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Dec 06 2022

Why January 6 Theatrics Continue Even Now

Even after 2 years, Democrats continue to hype the January 6 riot with Soviet-style theatrical events like today’s Congressional Gold Medal presentations:

Democratic and Republican lawmakers assembled on Tuesday to award four Congressional Gold Medals to law enforcement officials who were present during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot…

It is unclear whether Capitol Hill police officer Michael Byrd received a medal for killing Ashli Babbitt in cold blood. Despite mainstream media lies to the contrary, that was the only death to directly result from the riot.

“Staring down deadly violence and despicable bigotry, our law enforcement officers bravely stood in the breach, ensuring that democracy survived on that dark day,” outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) [demagogued cartoonishly] during the ceremony.

Getting carried away during a demonstration against perceived election fraud qualifies as “despicable bigotry” on the grounds that bigotry is whatever Democrats don’t like.

The partisan purpose of the spectacle was conspicuous:

As the law enforcement officials and their families walked past the congressional leaders to accept their medals, many conspicuously refused to shake the hands of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

They are to be shunned because all Republicans are guilty of any sins that can be laid at the feet of Trump supporters. It doesn’t matter that Trump has jumped the shark and is unlikely to be the Republican nominee in 2024.

No matter how dated and absurd it might sound to an outsider, January 6 demagoguery still keeps the base engaged by working it into a psychotic ecstasy of hatred for the enemy. It also serves to support the Democrat framing of political opposition as a security threat, to be dealt with by federal law enforcement rather than rational debate.

Classless political theater.

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Dec 06 2022

Vintage Hate Hoax: Keveon Gomera

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery June 25, 2020:

A tidal wave of hatred for it by black supremacists has swept across America, resulting in stores looted, businesses burned down, police precincts abandoned in the face of violent mobs, and statues of our greatest heroes desecrated and destroyed. Yet even now the hate hoaxes continue, so as to help the media prop up the phony narrative that it is the haters who are the victims of hate. Read more »

Dec 06 2022

Democrats Frame Dissent as Security Issue

Among the most alarming aspects of today’s radicalized Democratic Party is the framing of political dissent as a security issue:

In a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin issued on Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced portentously that “the United States remains in a heightened threat environment.” It seems that “lone offenders and small groups motivated by a range of ideological beliefs and/or personal grievances continue to pose a persistent and lethal threat to the Homeland.” Yet while the DHS claims to be tracking terror threats from people with a “range of ideological beliefs,” it is especially concerned “threat actors could exploit several upcoming events to justify or commit acts of violence, including certifications related to the midterm elections” and “the marking of two years since the breach of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.” …

DHS warned that “targets of potential violence” include “the LGBTQI+ community” and “racial and religious minorities,” as well as “government facilities and personnel” and “perceived ideological opponents.” Clearly these “terrorism experts” have in mind the Leftist stereotype of someone who rejects the dominant Leftist ideology…

The legitimate threat of Islamic terrorism is almost completely ignored. The nearly 80,000 Afghan evacuees the Biden Regime imported after surrendering to the Taliban are not even mentioned.

Meanwhile, the agency plans to release Afghan Muslim criminals into the U.S.

Nor is there any mention of the left-wing terrorist groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa, despite their involvement in hundreds of riots in the past few years.

The bottom line:

The ultimate goal is to criminalize political dissent.

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Dec 06 2022

Tyrannical New York Hate Speech Law Now in Effect

If you object to New York paying out a massive “reparations” jackpot, maybe you had better keep your views to yourself. The state has officially banned online speech that liberals don’t like:

A new law went into effect in New York State on Saturday and it has free speech advocates up in arms for good reason. The law seeks to squelch any vaguely-defined instances of “hate speech” online. But this one goes much further than previous proposals to silence people on the major social media platforms. It applies to blogs and any other websites that allow readers to leave comments… such as the one you are reading right now. The law requires the operators of such sites to post a content moderation policy, and remove comments that may offend or “incite violence against” a list of favored demographic groups.

Moderators are obligated to solicit and directly respond to complaints of offensiveness. Liberals have already weaponized such complaints, which they use for example to get sites like this one blacklisted by online advertisers.

The apparent intent of the law is to put an end to comments sections altogether, lest someone leave a comment that contradicts the Democrat platform.

