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Mar 31 2013

Open Thread

christian oppression

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Mar 31 2013

Happy Cesar Chavez’s Birthday

Did I say Happy Easter? How politically incorrect of me. I should have said Happy Hispanic Labor Leader’s Birthday. Today Google marks the most holy day in the Christian calendar with this graphic:


The picture represents Alinskyite agitator Cesar Chavez, who would have turned 86 today. Chavez cofounded the National Farm Workers Association with the radical socialist Dolores Huerta.

Chavez is like JFK in that his actual views were relatively moderate, yet he has become an icon for moonbats. His name represents both socialist economics and the “browning of America.”

Using him to replace Jesus on Easter was not the most subtle way the moonbats running Google could have chosen to express their contempt for the central traditions that constitute the infrastructure of our civilization.

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Mar 31 2013

Happy Easter

Mar 30 2013

Planned Parenthood Argues for Post-Birth Abortion

Characterized mainly by his tendency to vote “present,” Obama’s career as a state senator is notable only for his repeated opposition to measures that would prevent children who are born alive following botched attempts to kill them in the womb from being left to die, then treated as medical waste. This depraved indifference to human life is shared by his lavishly federally funded Planned Parenthood allies:

Florida legislators considering a bill to require abortionists to provide medical care to an infant who survives an abortion were shocked during a committee hearing this week when a Planned Parenthood official endorsed a right to post-birth abortion.

Alisa LaPolt Snow, the lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, testified that her organization believes the decision to kill an infant who survives a failed abortion should be left up to the woman seeking an abortion and her abortion doctor.

That is to say, unless Mom has second thoughts, kill the critter.

Seeing is believing:

Liberals push the envelope further every day. If we continue on this course, soon chasing crawling babies around with an axe won’t raise an eyebrow.

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Mar 30 2013

Caption Contest

michelle obama dance

Leave a comment providing the winning caption to the picture of the First Lady of the United States and win a free t-shirt, suitable for any formal occasion, courtesy of the esteemed countermoonbats at Party Crasher.

The winner will be announced Monday. Free shirts need to be claimed within a week (i.e., I need a US mailing address). T-shirts for the contest are available in blue L or XL only, although white shirts and other sizes are available directly from Party Crasher, along with an excellent selection of other t-shirts guaranteed to cause moonbats to sputter with impotent rage.

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Mar 30 2013

The History of Political Correctness

Confused as to why driving the herd into accepting the sick blasphemous farce of homosexual “marriage” is so important to the hardcore leftists who determine the government–media’s agenda? This history of political correctness makes the one-sided Culture War comprehensible. Long but worth watching:

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Mar 30 2013


In the latest edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Joe Dan Gorman laughs at the evolving swindle currently known as Climate Change, as well as the comparably farcical Sequestrocalypse charade:

Mar 29 2013

Open Thread


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Mar 29 2013

Walmart Shoppers, Well Dressed and Otherwise

Some people spotted at Walmart are freaky enough to help you understand how our current government got elected (eye bleach alert):

In sharp contrast, other shoppers are impressively well dressed:


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Mar 29 2013

Cold Dead Hand Rebuttal

Canadian moonbat Jim Carrey had his laughs at the expense of the late Charlton Heston and other patriotic Americans who have stood by the Constitution. Turnabout is fair play:

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Mar 29 2013

HERstory Month at New York University

Attending New York University isn’t cheap. Tuition alone for undergrads is over $20 grand. But look at all the education you get for the money:

New York University (NYU) celebrated March as “Women’s HERstory Month” with a presentation by a burlesque dancer named Chicava HoneyChild and a workshop entitled “69 Ways to Use Saran Wrap.”

The events, which took place at NYU, were sponsored by the school’s LGBTQ Student Center and Camp Grrl, a club for “queer” women, and were paid for with school funds which come from tuition and student fees.

Monday’s event, “69 Ways to Use Saran Wrap,” promised to answer questions such as “What entails more risk: ‘scissoring’ or ’69?’” and “Are dental dams better for anal or vaginal sex?,” according to the college’s official event calendar.

The event was open to a variety of freakazoids — but evidently not any normal people who might by some terrible mistake find themselves attending NYU. Groups specifically invited include:

“Lesbians, fluid and bisexual women, queer women, female-bodied folks that do not identity (sic) as women, people that identify as women that are not female bodied, and their allies!”

