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Nov 28 2021

Carrie Bourassa, Racial Impostor

As rule by cultural Marxists makes it ever more advantageous to belong to a group designated as “oppressed,” we see ever more racial impostors. The latest to be exposed is a faux-Indian named Carrie Bourassa:

A Canadian medical researcher who rose to become the nation’s top voice on indigenous health has been ousted from her government job and her university professorship — after suspicious colleagues investigated her increasingly fanciful claims of Native American heritage and learned she was a fraud.

Carrie Bourassa, a public health expert who served as scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health, was suspended on Nov. 1, five days after the state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published a lengthy expose on her background.

Bourassa identifies as a member of the Métis nation. Her ancestors are actually from less politically fashionable Eastern Europe.

According to the ideology of our ruling class, a man can literally become a woman simply by claiming to be one. However, joining racial identity groups that have been granted cherished victim status is not so easy.

What did her in was getting carried away with the act:

Colleagues began to doubt Bourassa’s story as she began to add claims of Anishinaabe and Tlingit heritage to her tale — and took to dressing in stereotypically indigenous fashion.

It started to unravel in 2019, when she appeared in full tribal regalia — draped in an electric blue shawl, with a feather in her partially braided hair — to give a TEDx Talk at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

“My name is Morning Star Bear,” she said tearfully as the crowd cheered.

Poranna Gwiazda Niedźwiedź, more like it.

“I’m Bear Clan. I’m Anishinaabe Métis from Treaty Four Territory,” she proclaimed as she described an impoverished childhood beset by violence.

Please welcome Carrie Bourassa to the Racial Impostor List, where she has the embarrassing company of Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Shaun King, Jessica Krug, CV Vitolo-Haddad, Satchuel Cole, and Kelly Kean Sharp.

As professional racist Ibram X. Kendi discovered the hard way, that so many whites pretend to be nonwhite exposes critical race theory as a preposterous lie. Good thing the liberal establishment has a backup religion in the global warming hoax — even if that too is a preposterous lie.

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Nov 28 2021

Seth Rogan Is an Idiot

Los Angeles is such a liberal-run hellhole that it is unreasonable to expect a car parked on the street not to be broken into. Zillionaire leftist Hollyweirdo Seth Rogan did his lame best to pass this off as not a problem. That’s because Seth Rogan is an idiot:

Other responses to Rogan include:

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Nov 28 2021

Best Buy Collects the Wages of Wokeness

The wages of wokeness is ruin. Best Buy is in a position to collect, having indulged in woke posturing on behalf of the Black Lives Matter–loving ultraleft by offering counseling to employees traumatized by the failure to immolate Kyle Rittenhouse. Karma delivers the just desserts:

A group of between 20 and 30 people robbed a Best Buy in Burnsville, Minn., on Black Friday, stealing an unknown amount of merchandise.

Best Buy corporate headquarters are 10 miles away in Richfield, Minnesota.

The group overtook the Best Buy around 8 p.m., according to a spokeswoman for the Burnsville Police Department, stealing electronics and other merchandise. The suspects fled before police arrived.

Please don’t refer to this as looting unless it can be confirmed that all of the looters were white — which isn’t likely, since race isn’t mentioned. Black Lives Matter established looting as an affirmation of civil rights last year in the course of hundreds of riots.

[Spokeswoman Carissa] Larsen said she could not recall another incident like this one in recent history, but police do not at this time believe the crime could happen again.

Chirps Carissa,

“We don’t have any reason to believe this isn’t a one-off thing.”

She must rely on CNN for news to be unaware of the ongoing epidemic of similar incidents occurring across the country.

Also on Friday, police said a smaller group broke into another Best Buy in a mall near Burnsville.

If only they had put out signs proclaiming their allegiance to Black Lives Matter…

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Nov 28 2021

Kathy Hochul Already Overreacting to Omicron Variant

It would be hard to have a more awful response to Covid than erstwhile liberal heartthrob Andrew Cuomo, who won lavish praise from the media while driving businesses into bankruptcy with gratuitous tyranny and killing thousands of elderly people by forcing nursing homes to accept Covid patients. However, his replacement Kathy Hochul perseveres in her campaign to prove there is nothing Cuomo could do she can’t do worse.