As we all know by now, “hate speech” simply means any speech leftists want silenced:

[U]nder the modern Left’s new definitions, anything that someone in a protected group doesn’t want to hear is being redefined as “violence.” If you complain about the genital mutilation of children, you’re posing a “threat” to transgender people. If you point out that BLM turned out to be a massive cash-grabbing scheme, you’re a racist who is “endangering” Black people. The list goes on. (Of course, you can say anything you want about straight, white, Christian males and they’re never in any danger at all.)

New York imitates California by attempting to impose its own authoritarian moonbattery on the rest of the country. Given the political leverage, there is no doubt that Democrats would directly inflict this level of tyranny from Washington.

Eugene Volokh and the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression are suing New York for this glaringly obvious violation of the First Amendment.

Yet again we see that the Constitution is the only thing that stands between us and absolute tyranny. A sufficient number of Democrat-appointed judges will render the Constitution effectively null and void.

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Dec 06 2022

Berkeley Prof Elizabeth Hoover Admits She Isn’t an Indian

Academia is a great place to look for new inductees into the Racial Impostors Hall of Shame. The latest is Elizabeth Hoover, an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at prestigious University of California, Berkeley, who turns out not to be an Indian:

Hoover is “one of 11 self-identified Native American/Alaska Native ladder-rank faculty members at Berkeley,” according to the Berkeley News.

For decades, Professor Hoover has attributed her Native American heritage to being part of both the Mohawk and Mi’kmaq Indian tribes.

But now she has come clean:

Hoover released an official statement on the issue on Oct. 20 titled “Statement about Identity.” In it, she discussed the results of her investigation into whether she truly had Native American roots.

“Now, without any official documentation verifying the identity I was raised with, I do not think it is right for me to continue to claim to be a scholar of Mohawk/Mi’kmaq descent,” Hoover wrote.

Whether it was deliberate fraud or just based on wishful thinking, presenting herself as an Indian no doubt helped her achieve a position at prestigious Berkeley. Confessing the truth is less of a PR disaster than getting exposed by angry real Indians. It’s not as if they will take her assistant professorship away, any more than they took away ersatz Indian Elizabeth Warren’s US Senate seat.

Just as hate hoaxes emphasize that the oppression of “oppressed” identity groups needs to be fabricated, the proliferation of racial impostors confirms that it is an advantage to be “marginalized.”

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Dec 06 2022

New York Democrats Push for Reparations

An idea this awful could not be expected to stay in California. It has spread to New York.

Just days ago, we read that Gavin Newsom et al. want to exacerbate inflation and racial tensions by paying blacks $223,200 apiece for being “oppressed” — i.e., for being privileged to enjoy the favor of the cultural Marxist ruling class. Now we read this:

New York lawmakers are renewing the push for a state law that would lay the groundwork to pay reparations to black residents whose ancestors were enslaved.

It won’t be as bad as California. It will be worse:

[Assemblywoman Taylor] Darling [D-Nassau] also scoffed that the $223,000 figure that California’s task force recommended for each black descendant there was too low.

Democrat rule is a looting spree.

A previous reparations bill passed overwhelming in the assembly (104–45) but couldn’t make it through New York’s senate. Democrats try and try again until the timing is right for their radical agenda items to pass. Then the ratchet takes another hard turn to the left.

In addition to direct cash payments, reparations may also include property confiscation on blacks’ behalf, “mental health rehabilitation,” reforming laws to further entrench systemic racism in their favor, and a government apology denouncing America for slavery, despite the many hundreds of thousands of American lives that were sacrificed to end it and despite New York being the first state to pass a law total abolishing slavery.

Racial relations have taken a turn for the worse since a race-baiting community organizer named Barack Obama became president. The reparations movement would create true animosity. This is probably not a bug but a feature for Democrats. The reason for all the hate hoaxes is that their ideology is based on opposition to racism that does not exist — yet.

The effect on already stratospheric inflation of wasteful spending on this scale should be obvious even to Taylor Darling. Only slightly less obvious are the deleterious societal effects of giving out large amounts of free money, which would encourage irresponsible behavior, the primary cause of poverty.

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Dec 06 2022

David Attenborough Announces That Sky Is Falling

Sir David Frederick Attenborough, age 96, has had a long and storied career as a naturalist/propagandist for the BBC, British bastion of the moonbat establishment. Try not to succumb to gibbering panic as he informs us that we are on the brink of doom due to a small increase in the plant nutrient CO2 in the atmosphere over the past century, and an insignificant upward fluctuation in temperature that may or may not have anything to do with it:

This is truly alarming — not the hysterical hyperbole, but that our rulers expect us to take it seriously. Those who believe these fabulists might submit to any extreme of deprivation and authoritarianism to prevent the collapse of human civilization.

