under totalitarianism. There can be no escape anywhere from the ideology of the ruling class. For example, in Australia, hairdressers have been enlisted to indoctrinate a captive audience while cutting their hair:

More than 400 hairdressers have attended workshops as part of a project called A Brush With Climate being driven by Paloma’s owner, Paloma Rose Garcia.

Paloma’s is a hair salon in Sydney.

During the sessions, hairdressers hear the basics of climate science and get to role play how conversations might go. They also take one of the posters back to their own salons.

The posters read, “This salon chats about love, life & climate action.”

Garcia tells a story about one regular client, a mother of two. After having the climate chat and talking about solar power and ethical banking, she left happy.

Solar power means paying more for unreliable electricity generated using hardware made by our communist Chinese adversaries. Ethical banking means entrusting your money to woke banks that invest in green energy boondoggles. The only lesson learned from Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank is that Big Government is there to hand out other people’s money when banks run by leftists fail.

Schemes Paloma Rose Garcia,

“You’re letting someone touch your hair and so you have to like them. That trust allows them to start that conversation.”

That is, you can exploit trust to manipulate clients for political ends.

The pitch has to be hard and relentless to convince people to give up their freedom and their standard of living in the name of an ideology that is farcical on its face. Hairdressers are not known for their scientific acumen, but it is doubtful many truly believe there is anything wrong with the weather that bureaucrats can fix through taxation and hyperregulation.

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Mar 28 2023

Open Thread

The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic. - Joseph Story

Mar 27 2023

Media Praises Transsexuals for Destroying Women’s Sports

For decades, feminism and leftism were in perfect sync. Feminists played a major role in vitiating American society by undermining the family and promoting sexual profligacy. They have served their purpose; cultural engineers are through with them now. To be woke is to despise women. A Disney-owned leftist propaganda outlet that sugar-coats political indoctrination by wrapping it in sports makes this clear:

As part of its Women’s History Month campaign, ESPN ran a minute-long promo Sunday featuring Lia Thomas — a biological male who competed on the women’s swim team at the University of Pennsylvania.

The gag-inducing segment praises Thomas as though bullying his way into the women’s locker room were somehow admirable and “celebrates Thomas’ championship in the women’s 500 freestyle.”

That is, ESPN wipes its messy behind on Women’s History Month by praising a perverted jerk who has helped to destroy women’s sports.

In other news from what’s left of women’s sports,

A former women’s cycling champion angrily quit the sport after losing to a transgender rider…

[Hannah Arensman] said that it “has become increasingly discouraging to train as hard as I do only to have to lose to a man with the unfair advantage of an androgenized body that intrinsically gives him an obvious advantage over me, no matter how hard I train.”

“I feel for young girls learning to compete and who are growing up in a day when they no longer have a fair chance at being the new record holders and champions in cycling,” she wrote.

While Arensman fumes with understandable rage,

[T]rans cyclist Tiffany Thomas, 47, was photographed with her arms aloft in victory at the top of the podium at the Randall’s Island Crit — at least her 20th win since she started racing in 2018

By “her,” they mean “his.” The media’s use of female pronouns to refer to a guy who has been ruining races for legitimate competitors emphasizes that nothing journalist say can be taken at face value.

“Tiffany” says he feels “like a superhero” because of the way defeating women at cycling stokes his ego.

Stay tuned for next year’s Women’s History Month, which is likely to feature ESPN heaping obsequious praise on Tiffany Thomas — assuming anyone remembers there was once such a thing as women’s sports next year.

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Mar 27 2023

65-Year-Old Baby Girl Steals Diapers From Daycare Center

According to the transgender ideology of our ruling class, you are what you identify as, regardless of how absurdly it contradicts reality. This opens new possibilities in the realm of crime. From upstate New York:

An Orleans County man allegedly entered a Clarkson daycare center while it was closed, stole diapers and formula and left notes behind indicating he wanted to pretend to be a baby girl.

Police said they took Daniel Seeler, 65, of Holley, into custody Feb. 18 shortly after he ran out the back door of Inspire! Learning and Childcare…

The director has security video…

…showing a man playing with diapers and piecing them together to make a bigger one. She said the man went into the bathroom, pulled his pants down, put the diaper on and then put his pants over it before running out of the building.

Hold on, Seeler didn’t steal; he paid for those diapers:

The center’s director told police an employee found $120 along with a hand-written note Monday, Jan. 30 asking if the daycare had adult-size diapers and if the staff would “play along.”

Welcome to the year 2023.

The director said the note included sizes for pants, shoes, bras and dresses, with the man indicating he liked to play as a baby girl and called himself “Baby Danielle.”

Authorities play along with female impersonator Dylan Mulvaney to the point of inviting him to the White House and paying him astounding sums to speak at colleges. Mulvaney, before whom the liberal establishment literally kneels, identifies as a 6-year-old girl named Eloise. Why won’t they play along with Daniel Seeler?

This daycare center reeks of transphobia. The bigots must be smoked out and canceled. Otherwise, Seeler won’t feel safe. Trans babies exist!

