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Jan 20 2019

Open Thread

Civilizations fall because the people inside the Sanctuary throw open the gates. - Bill Whittle

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Jan 20 2019

Government Shutdown Shows Private is Better

The border situation is a serious crisis, for reasons that have been detailed. In contrast, the government shutdown is not a crisis, regardless of how stridently the liberal establishment media shrieks. The shutdown even offers the significant benefit of reminding us that we have vastly more government than we need:

As the shutdown demonstrates, the private sector is not only more efficient but more reliable than the government.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jan 20 2019

Canadian Police Reduced to Bellhops for “Refugees”

The USA is so full of bogus refugees that they are spilling over the border into Canada. Watch in horror as the moonbattery prevailing in the sanctuary country to our north reduces law enforcement officials to bellhops obediently serving the very foreign invaders they should be ejecting:

It is imperative that Western nations regain control of their borders while they still exist as Western nations. This will require dispensing with the refugee concept, which has been exploited to the point that “refugee” is now synonymous with “colonist.”

Jan 20 2019

Natalie Corona, RIP

This 2-year-old Facebook post is both beautiful and heartbreaking:

The beauty speaks for itself. Here is why it is heartbreaking:

Natalie Corona was a rising star in her police department with a sparkling smile and a huge heart who had followed in her father’s footsteps and became an officer, fulfilling a lifelong dream just a few months ago when her dad pinned the badge on her uniform.

[Earlier this month] her father and a stunned community mourned the 22-year-old who was shot and killed on duty while responding to a multi-vehicle crash in the small college town of Davis, California. Investigators believe she was ambushed by a gunman on a bicycle, but they haven’t a determined the motive for his actions.

Turns out the murderer was a lunatic who believed the police were bombarding him with “ultrasonic waves.” That is, he was the kind of menace to society that people like Natalie Corona put their lives on the line to protect us against.

It gets worse. Following her tragic death, social justice warriors took to the Internet to vent their spleens:

A photo of Police Officer Natalie Corona, clad in a royal blue dress and waving a Thin Blue Line flag, has flooded social media as a symbol of the 22-year-old’s deep love of police work before she was gunned down in Davis…

A UC Davis student government branch, though, saw it differently. The university’s Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission criticized the picture and Corona’s flag in particular, calling it “triggering” and “blatantly anti-Black” in a now-deleted Facebook post.

These moonbats hate the Thin Blue Line flag because they associate it with the forbidden sentiment that blue lives matter, which “represents an attempt by law enforcement to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement.”

The Black Lives Matter chapter in nearby Sacramento was enraged that people would regard Natalie Corona as a hero, striking out in a demented blog post that bubbles over with the standard cretinous moonbattery:

Blue is a job, and the phrase “blue lives matter” is simply a racist, reactionary clapback to the very real human rights struggle of the Black Lives Matter movement. Police terror is a daily stressor for Black and Brown Americans.

If instead of being a police officer Natalie Corona had been a criminal lowlife who managed to get shot by the police, she would have qualified as an oppressed “Brown American” herself, being of Mexican ancestry. Then the SJWs would have seen her as a hero.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva. Hat tip:

Jan 20 2019

Media on Pelosi Versus Trump

If you have not been watching the liberal establishment media, you may not realize that Pelosi disinviting Trump from his own State of the Union speech was an admirable badass powerplay, whereas Trump retaliating by nixing a foreign junket of no particular significance was childish and petty. If it doesn’t strike you that way, this condensed essence of libspin will calibrate your opinions to the correct settings:

Despite the media’s cheerleading, Pelosi may have picked a fight she will lose.

On tips from 1-Bodhisattva and Lauran.

Jan 20 2019

The Great Wall of George Soros

Liberals screech that walls are immoral. But only if the purpose of the wall is to defend America from foreign invasion. If the purpose is to defend their own property, walls are fine — or open borders financier George Soros would not have such a long one:

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Jan 19 2019

Open Thread

America didn't create religious liberty. Religious liberty created America. - Bobby Jindal
Jan 19 2019

Why Gillette Jumped the Shark

By now you have probably heard enough about the appalling Procter & Gamble commercial denouncing customers of its Gillette brand for their toxic masculinity. We have already seen plenty of good video commentary. But Jason Siler keeps the conversation interesting by going past the ad itself to explain the delusional agenda P&G is trying to advance and why it is important for us to resist it.

As he notes, masculinity is not the problem; it is the solution. That’s why boys raised by single moms are more likely to be violent as well as to be losers.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jan 19 2019

University of Georgia TA Calls for Death of Whites

We may be closer than we realized to following South Africa on the path to Zimbabwe, to judge by the public proclamations of a University of Georgia teaching assistant who calls for the death of whites, barking that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.”