What a hoot that Attenborough characterizes the inevitable fluctuation of the climate as a threat to food production and fresh water. The climate kooks themselves threaten food production. As for fresh water, we are now told that freshwater lakes are a menace because they cause global warming.

Similar to Covid tyranny, the global warming hoax has an upside. Assuming that people have the intelligence and character not to go along, the phony climate crisis will instill a healthy distrust not to mention a strong dislike of our fraudulent ruling class.

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Dec 06 2022

Open Thread

History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster. - Douglas MacArthur

Dec 05 2022

Climate Lockdown Begins in UK

Despite the $trillions in wasted productivity and countless lives ruined, the Covid lockdowns were only a dry run, intended to test how submissive we are. The real tyranny will be inflicted in the name of a permanent emergency, guaranteed never to go away — the climate. Climate lockdowns are already getting underway in the UK:

On Nov. 29 Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet voted in favour of traffic filters, which are strict rules on how often motorists can drive and where they can go in the town centre.

The administration says this is to “achieve a sustainable transport system” by stopping most motorists from driving through Oxford’s centre, which divides the city into six “15-minute” neighbourhoods.

As noted at JoNova,

The 15 Minute City is a UN and WEF plan, because they care about you want you to drive less.

The Beeb is in on it too, claiming that authorities preventing us from moving around as in the USSR will “create stronger local communities and make residents happier.”

Forcing us to drive less is the point behind leftists pushing inefficient, expensive, unsafe, and unreliable electric vehicles, despite the harm they inflict on the environment. Our rulers know as well as we do that EVs will never meet our transportation needs.

If this flies, the screws will be tightened further. Absent sufficient pushback, the tightening will continue indefinitely.

The wise words of a genius come to mind:

It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.

Paul Joseph Watson has more:

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Dec 05 2022

Vintage Hate Hoax: Andrew Cuomo

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery June 19, 2020:

One way to create a hate hoax is to seize upon something innocuous, portray it as evidence of America’s racist iniquity, overreact hysterically, and publicize it to the best of your ability. If you are the Governor of New York, that ability is substantial. Please welcome Andrew Cuomo to the Hate Hoax List. Read more »

Dec 05 2022

Profiles in Liberal Education: Skye Tooley

Perverts who prey on children naturally gravitate to professions that leave them alone with other people’s kids. That the liberal establishment is aggressively using schools to implement the LGBT agenda is a dream come true for sexual deviants. Guys like Skye Tooley have the full backing of Hollywood, the teachers unions, the Democratic Party, Big Business, and the media as they exert their authority over impressionable children:

A woke teacher who identifies as ‘trans demi-boy non-binary’ teaches children about gender and pronouns using ‘gender-fluid’ stuffed unicorns and narwhals.

Skye Tooley indoctrinates fifth graders at Saturn Street Elementary in Los Angeles, where his concept of education may not be a violation of community standards.

Rather than focus on the three R’s of yore, he instructs kids on alternative pronouns to match the depraved sexual identities they are encouraged to adopt.

Chirps Skye:

“[Children] are very much ready for these topics and are way more accepting than adults when it comes to discussing these topics and talk about gender, gender assumptions, pronouns, all the things.”

We now live in a society that is a novelty in the history of human civilization in that Skye can publicly admit to doing this and not have to worry about fathers doing some educating of their own.

The school appear to be perfectly comfortable the methods, with a description of the Tooley’s philosophy appearing on the school’s website.

Public schools are an institution the Long March of the Moonbats has already stomped into submission.

Tooley teaches more than perversion and dysphoria:

“I diligently push to create a safe space and brave space for my students. We work on being uncomfortable, challenged, and communicating. We work to understand our identity, bias, and privilege.”

That is, kids are force-fed the whole woke enchilada, including both cultural and economic Marxism. Taxpayers are forced to fund it.

Tooley bubbles with delight as he describes the school’s “rainbow club”:

“The rainbow club is effectively a GSA [gay–straight alliance] for elementary… One wonderful thing about the rainbow club is talking about different identities, talking about who we are, and talking about how to support the LGBTQ+ community.

