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Jul 13 2020

Doctors Without Borders Denounced as Racist

If no good deed goes unpunished, then Doctors Without Borders is in for a reckoning. Even an organization devoted to providing emergency medical assistance to the Third World can be accused of racism, as we learn from the ultrawoke Guardian:

The medical NGO Médecins Sans Frontières is institutionally racist and reinforces colonialism and white supremacy in its humanitarian work, according to an internal statement signed by 1,000 current and former members of staff. …

Addressed to senior management and colleagues, the letter calls for an independent investigation into racism within the organisation and for urgent root and branch reform to dismantle “decades of power and paternalism”.

Some within Doctors Without Borders have even refused to toe the line regarding black supremacist ideology.

The statement follows fierce internal debate about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement. Some staff were angry at a recent statement released by MSF Italy, suggesting it should not use the term “racism” and that “everyone, starting with MSF”, should talk about “all lives matter”.

Stating that “all lives matter” is now regarded as hate speech. The penalty ranges from ostracization to death.

MSF, one of the world’s largest humanitarian organisations, which was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1999, provides emergency medical services to people in need in poorer countries and conflict zones.

Last year, it employed 65,000 staff, about 90% of whom were hired locally. However, most of its operations are run by European senior managers out of five operational centres in western Europe, with only one, which opened last year in Senegal, located in the global south.

That makes it racist.

Shaista Aziz, former MSF aid worker and the co-founder of NGO Safe Space, an intersectional feminist platform seeking accountability over #AidToo abuse, said: “This moment of reckoning is massively overdue.” …

Change, Aziz said, “requires brave and bold leadership and it requires a lot of ‘do-gooding’ white people with power to get out of the way”.

Fine. White people can get out of the way and let you provide your own medical care. Works for me.

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Jul 13 2020

Satan Invoked to Punish Campus Conservative

Traditionally, God is invoked to drive away evil. In the upside-down world of college campuses, which offers a preview of an America where liberalism has triumphed, it works the other way around. Moonbats literally call upon Satan to help them crush decent people.

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Students at the University of North Texas created a petition calling for the removal of the school’s Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) chapter for “hateful actions.” The petition, signed by the UNT College Democrats, the multicultural group MUEVE, and the queer alliance group GLAD, claims the conservatives “harassed” LGBT groups and multicultural organizations. One activist took the campaign a step further by performing satanic witch rituals against the group’s female leader.

An example of a “hateful action” is that YCT…

…trivialized National Coming Out Day by tweeting, “It’s #NationalComingOutDay so come to the fountain mall today at 12pm to come out as conservative and get snacks.”

This alleged failure to revere homosexuality may not seem very hateful, compared to say, tearing down statues of George Washington, but given the shocking success of Black Lives Matter at bullying normal people into marginalization, leftists of all stripes feel the time is now to cancel anyone who might oppose their ideology. Any pretext will do.

A former UNT student posted a picture of items for a “hex” with “intentions of misfortune” against YCT leader Kelly Neidert. Anna Katz, a recent graduate of UNT, tweeted a picture of a drawing of a goat captioned “the devil” and a cauldron.

At least the American Cultural Revolution has resolved any ambiguity regarding which side is good and which evil.

A spokesman for UNT’s College Democrats demonstrates that he has a future with the party with this remarkable statement:

“This is not a choice made by political decision, we do not care that they are conservatives, we would do this if any group on campus was spreading the rhetoric YCT spreads.”

They don’t cancel conservatives. They are only cancel people who spread conservative rhetoric.

In case Satan is slow to do their bidding directly, GLAD demands that the college administration ban YCT. Growled a GLAD spokesmoonbat,

“If there is not direct action from administration, we plan on doing an emailing campaign to let them know we are serious.”

It would be preposterous to expect freedom of speech or of association in a country ruled by progressives. Conservative groups will be silenced and banned if Democrats prevail. As a result, they will go underground, and some will become radicalized — although they are unlikely to catch up with Democrats when it comes to radicalization.

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Jul 13 2020

Open Thread

Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will. - Joseph Goebbels

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Jul 12 2020

Cancel Culture: Our Gulag

In the Soviet Union, they would pack you off to the gulag to die of cold or starvation. But the Left has not yet consolidated power in the USA, as it did in Russia during the Red Terror. Instead of the gulag, we have cancel culture. Both serve the same purpose: to suppress dissent and to fabricate an illusion of consent.

Climate skeptic Tony Heller explains how it works:

This is why so many otherwise reasonable people go along with liberal ideology. They don’t want to be canceled and lose their place in society.