UGA philosophy TA Irami Osei-Frimpong made the comment during a conversation on the Overheard at UGA Facebook page. The comment has since been deleted.

Apparently his own Facebook page was suspended a couple years ago after he quoted Tommy Curry, a professor of politically preferred pigmentation at Texas A&M, who bellowed, “in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.”

The philosophy instructor explains that “Killing some white people isn’t genocide; it’s killing some white people.” He declares, “We had to kill some white people to get out of slavery,” forgetting or possibly even unaware that it was white people who killed white people to get blacks out of slavery. The vast majority of the 620,000 tragically lost in the Civil War were Caucasian.

Osei-Frimpong opines that killing white people to advance his black supremacist political objectives “should not be controversial.”

In the faculty lounge, I’m sure it isn’t. But he should be careful about letting the nature of what students are being taught get out to the general public, lest people tire of shouldering the massive tax burden imposed by universities.

Other pontifications shared by the deep-thinking philosopher include this:

Osei-Frimpong also referred to white people as “crappy,” and said that white churches, schools, and families would have to be “dismantled” to remedy the issue of white supremacy.

Despite even Facebook having suspended this maniac, at last word, University of Georgia is taking no action. Fellow UGA professor Janet Frick chirps that his bloodthirsty vitriol is not hate speech but only “hurt your feelings speech.”

On a tip from Lawrence J.

Jan 18 2019

Open Thread

The perfect bureaucrat everywhere is the man who manages to make no decisions and escape all responsibility. - Brooks Atkinson
Jan 18 2019

Students Can’t Define Toxic Masculinity

Students know that toxic masculinity is horrible, if only from watching Gillette commercials. But do they know what toxic masculinity is?

Surely if college students are learning anything from their woke professors, it must be this. Yet when Campus Reform’s Emma Meshell hit the campus at pricey Georgetown University, she found the same stammering cluelessness that prevails on every other topic:

Today’s lesson for these students is that “toxic masculinity” is just “masculinity” with a little liberal duckspeak sprinkled on top. Whether any of them could pass a test on this lesson is doubtful.

Jan 18 2019

Portland City Commissioner Denounces White Men

Everyone has a right to be heard in a democracy — except noncompliant white guys. They need to shut up. Because privilege. Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty explains.

She denounces “disruptions” at City Council meetings, which she said in a press release “seem to be caused largely by a small group of white men who use their privilege to: Act disruptive, Act disrespectful, Act self-centered.”

Lest anyone miss the point that they are to be defined as white men, Hardesty drives it home repeatedly.

“The reality is that they are white men who think it is their job to come in and disrupt city council,” Hardesty told KOIN 6 News…

Hardesty, a former activist who looks the part, just started on the Council at the beginning of the year. She remembers what it is like not to be in power and want to be heard. However,

“As someone who has spent time a lot of time on the other side of this podium demanding accountability, I find it chilling and disrespectful that there are a few white men who think that everything this council does is about them. It isn’t.”

Nothing is about white men anymore. Except the Two Minutes Hate.

Hardesty denounced Oregon for being “a state built on white supremacy” and scolded the disruptive white guys who speak up at meetings, snarling, “you should be aware that using your privilege in this way cannot continue.”

Behaving obnoxiously at City Council meetings is bad, but evidently being white is worse.

Asked if he believes race is a part of this issue, Mayor Ted Wheeler told KOIN, “Jo Ann is factually correct.”

Wheeler is a white guy himself. But he is also a moonbat, who obediently says what is politically correct. That makes all the difference.

On a tip from Pork_Soda.

Jan 18 2019

Asian Trapped in White Congresscritter’s Body

What keeps political correctness interesting is that you don’t know the rules of the game until you are denounced for violating them. If a guy says he is a woman in a man’s body, the liberal establishment puts him on the cover of Vogue. So it must be okay to say you are an Asian in a white person’s body, right? Wrong:

A white member of Congress said Wednesday that he regrets offending Asian people after he reportedly said he is an “Asian trapped in a white body.”

Democratic Rep. Ed Case of Hawaii made the comment to a crowd Tuesday at an event for Asian and Pacific Islander American members of the new Congress…

At least he didn’t stretch back the corners of his eyes and make buck teeth.

Case says he is “fiercely proud” of representing a state where white people like himself are not in the majority. Too bad the thought criminal may not be representing it for long, considering the hyperbolic reactions that often result nowadays from transgressions of this nature.

Case has bid for the Senate twice, losing in the primaries both times to genuine nonwhites (Daniel Akaka and the infamous Crazy Mazie Hirono).

It might seem unfair that Case could see his career end over this when he clearly meant no offense and was only trying to pander to a group of nonwhites like a typical Democrat. However, intent counts for nothing in the PC Reign of Terror. Just ask Megyn Kelly.