If people want to spend their own or their parents’ money on pointless degeneracy passed off as education, that is their business. Unfortunately, college education has become so preposterously expensive that only government can afford it. Those who aren’t receiving direct financial aid tend to take out student loans; this industry was recently nationalized by Obama.

As always, the taxpayer takes it in the teeth — and dental dams won’t help.

Chicava HoneyChild, modern educator.

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Mar 29 2013

Dodgeball Banned

The coercive wussification of American youth has now claimed dodgeball as a casualty in Windham, New Hampshire:

The classic gym class game has been a rite of passage for years, but dodgeball may have met its match in the form of the Windham School board, which at a recent meeting voted 4-1 to end dodgeball and other so-called “human target” activities…

A “handful of parents” alleged that dodgeball constitutes “bullying” because “their kids were targeted during dodgeball.” Everyone is targeted during dodgeball.

A relative grown-up speaks up:

“I think they’re really fun because they’re just soft balls so it doesn’t hurt if it hits you,” said sixth-grade student Lindsey Stagg.

Unfortunately few people this sensible hold positions of authority in the education establishment.

Boys can take Home Ec instead.

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Mar 29 2013

Teenage Boy Claims to Be Girl, Applies to All-Girl School

Among the many casualties of the totalitarian application of militant political correctness are all-girl schools:

A transgender female [i.e., a psychiatrically disturbed cross-dressing man] who applied to Smith College, an all-women’s college in Northampton, Massachusetts, has been blocked from applying for admission to the school.

Calliope Wong, 17, was born a male [and like every organism ever born male, will die male] but has been living as a female.

Though [he] identified as female on [his] application to the private college, [his] financial aid paperwork and social security information still list [him] as male, and thus the school returned [his] application.

The Connecticut high school senior has accused the college of discriminating against [him].

Terrified of being accused of failing to pander to sexual deviants, the school is backpedaling furiously, attempting to pass it all off as a mistake.

The college says that it doesn’t decide who is a woman and is committed to welcoming a diverse student body, in a statement on their admissions website.

The media and the government don’t decide who is a woman either. Every cell in your body decides that from the moment you are conceived. The decision is irrevocable.

But according to the liberal doctrine that your sex can be changed at will, Smith College isn’t all-girl after all:

[I]f an admitted female student decides to identify as a male – that student will be able to continue as a student.

That would appear to mean that if Calliope bullies his way into the school, then gets the professional help he so desperately needs and drops the grotesque charade of pretending to be a girl, he won’t have much competition when it comes to finding dates.

Nonetheless, Wong is advised to sue Smith College for causing him emotional distress but then head out to Los Angeles and apply for the police academy. Whether he is accepted or not, there will be plenty opportunity for another lucrative lawsuit.

Messed-up transsexual freakazoid Calliope Wrong.

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Mar 29 2013

$1.2 Million Payoff for Being Racially Aggrieved

Racially aggrieved homicidal maniac Christopher Dorner is thankfully dead, but his legacy lives on for the LAPD:

A jury Tuesday ordered the city of Los Angeles to pay $1.2 million to a black police officer who alleged he was the butt of vulgar racial harassment by a white supervisor and other officers.

In his lawsuit, Earl Wright, who joined the department in 1989, accused the supervisor, Sgt. Peter Foster, and a handful of officers of carrying out racial pranks and making comments that left him “embarrassed and humiliated.”

Think of how long and hard you would have to work to earn $1.2 million. The oppression suffered by Wright must have been truly awful, even if it took him awhile to decide to be offended. The horrors he endured:

In one instance, the lawsuit claimed, Wright asked Foster for permission to leave work early and Foster, who is white, responded, “Why? You gotta go pick watermelons?”

In another incident, Foster summoned Wright and his partner back in to the station from the field to celebrate Wright’s 20th year of service as an LAPD officer. With officers laughing and applauding, the lawsuit claimed, Foster then presented Wright with a cake that was topped with a piece of fried chicken and a slice of watermelon.

In the Gulag Archipelago, Alexander Solzhenitsyn describes some of the torments inflicted on “Enemies of the People” who were arrested more or less randomly in the Soviet Union, for the purpose of extracting nonsensical confessions. These include having their backs flayed and then basted with turpentine, having their genitals slowly crushed, being suspended by their moustaches, being frozen, being starved, being beaten unconscious day after day — but no victim of communism was ever served cake topped with fried chicken and watermelon.