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Jul 12 2020

Young Mother Killed for Saying “All Lives Matter”

We already knew it is a thought crime to say “All lives matter,” because it implies that black lives do not matter more than white lives, which contradicts Black Lives Matter dogma. Crimes traditionally result in punishment. In the case of young mother Jessica Doty Whitaker, the punishment was death.

Last Sunday, two groups got into a verbal altercation over permissible language along a canal in Indianapolis. One side shouted the black supremacist slogan, “Black lives matter.” Jessica responded with the forbidden sentiment, “All lives matter.”

When it became clear that both sides were armed, the situation was deescalated. But a few minutes later a member of the BLM group shot Jessica in the head from ambush and ran away.

Her fiancé Jose Ramirez returned fire without hitting anyone. Via Fox59:

Jose … says explaining to Jessica’s son Greyson that he’ll never see his mom again has been the hardest part for the family.

“It’s hard to tell him his mom is in heaven and if you want to talk to her you have to look up and say, ‘I love you mom,’” said Ramirez.

Greyson is 3 years old. I don’t envy his future, considering the sort of country he will grow up in unless current trends are reversed. As leftists destabilize our system of government, this sort of political violence will become more commonplace.

As always with black on white violence, the incident has been ignored by the national liberal establishment media, which tells most of its lies by omission.

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Jul 12 2020

McCloskeys Disarmed: GOP Pushback Finally Begins?

Considering that we already have to live in fear, imagine the situation if Democrats consolidate control of the government. Mark and Patricia McCloskey of St Louis have a Republican Governor and a Republican President, yet they find themselves potentially facing charges for warding off a mob of trespassing thugs by brandishing weapons on their own property. Police have taken possession of the guns they displayed to defend their home, leaving them vulnerable to future attacks by BLM/Antifa terrorists.

Finally, a whisper of pushback from the GOP:

Twelve Republican members of Congress have written to U.S. Attorney General William Barr, arguing in defense of the Second Amendment rights of a Missouri couple whose rifle and handgun are now in the possession of local authorities. …

“At this crucial time in history, our nation needs the Department of Justice to exert strong leadership to ensure that none of our constitutional protections are eroded by mob rule,” the lawmakers wrote in part to Barr. “Charges against this couple will have a chilling effect on the entire nation, sending the message that American citizens no longer have the right to protect themselves at their own homes.”

A chilling effect is exactly what Democrats like ultraleft, Soros-financed Prosecutor of Politically Preferred Pigmentation Kimberly Gardner are after — and not only regarding Second Amendment rights. The message: exhibit any resistance to our weaponized mob and we will serve you up to it and/or throw you in jail.

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Jul 12 2020

Systemic Racism in Seattle

We are told it is such a problem that it warrants dismantling American society. Yet no one can find any current examples of systemic racism. Despite journalists’ prodigious efforts, they can only produce isolated incidents, a large percentage of which are revealed to be hoaxes.

The problem is, they are looking for the wrong kind of systemic racism. Against blacks, it literally does not exist in this country. Against whites, it is prevalent — and as subtle as a sharp stick to the eye. Consider Seattle:

For details, read the City Journal piece here.

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Jul 12 2020

Origins of Liberal Repressive Tolerance

As mentioned earlier, the cancel culture blitzkrieg did not abruptly spring into being out of nothingness. The rigid intolerance of dissent that defines today’s “liberals” has been a key feature of their ideology for years. Like critical theory and cultural Marxism (a.k.a. political correctness), the concept of “repressive tolerance” is a poison injected into our society with the deliberate intention of destroying it by the Frankfurt School.

This Capital Research Center video explains why all views warrant tolerance except those of regular Americans. It is even more relevant now than when it came out 2 years ago:

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Jul 12 2020

Data Proves That Police Are Not Racist

If you want to wallow in inflammatory propaganda designed to tear the country apart, the liberal media establishment offers it up on multiple channels. To learn the truth regarding the allegedly racist police, Will Witt turns to an expert — Heather Mac Donald, author of the highly recommended book The War on Cops.

The Black Lives Matter chaos and destruction, the cancel culture craziness, the defunding of police — it is all based on lies. Any informed and reasonable person who cares about black lives sides with the police, not with criminals and their left-wing enablers.

Jul 12 2020

Woke Antiwhite Brainwashing in US Army

Leftists are not taking over America by winning hearts and minds. They are doing it by subverting institutions, then exploiting positions of power to intimidate the masses into submitting to their agenda. Hollywood, academia, and the news media are the most obvious examples. Not even the US Army has been immune:

A U.S. Army email, sent after the Fourth of July to its military and civilian members, included a graphic which claimed saying the phrase “Make America Great Again” is evidence of “white supremacy.”

