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Jan 31 2023

6,000 Gallons to Put Out Spontaneously Igniting Tesla

In case social engineers really do manage to force us into unaffordable and unreliable electric cars, now would be a good time to invest in fire-retardant clothing. The clothing had better be water-resistant too:

A Tesla Model S “spontaneously” burst into flames Saturday afternoon in California while driving on a freeway, officials said. …

Fire officials said the vehicle was traveling “freeway speeds” when the sudden combustion occurred and that “nothing unusual” happened prior to the fire. …

Firefighters used about 6,000 gallons of water to extinguish the flames as the Tesla’s battery cells continued to combust.

Meanwhile, moonbats want us to eat seaweed because it will supposedly save a little water, which the world is running out of, according to their ideology.

It can take tens of thousands of gallons to put out the fire after EVs spontaneously ignite. The fires are hotter than normal engine fires and difficult to extinguish with traditional methods. Then they might spontaneously reignite a few days later, due to latent heat, like a trick birthday candle coming back to life after you blow it out.

EVs may cost a lot more than real cars, but at least you can make some of the money back because they are cheaper to fuel, right? Wrong:

“In Q4 2022, typical mid-priced ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car drivers paid about $11.29 to fuel their vehicles for 100 miles of driving. That cost was around $0.31 cheaper than the amount paid by mid-priced EV drivers charging mostly at home, and over $3 less than the cost borne by comparable EV drivers charging commercially,” Anderson Economic Group (AEG) said in an analysis.

We are down to one reason to drive an electric vehicle: sheer moonbattery. If they made any sense, Big Government would not need to bribe people to buy them with other people’s money.

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Jan 31 2023

Tyre Nichols Killing Was Caused by Erosion

When five black cops working for a black police chief in a majority black city beat to death a black guy, people looked for explanations for how this could have happened. The media establishment, applying the When All You’ve Got Is a Hammer principle, jumped the shark completely with the risibly preposterous assertion that white racism is to blame for the Tyre Nichols killing. The actual explanation is erosion — of both standards because of Affirmative Action and the War on Police, and the family because of sexual immorality and the welfare state.

Regarding the erosion of standards:

At least two out of of five Memphis police officers charged with murder in the fatal beatdown of Tyre Nichols joined the force after the department relaxed its hiring requirements.

Tadarrius Bean and Demetrius Haley joined the Memphis PD in August 2020, after education requirements were lowered.

Retired NYPD detective Mike Alcazar, who teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, notes that this results in “less desirable” candidates.

“They’re desperate. They want police officers,” Alcazar said. “They’re going through it, they check off some boxes, saying, ‘Ok, they’re good enough, get them on.’”

Here’s how desperate:

The department showed signs of struggle with recruiting new police officers, offering $15,000 signing bonuses in 2021 and 2022, Fox 13 reported. …

The department also revealed that [it] was even offering waivers for people who have been convicted on felony charges.

Urban police departments are desperate to find recruits because the heavy emphasis on Affirmative Action shrinks the pool of candidates, and because the liberal establishment’s ferocious hostility to local police — which became conspicuous during the promotion of Black Lives Matter — has made the job unappealing. Few want to put their lives on the line with their hands tied, knowing that politically motivated brass will not have their back, and that the vermin comprising the mainstream media will side with criminals to rally the public against them.

Speaking of Affirmative Action, Memphis is one of the many cities that just happens to have a black woman for a police chief:

Cerelyn “CJ” Davis … was fired from the Atlanta police department in 2008 for her alleged involvement in a sex crimes investigation into the husband of an Atlanta police sergeant…

Two detectives accused Davis of telling them not to investigate Terrill Marion Crane, who was married to sergeant Tonya Crane after the police department obtained photos of him with underage girls.

A federal grand jury later indicted Terrill Crane on child pornography.

Thanks to identity politics, Davis will always be qualified for a top job, no matter how spectacularly she fails.

