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Jan 31 2012

Muppets Go Partisan

As the divisive Age of Obama continues to polarize America, there is no escape from the partisan moonbattery. Here the Muppets wallow in it with appropriate childishness:

When liberal propaganda becomes this ubiquitous, you do have to take it seriously, no matter how absurd its mouthpieces.

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Jan 31 2012

Obama Creates 22 Million I Mean 3 Million Jobs

They must be running the teleprompter too fast for him:

Why not stick with 22 million, or hike it up to 22 billion? The numbers are pulled out of thin air anyway.

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Jan 31 2012

Run, Jay! Run!

The Bitter Half is scheduled to appear on Jay Leno tonight. If he’s wise, the host won’t show up:

michelle obama leno tweet

michelle obama garden

Not a bad time to get out of Dodge.

Compliments of Mary.

Jan 31 2012

Rick Santorum: The Tim Tebow of Politics?

Although he’s trailing, the GOP race has been so volatile that the only conservative left in it could still pull out a win. But what then? Between the mainstream media and Obama’s $billion war chest, the demonization campaign against Rick Santorum would be vicious, relentless, and ubiquitous. With his emphasis of faith, family values, and freedom, he perfectly embodies everything the liberal establishment most hates. He would be gleefully cast as a cross between Ward Cleaver and the Church Lady, a nerdy throwback American Mullah Omar. The entire liberal establishment, which controls most everything we see on TV, would devote itself to reducing him to a laughing stock — like they did with Tim Tebow.

For awhile you couldn’t even watch sports on the local news without seeing denunciations of Tebow interspersed with clips from a humorless Saturday Night Live segment ridiculing him for his faith. That’s the sort of wall-to-wall derision Santorum would be exposed to as the nominee. But the media campaign against Tebow didn’t turn out so well:

The Denver Broncos quarterback finished first in an ESPN Sports Poll asking Americans about their favorite active athlete.

The more degenerates assail Tebow for being good, the more people love him. Liberals would not be able to refrain from attacking Santorum on the same grounds, because decency is a stick in their eye and because they have nothing else. With any luck the response would be the same; the harder the establishment pushes, the harder the public would push back.

In contrast, the case the media would make against Gingrich — that he’s a creep, a beltway swamp creature, amoral, untrustworthy, phony, pompous, insufferably condescending, et cetera — would resonate in too many ears for defense to be possible. If all he can do in response to Romney’s ads is alternatively whine like a sore loser and denounce his opponent as a capitalist, imagine how ineffectual Newt would be against the Obama/”mainstream” media machine.

If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.
Jan 31 2012

Most Polarizing President Ever

Even before his catastrophic election, it was hard not to guffaw when his Kool-Aid–guzzling supporters dreamily averred that electing a radical left community organizer on the strength of his black skin and Muslim background would unite the country. Three grueling years of economic misery and eroded liberty later, even his amen corner at the Washington Post admits that Barack Hussein Obama has been the most polarizing president ever:

For 2011, Obama’s third year in office, an average of 80 percent of Democrats approved of the job he was doing in Gallup tracking polls, as compared to 12 percent of Republicans who felt the same way. That’s a 68-point partisan gap, the highest for any president’s third year in office — ever.

In 2010, the partisan gap between how Obama was viewed by Democrats versus Republicans stood at 68 percent; in 2009, it was 65 percent. Both were the highest marks ever for a president’s second and first years in office, respectively.

Expect the polarization to continue even if the class warrior is dislodged from power. If we can’t all agree that his presidency has been an unmitigated disaster, then it’s unlikely we will concur on anything any time soon.

obama class warrior
Surprise: our center-right country isn’t entirely on board with the agenda.

On tips from Shawn and J. Image via Zappatrust.

Jan 31 2012

Moonbat Marries Crumbling Warehouse

It would be impossible to desecrate the institution of holy matrimony any more profoundly than to call liaisons between same-sex perverts “marriages.” But that doesn’t mean moonbats can’t try:

A beaming bride, a crumbling warehouse — Babylonia Aivaz said it’s a love that will never die, as she exchanged wedding vows with the Seattle building on Sunday.

