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Mar 30 2020

Coronavirus Crisis Tests Likelihood of Immigrant Assimilation

The mass immigration and Wuhan coronavirus crises continue to compound each other. In Arezzo, Italy, an African immigrant was politely asked to wait outside like everyone else before being served at the Boutique del Pane so as to prevent spreading the virus. Someone must have forgotten that rules applying to Italians do not apply to immigrants.

Via Breitbart:

The migrant reacted highly negatively to the suggestion and began to berate the baker and the female customers in the shop, shouting “You Italians are sh[*]t!”

The baker reports:

“The bad news was when he started to wreak havoc. He ran his hands over the shelves and threw everything on the ground, smashing what happened to be within his range: tins, glass jars, beer bottles. An uncontrollable fury.”

The immigrant physically assaulted her and a customer before finally running off.

In a separate incident,

[A] 60-year-old man in Novara was attacked by an African migrant after he was asked to keep a safe distance to maintain social distancing.

“He started to rail against the Italians calling them ‘bastards and racists’,” the victim said.

We can thank liberals for filling their heads with the idea that anyone who fails to treat them with sufficiently obsequious obeisance is a “racist” who must be punished.

Eventually there will be another uncontrollable fury, when Europeans finally reach their boiling point.

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Mar 30 2020

Open Thread

Talk is cheap - except when Congress does it. - Cullen Hightower
Mar 29 2020

The Unfolding Demise of New York, the Virus King

Two things liberal social engineers are big on are globalism and density. Americans should not be conventionally American in any ethnic sense; Americans should be people from every corner of a borderless world, as advertising tends to confirm at every opportunity. Even more to the point, as the Wuhan coronavirus slams New York City, the social engineers want us packed into tight spaces, so that we can abandon our cars and go wherever we need to go wedged into public transportation like sardines in a tin, leaving more space to the animals.

Why is COVID-19 so much worse in NYC than anywhere else in the country? Because it is what progressives want the whole country to “progress” into.

Dave Morrison elaborates:

Mar 29 2020

Why There Won’t Always Be an England

“There’ll Always Be an England,” the English used to sing. It would be nice to think so. However, a country populated by people who are not English can be England in name only.

Laura Towler explains British demographics:

According to the magic dirt theory that progressives often pretend to believe in, immigrants from anywhere magically become British once they set foot on British soil. British norms and values miraculously replace those of the culture that produced them.

In reality, they will never be British, because immigration has become too massive for long-term meaningful assimilation. A new nation is being created to displace the old one, which will cease to exist.

The same applies to any country subjected to mass immigration from alien lands, notably including the USA.

Mar 29 2020

Why Coronavirus Mortality Is So High in Italy

Italy’s mortality rate from the Wuhan coronavirus has alarmed the world. It currently stands at 11% (compared to well under 2% in the USA). The scary Italian numbers may not be accurate.

Professor Walter Ricciardi is scientific adviser to Italy’s Minister of Health. He reveals that Italy’s death rate is inflated by the way fatalities are recorded. Everyone who has COVID-19 and dies in a hospital is counted as dying of the virus, even if they actually died of something else (though it may have been exacerbated by the virus).

Via The Telegraph:

“On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,” he says.

Death rates are also inflated because those with severe cases of the disease are overwhelmingly more likely to be tested for it. This holds true in other countries, including the USA. China is the exception; being a communist dictatorship, it probably invents the numbers on a political basis, making them meaningless.

There is no question that Wuhan coronavirus is a serious disease. But in hindsight, the economic devastation that is being inflicted so as to slow its spread may come to look like driving off the edge of a cliff so as to avoid hitting a nasty pothole.

Mr Reagan wonders whether we have been frightened by media hype into embracing a cure that is worse than the disease:

Mar 29 2020

Now a Word From Antifa Warrior Pancakekid05

Let’s have a break from all the coronavirus seriousness. Presenting Antifa warrior Pancakekid05, self-professed “true liberal and Democrat,” straight from an undisclosed location:

Now we have an explanation for why Antifa thugs engage in violence, often teaming up on the defenseless. “Authoritarianism in and of itself is a violent movement, so you have… you have to take… what… yeah, you gotta do what you gotta do, you know,” avers Pancakekid05, right before pleading with us to vote for Bernie Sanders.

If you were wondering who the hell would want to put Bernie Sanders in a position to turn the USA into Venezuela, now you know. Let’s hope his fellow true liberals are inspired by his compelling arguments to write in Bernie in November. If there are enough of them, they might help reelect Trump.

It must be a relief to his fellow Antifa losers to know that anime does not belong to the Alt Right. Anyone who is so inclined can jerk off looking at cartoon characters.

Let’s hope his mom doesn’t get mad at him for doing such a lousy job of cleaning his room.