Personnel standards are not the only conspicuous manifestation of the moonbattery eroding America. Jason Whitlock enraged liberals by coming on Tucker Carlson’s show and drawing attention to what they would call “root causes.” Whitlock confesses to escaping the plantation:

I argued that the five police officers mimicked gang behavior and that the whole sad event is a byproduct of communities overrun with matriarchal values and controlled by single black mothers. I said that the conversation we should be having in reaction to Tyre Nichols centers on the cost of destroying the black family.

For this, the liberal thought police at Google’s YouTube labeled video of his appearance on Tucker Carlson as “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences” — the ultimate endorsement.

As usual, Whitlock makes good points. The intelligentsia was particularly enraged by his…

…attempt to spark a conversation about the real ramifications of America’s growing preference for female authority and alternative family structures. The matriarchy doesn’t work.

The black urban matriarchy has resulted from fatherless homes, resulting in turn from the stratospheric illegitimacy rate caused by the welfare state and the collapse of sexual morality.

General decay of our culture as it is presented to us by the lefty-dominated news and entertainment media also plays a role.

[The Nichols killing] feels like the outgrowth of a rotten culture, a culture where black men are canonized and celebrated for handling petty beefs and disrespect with lethal violence.

Whitlock’s solution is Christianity. It worked for 2,000 years. In stark contrast, liberalism is not working.

CNN’s Van Jones speaks for the establishment by barking about the Nichols killing being “driven by racism.” The implied solution is to double down on the progressive policies that caused the erosion.

No wonder CNN viewership just hit a 9-year low. The pernicious lies comprising the liberal misinformation bubble are so divorced from anything real, they only resonate with fanatics who live in an alternate universe of sheer moonbattery.

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Jan 31 2023

Open Thread

Now you ask a group of young women on the college campus, 'How many of you are feminists?' Very few will raise their hands because young women don't want to be associated with it anymore because they know it means male-bashing, it means being a victim, and it means being bitter and angry. - Christina Hoff Sommers

Jan 30 2023

Pentagon Officials Want to Send Ukraine F-16s

In his farewell presidential address, Dwight Eisenhower — supreme commander of Allied forces in western Europe during World War II — warned us of the menace the military–industrial complex already posed to America.

“The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

To get an idea of how disastrous misplaced power can be, the leftist kooks running the USA and Germany are plunging headlong into a nuclear war with Russia over a local matter that is none of our business. The clueless tool Biden has already agreed to send 31 Abram tanks that we don’t have to spare to the corrupt and repressive government of Ukraine, even after acknowledging that a similar act would launch World War III. Not enough; now high-placed maniacs want to send fighter jets:

Pentagon officials want to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to fight Putin, after Volodymyr Zelensky’s army secured tanks from Germany and the US. …

Deputy national security adviser Jonathan J. Finer claimed that while there is no set decision, the possibility is not off the table – but top brass are said to be keen. …

A US senior defense official added: ‘I don’t think we are opposed.’

After all, we have behaved with senseless recklessness for months now without setting off Armageddon.

The US has provided military support to Ukraine by deploying devastating missile systems, thousands of vehicles and more than 100 million pieces of ammunition.

Before the invasion, even the idea of supplying lethal aid to Ukraine was highly controversial but Western supplies have since shattered taboo after taboo.

Which straw will break the camel’s back by convincing Putin that Western nations really are at war with him as Germany’s moonbat foreign minister says, and his only chance is to strike first with nuclear weapons?

The Pentagon wants to increase artillery production by 500% over 2 years so we can supply Ukraine. Someone is making a lot of taxpayer money off this. But the money will be hard to spend when the USA lays in radioactive ruins.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Jan 30 2023

Ivan Provorov’s Courage Appears to Be Contagious

When hockey player Ivan Provorov of the Philadelphia Flyers refused to be reduced to a billboard advertising depravity, his bravery sparked hope:

Liberals are furious because they know that one man’s courage can change a whole society, if others take inspiration from it.