Aivaz and the 10th and Union warehouse entered into a self-described “gay marriage,” surrounded by friends singing of love and united against displacement in their neighborhood by means of new development.

Aivaz told the crowd of approximately 50 people about her relationship with the building, which is slated to be demolished in a week to make way for a new apartment complex.

The wedding ceremony even featured vegan cake. But not all local moonbats participated in the gala festivities.

While the majority of the crowd cheered for the love between the woman and the building, some disagreed with how Aivaz described it as a “gay marriage.”

“With the delicate nature of Washington state and the attempt to legalize gay marriage, I find her saying it’s a gay marriage disrespectful,” said Phoenix Lopez.

Lopez and others who held signs reading “This is not a gay marriage,” quietly stood in protest.

In Seattle, even marrying ruins in protest against urban renewal can get you attacked from the left.

Babylonia Aivaz married warehouse
The blushing bride.

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Jan 31 2012

The Racialist Dog and Pony Show

WaPo reports on a recent excursion by the Obamas:

The Obama family took in an art exhibit on Sunday at a museum that is practically in their backyard: The Corcoran Gallery of Art. The president walked a few short blocks with wife Michelle, and daughters Sasha and Malia to the Corcoran, where they saw the show “30 Americans,” an exhibition of contemporary African-American artists.

obamas 30 americans

By walking to this exhibition, half-black Barack and his mostly black clan signaled the media that they wanted to be noticed and photographed attending a display of “art” like “Duck, Duck, Noose,” by Gary Simmons:

duck duck noose

…and photography by Hank Willis Thomas:

hank willis thomas black power

Barack Hussein must have really loved this one:

obama painting

The exhibit was financed by the presumably wealthy and liberal Rubell family. What a surprise — they’re white:

rubell family

But then, so are these guys:

axelrod  buffett  george soros  ayers

The endlessly hyped race crap that put Obama in office and that his string-pullers hope will keep him there is as phony as the Manchurian Moonbat’s smile.

Compliments of Mary.

Jan 31 2012

Government Schools: Nice Work if You Can Get It

There is exactly one good thing about union-dominated government schools — they provide the ultimate cushy jobs:

In a defiant raspberry to the city Department of Education — and taxpayers — disgraced teacher Alan Rosenfeld, 66, won’t retire.

Deemed a danger to kids, the typing teacher with a $10 million real estate portfolio hasn’t been allowed in a classroom for more than a decade, but still collects $100,049 a year in city salary — plus health benefits, a growing pension nest egg, vacation and sick pay.

Thanks to tenure, Rosenfeld cannot be fired, despite this:

Accused in 2001 of making lewd comments and ogling eighth-grade girls’ butts at IS 347 in Queens, Rosenfeld was slapped with a week off without pay after the DOE failed to produce enough witnesses at a hearing.

But instead of returning Rosenfeld to the classroom, the DOE kept him in one of its notorious “rubber rooms,” where teachers in misconduct cases sat idle or napped. As The Post reported, Rosenfeld kept busy managing his many investment properties and working on his law practice. He’s a licensed attorney and real-estate broker.

Rosenfeld could retire, but why should he?

Rosenfeld could have retired four years ago at 62, but his pension grows by $1,700 for each year he stays — even without teaching. If he quit today, his annual pension would total an estimated $85,400.

New York has a rule for everything else, but no retirement age for government school teachers.

That let rubber-room granddaddy Roland Pierre make a mockery of the system. He finally retired at age 76 last year — 14 years after he was yanked from PS 138 in Brooklyn and never taught again. Criminal charges in 1997 that he molested a sixth-grade girl were dropped. He got $97,101 a year.

Taxpayers are bled pale to pay for this lunacy.

Imagine an education system with no involvement by unions or government. For a small fraction of the cost, kids might actually learn again.

alan rosenfeld
The charming public servant Alan Rosenfeld.

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Jan 31 2012

Michelle Malkin Makes the Case for Santorum

Hopefully Florida voters read up on the candidates at Michelle Malkin before heading for the polls. She makes a compelling case for the only conservative left in the race:

Rick Santorum opposed TARP.

