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Dec 04 2020

“Stand and Deliver,” the Song YouTube Doesn’t Want Heard

As predicted, Google/YouTube censored the Van Morrison/Eric Clapton song “Stand and Deliver.” It asks a question thought police apparatchiks don’t want anyone to hear: “Do you want to be a free man, or do you want to be a slave?” Fortunately, this excellent song challenging COVID-19 tyranny has turned up on BitChute:

America is only a free country to the extent it is not ruled by the totalitarians who run Silicon Valley. The Harris/Biden ticket would not have been competitive without the aggressive support of Big Tech, so those living in this country who are Americans in any meaningful sense could be in for a rough ride.

Dec 04 2020

Kudos to Kitson

Major kudos go to anyone with the courage to swim against the moonbat current. Nowhere is it stronger than in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles’ premier “lifestyle boutique,” Kitson, is going viral for blasting Democratic lawmakers and leftist celebrities with a massive display across their storefront.

One of the L.A.-based stores hung a variety of posters in their front windows depicting their “People of the Year,” which includes Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Hunter Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, actress and activist Alyssa Milano, Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and more.

These infamous moonbats are not displayed in a flattering light:

Pace Eric Holder and despite the cultural decay caused by liberalism, we are not a nation of cowards yet — not so long as some have the guts to rebel.

On tips from Kate P and Varla.

Dec 04 2020

Only the Elite Will Own Cars in Utopia

The liberal elite cannot abide regular Americans owning guns. The same goes for cars, and for the same reasons. Like the ability to defend yourself, the ability to transport yourself wherever you choose to go whenever you choose to go there makes you independent. The independent individual is anathema to progressives. In utopia, only the elite will own vehicles.

According to the rhetoric, soon we will all drive electric cars. But we won’t, because as noted at Patriot Post, it isn’t feasible:

Last year, Professor Richard Herrington of the Natural History Museum in London sent a letter to the British government after he and his colleagues analyzed what it would take to convert that nation’s cars to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2050… They concluded that such a conversion would require, based on 2018 mining levels, the entire world’s production of neodymium, three-quarters of its lithium production, and at least half of its copper production to produce the required number of EVs — just for the UK.

“Conservative” ecomoonbat Boris Johnson promises to ban gasoline and diesel cars by 2030.

Now consider America:

“The U.S. has about 276 million registered motor vehicles, or roughly nine times as many vehicles as the U.K.,” explains columnist Robert Bryce. “Thus, if Herrington’s numbers are right, electrifying all U.S. motor vehicles would require roughly 18 times the world’s current cobalt production, about nine times global neodymium output, nearly seven times global lithium production, and about four times world copper production.”

The mining required would hardly benefit the environment. Neither would generating that much electricity. It’s a good thing for Mother Nature that most of us cannot afford electric cars, even with the subsidies. As Bryce observes, “EVs are still too expensive for low- and middle-income consumers.”

Soon we won’t be able to afford more efficient internal combustion engine (ICE) cars either.

Automotive expert Eric Peters sees the proverbial writing on the wall, noting that “by 2030 not much else that isn’t electric will be built,” and the few cars that aren’t “will have been driven off the roads entirely by regulatory fiat and extortionate/punitive gas and registration fees” by 2040.

In short, he sees a world where government-imposed “polluter taxes” raise gas prices to $10 per gallon, and/or ICE vehicle registration fees to $5,000 per year, making such a vehicle unaffordable for the vast majority of car owners.

If this sounds familiar, you could be thinking of Biden’s flagrantly unconstitutional plans to punish gunowners with special taxes. Democrats also propose punitive taxes on ammunition.

No worries. If we can afford neither efficient cars nor electric ones, we can always take the light rail to go where the planners have decided we should go, according to their schedule. Meanwhile, the ruling class will zip around in Teslas.

On tips from Mark G.

Dec 04 2020

Van Morrison, Eric Clapton Enrage the Media

It isn’t likely to happen with Naomi Campbell, but sometimes celebrities do something right. You can tell this has happened when the media abruptly shifts from obsequious fawning to righteous denunciation.

A headline at Variety:

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Strike the Wrong Note About COVID-19

Tightly clutching her pearls, the author shrieks:

In what world are these two living?

The fact that they would decide to collaborate on a song slamming COVID-19 lockdowns, discouraging people from taking extreme precautions and wearing masks to protect themselves and others, is beyond unconscionable.

The crime of these classic rockers is to release the song “Stand and Deliver,” which objects to the COVID-19 tyranny that the media holds dearer even than celebrity worship.