According to his creed, “the gender binary is constantly harming us.” He does his part to combat it by encouraging children to reject “societal norms.”

Tooley claims such discussions in class are ‘developmentally appropriate, part of our curriculum because we know our gender at a young age, and we know our sexuality at a young age.’

What kind of society leaves people like this alone with children?

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Dec 05 2022

How Freshwater Lakes Endanger the Planet

The good news is that it looks like global warming isn’t going to plunge the world into drought after all. The bad news is that everything changes, and all changes are evidence and/or a cause of the Climate Crisis. Now we learn that freshwater lakes are a menace — because they are both.

From ScienceAlert:

A new study has revealed that small lakes on Earth have expanded considerably over the last four decades – a worrying development, considering the amount of greenhouse gases freshwater reservoirs emit.

Life produces CO2. Lakes are rife with life:

Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and other gasses are constantly produced from lakes, because of the bacteria and fungi feeding at the bottom of the water, snacking on dead plants and animals that have drifted down to the lake floor.

The CO2 emitted helps plants to grow, producing more life, which results in more CO2. This vicious cycle can only end in planetary doom. You can see why Democrats are anti-life.

In total, this lake spread equates to an annual increase of carbon emissions in the region of 4.8 teragrams (or trillion grams) of CO2 – which to continue the country comparisons equals the increase in CO2 emitted by the whole of the UK in 2012.

Maybe if we nuke England, it will compensate the planet for being afflicted with freshwater lakes.

Naturally, humans are to blame for the lakes:

More than half of the increase in lake coverage over the study period is due to human activity, the researchers say – essentially, newly constructed reservoirs. The rest is mainly due to melting glaciers and thawing permafrost, caused by the warming of our planet.

The alleged warming of the planet is also caused by humans, who have failed to raise taxes high enough to stop the climate from fluctuating.

No worries. Democrats can add filling in freshwater lakes to their next $trillion climate bill.

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Dec 05 2022

Teacher Fights White Supremacy by Not Teaching

In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, firemen don’t put out fires; they start them, setting fire to any books that are discovered. Our real-life dystopia is similar. Teachers don’t teach; they prevent learning.

The point of teaching is to pass on the knowledge that comprises civilization. Leftists hate our civilization. The last thing they want is to preserve it. They want to destroy it right down to our means of expression:

Already moonbat speech consists largely of bumper sticker slogans peppered with obscenities. When utopia is achieved, language will be abolished altogether. No one can say anything racist so long as we are limited to inarticulate grunts.

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Dec 05 2022

The Rot Reaches Owosso, Michigan

You can take refuge from moonbattery in wholesome small towns. But it won’t last forever. Cancer metastasizes, as Emily Olson has demonstrated by moving to Owosso, Michigan and infiltrating the City Council:

Two weeks ago, in her first meeting as a member of the City Council, Olson called for an end to the opening prayer at council meetings, something she knew would be unpopular with her colleagues and many of the nearly 15,000 residents in this traditionally conservative city, the birthplace of former Republican presidential nominee Thomas E. Dewey.

She also remained seated during the Pledge of Allegiance in protest of its reference to God and the mixing of religion and government.

Only one religion is to be allowed within government: moonbattery.

For now, Owosso’s defenses are holding:

Council members voted 5-2 against Olson’s motion to remove the prayer from future agendas at its meeting on Nov. 21, and Mayor Robert J. Teich Jr. took things further, saying the vote settled the prayer issue and that he would rule any future council attempts to revisit it as out of order.

Give her time. Rome wasn’t destroyed in a day. Olson moved to Owosso from across the country only 2 years ago.

She purchased a building in the city’s West Town Historic District, started a vintage shop that also offers hand-made items, formed a group for progressive women called Fair Mavens, and won a seat on the council — all since 2021.

Olson was drawn to what she describes as a “charming little town.” Leftists like herself have not yet managed to corrupt, degrade, and destroy it. Former Shiawassee County Commissioner Barb Clatterbaugh describes it as “a Norman Rockwell setting” and “a small town in the Midwest” that “reflects traditional values.”

Those values must be eradicated before Owosso can be reduced to a moonbat hellhole of the type where Democrats win every election.

Olson barks that forbidding prayer will make City Council meetings “more inclusive.” By now, we know what “inclusive” means.

“This is a Christian city,” observes council member Daniel Law. “The hard, cold reality of it is, removing (prayer) is exclusionary to Christians.”

A Christian city for now, that is.

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