He didn’t cave when Chicken Littles in Washington invoked a manufactured crisis in 2008. He didn’t follow the pro-bailout GOP crowd — including Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich — and he didn’t have to obfuscate or rationalize his position then or now, like Rick Perry and Herman Cain did. He also opposed the auto bailout, Freddie and Fannie bailout, and porkulus bills.

Santorum opposed individual health care mandates — clearly and forcefully — as far back as his 1994 U.S. Senate run. He has launched the most cogent, forceful fusillade against both Romney and Gingrich for their muddied, pro-individual health care mandate waters.

He voted against cap and trade in 2003, voted yes to drilling in ANWR, and unlike Romney and Gingrich, Santorum has never dabbled with eco-radicals like John Holdren, Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi. He hasn’t written any “Contracts with the Earth.”

Santorum is strong on border security, national security, and defense. Mitt the Flip-Flopper and Open Borders-Pandering Newt have been far less trustworthy on immigration enforcement.

Santorum is an eloquent spokesperson for the culture of life. He has been savaged and ridiculed by leftist elites for upholding traditional family values — not just in word, but in deed.

He won Iowa through hard work and competent campaign management. Santorum has improved in every GOP debate and gave his strongest performance last week in Florida, wherein he both dismantled Romneycare and popped the Newt bubble by directly challenging the front-runners’ character and candor without resorting to their petty tactics.

He rose above the fray by sticking to issues.

Most commendably, he refused to join Gingrich and Perry in indulging in the contemptible Occupier rhetoric against Romney. Character and honor matter. Santorum has it.

As for the worst option:

Then there’s Newt, who has long made a career out of trashing progressive Saul Alinsky while employing his tactics at every turn. I’ve been making this point for years and have chronicled his dalliances with leftists as long as anyone in the conservative blogosphere.

Many grass-roots conservatives were awakened to Newt’s double-talk and double-dealing during the NY-23 race. Inconvenient truth: Newt’s transgressions are not from decades ago. It’s not ancient history. It’s here and now. Readers of this blog know the truth: It’s not just “the GOP establishment” that’s repulsed by Gingrich’s combination of moral baggage and K Street/Beltway culture of corruption. It’s the very grass-roots that Gingrich’s cheerleaders purport to represent.

If you aren’t sure whether to take a given conservative pundit seriously, find out what they think about the thoroughly unacceptable Newt and you’ll have your answer.

As for Romney, he falls in the middle: less reliable than Santorum; a massive improvement on egomaniacal establishmentarian statists Gingrich and Obama. But why settle for a slippery moderate when there is still a chance a conservative countermoonbat could win?

Use your head, Florida.

On a tip from AC.

Jan 31 2012

Moonbat Tech: Folding Car

Once again moonbats use auto design to assault the dignity of those politically incorrect enough to drive:

A tiny revolutionary fold-up car designed in Spain’s Basque country as the answer to urban stress and pollution was unveiled Tuesday before hitting European cities in 2013.

The “Hiriko,” the Basque word for “urban,” is an electric two-seater with no doors whose motor is located in the wheels and which folds up like a child’s collapsible buggy, or stroller, for easy parking.

The Hiriko can’t go more than 75 miles without recharging. Progressive authoritarians will be particularly pleased that its “speed is electronically set to respect city limits.”

Better still would be a car that only lets us go where the masterminds have decided we should. But I’m forgetting: that’s the point of light rail boondoggles.

If you want to see the Hiriko fold up, just drive one around until you get rear-ended by a truck while waiting in traffic.

Even dumber than a Smart car.

On a tip from Winston Smith.

Jan 30 2012

Occupy Geniuses

Occucommies try their luck at introductory civics — and get a D:

Those on board with Obama’s promised fundamental transformation of America have only the vaguest clue what they’re trying to destroy.

On a tip from Shawn.

Jan 30 2012

Moonbats Boycott The Grey on Behalf of Wolves

Through the centuries, mankind’s archrival has been the wolf. Consequently, moonbats object to the new movie The Grey:

They say “The Grey” wrongly portrays wolves as massive, bloodthirsty beasts [no kidding]. And some wildlife groups are organizing a boycott.