For Van Morrison, this is not a first offense.

Earlier this fall, Morrison released three other songs protesting the ongoing lockdown in the U.K., where, by the way, some news reports state that as many as 75,000 lives have been lost.

Does he not understand that all these lives would have been saved had Britain jettisoned its long tradition of liberty so as to impose draconian lockdown decrees? Oh wait, that’s what Britain did. But too much tyranny is never enough to suit the MSM.

The great Eric Clapton has transgressed. Out comes the racism club:

When Clapton announced last week that he was teaming with Morrison on a fourth anti-lockdown song to raise money for struggling artists during the pandemic, racist remarks he made onstage at his concert in Birmingham, England, in 1976 about keeping “Britain white” were unearthed on Twitter. He got pummeled on social media — rightfully so…

Wanting to keep England English is even more “unconscionable” than wanting to keep it free. Eric Clapton, consider yourself canceled. Your music will vanish.

In contrast to the thought criminals Morrison and Clapton, moonbat celebrities are caressed with coos of praise:

Meanwhile, humanitarian Bruce Springsteen teamed with fellow New Jersey artists Jon Bon Jovi and Jon Stewart to launch a statewide “Wear a Friggin’ Mask!” billboard campaign in which the three are featured wearing COVID masks.

This trio actually stood up and delivered.

That could be why so many entertainers are moonbats like Springsteen and Bon Jovi. It gets them good press, and good press equals money.

Listen fast before YouTube censors this for standing up to authorities:

Maybe it’s a matter of taste, but that sure sounds better than anything I’ve heard from Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi.

On a tip from Lyle.


It didn’t take the apparatchiks at YouTube long to censor this song, as predicted. There was a time when no American would have put up with this level of censorship. Hear the song via BitChute here.

Dec 04 2020

Portraits in Glitterati Sociopathy: Naomi Campbell

Stylishly far-left veteran supermodel Naomi Campbell is a famous person, so we should care about her political opinions, since so many people seem to let the glitterati influence how they think and vote. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of her affection for the criminal socialist regime in Venezuela and for foreign criminals in Britain.

According to the Daily Mail, Campbell has been “campaigning to thwart the Home Office and stop 57 convicted Jamaican offenders from being booted out of the UK and deported back to their homeland.” Their offenses include murder, rape, and pedophilia.

There may be more to this than the militant racial solidarity that is rare among some races but virtually ubiquitous among others. Maybe it is sociopath solidarity:

The 50-year-old has been convicted of assault on four occasions, including spitting at and assaulting police officers. She has been accused of assault on a total of 11 occasions and was once banned from British Airways for life.

If we could find better role models than the putatively Beautiful People, we would have a brighter future.


Dec 04 2020

The 98 Symptoms of COVID-19

Authorities tell us “it’s time to cancel everything.” According to Dr Fauci himself, that includes Christmas. Fortunately, our fundamentally transformed society is developing new traditions to replace the old ones. For example, instead of the Twelve Days of Christmas, we have the Ninety-Eight Symptoms of COVID-19:

A survey conducted by Dr. Natalie Lambert of Indiana University School of Medicine and Survivor Corps analyzed the long-term experiences COVID-19 survivors are having with the virus. The COVID-19 ‘Long Hauler’ Symptoms Survey Report identified 98 long-lasting symptoms.

Symptoms include several that could help explain people voting for Joe Biden:

• Confusion

• Partial or Complete Loss of Sense of Smell

• Memory Problems

• Difficulty Concentrating or Focusing

Suspect yourself of having any of the symptoms and it might be time to get tested for the ChiCom virus. Otherwise, you could have it and never know.

If we spend the next year hysterically obsessed with illness, by next Christmas we might make it the 1,001 Symptoms of COVID-19.

On a tip from Stormfax.

Dec 04 2020

Moonbat Terrorists Sabotage Train Tracks

Since the establishment does more to encourage than to prevent leftist terrorism, no one should be surprised that it is becoming more serious. Moonbat terrorists have taken to sabotaging train tracks:

SAMANTHA FRANCES BROOKS, 27, and ELLEN BRENNAN REICHE, 23, both of Bellingham, Washington, were arrested Saturday night in Bellingham as they allegedly placed a ‘shunt’ on the tracks. A shunt disrupts the low level electrical current on the tracks and can disable various safety features.

This isn’t an isolated incident.

