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Oct 20 2019

Kellogg’s Pushes Pro-Perversion Kiddie Cereal

Pushy corporate leftism, the inescapable LGBT agenda, and the targeted corruption of children comprise three of the most alarming aspects of the moonbattery that has been rotting away society. They intersect at a point called All Together. This is the name of a children’s breakfast cereal variety pack recently launched by the social engineers at Kellogg’s.

Tooth decay wasn’t enough. Now their cereal causes moral decay.

In its announcement of the limited edition variety pack, Kellogg’s proclaims that some of the money moms spend on the cereal will go to finance attempts to homosexualize grade school children:

Kellogg is donating $50,000 to GLAAD to support their anti-bullying and LGBTQ advocacy work.

With the left, everything is a euphemism stretched into a lie. “Antibullying” is what they call the indoctrination of small children with depraved sexual propaganda. GLAAD is a militant sect of sexual deviants known for an exceedingly creepy focus on children.

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Oct 20 2019

Investigated for Not Having Sex With a Tranny

The tyrannical depravity that is moonbattery has spiraled out of control in Britain, where it can be regarded as discrimination for a guy not to be hired as a porn actress, and where declining to engage in perverted sex with a transsexual can get you investigated by the police for committing a hate crime.

Via Daily Mail:

Ria Cooper, 25, who became Britain’s youngest trans person when [he] transitioned 10 years ago, had decided to embark on a career in porn when a photographer messaged [him] asking if [he] wanted to have sex with him for a film.

That would make him a 15-year-old kid when he “transitioned.” The transition entailed hormones that have left him deformed for life. Deranged fiends calling themselves parents and doctors should be imprisoned for doing this to children. At least they didn’t amputate any body parts.

[W]hen the photographer heard Ria still had a penis he refused to work with [him], bluntly proclaiming he couldn’t do so because [he] ‘has a c***’.

So naturally the police were called in.

Ria, from Hull, East Yorkshire, has reported the comments to Humberside Police, which is investigating the incident as a hate crime.

They must have nothing better to do as the streets of colonized Britain descend into violent anarchy.

You may remember Ria/Brad Cooper from a couple of years ago, when he elbowed his way into the news by switching his gender back and forth. He now identifies as a “ladyboy.”

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Oct 20 2019

Open Thread

Reducing the tax burden is necessary to produce economic growth. - Bob Schaffer
Oct 19 2019

Rand Paul Encounters Liberal Civility

As explicitly encouraged by Democrat congresscritter Maxine Waters and by the Washington Post, liberal civility continues to make it difficult for well-known Republicans to dine out. Progressives have bestowed their civility upon Kirstjen Nielsen, Ted Cruz, and Mitch McConnell. Now they serve up a helping to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Via Washington Examiner:

“While having lunch with @RandPaul in California, we got verbally assaulted by these aggressive libs complaining about incivility. Check out the vid! #unhinged,” Sergio Gor, the deputy chief of staff for Paul, said Friday on Twitter.

Complaining about incivility, no less. The lack of self-awareness is almost psychotic.

The video starts with a woman flipping off the camera as it appears she is trying to operate her cellphone’s camera.

From there it goes downhill. Mind your ears; liberal civility often entails language that is unsuitable for children and polite company:

At least they didn’t break five of Paul’s ribs, unlike his comparably civil moonbat neighbor.

On a tip from Bluto.

Oct 19 2019

Today Is National Period Day

If you have a cocktail today, make it a Bloody Mary. Raise it in a toast to National Period Day, celebrated so as to bring attention to “period poverty.”

Via Breitbart:

Activists behind National Period Day say that “period poverty” is an issue plaguing the country. They assess that “1 in 4 women struggle to afford period products due to a lack of income.” They also believe “period stigma” is making menstruation a “taboo topic,” despite the emergence of the Women’s March movement, which resulted in Ashley Judd’s infamous “Nasty Woman” speech in the nation’s capital in 2017.

Here’s what Ashley Judd chooses to discuss when she has a large audience:

“I am nasty like my bloodstains on my bed sheets. We do not actually choose if and when we had our periods. We do not like throwing away our favorite pairs of underpants.”

In Ashley’s case, I’m picturing a pair printed all over with Minnie Mouse faces.

Her tirade on menstruation was presented as evidence that women are oppressed. Maybe Ashley will seize on today’s occasion to further delve into the details of her personal hygiene.