The graphic listed other behaviors it deemed evidence of white supremacy, including, “Celebration of Columbus Day,” the “Denial of White Privilege,” “Talking about ‘American Exceptionalism,’” and saying “There’s Only One Human Race.”

Anyone who wants to become submersed in woke propaganda but can’t afford exorbitant college tuition is advised to join the Army.

The email invited “all soldiers and (Department of the Army) Civilian Personnel” to attend the U.S. Army’s “Operation Inclusion” seminars on July 8 and 9 at the Redstone Arsenal Army Base in Alabama. The email was sent by Chaney P. Pickard from the U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Center using an official government email.

We have come a long way from D-Day to Operation Inclusion.

Remember Obama’s officer purge? Looks like it worked. That would explain why soldiers have been trained to regard the American Family Association as a hate group, and why was banned years ago as a hate site on Defense Department computers.

Wait, never mind. The Army says this was sent out “in error.”

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Jul 12 2020

Open Thread

If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering and to prosper; but if we and our posterity neglect its instructions and authority, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity. - Daniel Webster
Jul 11 2020

Cartoons for the Age of Wokeness: Social Justice Warriors

Old-fashioned cartoons are problematic. For example, Looney Tunes used to feature firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens like Elmer Fudd, an obvious thought crime. Rather than try to shoehorn the old cartoons into the current political orthodoxy like HBO Max, why not just delete them, as is currently done with television programs that cast police officers in a favorable light? Everything that came before right this minute is probably racist. Kids should be watching new cartoons that comply with the times, like Social Justice Warriors:

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Jul 11 2020

“All Lives Matter” Used in Hate Hoax

It is now considered hate speech to say that all lives matter, since implying that black lives do not matter more than other lives contradicts prevailing leftist dogma. But even as the definition of hate speech expands, social justice warriors cannot find bigotry against anyone other than whites and have to resort to hoaxes. The racism drought is so severe that Student of Color Isaih Martin was reduced to scribbling “All Lives Matter” on a note, attaching it along with other notes to the windshield of his car, and then claiming someone else did it.

The Epoch Times reports on the results of a 2-week investigation:

Martin, a senior at Texas A&M, reported to campus police on June 24 that he found three hand-written notes attached to the windshield of his car, which was parked at an on-campus apartment complex. The notes included the N-word, “You don’t belong here,” and “All Lives Matter.”

“I hate it here. Y’all still don’t think A&M is racist?” Martin, who is black, wrote on Twitter.

Even with the tweets protected, Martin’s Twitter page makes his motivation obvious by featuring a #BlackLivesMatter banner, complete with the menacing fist that represents both black supremacism and Marxism.

Predictably, authorities scrambled to demonstrate how seriously they took the trivial incident and used it to advance the phony narrative that racism against protected groups is common.

Texas A&M President Michael K. Young denounced the racist act, saying in a June 25 statement that the school is offering a $1,200 reward to anyone with valid information regarding the incident.

“We are tired of bigoted members of our community marring the experiences of students of color,” Young barked dutifully, as if it were likely that someone other than Martin had written the notes.

The more seriously authorities take a hoax, the harder they look for a culprit to punish, the more likely the hoax is to be debunked. Surveillance footage revealed that no one but Martin could have left the notes.

The police report concludes:

“In this particular case and at the advice of the county attorney, there was no offense. The case is closed and no arrest was made.”

Fortunately for Martin, he can’t be charged with falsely reporting a crime, because no actual crime was alleged. Via KBTX:

Police shared their findings with the county attorney who determined no crime was committed since the notes did not contain a threat. …

Police also asked the county attorney’s office to see if the incident would be considered a false report but were told the case “does not meet the elements since Martin did not report a crime.”

Even now that it has been debunked, Martin won’t admit to his hoax. He has consulted with a lawyer and will no longer speak to police. No doubt other crybullies and moonbats admire him for “raising awareness” about the imaginary racist oppression leftists have been using as a pretext to destroy our country.

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Jul 11 2020

Reagan Was Right Regarding Fascism

Ronald Reagan predicted that if fascism came to America, it would come in the name of liberalism. 2020 has proven him correct.

America is under attack as it has not been since the War of 1812, when enemy troops invaded Washington and set fire to the White House. We stand a very good chance of permanently losing our country. Resistance had better step up fast.

This Ted Cruz ad is encouraging:

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