The Nu variant is already yesterday’s news. We skipped the Xi variant because it would be politically incorrect to associate a virus engineered in a ChiCom laboratory with the Chinese communist dictator. Here’s how Kathy Hochul is exploiting the Omicron variant to make her mark on the everyday lives of New Yorkers:

Hochul has declared a state of emergency ahead of potential COVID-19 spikes this winter due to the already-circulating Delta and newly-identified Omicron variants of coronavirus.

Emergency is the ideal state for Big Government. Any amount of the next generation’s money can be wasted, because there is no future, only the current crisis. Any power grab can be excused.

Tough luck if you need a medical procedure:

Hochul signed an executive order Friday to postpone elective hospital surgeries — something that hasn’t been done since the worst of the initial coronavirus outbreak last year.

Drastic measures need to be taken, due to all the Omicron cases in New York. Oh wait, there hasn’t been a single one — in New York or anywhere else in the USA.

The new protocols will take effect on Friday, Dec. 3, and will be re-evaluated based on the latest COVID-19 data on Jan. 15.

By then our rulers will have declared martial law due to the Pi variant.

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Nov 28 2021

Open Thread

If the Prince of Peace should come to earth, one of the first things he would do would be to put psychiatrists in their place. - Aldous Huxley

Nov 27 2021

Media Spin on Mass Murder in Waukesha

A black leftist deliberately drives through a Christmas parade, running over children and grandmothers, apparently motivated out of antiwhite race hate stoked by Democrats and the media. This cannot be shoehorned into the liberal narrative. Establishment media attempts to spin it have been comical.

The Washington Post strives to create the impression that Darrell Brooks didn’t commit the mass murder; his car did. WaPo describes the bloodbath as “the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV.”

Less hilarious but no less dishonest is the NBC take. Despite any number of witnesses confirming that the bloodshed was deliberate, the impressionable are encouraged to view the whole thing as just an accident:

In a video uploaded Tuesday describing the arrest of suspect Darrell E. Brooks Jr., who is black, NBC included a caption that read, “Video captured by a Ring camera appears to show [Brooks] in front of a home before being arrested in connection to the Waukesha parade accident.”

At MSNBC, national security analyst Clint Watts likewise referred this week to the Waukesha slayings as an “accident” before correcting himself and using the word “attack.”

MSNBC then attempted to frame the mass killing as a security failure, as if it were to be expected that a sociopath free on low bail will drive an SUV through any Christmas parade that is insufficiently defended.

They either downplay or ignore breaking news stories or exaggerate them with incredibly deceitful and maliciously misleading hyperbole. It’s usually one or the other, rarely in between.

That’s because some stories cannot be spun to support the woke narrative, whereas other stories can. Brainwashing dupes into accepting this false and poisonous narrative is the sole purpose of the liberal media establishment.

In the future, people who want to refresh their memory as to what happened in Waukesha may be tempted by convenience to refer to Wikipedia — where the bloodbath might be watered down:

Internet users who search Wikipedia for Sunday’s attack, which injured over 60 people in addition to the 6 fatalities, are met with a message that says “A request that this article title be changed to 2021 Waukesha Christmas parade incident is under discussion.”

For now, the page title is still “2021 Waukesha Christmas parade attack.” However, CBS News agrees that there is nothing much to see here, folks. Not terrorism, not mass murder, not even an attack. Just a “crash.”

Paul Joseph Watson has more on the media’s attempts to “obfuscate, ignore, or bury the truth” about the mass murder in Waukesha:

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Nov 27 2021

Hillary Clinton on Corrupt Authoritarians

Corrupt authoritarian Hillary Clinton knows just what to do about corrupt authoritarianism: crack down on “misinformation” — i.e., facts and opinions that undermine the ruling party. Shrieks Shrillary, “We have got to end impunity” for people who oppose leftism. As an example, she refers to those who opposed the cancelation of American history by protesting against the tearing down of a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville. Then she goes for cheap laughs by referring to her reverence for “rule of law”:

Rule of law would be nice. Then Shrillary would be cooling her heels in a federal prison instead of spouting moonbattery on leftist propaganda channels.

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Nov 27 2021

White House Christmas Album

Thanksgiving is over; the Christmas season has begun. Keep up to date in your yuletide festivities with a soundtrack suitable for the times. Jason Siler introduces the 2021 White House Christmas Album:

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Nov 27 2021

Salvation Army Switches Religions

No institution is immune from the Long March Through the Institutions. Once moonbattery has infiltrated, the rot spreads until the entire organization has been subverted and its original purpose subordinated to advancing leftism. This has happened even to the Salvation Army.

