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Jul 12 2024

People Are Getting Locked Inside EVs

Here’s yet another reason not to buy an electric vehicle, no matter how much of other people’s money Democrats provide in subsidies. You might get locked inside:

[O]ver this summer alone, there have been numerous reports of people being trapped inside EVs due to dead batteries. In some of these cases, toddlers have been locked inside of sweltering cars.

In one example, on June 20, Renee Sanchez was eager to take her two-year-old granddaughter to the Phoenix Zoo. Early that morning, Sanchez strapped the toddler into the backseat of her Model Y Tesla. After closing the rear door, Sanchez attempted to open the front door. However, it would not open because the battery was dead.

The forecasted high for today here in Phoenix is 116°. Within an hour, the temperature inside parked cars can reach 160° — hot enough to fry an egg. Every year there are tragic news stories about children killed by the heat because they were left in cars.

You don’t need to live in Phoenix to get cooked inside a car. EVs are so infamous for spontaneously bursting into flames that one jurisdiction has mandated fire blankets at charging stations. Imagine getting locked inside this moonbatmobile:

Democrats want to force us into them. That’s all you need to know to steer clear of EVs.

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Jul 12 2024

Dems in Senate Greenlight Voting by Illegal Aliens

Sure enough, Democrats are no longer hiding the ball regarding election fraud. The next time you hear one screech about threats to “our democracy,” remind him/her/zir/it of this:

We have to allow foreign invaders who are in the country illegally to enslave us via the welfare state by voting for the Democratic Party, because otherwise the sort of people who hate regular Americans for being white will call us racists:

It isn’t just conspicuous traitors like John Kerry and influence peddlers like Joe Biden. The Democratic Party is treasonous to its core.

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Jul 12 2024

Sensible Talk From John Kerry?

Back in 2004, this website was created primarily out of horror that the treasonous lowlife John Kerry was nearly elected president of the USA. But give credit where it is due; in the video below, he talks a lot of sense:

Oh wait, this video is from 2018. Although almost everything he said would apply perfectly to Joe Biden, Hanoi John was referring to Trump —who was our best president since Reagan.

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Jul 12 2024

Springfield, Ohio Annexed by Haiti

You would think that a small town deep in the heartland of America would be safe from foreign conquest — especially by the most backward and dysfunctional country on the planet. Yet under Democrat rule, Springfield, Ohio (pop. 58,662) has been annexed by Haiti:

The town situated just west of the state capitol in Columbus has been a target of Haitian immigrants at least since 2014, and in the ensuing years, some ten thousand had moved to the Rust Belt town. But in the last four years alone, that population has ballooned to more than 20,000. …

Town services are being stretched thin, and costs for translating services, housing, and legal services have become a major expense.

One advantage of being the conquerors rather than the conquered is that the latter has to pay the former’s bills.

Haitians have become more obtrusive by driving illegally, piling into apartments and homes by the dozens, filling local schools with children who need special care in education and language services, and increasingly becoming a focus for government spending.

The conquest is explicit:

Residents are becoming uneasy as their town becomes increasingly decorated with Haitian flags, for instance. And some expressed concern when the Haitian flag was raised at City Hall instead of the U.S. flag during the city’s flag day celebrations.

Beyond the humiliating symbolism, Third World occupation kills American children. For example, last year…

…migrant Hermanio Joseph drove a 2010 Honda Odyssey into oncoming traffic causing a school bus filled with children on their way to their first day of school to spin out of control and flip over.

The accident left 11-year-old Aiden Clark dead and a dozen other children injured, some seriously.

Hermanio Joseph did not have a driver’s license — not that this would stop him from driving or voting.

If you own property in a town Democrats have done this to, it might be wise not to bother trying to sell it; just get the hell out and count yourself lucky to have escaped. If they hold on to power much longer, the same advice will apply to America in general.

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Jul 12 2024

Fire Blankets Required at EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are such a good idea, they require massive (strategically targeted) subsidies and strongarming from the government to get anyone to buy them. They are so safe that fire blankets are needed at EV charging stations:

The city of Milton [Georgia] will now place fire blankets at its non-residential electric vehicle charging stations. …

Deputy Fire Chief and Fire Marshall Alex Fortner told the council the measure was a “proactive attempt” to limit the damage if an electric vehicle catches on fire.

According to Fortner, cars with lithium-ion batteries can need up to 30,000 gallons of water if they catch fire. That’s 60 times as many as the average vehicle with a combustion engine.