“Since January there have been 41 incidents of shunts placed on the BNSF tracks in Whatcom and Skagit counties—causing crossing guards to malfunction, interfering with automatic braking systems, and, in one case, causing the near-derailment of tanks of hazardous chemicals,” said U.S. Attorney Moran.

Placing shunts is so indiscriminately malevolent, you would think al Qaeda was behind it.

On ten occasions, shunts were placed in areas that disrupt the crossing guards where the tracks cross streets, so vehicles could have tried to cross the tracks unaware of the oncoming train. On the night of October 11, 2020, multiple shunts were placed in three different locations in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. The shunts triggered an automatic braking system on a train that was transporting hazardous and combustible material. The emergency braking then caused a portion of the train to decouple from the engine. Decoupling has the potential to cause a derailment—in this case—of tanker cars of flammable gas in a residential area.

No worries. Even if random innocent people end up getting killed, the important thing is that it is for a politically correct cause.

An Antifa website claimed responsibility for railway attacks in the area in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en Indians, because America exists on stolen land, et cetera.

Ellen Reiche’s vehicle was parked near the scene of the arrest, sporting a sticker on the back asserting that the USA should belong to Indians.

Occasion2B has some background on Reiche, despite the suspects’ apparent efforts to scrub themselves from the Internet. Pronouns have been corrected on the assumption that Reiche is female, although with moonbats, it isn’t easy to tell these days:

Reiche, who identifies as “non-binary” and uses “they/them” pronouns, was the deputy field organizer for Washington State Democrats, according to [her] now-deleted LinkedIn profile. …

Additionally, Reiche is a radical queer and environmental activist who co-founded the Bellingham Lesbian Collective. [She is] a co-host on “The L World” lesbian-themed podcast.

Deranged people are drawn to deranged ideas. This results in deranged behavior, which in turn results in innocent people getting hurt. This is what makes the ideology espoused by the education and media establishments so dangerous.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Keith D.

Dec 04 2020

Open Thread

But let me offer you my definition of social justice: I keep what I earn and you keep what you earn. Do you disagree? Well then tell me how much of what I earn belongs to you - and why? - Walter E. Williams

On a tip from Jack Bauer.

Dec 03 2020

Encounter With a Probable Biden Voter

Remember the famous scream at the end of the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

In the movie, that scream was used to call out humans who had not been replaced by hive-mind aliens. In 2020, similar but more aggressive behavior calls out people deemed to be out of compliance with COVID-19 regulations:

Not all Karens are female.

On a tip from ScrewyPuppy.

Dec 03 2020

Profiles in COVID-19 Tyranny: Sheila Kuehl

Although she is not a major figure in the Democratic Party, the COVID-19 hypocrisy of Sheila Kuehl is so flagrant that it would be remiss not to note it.

Just hours after Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl voted to ban outdoor dining at L.A. County’s 31,000 restaurants over COVID-19 safety concerns, she visited a restaurant in Santa Monica, where she dined outdoors, FOX 11 learned on Monday.

The senseless ban on outdoor dining is an inconvenience to customers. To those who work at them, it is a major problem, because they will likely become unemployed, and if Democrats take over in Washington, unemployment will remain high for years (due to hyper-regulation, higher minimum wage, excessive immigration, and overtaxation). To the owners of the thousands of establishments effected, it is not merely an inconvenience or a problem, but a catastrophe.

Lately Democrats brandish the word “science” almost as aggressively as they exploit the increasingly meaningless word “racism.” But as Liz Wheeler observes, the COVID-19 tyranny inflicted by bureaucrats like Kuehl has nothing to do with science:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Dec 03 2020

RIP Walter Williams

Let’s join Dinesh D’Souza in lamenting the passing of the great countermoonbat economist Walter Williams:

Having good intentions is so easy, a moonbat can do it. Actually making the world a better place as Walter Williams did is more difficult.

On a tip from ScrewyPuppy.

Dec 03 2020

Do As I Say, Not As I Do COVID-19 Update

“Do as I say, not as I do” could be the official motto of the liberal elite. It is implemented on a constant basis.

Today’s DAISNAID report features a big city mayor. No, it isn’t Denver’s Michael Hancock. From the Austin American-Statesman:

In early November, as health officials warned of [an] impending COVID-19 spike, Austin Mayor Steve Adler hosted an outdoor wedding and reception with 20 guests for his daughter at a trendy hotel near downtown.

The next morning, Adler and seven other wedding attendees boarded a private jet bound for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they vacationed for a week at a family timeshare.