As noted earlier, when Chick-fil-A caved in to leftist bullies, it demonstrated submission by cutting off funding to the Salvation Army. Soon afterward, the Salvation Army followed suit:

The Salvation Army wants its white donors to give it more than just money this Christmas season. Its leadership is also demanding they apologize for being racist.

It’s part of a push by the Christian charitable organization to embrace the ideas of Black Lives Matter, an activist group working to, among other things, “dismantle white privilege” and “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

The Salvation Army’s Alexandria-based leadership has created an “International Social Justice Commission” which has developed and released a “resource” to educate its white donors, volunteers and employees called Let’s Talk about Racism. It asserts Christianity is institutionally racist, calling for white Christians to repent and offer “a sincere apology” to blacks for being “antagonistic.. to black people or the culture, values and interests of the black community.” …

In an accompanying Study Guide on Racism, Salvation Army authors explain that all whites are racist, even if they don’t realize it.

With the possible exception of satanism, it would be hard to imagine an ideology more antithetical to Christianity than the Black Lives Matter/critical race theory brand of cultural Marxism that the Salvation Army has embraced. Ideologues who denounce all members of races they hate as “racist” deny that we are not interchangeable representatives of a race, but individuals with souls. As noted above, Black Lives Matter is explicitly hostile to the nuclear family, which it aspires to subvert and destroy. It was founded by self-avowed “trained Marxists.” Marxism is overtly hostile to Christianity; consequently, many Christians have perished under Marxist regimes. BLM promotes sexual perversion and degeneracy. Its ideology has inspired massive looting and hundreds of riots.

Not everyone is pleased to see the Salvation Army switch to the religion of wokeness:

“In my estimation, CRT is a Trojan horse taking in well-intentioned Christian enterprises that—because they care about justice and oppose oppression—naively promote the most serious threat to biblical Christianity I have seen in 50 years,” wrote Christian apologist and radio talk show host Greg Koukl in a Facebook post earlier this month.

Entitled An Open Letter to The Salvation Army, Koukl prefaces the post by informing TSA that he is terminating his monthly donations and directing them to another organization.

Koukl isn’t alone:

“I have been a faithful supporter of The Salvation Army for many years. My parents were supporters when they were alive, and they passed that down to me and my siblings. It was always a joy to see the red kettles around the holidays, as well as to hear of the efforts of TSA in helping the poor and those affected by disasters,” wrote Richard N. Nakano. “Now I have noticed TSA has taken a turn to the far left politically, championing and virtue signaling such ‘woke’ policies as LGBTQ ‘rights’ and CRT. I am very disappointed the TSA has turned away from its Christ-centered mission, and is now embracing such un-Christian, world-centered views.”

Nakano went on to write, “Until the TSA admits its error, denounces these woke views and turns back to its original foundations, I will NOT support it—financially or otherwise. There are other Christian organizations I can send my donations to, just as deserving and NOT politically subservient to the woke mob.”

Why give money to the Salvation Army when you can cut out the middle man and donate directly? Twitter top moonbat Jack Dorsey gave $10 million to Ibram Henry Rogers a.k.a. Ibram X. Kendi, whose race hate propaganda is explicitly endorsed by the Salvation Army.

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Nov 27 2021

Open Thread

Now back in 1927 an American socialist, Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket, said the American people would never vote for socialism. But he said under the name of liberalism the American people will adopt every fragment of the socialist program. - Ronald Reagan

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Nov 26 2021

Looting Is Not Looting

The George Floyd Memorial Riots enshrined looting as a civil right. Combine it with the leftist lunatics who run California decriminalizing shoplifting and the inevitable result has been an epidemic of smash and grab robberies, often involving large numbers of criminals. But we must not refer to these activities as “looting,” according to Bay Area ABC affiliate KGO-TV:

Race and Social Justice Reporter Julian Glover is here to give us some context of looting.

Millions of dollars’ worth of luxury goods have been looted in the San Francisco area during the current crime wave.

But according to the California Penal Code, what we saw was not looting.

The penal code defines looting as “theft or burglary…during a ‘state of emergency’, ‘local emergency’, or ‘evacuation order’ resulting from an earthquake, fire, flood, riot or other natural or manmade disaster.”