Activists are pushing rallies across all 50 states in hopes of “demanding real change to making period products more accessible for all and ending the #TamponTax.”

Finally, moonbats have discovered a tax they don’t like. It’s because men don’t have to pay it.

“If faces were bleeding, someone would do something,” the PERIOD Movement tweeted alongside a video of people — including men — with bloody noses.

Democrats literally believe that the federal government can prevent the climate from fluctuating. Putting an end to women having periods should require only a moderate tax increase by comparison.

The Menstrual Movement coalition has produced a manifesto, which states the following (all caps in original):


This implies that it is one person’s “right” to force another person to pay for it. Apparently, making tampons tax-free is only a step toward making them free, period (no pun intended).

The hijab in the video below adds a nice intersectional touch, allowing them to celebrate feminism and Islam at the same time (they must agree that Islam is right about women):

On a tip from Greg O.

Oct 19 2019

Embodiment of Corruption Loses Her Mind

If Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t engender the visceral disgust the other Democrat candidates do, maybe it is because there is a countermoonbat inside her, struggling to emerge. See how accurately she describes Hillary Clinton:

queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long

Add in delusional lunatic and that sums up Shrillary nicely.

The above critique of her character comes in response to the conspicuously demented claim that Tulsi is a Russian asset:

Hillary Clinton said that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is being groomed by Moscow to run as a third-party spoiler candidate in 2020 to help President Trump win reelection.

The former secretary of state pushed the theory on Campaign HQ podcast hosted by David Plouffe, President Barack Obama’s campaign manager in 2008.

Not only Tulsi is in league with the Russkies but also Green Party ultramoonbat Jill Stein.

“She is a favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. That’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she is also a Russian asset.”

This crosses out of tinfoil hat and into straitjacket territory. David Poof should have told her to but the bottle down.

In fairness, it isn’t just Shrillary. The New York Times, flagship publication of the liberal establishment, has also suggested that Tulsi is a Russian asset.

The newspaper published an Oct. 12 news article about Gabbard stating, “She is injecting a bit of chaos into her own party’s primary race, threatening to boycott that debate to protest what she sees as a ‘rigging’ of the 2020 election. That’s left some Democrats wondering what, exactly, she is up to in the race, while others worry about supportive signs from online bot activity and the Russian news media.”

Has Mueller been packed away in mothballs yet? Maybe we should haul him out for another investigation.

As Mr Reagan notes in his analysis, not even CNN can spin this hot mess:

On tips from Varla, cZwonderpig, Steve T, Bluto, and Dragon’s Lair.

Oct 19 2019

N-Word Hysteria Taken to New Extreme

The ultimate blasphemy in the Cultural Marxist religion is to utter the forbidden n-word. The proscription is so severe that merely to quote someone else as using the word, in the context of disapproving of its use, destroyed John Schnatter of Papa John’s and cost Mary Beth Maxwell of the Human Rights Campaign her job.

That might seem to be as far as even the most demented moonbats could push their puritanical hysteria. But progressives always find a way to progress still further. A black school security guard has now lost his job for uttering the blasphemous word in the context of asking a student to stop calling him that.

From moonbatty Madison, Wisconsin:

[Marlon] Anderson is filing a grievance following his termination, saying that the Madison Metropolitan School District should consider the context in which he used the slur.

Context? Context doesn’t matter when it comes to blasphemy.

Anderson worked at the district for 11 years – the last three years as a security guard at West High.

He said a student who was refusing to leave the school pushed the assistant principal, so he felt it was his job to help. That’s when Anderson said the student began calling him names using expletives, including the N-word at least 15 times. …

“You have no tolerance for a word, but yet you let students call me that word 15 times without correcting that behavior,” Anderson said, adding that no other staff member tried to stop the student from calling him the slur.

Context may not matter, but who spoke the word does. It was Anderson’s job to prevent the school from deteriorating into total chaos. That makes him an oppressor. The kid shoving the assistant principal was no doubt oppressed. This status makes all the difference.

Oct 19 2019

Open Thread

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Oct 18 2019

Top Five Climate Shockers Since 2017

Maybe the planet does not have a fever after all. A video at SuspiciousObservers counts down the top five climate shockers since 2017:

5. Princeton admits that climate models underestimate the cooling effect of the daily cloud cycle.

4. NASA confirms that these climate models cannot be expected to be accurate.

3. Yale admits that arctic current could cool the climate.

2. Harvard reveals that low-quality data has been used for ocean temperatures.

1. Even the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change may be starting to realize that heat comes from the sun, not from the failure to impose globalist wealth redistribution schemes.