When a plane crash strands a scruffy bunch of guys in the wilds of Alaska, they find themselves going mano a mano against some very mean looking wolves.

“I sat in a theater and the trailer came on and … I was just, oh, I just felt sick when I saw it,” says Wendy Keefover of WildEarth Guardians, a group that’s trying to get the gray wolf back on the Endangered Species List.

According to Wendy,

“You know wolves are expressive, intelligent and emotive beings, and the crisis is not wolves killing people, but literally wolves being wiped out.”

Placing wolves on the Endangered Species List would literally wipe out most ranchers, as well as leading to more wolves killing people.

Instead of stamping her feet and pouting, Wendy ought to go to the movie and root for the wolves. Better still, she should go out into the forest and befriend these expressive and emotive beings, the way Timothy Treadwell did with bears.

A wolf emotes expressively.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tip: Black Bear Blog.

Jan 30 2012

Occucommie Kills His Parents

Springtime is coming early for the Occupy Wall Street movement. See how it continues to blossom in Oakland:

An adopted teenager was arrested on murder charges after police found the bodies of his parents, two highly-educated civil servants, stashed under a blanket inside the family car.

Police went to the house twice on Friday to check on Robert Kamin, 55, and Susan Poff, 50, after their employers reported that they didn’t show up for work.

After discovering the couple dead, police questioned their son, 15, who admitted to killing them in Oakland, California. …

Colleagues of the couple … told the San Francisco Chronicle that the couple had been having problems with their son, who they believed was spending too much time in the Occupy Oakland camp.

The Occupy movement attracts a certain type of person, as made obvious by their arrest counter. Whether it was moonbat ideology that actually set the kid off may never be known, but a quote from Bill Ayers, who has served as a political mentor to both Barack Obama and Occucommies, seems appropriate:

“Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.”

One problem with left-wing politics is that the impressionable and unbalanced may take the rhetoric seriously.

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Jan 30 2012

A Fool and Her Money

Modern art degenerated into psychotic fingerpaintings generations ago. How can moonbats continue to push the envelope, which must be done constantly so they can admire themselves for their hipster transgressiveness? Here’s an idea that also cuts down on the cost of art supplies:

Being an art lover can turn into an expensive endeavor, but to lay down some cold hard cash on works that don’t even exist is pushing the bounds of art appreciation to its breaking point. New media aficionado Aimee Davison doesn’t quite share that same viewpoint and she used her bank account to show it, spending $10,000 on a piece of non-existent artwork from the Museum of Non-Visible Art (MONA).

The MONA project is the work of artist duo Brainard and Delia Carey, along with actor James Franco. You might remember the intrepid trio launching a Kickstarter fundraising effort for the mythical museum last month. The most expensive item available for purchase from MONA was a $10,000 work titled Fresh Air, which is now the property of Ms. Davison.

For her 10 grand, Davison gets “a simple display card which explains the idea behind the art, and nothing more.” At least it should be easier to look at than some of the childish crap hanging at MoMA.

I call it, Polar Bear Eating Marshmallows in a Blizzard.

On a tip from Bob Roberts.

Jan 30 2012

Costa Concordia, Emblem of Socialist Europe

For the ultimate symbol of socialist Europe, look no further than the Costa Concordia:


From Wikipedia:

In 2010, Costa Concordia provided the decadent setting for Jean-Luc Godard’s film Film Socialisme (in English: Socialism).

Socialism was so bad that not even the pretentious liberal elitists at The Guardian could stomach it.

If the ship symbolizes Europe’s socialist economy, the captain personifies its political leadership:

While the Costa Concordia cruise ship started to sink… while men, women, and children panicked… while lifeboats were lowered and people prayed for rescue… Captain Francesco Schettino sat in a lifeboat and watched.

Under Democrats and big-spending RINOs, Americans are in the same boat, so to speak.

Hopefully Europeans will take this as an omen and reverse course. Their economies are already listing and taking on water.

On a tip from TXShep.

Jan 30 2012

Occupy Oakland Erupts Again

Not that different” from the Tea Party, says Barack Hussein.

God bless them,” says Granny Botox.