What a great time to buy stock in whatever company makes fire blankets. The Biden Regime is building 500,000 mostly unwanted charging stations at an estimated cost to us of $400,000,000,000.00.

Some might worry that forcing everyone into EVs will burden a destabilized electrical grid that will be under increasing stress as Democrats incrementally impose inefficient green energy. Actually, the reverse is true; the government can use EVs to take energy out of our cars. Naturally, California has been out front on this.

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Jul 12 2024

Illegal Alien Knifes Children in Wisconsin

It isn’t only in Europe that the tsunami of immigrants from the savage Third World poses a threat to children:

Victor Manuel Gomez-Acosta was arrested in Abbotsford, Wisconsin for the violent stabbing deaths of two children on July 5.

Like millions of others, Gomez-Acosta is in the country illegally, making the Biden Administration complicit in this:

When police discovered them, each child had between 16–20 stab wounds and they were found dead in a bedroom.

If only there had been some indication that it was not a good idea to let Gomez-Acosta run around loose in our country. Oh wait:

Just two months earlier, on May 5, Gomez-Acosta was arrested for drunk driving and speeding. Court records show that he pled not guilty to the charges through an interpreter and was set free on a $1,000 bond. There was no mention of his immigration status and whether he held a valid driver’s license.

What, he had to pay cash bail? Democrats would call that oppression.

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Jul 12 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

Jul 11 2024

Biden Outpaces Parody

Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni does a fair Joe Biden imitation…

…but the real thing is worse yet. Here’s Biden confusing $zillion largesse recipient Volodymyr Zelensky with his arch enemy Putin:

Possibly more revealingly, he confuses his no doubt impatiently waiting replacement Kamala Queen of DEI with his own arch enemy Trump:

If Meloni really wants to capture Biden’s mental state with a facial expression, she needs to do more than cross and roll her eyes. Maybe she could learn from Jim Carrey.

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Jul 11 2024

LGBTists Oppose Restricting Child Sex Trafficking

Protecting children from sex trafficking might seem like a good thing…

Senate Bill 1414 (SB 1414), introduced in the California Senate by Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield), aims to [change] soliciting sex from a minor a felony.

…but actually it is bigoted, because cracking down on child prostitution would have a disparate impact on the LGBT community — according to that same community:

People who construct their public identity around being perverts are more likely to commit sex crimes against children? Couldn’t be. Even to suggest it is homophobic.

Yet Kara McKinney and Lauren Chen persist in their thoughtcrime:

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Jul 11 2024

Migrants Rape Children Without Serious Consequence

Surprising news: it is actually possible for an illegal immigrant to get deported from Germany. When they go, they leave the country in style:

Germany chartered a luxury private jet to deport a migrant child rapist back to his home country after he was convicted of brutally raping a little girl.

The horrific crime occurred in June of 2019 in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. A 9-year-old girl left her home to play in the nearby Elbe meadows, carrying her teddy bear with her as she walked. It was then that she was spotted by a 27-year-old man from Niger…

The illegal immigrant, identified only as “Seydou N,” raped the little girl at knifepoint, for which he was given a 5½-year wrist slap. Less than 4 years into it, he was sent home on a private jet. The cost of the deportation was €120,000.

Time will tell how long it takes Seydou N. to show up in Germany again. Or maybe Biden’s open border will draw him to the USA.

Meanwhile, up in Sweden:

Two Afghan migrants are facing light sentences after being convicted of raping a young girl and filming the assault. Irshad Ahmad and Elham Bahram will not face deportation from Sweden as the two were granted citizenship approximately four years ago.

The 13-year-old girl was raped at knifepoint in the Islamic colony Malmö, infamous for being a no-go zone largely off limits to Swedes.

Since they were only 16 years old at the time, their wrist slaps were even milder:

On July 2, the Malmö District Court convicted Irshad of aggravated rape against a child, offensive photography, child pornography, and additional assaults against two other girls. But, due to his young age, Irshad will not be sent to prison and will instead spend 10 months in youth residential care.

Elham was similarly convicted for the aggravated rape of a child and spared prison. He has been sentenced to 1 year of youth supervision, and the sentence will be carried out in the community.

They were ordered to pay ~$34,000 in restitution to the little girl they recorded themselves raping, but since Sweden’s replacement population does not tend to generate wealth, taxpayers will likely pay it.

If the leftists running Europe and North America were deliberately trying to enrage the native population, what would they do differently?