Sure enough:

For the past six seasons, the Rangers have hosted “Pride Night Friday” at Madison Square Garden, and that tradition continued this year. On January 27, Michael James Scott, a Broadway star who identifies as gay, performed the national anthem. Andre Thomas, the co-chair of NYC Pride and Heritage of Pride, participated in the ceremonial, pre-game puck drop. The arena, especially the jumbotron, was emblazoned in “rainbow colors,” and members of the Rangers Blue Crew, the people responsible for inciting fan engagement, still carried rainbow-colored flags.

This is what we have come to expect of the NHL, which is as obnoxiously woke as every other sports league…

But the players themselves did not don any gear making reference, either by word or by symbol, to sexual relationships of any kind. Instead, they wore Reverse Retro jerseys, which depict the face of the Statue of Liberty.

Not only did they refuse to wear the ribbon, they shoved the fact that this is still America into the liberal establishment’s gasping red face.

Unsurprisingly, moonbats went ballistic:

“New York Rangers … FAIL to explain why they backtrack on promise,” a Daily Mail headline howled. Mollie Walker, the New York Post beat writer for the Rangers, complained that the team took an “otherwise a beautiful celebration of inclusivity” and turned it into a “slight” against “members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

David Kilmnick, the president of the LGBT Network in Queens, called the decision “a slap in the face.”

“If the Rangers are saying they’re going to be celebrating Pride Night, everybody needs to, for lack of a better term, ‘come out’ and celebrate,” Kilmnick insisted. “To give the OK to these hockey players to be homophobic is not celebrating pride.”

“Celebrating pride” — i.e., publicly pledging allegiance to degeneracy and perversion — should not be optional, from the woke point of view.

Rangers brass had promised that players would wear the jerseys promoting homosexuality. A statement was issued in hopes of placating the howling liberal mob:

“Our organization respects the LGBTQ+ community and we are proud to bring attention to important local community organizations as part of another great Pride Night,” the statement [groveled].


“In keeping with our organization’s core values, we support everyone’s individual right to respectfully express their beliefs,” it concluded.

Ivan Provorov had the guts to express his beliefs. Looks like Rangers players followed suit.

As the esteemed Ron DeSantis proved, push the PC invertebrates running the NHL and they will step back.

Only a tiny percentage of the population is sick enough to actually believe in the liberal agenda. The rest go along out of weakness and cowardice. They conform to liberalism because liberals are so pushy. So when moonbats push, push back the other way — if only by refusing to wear the ribbon.

Kramer may also have provided inspiration.

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Jan 30 2023

Let Them Eat Seaweed

Sniff our haughty moonbat rulers: Let them eat crickets. Let them eat beetleburgers. Let them eat maggot butter. Let them eat weeds. Let them eat synthetic pseudofood. Let them eat plastic trash. Let them eat lentils. Let them eat grass. Let them eat larvae. Let them eat Chef Boyardee. Let them eat wind turbine blades. Let them drink cockroach milk. Let them eat seaweed:

An area of ocean almost the size of Australia could support commercial seaweed farming around the world, providing food for humans, feed supplements for cattle, and alternative fuels, according to new research.

Making us eat seaweed “could have profound benefits to land use, emissions reduction, water and fertiliser use,” according to the researchers.

However, there is a drawback:

A review in 2019 of the risks of expanding seaweed farming in Europe highlighted concerns farms could upset the balance of marine ecosystems…

Whatever we are allowed to eat when moonbats have sufficiently consolidated power to impose utopia, it won’t taste good. But at least it won’t be offensive to the climate.

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Jan 30 2023

British Murderer Identifies as Baby

Transsexuals have been flooding women’s prisons as they strategically embrace LGBT ideology. Liberals have sacrificed women, allowing even sex criminals into women’s prisons, predictably resulting in prisoners being impregnated. Yet moonbattery still has not reached the last extreme of absurdity. Somehow, they always manage to push it still further:

A transgender killer now identifies as an infant and demands nappies, a dummy, and baby food in prison, it is reported. Sophie Eastwood, 36, formerly known as Daniel Eastwood, was sentenced to life in prison in 2004 after using shoelaces to strangle her cellmate.