Yet at the time, Wright didn’t seem to mind:

Officer Randall McCain, who is black, testified that it was he, not Foster, who bought and presented the cake to Wright.

In an interview, McCain reiterated what he said at the trial — that Wright laughed when he saw the cake, cut himself a slice, and ate the chicken topping.

He and Wright, McCain said, were part of a group of officers at Central Division who routinely traded crude racial text messages and comments.

“I have known Earl Wright for 15, 16 years; we worked together for the past five. And Earl Wright has joked, pulled pranks and talked about other races in a joking way just like the rest of us,” McCain said. “Everything this guy is claiming was done to him, he did himself. He lied about the way he was feeling.”

Some people will do that when offered a fortune to pretend their feelings were hurt back in the day.

The payoff needn’t have been so extravagant. It was actually a shakedown operation gone wrong — but not wrong for Wright.

With Wright, [his lawyer Greg] Smith said, lawyers for the city offered only $10,000 to settle the claims. Smith said he responded by telling city lawyers that his client would drop his lawsuit for $400,000, but was rebuffed.

The next absurd harassment claim will be settled generously and with alacrity.

As fallout, McCain has been suspended and Foster apparently has been fired. Maybe Wright could hire them on as butlers or chauffeurs.

Those of less fortunate pigmentation who would like a ride on the gravy train will be relieved to hear that you don’t have to be black:

Wright’s verdict is the second seven-figure payout for the city in as many weeks. Last week, the City Council voted to approve a $1.25-million settlement with two lesbian officers who claimed they had been subjected to sexual harassment by their supervisor.

When the moonbats running California can no longer raise taxes any higher without completely collapsing the economy, the rest of the country will step in to foot the bill for the never-ending looting spree.

Down in hell, Chris Dorner smiles.

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Mar 29 2013

Toy Gun Buyback Plan

No, this is not from the Onion. Hopefully the Onion knows enough to stay away from anti-gun hysteria, which cannot be parodied because moonbats have pushed it beyond parody:

A St. Louis pastor held a meeting at his church on Tuesday to talk with community leaders about a toy gun buyback program.

Pastor Rodney Francis said his plan is aimed at ending the “culture of violence.”

Next they will offer a buyback plan for Pop-Tarts nibbled into vague gun shapes. If it saves only one child’s life…

Rev Francis wants to do it for the children.

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Mar 29 2013

Obamunist Transparency Shrouds Ammo Binge

Curious as to why Janet Napolitano thinks she needs 1.6 billion mostly hollow point rounds of ammo for domestic use? So is Congress, which is responsible for taking the money from us and giving it to her to buy the bullets. But Big Sis isn’t talking:

Janet Napolitano has ignored a letter written by New Jersey Congressman Leonard Lance calling for the Department of Homeland Security chief to attend a congressional briefing and provide an explanation as to why the DHS has committed to purchasing more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition over the last year.

Lance, who first promised to investigate the matter during a Tea Party event on March 15, sent a letter five days later noting how there was “growing public concern surrounding the Department’s procurement of ammunition.”

“He is not asking for Napolitano to testify but to give us a congressional briefing because Congress wasn’t aware of it. It deserves an answer,” Lance spokesman Todd Mitchell told the Daily Record.

Over a week after the letter was sent, Lance’s office has still not received a response, similar to how 15 other members of Congress were stonewalled by the DHS when they demanded to know if the huge bullet purchases were an attempt by the federal agency to restrict ammunition supplies.

If that is the purpose, it is working. I would be embarrassed to admit how much I coughed up recently for a box of measly .22LR. But why the need for extra-lethal hollow points?


WND has uncovered plans by the FBI to spend up to $100 million over five years on millions of rounds for its machine guns and pistols.

The FBI is not part of Big Sis’s DHS.

On and on the spending goes. Where it ends nobody knows.

janet napolitano
Not talking.

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Mar 28 2013

Open Thread


Compliments of Stormfax.

Mar 28 2013

Muslim Demographics

The good news is that the seeming triumph of liberalism will be short lived. There will be no question of homosexual “marriage” in Western countries 50 years from now. The bad news is the reason why:

Only big families and secure borders can save Western Civilization from becoming extinct within the lifetimes of people living today.

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