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Jul 11 2024

Democrats Not Hiding the Ball on Election Fraud

The main objective of the contrived hysteria following January 6 was not to hype a minor riot in a time of riots into an “insurrection” so as to unfairly wrap it around Trump’s neck and make him look bad. The point was the draconian punishment, whereby tourists caught up in a protest against election fraud might find themselves hunted down and thrown into solitary confinement. The message came across loud and clear: protest against rigged elections and the federal government may come down on you full force.

Democrats were foresighted to keep open the option of widespread fraud, considering their current predicament. It is beyond obvious that the corrupt, incompetent, and conspicuously senile leftist Joe Biden is unelectable. Even if he won’t step aside, the 25th Amendment could clear the way for a more serious candidate. But they have none in a position to secure the nomination. Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom are even more widely hated than Biden.

So it will come down to election fraud. Whether due to arrogance or desperation, Democrats aren’t even trying to hide the ball anymore. For example:

Democrat positioning in Michigan is alarming:

Senate bills 603 and 604 modify the requirements for conducting ballot recounts and prosecuting election-related crimes. …

Among other changes, the law will eliminate the board of canvasser’s investigative powers, instead requiring the board to refer any allegations of fraud to the relevant county prosecutor, rather than conducting a recount. …

Opponents say eliminating the canvassers’ investigatory powers and scrapping protections against election worker interference will make fraud more difficult to address and compromise election security. …

The new laws are effective immediately and will apply to the August primary races.

The many millions of illegal aliens Biden has imported to displace us will play a major role:

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Jul 11 2024

Stores Threatened With Fine for Reporting Crime

Due to the woke policies of letting criminals run free, effectively legalizing shoplifting, and marginalizing police, shoplifting is out of control in California. For every problem created by liberals, there is a liberal solution:

The Sacramento City Attorney’s Office warned a chain retail store that it could face a public nuisance charge due to a large number of phone calls placed to police when thieves repeatedly stole from its Land Park location.

This particular store is a Target.

The alleged warning issued by Sacramento city officials — and similar actions by other cities across the state — prompted lawmakers to add an amendment to a retail theft bill that would outlaw such threats made by authorities. Pursuing legal actions against businesses for reporting crime brought heavy criticism from law enforcement.

No doubt this criticism constitutes evidence of systemic racism, for reasons of disparate impact.

The alleged warnings by city officials statewide may affect what crime data is reported as businesses contend with the potential of facing legal action for reporting retail theft…

Threaten to fine people for reporting crime and presto: lower official crime rate. No wonder liberals regard themselves as so much smarter than the law-abiding little people they rule over.

Stores themselves aren’t the only victims:

Land Park Community Association members said the frequent criminal activity at the Target has prompted residents to record instances of crime, according one report by Ch. 13, the Sacramento CBS affiliate. Kristina Rogers, president of the association, also complained in the report about how the crime hitting the business bleeds into the neighborhood.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Moonbattery has the opposite effect.

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Jul 11 2024

Germans Keep Releasing Nigerian Maniac

An unnamed Nigerian demonstrates how left-wing lawlessness helps Germany’s replacement population enrich the multicultural tapestry:

On Friday, at 12:45 p.m., the man grabbed a 9-year-old boy at the main station in Karlsruhe in the state of Baden-Würtemberg, located in the southwest of Germany. Police intervened to save the boy, and the African man bit one of the officers, while three police suffered abrasions during the scuffle.

Then, 13 hours later, the same man wanted to travel without a ticket and got on a night train at 1:50 a.m.

Again the police confronted him. It didn’t turn out well:

“The man put up considerable resistance and repeatedly stabbed the officers from behind with the blade of a cutter knife,” said a police spokeswoman. One of the officers was stabbed in the head, arm and hand, while another officer was cut on his leg.

At least the public is now safe from this maniac, right? Wrong. Under moonbat rule, those in charge are on his side.

Despite attempts to charge the man, the public prosecutor released the Nigerian.

He immediately went back to riding the train without purchasing a ticket, and on Saturday at 7 a.m., a police spokeswoman described how he once again attacked a federal police officer when he was stopped.

He was arrested again, but…

The man was simply released by a public prosecutor even after the officers applied for an arrest warrant twice.

I thought it was only in the USA that George Soros is in charge of appointing prosecutors.

Either we scrape moonbats from power or civilization collapses.

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Jul 11 2024

Open Thread

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. - Winston Churchill

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