The idea is to keep everyone in constant fear of accidently saying something politically incorrect, so that we go through life as if we were tiptoeing across a minefield. That way we are always off balance and easily cowed.

Jan 18 2019

Probable Hate Hoax at GM Plant

You know the drill. Someone belonging to a favored identity group screams racism and presents a scrawled note or a hanging noose as evidence. Authorities make a federal case of it while bleating obediently about the staggering magnitude of the incident. It turns out to be yet another hate hoax. The perpetrators confess but usually face no consequences. Liberals mumble about how at least awareness was raised. The media goes from high-decibel shrieks to letting the story silently vanish.

At the risk of jumping the gun, allegations coming out of the GM Toledo Powertrain plant are so improbable that Marcus Boyd and Derrick Brooks have been added to the Hate Hoax List on a tentative basis before we reach the confession stage:

Several black men working at Ohio’s General Motors plant say they were the targets of racial discrimination after finding nooses hanging from the ceiling and ‘whites only’ signs scrawled in the bathrooms.

Marcus Boyd and Derrick Brooks, who were both supervisors at the Toledo Powertrain plant, are among nine black employees suing GM for the alleged ‘violent race discrimination’ they endured.

“Violent” because anything that you choose to be offended by qualifies as violence, so long as you belong to a politically preferred identity group.

The lawsuit, obtained by, claims the employees were racially vilified and were called the N-word repeatedly over the last four years.

Unlikely in today’s America. It gets unlikelier:

Several black employees were allegedly warned ‘to be careful’ because a white employee’s ‘daddy was in the Ku Klux Klan’, according to the lawsuit. … The lawsuit says some white employees also wore shirts under their coveralls that had Nazi symbols on them…

Also, white employees kept Hitler’s brain in a jar of formaldehyde and would genuflect before it. Just kidding.

This is on the level though:

The employees say their co-workers would talk about how they were carrying guns in their cars and magazines like Guns and Ammo were left out in the break room.

In support of this, the Daily Mail has an actual photograph featuring issues of Guns & Ammo, spread out on what might be a table in the GM breakroom.

If only Daily Stormer had a print edition.

GM stands accused of permitting an “underlying atmosphere of violent racial hate and bullying” and a “hostile work environment … recalling a legacy of reprehensible crimes against African-Americans.”

If there aren’t any reprehensible crimes to exploit, at least there is still the legacy.

A donation to Al Sharpton will not get them out of this. GM says some scapegoats have already been fired in Toledo, but that won’t suffice either.

Unless it can be readily proven that the supposed victims hung the nooses and scrawled the notes themselves, GM will have to settle big time, probably to the tune of $millions. If they let it go to court, they will get looted anyway, and worse yet they will have the media portraying them as a racist corporation.

Unsurprisingly, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission has already determined that GM is guilty. Civil rights commissions exist to find racism and would cease to exist if they failed.

Despite all the oppression, Boyd and Brooks were drawing six-figure salaries until they quit last year. But that is chicken feed in the realm of jackpot justice.

On a tip from Heckrules.

Jan 18 2019

Emotional Support Alligator

Each day when you get up, you need to be aware that no matter how crazy it was out there yesterday, today it will be even crazier. Introducing Wally, the emotional support alligator:

[Owner Joie] Henney recently took Wally, on a leash, to the Glatfelter Community Center at the Village at Sprenkle Drive, an assisted-living development north of York, Pennsylvania.

The beast, which was captured in the wild at about 14 months of age, is now four and a half feet long and could probably take someone’s hand off.

“I’m not scared of snakes,” one woman said as she cautiously approached to have her picture taken with Wally, “but that thing has a lot of teeth.”

Wally may not be as soft and cuddly as support dogs, but Henney encouraged her to pet Wally, saying he particularly likes the top of his head rubbed.

According to Henney, the reptile is “just like a dog” and “wants to be loved and petted.”

What’s next after demanding to be let on a flight with an emotional support peacock? I think we know.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

Jan 18 2019

Over 100 Migrants per Year Found Dead in Arizona Desert

At this point, we can’t expect Democrats to wish Americans well. But if they won’t fund a wall for us, they should do it for the Third World colonists who have been pouring across the open border. Sneaking into the country can lead to a lifetime of generous social benefits paid for by others, but it can also end in vultures tearing flesh off your corpse in the Arizona desert. From AZ Central:

In 2018, the remains of 127 dead migrants were recovered in southern Arizona…

It wasn’t always like this.

Before 2000, the remains of fewer than five migrants were found each year…

But then word must have spread through the Third World that America no longer has the will to enforce its immigration laws. The tsunami hit:

In 2001, the number soared to 79 and then to 151 the year after that. The number of annual migrant deaths since then has remained well above 100…

The remains are often partially or completely skeletal before they are found, so it is not always possible to determine the cause of death. Hyperthermia from trying to cross the desert is suspected in many cases.