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Mar 27 2023

Hollywood Producer Heather Rae Is Fake Indian

Everything is fake in Tinseltown, so what better place to look for racial impostors? In 1973, the moonbat Marlon Brando put forward Sacheen Littlefeather in his place to turn down an Academy Award on grounds of cultural Marxism. The stunt got Sacheen blacklisted, but the Academy begged forgiveness for that, and thanked award-winning producer Heather Rae for brokering the apology. Sacheen turned out to be no more Indian than she looks. Now we learn that Rae is a fake Indian too:

Rae, 56, serves on the Academy of Motion Pictures’ Indigenous Alliance, previously headed up the Sundance Institute’s Native American program and claims “my mother was Indian and my father was a cowboy.” Multiple prior news reports have also cited her as having a Cherokee mother.

But a watchdog group called the Tribal Alliance Against Frauds is now demanding the Academy and the producer drop her “false claims” while activists insist she’s at best 1/2048th Cherokee.

Rae’s proof of being an Indian consists of getting a tattoo of the Cherokee corn goddess Selu.

Rae has cited her “Indian” ancestry throughout her successful producing and directing career…

She works as a “narrative change strategist” for IllumiNative, an “unapologetically ambitious and innovative Native women-led” racial and social justice organization which says it works to amplify “contemporary Native voices” while challenging the “invisibility” of Native Americans.

Moonbats have challenged the “invisibility” of Indians by getting the name of the Cleveland Indians changed, by changing the name of prominent Squaw Peak in Phoenix, by erasing the iconic Indian maiden from the Land O’Lakes butter packaging, et cetera.

Unsurprisingly, Rae’s work in Hollyweird highlights her faux Indian identity:

[H]er latest project, “Fancy Dance,” is a drama about a Native American woman who kidnaps her niece from the girl’s white grandparents that premiered at January’s Sundance Film Festival. It was partly funded by the Cherokee Nation.

Even if Rae really is 1/2048th Indian (which appears doubtful), this wouldn’t even qualify her to pow-wow with Elizabeth Warren, who climbed the career ladder as a law professor by pretending to be an Indian and who was found to have as little as 1/1,024th Indian blood.

More genuine Indians can be found standing outside cigar stores, but Rae does have notable ancestry:

On her father’s side, one ancestor arrived from England in Virginia before the Pilgrims.

However, this would not be a source of pride among our woke ruling class. Just ask communist black supremacist Angela Davis, who was horrified to learn she had ancestors on the Mayflower.

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Mar 27 2023

Yeonmi Park Offers Progress Report for Progressives

The best way to gauge the progress progressives have made is to compare the current state of the USA to North Korea, where statism has been taken to its last extreme. Yeonmi Park grew up there before escaping to the West, only to find herself back amid leftists. Liberals will be encouraged by her progress report.

Regarding her experience at Columbia University,

“They were demonising capitalism, free markets and Western civilisation. Anything that was white was bad,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe it. This is the same thing that I was learning in a North Korean classroom“.

Americans still enjoy cushy lives compared to the inmates North Korea…

“But what I am pointing out is the similarities with what is happening in America. And that is scary and that is where Americans are not understanding,” she said.

Inevitably, living standards will catch up with ideology, as Democrat economic policy has begun to illustrate.

Already, our state ideology has surpassed North Korea’s for sheer lunacy:

“For instance, professors have to say that genders were a social construct made up by white men to oppress minorities.

“In North Korea, we believe that men cannot get pregnant, they cannot breastfeed… In Columbia [if you say that], you are a bigot.”

Stand by for a blast of irony:

[W]hen she pushed back on discussions around gender, a professor told her she had been “brainwashed”.

Park wanted to study human rights, but found that the term has been coopted to mean its opposite, like the word “liberalism”:

“For these people, human rights means free education, free health care, universal income, free housing – which means a socialist state,” she said.

“In North Korea, the regime promises the same thing.”

North Koreans had leftism imposed on them by force. Here, fools choose it voluntarily. That’s what it means to be brainwashed.

“Human rights doesn’t mean these free things… Free [to me] means that you have a right to pursue happiness, the right to start your own business, the right to practice your own religion and freedom of speech.”

Nice to see we still have Americans in this country, even if we have to important them from North Korea.

What young Americans have to look forward to if leftism prevails.

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Mar 27 2023

Open Thread

The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States. - George Soros

Far and away the top donor to Democrats.

Mar 26 2023

Biden Regime Comes After Air Conditioners

Democrats were not likely to stop at gas stoves, which they still want to ban. Nor would they stop with refrigerators and washing machines. My fellow Phoenix residents will be alarmed to learn than now Biden’s handlers are coming after our air conditioners:

The Biden administration announced its latest home appliance regulations this week, targeting air conditioners in an action it said would reduce the nation’s carbon emissions.

As the reference to the essential plant nutrient carbon dioxide suggests, Democrats are imposing the excessive regulations in the name of “tackling the climate crisis.”

The climate crisis exists only in the imaginations of gullible moonbats. In contrast, the government hypertrophy crisis is quite real. If not addressed, it will leave us without appliances. Progressives will inflict this progressively, by using Deep State regulation to drive up the cost of appliances so that ever fewer can afford them.