California has succumbed to liberalism to such an extreme that the authorities are no longer willing or able to protect private property. But for some reason that doesn’t count as a manmade disaster.

To some, the distinction may be small, but Lorenzo Boyd, PhD, Professor of Criminal Justice & Community Policing at the University of New Haven, and a retired veteran police officer, emphasized that words matter.

“Looting is a term that we typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something. We tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing,” said Boyd.

Therefore, to use the term “looting” is racist against looters. That makes the person who says “looters” the criminal. The looters themselves are not criminals, because according to the Black Lives Matter ideology ostentatiously embraced by the liberal establishment, looters are only collecting reparations for injustices that occurred generations before they were born.

Calling the looting after Katrina “looting” is racist too:

Martin Reynolds, Co-executive director of the Robert C. Maynard Institute of Journalism Education thinks back to Hurricane Katrina, when largely Black New Orleans residents were labeled looters for crimes of survival – stealing water, food, and supplies before federal government aid arrived.

Liquor stores were particularly hard hit by these “crimes of survival.”

When you update your Newspeak Dictionary, no need to delete the word “loot” entirely. Just make a note that it must only be used if those responsible are white.

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Nov 26 2021

Indoor Mask Requirement in Private Homes in California

When the human race achieves absolute tyranny, it will happen first in the ultraliberal coastal parts of California, like Santa Cruz County, which has imposed an indoor mask mandate in private homes, even for the vaccinated:

Santa Cruz, California, has ordered an indoor mask mandate for private residents in their own homes during the holiday season.

Santa Cruz County health officer Dr. Gail Newel reinstated the mask mandate last week amid an increase in coronavirus cases in the local area. The order took effect Monday.

Graciously, you are allowed to sit in your own home without a mask so long as no “non-household members are present” — at least for now.

“To help assure [sic] compliance, all businesses and governmental entities must require employees to wear masks and post signage that is clearly visible and easy-to-read at all entry points for indoor settings informing the public of the mask requirement,” the county press release said.

The next step toward absolute tyranny will be taken to help “assure” compliance in private homes. Maybe Democrats will mandate an Amazon Astro in every household so as to guarantee that we cover our faces with masks of dubious medical usefulness in accordance with the latest arbitrary dictates.

In case you thought our bureauweenie overlords don’t mean business, the decree includes this language:

The violation of any provision of this Order constitutes an imminent threat and menace to public health, constitutes a public nuisance, and is punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.

Read it and weep that any American would submit to this:

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Nov 26 2021

Best Buy Offers Counseling Over Rittenhouse Verdict

Pattern recognition is an important aspect of intelligence. Unless they have been deliberately contrived by social engineers (e.g., bumbling white males in TV commercials), stereotypes exist because they represent patterns that we recognize in the real world. Take for example the stereotypical woke snowflake, who needs smelling salts if exposed to anything that deviates from absolute compliance with liberal ideology. This type is so common that even the militant moonbats who run human resource departments at woke corporations acknowledge it:

Best Buy, the technology retailer, offered “mental health resources” and “counseling services” to its employees after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict was announced.

Snowflakes melt when reminded of the vast chasm between the liberal narrative and reality. According to the former, anyone who resists Black Lives Matter rioters as they loot and sets fires is a racist who must be destroyed. According to the latter, Kyle Rittenhouse is a decent if naive kid who justly defended his life from sociopaths who were trying to kill him.

Mark Irvin, Chief Inclusion, Diversity, and Talent Officer at Best Buy, doesn’t seem to like it that the railroading of Rittenhouse failed. He bleats:

We can do better, and we will do better, as each of us as individuals, allies, and human beings press [sic] together for better outcomes.

A “better” outcome in this case would have been an innocent boy getting immolated as a sacrifice to the wicked gods of leftist ideology.

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Nov 26 2021

Vaccination Required for Assisted Suicide

For the sake of health, Germans are required to get vaxxed for all sorts of activities — even suicide. RT reports on Verein Sterbehilfe (Euthanasia Association):

A statement put out by the Hamburg-based group on Friday reads “assisted suicide and the preliminary examination of a patient’s ability to make decisions freely implies physical closeness between people. However, that is precisely the precondition for the spread of Covid.”

Therefore, suicide applicants must present proof of vaccination or recovery from the ChiCom virus.

No worries; the vaccine can’t be more dangerous than suicide.

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