If authorities will cater to this maniac by calling him “her,” why not pretend he is an infant?

Eastwood, who has lived as a woman in Polmont prison in Brightons, Scotland, for four years, is now demanding prison staff treat her like a baby.

He insists that guards hold his hand when he is escorted from his cell.

Prison bosses are said to be taking the demands seriously.

Because of course they are. The lunatics are running the asylum.

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Jan 30 2023

Second Weakest Hurricane Season of Satellite Era

Liberal elite creepazoids gather in Davos to agree that we must eat bugs and radically lower our standard of living because otherwise our carbon emissions will continue to worsen the alleged climate emergency, causing ever more ferocious storms to wash us all away. Carbon levels really are climbing, thanks largely to communist China. Bjorn Lomborg illustrates the catastrophic effect on hurricane season:

Looks like there has been no effect, confirming that The Experts have been lying.

At this point, anyone who nods in agreement with the global warming hoax is either in on the hoax like the media is, is going along to get along because liberal establishmentarians react to dissent like a rabid dog to a kick in the face, or is a dupe.

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Jan 30 2023

Open Thread

The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world not destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside ... Horrid mischief would ensue were one half the world deprived of the use of them ... the weak will become prey to the strong. - Thomas Paine

Jan 29 2023

Teaching Is an Activist Profession

Don’t take my word for it that teaching has become an activist profession, serving less to educate than to indoctrinate. Out of the mouths of moonbats sometimes comes truth:

Squeaks the moonbat: “Teaching … absolutely is an activist profession.”

No wonder she [?] looks so pleased with herself. The advocacy being advocated has been working wonders. For example, in 2018, we read that transgenderism in children had jumped up by 4,000%. This mental health crisis continues to worsen alarmingly, in large part due to activism (a.k.a. grooming) by sexually deranged freakazoids drawn to the teaching profession by the opportunities it offers.

LGBTism is not the only toxin the activists running schools have been using to poison children’s minds. Hatred of the white race under the rubric of critical race theory and of humanity in general in the context of global warming propaganda is also prevalent.

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Jan 29 2023

Jane Fonda Blames Racism for Imaginary Climate Crisis

Jane Fonda personifies the liberal establishment better than ever, now that her advanced age emphasizes that it has passed its expiration date. Still she spews outlandish moonbattery:

“There’d be no climate crisis if it wasn’t for racism.”

That would explain why there is no climate crisis, since there is no significant racism in the sense she means. She does not refer to the epidemic of race hate directed at whites but to virtually nonexistent racism against identity groups favored by liberals.

Hollyweirdos live in a world of the unreal. So it should come as no surprise that the shallow frauds infesting it show no interest in real crises like the open border, impending economic collapse, and the growing possibility of nuclear war.

When asked to explain her preposterous assertion, Hanoi Jane screeched,

“Where would they put the sh—? Where would they put the poison and the pollution?”

The fictional climate crisis is based on the politically driven theory that CO2 — an essential nutrient for plants that is produced by literally all human activity — causes it to be too warm throughout the world. So harmless carbon dioxide must be what she means by “poison and pollution.”

In whatever serves her as a mind, CO2 is emitted only in black neighborhoods. This is done out of racial malice, so as to make blacks suffer from warmth. The “global” part of global warming has escaped her notice.

That an aging Tinseltown bimbo is an idiot and a kook is not the problem. The problem is that our culture places idiots and kooks on pedestals and listens to what they say.

As usual with liberal elitists, the idiocy and kookiness are served smothered in Marx-based hypocrisy:

“They’re not gonna put it in Bel Air. They’ve got to find someplace where poor people or indigenous people or people of color are living,” continued Fonda, herself worth an estimated $200 million after a six-decade career in entertainment. “Put it there. They can’t fight back. And that’s why a big part of the climate movement now has to do with climate justice.”