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Mar 29 2020

Why Jill Biden Doesn’t Pull Plug on Senile Husband’s Campaign

As he submerges into a bog of senile dementia, it has become undeniable that Joe Biden is in no condition to run for president. His recent appearances have been so pathetic that if he were less of a belligerent jerk, his humiliation would evoke sympathy. Why doesn’t his wife take pity on him and call a halt to his farcical candidacy? Two reasons. The first is that with enough help from the media, he may actually win. Joel Gilbert has a bead on the second reason:

In a Biden administration, who would be emulating Edith Wilson, wife of President Woodrow Wilson, who called the shots after Wilson’s severe stroke left him bedridden?

Answer: Jill Biden

Who dedicated her last book to the “The inspiring, groundbreaking First Lady Edith Wilson”?

Answer: You guessed it — Jill Biden

It would be interesting to know more about Jill Biden’s political agenda, since she could be the de facto president next January.

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Mar 29 2020

Open Thread

The descent to hell is easy and those who begin by worshipping power, soon worship evil. - C. S. Lewis
Mar 28 2020

Coronavirus Highlights Irrelevance of Entertainment Elite

The Iconoclast zeroes in on possibly the most beneficial silver lining of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. America’s version of royalty — the entertainment elite — is suffering from a “crisis of relevancy.” The posturing, self-important leftists comprising it have been “exposed as egotistical narcissists.”

Forgive me for the excruciating first half minute of this video, but nothing emphasizes the cluelessness and irrelevance of Tinseltown glitterati like watching them sing John Lennon’s moonbat anthem “Imagine” while normal people lose their jobs:

He is on the mark when he says, “They can’t live without your attention, without your praise.” Like COVID-19, entertainment celebrities are parasitical. They despise us, but they need us. We do not need them.

“Let’s hope their slide into obscurity continues unopposed.” I’ll second that.

Essential businesses remain open even in California. But the entertainment industry is hardly essential. Times are tough for late night leftists, who have been left to their own limited resources. Mark Dice has a laugh at them:

Given a choice between Stephen Colbert and full shelves at the grocery store, most would choose wisely. With luck, people will remember how dispensable Hollyweirdos are.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Mar 28 2020

Shrillary Cackles as Americans Die

GQ journalist Julia Ioffe isn’t the only moonbat to seize on the Wuhan coronavirus as an opportunity to gloat. Be glad you weren’t present to have your ears gouged by the screeching cackle that serves her as laughter when Shrillary came up with this knee-slapper:

Believing that the USA definitively leads the world in COVID-19 cases requires believing data from the ChiComs. Taking that data on faith requires make-believe idiocy on the scale we witnessed when Shrillary asked, “What, like with a cloth or something?

Maybe the USA has more cases than the country that spawned the Chinese virus, maybe not. Moonbats prefer to believe that it does, for reasons of political opportunism.

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Mar 28 2020

Congresscritter Haley Stevens Goes Berserk on House Floor

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the only freshman congresscritter to totally lose it on the House floor recently. Check out the demented tantrum Haley Stevens (D-MI) threw during the debate on the $zillion Wuhan coronavirus relief package:

Utterly insane.

This isn’t the first time Stevens has become unhinged in public:

Next time she wigs out, they ought to call security to drag her off to the nuthouse before she does something to cause harm, like vote.

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Mar 28 2020

Islam vs Social Distancing

Ever likely to make the world a worse place, Islam has done its part to spread the Wuhan coronavirus by inspiring videos encouraging Muslims to shake hands, share drinking bottles, et cetera during the pandemic. It also potentially spreads the virus by encouraging crowds to gather despite pleas for social distancing.

In Egypt:

A large crowd of people congregated on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt to protest against the coronavirus, shouting “Allahu Akbar” in a move that only increases the risk of spreading coronavirus.

The virus is sure to back down like a cringing dhimmi in the face of this show of defiance:

In India:

A video clip out of India shows Muslim women defying social distancing rules by gathering in groups in the street while claiming they are immune to coronavirus.

At least some of them keep their faces covered, even if for the wrong reason:

Meanwhile, the New York Times blames evangelical Christians for spreading COVID-19.

On tips from Lyle and Kate P.

Mar 28 2020

Canada: Great Time for a 50% Carbon Tax Increase

Spending $2.2 trillion, not all of it constructively, when we are already $26,606,000,000,000.00+ in debt may not be the ideal way to address the economic damage inflicted by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, but at least it beats sticking another knife into the economy by jacking up a demented carbon tax by 50% at the worst possible time, as they are doing north of the border. Rebel News reports on what Justin Trudeau et al are inflicting on Canada:

On the positive side, now the whole planet will enjoy perfect weather, thanks to Canada preventing the climate from fluctuating with this economy-smothering tax.

On a tip from ScrewyPuppy.

Mar 28 2020

Commuting in the City of Brotherly Love

If you need to drive through Philadelphia, be sure to go prepared:

In practice, “common sense gun control” means hood rats have guns but law-abiding citizens with a job to go to do not. That would be a problem, because the police can’t be everywhere.

On a tip from Sean C.

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