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Mar 26 2023

Church of Sweden No Longer Christian

Much of the land currently occupied by Islamic regimes was Christian before it fell by military conquest over the course of centuries. The Muslim campaign to extirpate Christian civilization and replace it with something very different finally stalled at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Thanks to moonbattery, it has been able to resume. Conquest by mass immigration (a.k.a. hijra) will soon absorb a submissive Sweden into Dar al-Islam.

From Samnytt, via Jihad Watch:

Outgoing Archbishop Antje Jackelén received harsh criticism for her religious relativist stance, not least in relation to the controversial religious ideology of Islam. She adopted the Swedish variant of “Allahu akbar” as her language of choice and said she could not put the peaceful healer Jesus before the warrior and mass murderer Muhammad as a prophet. Now Jackelen’s successor goes a step further and welcomes all Muslims to the Church of Sweden.

That explains how Center Party leader Muharrem Demirok can declare that he is a Muslim — and also a member of the Church of Sweden.

In the Church of Sweden, under the leadership of Archbishop Martin Modéus, “you define what you believe in based on your own terms.” According to Modéus, the fact that the Church of Sweden receives a diversity of non-Christian beliefs “is an asset.”

You think Christian churches should be Christian? What’s the matter, you don’t like diversity?

Joseph Stalin, like the leftist maniacs who came to power during the French Revolution, tried to eradicate Christianity by killing priests. Modern liberals have found a more effective method: hollow out churches and leave nothing inside but the nihilistic emptiness that is wokeism.

Nature abhors a vacuum; in Europe, it will be filled by Islam.

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Mar 26 2023

Idaho Legalizes Firing Squads

Good news from Idaho: a bill legalizing execution by firing squad has been signed into law.

Gov. Brad Little signed the bill after it was passed on March 20 by a veto-proof majority of the Idaho Legislature. …

Idaho is the fifth state in the country to legalize the practice, following Utah, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

As death penalty expert Deborah Denno observes,

“The firing squad is the quickest, surest and most error-free and the only technique for which we have skilled and trained professionals.”

Firing squads are more humane than lethal injection, which does not work as reliably. More importantly, lethal injection hides the grim reality of death by masking it in a pseudo-medical procedure, like abortion and euthanasia.

Capital punishment needs to be carried out in dramatic fashion. The purpose is not only to punish the wrongdoer or to guarantee that he will do no further harm, but to affirm publicly that there are acts of evil that a healthy society finds absolutely intolerable.

Only three crimes come to mind that could warrant the ultimate punishment: murder, high treason, and the sexual mutilation/exploitation of children.

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Mar 26 2023

ChiComs Colonize Argentina

Meanwhile, as liberals shriek about the need to “decolonize” and the US military focuses on promoting sexual perversion and punishing whiteness, our communist Chinese adversaries extend their colonial tentacles into the Western Hemisphere:

The pressure and influence of communist China on Argentina’s leftist government has increased in recent weeks, as China seeks to take advantage of Argentina’s economic and social distress to take control of its strategic sectors, according to a report published by the Argentine news website Infobae on Thursday.

The report states that Chinese diplomats, led by China’s ambassador to Argentina Zou Xiaoli, are demanding shorter deadlines for the takeover of a large part of Argentina’s energy sector and are urging the Argentine government to grant them management of the country’s canals and navigable rivers, which would grant the communist regime sizeable control of the region’s grain trade.

China attempted to seize control of Kenya’s Port of Mombasa using the same tactic of infrastructure “investment” but encountered pushback. It appears that leadership in Argentina will be more accommodating:

Argentina, under the leftist government of president Alberto Fernández, has adopted a notoriously pro-China stance, joining China’s predatory Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in February 2022 during Fernández’s official visit to Beijing — where Fernández laid a wreath to honor communist mass murderer Mao Zedong. …

Shortly after joining BRI, both countries signed a Memorandum of Accession to grant Argentina a two-part Chinese financing package for “strategic infrastructure works.”

That’s how colonialism works now. The British Empire had the Maxim gun. The ChiComs have money, as a result of unions and environmentalists forcing the outsourcing of Western manufacturing.

Argentina is only a foothold:

The Infobae report further states that … both countries will discuss granting China the exploitation of the Paraná-Paraguay waterway, a more than 3,400 kilometer long natural river transport corridor that extends through the Paraná and Paraguay rivers that allows for continuous navigation between the ports of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

China has already built a military space station in Argentina.

In 2019, Pentagon officials warned about the potential threats that the base represented, expressing their growing concerns that the Chinese could use it to monitor and potentially target U.S. and allied satellites.

But then came the election of 2020. Now, Pentagon officials are more concerned with alternative pronouns and hyping the global warming hoax.

Argentina is essentially a European country — more so than the USA by demographics. But it succumbed to leftism under Juan Peron. Thanks to inflation and government dependency, it has never been able to recover.

The Monroe Doctrine holds that the Western Hemisphere is America’s sphere of interest and that interference in it by a foreign power constitutes aggression against the USA. But James Monroe was a cisgender white guy who no doubt has been slated for cancelation.

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