Hanoi Jane says that everything liberals denounce — “sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, whatever” — is connected. That much she has right. With moonbats, the issue is never the issue. The issue is always moonbattery — which can be defined as the desecration and destruction of civilization by leftists out of malice and lust for power.

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Jan 29 2023

Children Submersed in Depravity at Texas Drag Show

See liberal child-rearing in action as woke parents subject children to the disgusting culture of our degenerate overlords:

The Blaze reports:

BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales exposed a family-friendly bingo and drag show in Princeton, Texas. Video recorded by Gonzales shows children scooping up tip money for the drag show performers.

Princeton TX Diverse presented a “Beauty and the Bingo” drag show at the Steve & Judy Deffibaugh Community Center on Saturday afternoon. …

Princeton TX Diverse is an organization that believes “everyone is welcome here, no matter their age…”

Our current society may be most remembered for the public targeting of children by perverted weirdos dressed as hypersexualized parodies of women. Recent examples from Texas:

In December, an “all-ages” event titled “The Island of Misfit Toys Drive & Drag Show” was held in San Antonio. The show included a screening of the Christmas classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

In November, a bookstore in Denton hosted a “transgender storytime” for children. BlazeTV personality Alex Stein mocked Antifa members who were guarding the event.

In June, a Texas gay bar hosted a “Drag the Kids to Pride” event where drag queen dancers provocatively gyrated in front of children as young as toddlers. The promoters labeled the event as the “ultimate family-friendly pride experience.”

Imagine what must be going on in the liberal havens of the Left Coast and Northeast, where no one would think to complain.

“That right there is our future,” crows the bearded drag queen as he watches little kids pick up money from the floor on his behalf. If we are going to let this be our future, maybe it is for the best if the reckless morons running our government manage to corner Russia into nuclear war.

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Jan 29 2023

Working on Our Whiteness

Robin DiAngelo’s brand of antiwhite race hate has paid off so opulently, blond-haired blue-eyed Willamette University sociology and ethnic studies professor Emily Drew wants in on the action. She will promote herself by presenting “Conversation Project: Working on Our Whiteness,” an orgy of racial self-flagellation scheduled to take place at the Salem Public Library on February 15.

Oregon Humanities provides a description:

How can white people engage in efforts to dismantle racism in ways that do not reproduce or place unfair burdens upon people of color to be our teachers? This conversation is for white people to reflect together on what it means to “do our work” as white people, which includes taking responsibility for one another, educating ourselves, and coming to view other white people as our partners—not competition—in developing antiracist identity.

Educate yourselves, white people! Do the work by begging forgiveness for belonging to the race that gave the world limited government, flight, modern agriculture, modern medicine, electricity, computers, the Internet, et cetera.

Drew’s work is driven by a long-term commitment to social justice struggles. She has been actively engaged in anti-racism organizing and activism for more than twenty years, and serves as a co-trainer of “Understanding Institutional Racism” workshops for Crossroads Anti-Racism Organizing and Training. She works as a strategic planner with public school districts, universities, and community-based organizations across the country to develop and implement long-term commitments to multicultural diversity.

People actually make money hectoring Caucasians to repent of their race. The degrees in victim studies that we all help pay for are not completely useless after all.

Via College Fix:

Drew is a regular speaker on how white people need to become better people. For example, she gave a talk at another Oregon library in 2018 titled “Challenging Our Inner Becky: Interventions of White Women-ness in Our Community.” “Becky,” like the name “Karen,” is used as a stereotype against an overbearing or annoying white woman.

Haters of obnoxious white women should consider discarding Becky and Karen in favor of Emily.

Telling whites how to be better people is too easy. Why not try something challenging? Emily Drew ought to do a presentation explaining how moonbats could be worse people.

On a tip from Barry A.

Jan 29 2023

Open Thread

It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought...should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependent on words. - George Orwell

On a tip from Anonymous.


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