Meanwhile, in liberal Oakland:


Oakland officials on Sunday were inspecting damage inside City Hall that was caused by about 50 Occupy protesters who broke in and smashed glass display cases, spray-painted graffiti, and burned the U.S. and California flags.

The break-in on Saturday was the culmination of a day of clashes between protesters and police. At least 300 people were arrested on charges ranging from vandalism and failure to disperse.

At least three officers and one protester were injured.

Mayor Jean Quan said Occupy protesters have caused an estimated $2 million in damages from vandalism since October. She said the cost to the city related to the Occupy Oakland protests is pegged at about $5 million.

Apparently her bold strategy of vacillating between half-hearted law enforcement and obsequious pandering to these lawless vermin isn’t working out.

Here’s how you know it was in the Bay Area:

Some people were wearing bandanas over their mouths and others were holding signs saying, “We are the 99%.” A marching band dressed in pink and black tutus and neon pick tights also was in the crowd.

It seems the ground troops for Obama’s promised fundamental transformation of America are getting tired of waiting for him to spend the country into economic collapse. They want to get started not wasting the crisis right now.

On tips from Bob Roberts, AC, and J. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

Jan 30 2012

Here Comes Global Cooling Again

When Rick Santorum openly acknowledges the global warming panic to be a hoax, his voice is a lonely one among mainstream politicians. Statist hoaxers like Gingrich and Romney had better hope primary voters aren’t reading the news:

The supposed ‘consensus’ on man-made global warming is facing an inconvenient challenge after the release of new temperature data showing the planet has not warmed for the past 15 years.

The figures suggest that we could even be heading for a mini ice age to rival the 70-year temperature drop that saw frost fairs held on the Thames in the 17th Century.

Based on readings from more than 30,000 measuring stations, the data was issued last week without fanfare by the Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit. It confirms that the rising trend in world temperatures ended in 1997.

Meanwhile, leading climate scientists … told The Mail on Sunday that, after emitting unusually high levels of energy throughout the 20th Century, the sun is now heading towards a ‘grand minimum’ in its output, threatening cold summers, bitter winters and a shortening of the season available for growing food.

Global warming is not a problem; like CO2, it helps the crops grow. As we may soon be reminded, global cooling is less benign.

But at least falling temperatures will reveal hoax participants as the liars and/or fools many instinctively knew them to be. As Nicola Scafetta of Duke University notes:

“If temperatures continue to stay flat or start to cool again, the divergence between the [global warming] models and recorded data will eventually become so great that the whole scientific community will question the current theories.”

That is, the entire hoax will collapse no matter how much of our money the government shovels at it, and the liberal media will go back to screeching about the coming ice age, as in the 1970s.

Here’s your global warming.

On tips from Wilberforce, Bob Roberts, Gary A, DaddyOD, and G. Fox.

Jan 30 2012

Fatwa Issued Against Chevy Logo

You would think after all the bowing and scraping Barack Hussein has performed in the Middle East, his Muslim friends would at least refrain from boycotting the auto companies he quasi-nationalizes. But no:

A Salafi sheikh in Egypt has reportedly issued a fatwa that buying [or driving] a Chevrolet vehicle is haram [forbidden] because the American brand’s logo looks like the Christian cross.

Good thing they don’t use the Roman alphabet, or they would have to issue a fatwa against the letter T.


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Jan 30 2012

Next After ObamaCare

What does the Manchurian Moonbat have in store for us next to follow up ObamaCare? Voters will have to bend over for him in November to find out. No doubt he has something historic and transformational in the works.


Grab your ankles, here it comes.

Via Rush Limbaugh, on a tip from G. Fox.

Jan 29 2012

Taking Charge of the Battlefield

Allen West opens fire on the enemy:

“Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere else. You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America.”

With a lot more of what Rep. West is serving up and a lot less of RINOs sniping at each other, we could still turn this situation around.

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Jan 29 2012

The Debt Generation

They were the Obama Generation. Now they are the Debt Generation:

The youth of this country will spend the rest of their lives paying for Obama’s spending spree. They have been sold into slavery. Hopefully enough wake up to what’s being done to them in time to save their future.

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse, on a tip from Nobody.

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