They make a good point at the end. Nobody likes pollution. But it has nothing to do with the climate. The two should not be conflated.

On a tip from ScrewyPuppy.

Oct 18 2019

Assembly Bill 5 Makes Freelance Work Illegal in California

California’s moonbat rulers have gone beyond discouraging work through overtaxation to straight out banning it. Assembly Bill 5 represents senseless tyranny at a level of lunacy rarely seen outside of communist dictatorships.

Last month AB 5, designed to criminalize the vibrant gig economy, was passed and signed. It allows independent contractors to do their job only if it is outside the usual work done by the company that pays them. Basically, that makes it illegal to work as a freelancer in the People’s Republic of California.

Via CalMatters:

Under that requirement, janitors could work as independent contractors only when they have contracts with companies not in the business of cleaning.

Or a rideshare driver could work under a contract with Uber or Lyft only if those companies were primarily in the business of, say, selling vacuum cleaners.

Working freelance has its cons but also its pros. Many choose it because of the freedom and flexibility it offers. It also allows the companies who pay for the work to operate more efficiently. Some work contracted on a freelance basis now would be offshored or simply not done at all if companies had to incur the costs and obligations entailed in formally hiring employees.

By what authority do the leftists running California deprive people of their fundamental right to earn a living? How long before tyrants like Elizabeth Warren impose this malice on the country as a whole, deliberately driving many thousands of productive workers onto the welfare rolls?

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Oct 18 2019

Councilman Carlos Garcia, Big Man Just Off Campus

It is a wonder large cities function at all, when you consider the power-drunk moonbats that largely comprise urban city councils. Newly elected Councilman Carlos Garcia of Phoenix is a case in point.

Garcia is best known for dressing like a hippy, bashing the police, and in general spouting the sort of moonbattery you would expect from Che Guevara. Last month, he was driving with a suspended license plate across the street from the Arizona State University campus in Phoenix when he was pulled over by ASU officers. Garcia produced documentation that did not pass muster.

Via ABC15 Arizona:

“There was no expiration date on the document and it did not readily show vehicle information,” said [Officer] Armenta in his report of the traffic stop. “The insurance company confirmed that there was a policy number, however, it was canceled for non payment as of August 19 of 2019.”

Garcia was cited, but refused to sign the ticket.

He denied the officers had jurisdiction.

“I had explained to Garcia that I was a certified police officer through the state of Arizona,” Armenta wrote.

Does that qualify him to expect a highly important City Councilman to obey the law like everyone else? Garcia apparently didn’t think so, so he played the “Do You Know Who I Am?” card.

Garcia told officers the car he was driving belonged to his father, but still questioned whether the officers made a good stop.

“I just need to look into that more to figure out how to get you guys out of here,” he said, then adding, “Well, do you want to see who I am?” before both officers walked away.

Leftists like Garcia achieve power by pretending that they will stick it to The Man on behalf of the little guy. Once in power, they become The Man and stick it to everyone else.

Wait, it gets worse.

The councilman says he met with ASU’s police chief to discuss officer jurisdiction outside of ASU’s downtown campus, as well as whether or not officers have undergone sensitivity training.

A few hours of nauseating and degrading “sensitivity training” for everyone in the department will teach ASU officers not to pull over Very Important Persons like Carlos Garcia.

On a tip from Varla.

Oct 18 2019

Seattle Pays $435 per Manhour to Clean Up After Bums

As noted yesterday, big money goes into the homelessness industry on the Left Coast. There are a lot of losers, namely taxpayers. But at least there are a few winners. KIRO’s Dori Monson reports on a contract he received from a tipster for cleaning up derelict encampments in Seattle:

This private company that the city of Seattle has contracted with gets $435 per technician, per labor hour. The overtime hourly rate per worker is $652.50. I’m not talking about an eight-member crew getting that much to split. I’m talking about every single homeless camp cleanup worker.

It’s nasty work, cleaning up drug needles and human waste, but not skilled work. Others were willing to do it for the much lower but still extravagant rate of $80 per manhour. But Seattle gave the job to the $435 per manhour bid. Sounds like somebody has friends in high places.

Again we see that the more money Big Government spends, no matter what it is ostensibly spent on, the more opportunities there are for graft and waste. If you want an honest and efficient government, you want the smallest government possible.

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