At the time, the city officially recommended that gatherings be limited to 10 or fewer.

One night into the trip, Adler addressed Austin residents in a Facebook video: “We need to stay home if you can. This is not the time to relax. We are going to be looking really closely. … We may have to close things down if we are not careful.”

The wedding was okay though, because Adler says people practiced social distancing.

Adler added that masks were distributed, although he acknowledged that guests were “probably not” wearing them all the time.

Just so long as you have the mask in your pocket, you can always whip it out if someone starts sneezing in your face.

It might not be a big deal that Adler blows off his own government’s recommendations — except that as always with Democrats, there is coercion involved.

Adler has been involved heavily in the city’s COVID-19 response, taking what many considered a bold and politically risky step in March of canceling the South by Southwest Festival, a premier event and economic boon for the city, days before the first local cases were confirmed.

Every time bureaucrats cancel an event, people who would have earned money from it get hurt. Most of these people probably have less excess wealth than Adler.

Even CNN propagandists are choking on the COVID hypocrisy. Daily Caller reports:

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar blasted several Democratic leaders who have been caught breaking or skirting their own COVID-19 safety recommendations during a Wednesday afternoon segment of “CNN Newsroom.”

Keilar took aim at California Gov. Gavin Newsom, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, all of whom were publicly exposed for breaking COVID-19 regulations in various ways.

Let them have it, Brianna:

Nice scolding, but no one takes the hide off Democrats like Kayleigh McEnany. Via Not the Bee:

We will have to become accustomed to hypocrisy if the Party of Government isn’t turned back. Once limited government slips away, rules are for the ruled, not the rulers.

On tips from Lyle.

Dec 03 2020

Woke Minneapolis Sees 537% Rise in Carjackings

Minneapolis — site of the drug-induced martyrdom of career criminal George Floyd, ignition site of the hundreds of antipolice Black Lives Matter riots encouraged by the liberal establishment, and birthplace of the defund the police movement, where the openly pro-riot City Council promised to dismantle the police department — is in the news once again, this time for a remarkable rise in carjackings:

Over the past two months, Minneapolis police have logged more than 125 carjackings in the city…

Within a one-hour period Saturday morning, police reported three separate carjackings in southeast Minneapolis, including one where an elderly woman was struck on the head. Such attacks are up 537% this month when compared with last November.

Woke Minneapolis has more to offer than carjackings:

The spree comes amid a nearly unprecedented spike in violent crime, particularly shootings, since the May 25 killing [sic] of George Floyd in police custody and the civil unrest that followed.

In November, the toll of people shot this year surpassed 500 in Minneapolis, the most in 15 years. Seventy-nine homicides is the highest count since the mid-1990s, an era when the city earned the grim moniker “Murderapolis.”

At least the leftists running Murderapolis have learned their lesson and will stop undermining the police in the name of their grotesque ideology, right? Wrong:

Several members of the council introduced a plan Friday that would institute additional cuts to the Minneapolis Police Department and make the city’s reduction in law enforcement permanent. The plan would cut about $8 million from the police budget and shrink the MPD force by 15%.

Being liberal means never having to say you’re sorry, because no matter how bad your moonbattery blows up in everyone’s face, it is somebody else’s fault. No doubt systemic racism or economic inequality is to blame for the transition of Minneapolis into New Mogadishu.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Dec 03 2020

Roman History Slated for Erasure

If all the great figures of Southern history and even the South itself as a cultural entity must be erased because of slavery, what about the ancient Romans? They had slaves.

Sure enough, Ivy League wokesters are already frog-marching classical Rome to the memory hole, although it isn’t because of slaves:

Is there room for ancient history in the Ivy League? A group called Decolonization at Brown doesn’t think so. It demands the university tear down statues of two Roman emperors, Caesar Augustus and Marcus Aurelius, on the ground that they “celebrate ongoing colonialism in the United States and idealize white, Western civilization—both of which continue to cause harm at Brown today,” as four of the decolonizers put it in an op-ed for the student newspaper, the Brown Daily Herald.

Progressives quickly escalated their war on statues from Robert E. Lee to the Founding Fathers and Christopher Columbus. They want to erase not just the South, but America as a whole. They hate it because it represents Western Civilization and is mainly populated by Caucasians.

Critical theory aims to undermine not America per se, but the West. Political correctness would phase out not just flyover state deplorables, but the European race. The ideology that has appropriated the name “liberalism” is truly an existential threat.

On a tip from Varla.

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