Keep in mind that many of the migrants now drag children along with them to protect against deportation and to get them on the welfare rolls.

Nancy Pelosi needs to explain again how a wall to prevent this would be “immoral.” I still don’t get it.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

Jan 17 2019

Open Thread

The elimination of horrible disease, the increase of the quality of lives (for humans and for animals) achieved through research using animals is so incalculably great that the argument of these critics, systematically pursued, establishes not their conclusion but its reverse: to refrain from using animals in biomedical research is, on utilitarian grounds, morally wrong. - Carl Cohen
Jan 17 2019

Feminism Part 7: Team Family

Leftist social engineers have so corroded the foundations of civilization that we need countermoonbats like Dave Morrison to remind us how a functioning family works. It is not an alliance; it is a team:

On a tip from Lyle.

Jan 17 2019

Collapse of Civilization in Zimbabwe

The scariest thing about the nightmare unfolding in South Africa is that we already know how the story ends — and it is not a happy ending. This recently First World country is following a trail blazed by its role model, Zimbabwe. There, the Internet has been shut down and soldiers are going door to door marauding.

Progressives don’t mind oppression when the victims are white. They don’t even seem to mind that after whites are driven out or murdered, resulting in societal collapse, the victims of the ensuing savagery are black. The important thing is that the former Breadbasket of Africa (when Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia) is now free of white privilege.

None of this stops “mainstream” liberal outlets like Time from explicitly urging America to follow in the footsteps of South Africa, just as South Africa follows in the footsteps of Rhodesia. The demographic transformation that is only just beginning will make this feasible.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, R F, and Thoughtcriminal2084.

Jan 17 2019

Study Calls For Radical Change in Diet

The self-righteously repressive liberal ruling class wants to micromanage every picayune detail of your personal life — including your diet:

The way humanity produces and eats food must radically change to avoid millions of deaths and “catastrophic” damage to the planet, according to a landmark study published Thursday.

The key to both goals is a dramatic shift in the global diet — roughly half as much sugar and red meat, and twice as many vegetables, fruits and nuts, a consortium of three dozen researchers concluded in The Lancet, a medical journal.

Don’t forget the bugs. The United Nations wants us to eat insects.

In a hard tyranny, they threaten to kill you. In a soft tyranny, they site experts who coincidentally always agree with the progressive agenda, then quietly pass another zillion suffocating regulations.

Worse than being bad for us, food is bad for the planet:

[T]he global food system is the single largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the biggest driver of biodiversity loss, and the main cause of deadly algae blooms along coasts and inland waterways.

If they really want more biodiversity, they ought to favor a warmer climate.

As for evidence that our diet has any impact whatsoever on the climate, you will just have to believe their models. These are contrived to produce the desired results.

The authors present a diet to which we must conform if we want to save the planet:

The diet allows for about seven grammes (a quarter of an ounce) of red meat per day, and up to 14. A typical hamburger patty, by comparison, is 125 to 150 grammes. …

Dairy is also limited to about one cup (250 grammes) of whole milk — or its equivalent in cheese or yoghurt — per day, and only one or two eggs per week.

This will require not just media hysteria but a great deal of government coercion. As with all things related to global warming, you have to wonder: is the coercion a means to a delusional end, or are the hysterical delusions a means to enable the coercion?

On tips from 1-Bodhisattva and Stormfax.

Jan 17 2019

Authoritarian Moonbats Go After Sunscreen

Virtue signaling comes at a price. Fortunately for posturing moonbats, we are the ones forced to pay it. Almost always, we pay with our freedom. Often there is also a monetary cost, as with proposed carbon taxes. Sometimes we pay with our health, as when authoritarians ban sunscreen in the name of the sacred coral reefs:

Officials in Key West took the initial steps toward banning the sale of sunscreens containing two ingredients that could be harmful to coral reefs.

The politically incorrect substances are oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Some studies have shown that the chemicals encourage coral bleaching.

Try to imagine how much sunscreen you would have to use for a coral reef to know the difference — or rather, try to imagine how many thousands of gallons of sunscreen you would have to pour straight into the ocean.

Commissioner Jimmy Weekley said people could still get a prescription for the sunscreens.

How thoughtful of Commissioner Weakly. Of course, most people won’t go to the trouble and expense of getting prescriptions.

This nonsense is also coming to the sunny but unfortunately liberal land of Crazy Mazie Hirono:

Hawaii banned the sale or distribution of sunscreens containing the ingredients beginning in 2021.

Meanwhile, squamous cell carcinoma, the second most common skin cancer, alone kills 15,000 Americans per year. Using sufficiently powerful sunscreen reduces the risk of SCC by 40%.

Authoritarian moonbat virtue signaling kills.

On tips from Stormfax and 1-Bodhisattva.

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