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Jun 30 2013

Open Thread


Via Congressman Jim Bridenstine, on a tip from G. Fox.

Jun 30 2013

Caption Contest Winner

The weekend caption contest results are in:


Second runner up:

“Reelection? Don’t worry John, I feel really good about your seat.”
— Rotohammer

First runner up:

Feliz como un cerdo en la mierda.
— Mike_W

The winner:

Can you tell which of these things is not like the others? Okay, okay — trick question!
— Stycks

Congratulations, Stycks. You have earned a free t-shirt from the ever-expanding selection at Party Crasher.

Jun 30 2013

Bill Whittle, the Virtual President, on Homosexual Marriage

What if instead of a left-wing community activist, we had for a president someone with the intellect to grasp and the character to support the principles this country was founded on? Rather than flip-flop from a coercive position against to a coercive position in favor of homosexual marriage, the president would consistently hold a position like this:

Take out the coercion, abide by the Constitution, and contentious issues are suddenly resolved. Unfortunately, the Supremes’ rulings on this matter are likely to lead to an avalanche of coercion, which will have the effect of criminalizing Christianity.

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Jun 30 2013

Rachel Jeantel and Creepy-Ass Crackaz

Steven Crowder steps forward to defend Rachel Jeantel, the government’s star special needs witness in the railroading of George Zimmerman:

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Jun 30 2013

Serving the Public Versus Killing the Public

Is it possible to be a pro-abortion leftist and also a Catholic, as blasphemous moonbats like Nasty Pelosi claim? The short answer is no. Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life gives a slightly longer answer:

On a tip from Ben S.

Jun 30 2013

Third World Construction Techniques

Learn them quickly if you work in the construction industry. Our rulers will soon finish ramming through amnesty. We will be joining the Third World shortly thereafter.

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Jun 30 2013

The Naked Communist (Book 2)

If our incremental descent into socialism isn’t reason enough to reclaim the 10th Amendment before it’s too late, how about Obama’s War on Coal? Professor Joe Dan presents the latest lesson at Froglegs University:

On a tip from G. Fox.

Jun 30 2013

Oregon to Hold Memorial Event for Dead Bugs

In the olden times, the unenlightened were blinded by speciesism. There were memorials across the land; virtually all were for humans, as if members of no other species deserved a permanent place in our memories and our hearts. When other species were commemorated, they were usually horses or dogs, animals that in our close-mindedness we revered above the so-called lowlier animals because of their perceived likeness to ourselves. Insects, even those who perished in terrible holocausts, were allowed to be forgotten, as if the moments that constituted their lives — such as the playful tumbling from their cozy eggs, the timid buzzing of their still-moist wings, even that proud first flight — were of no significance to posterity. But we know better now:

Fifty thousand bumblebees will be honored at a memorial Sunday in the same shopping center parking lot southwest of the Portland, Oregon, where most of the insects died earlier this month.

Rozzell Medina, of Portland, said on a Facebook page that the event will “memorialize these fallen lifeforms and talk about the plight of the bees and their importance to life on Earth,” The Oregonian reported.

The state Department of Agriculture said June 21 that tests on bees and foliage showed the deaths are “directly related to a pesticide application on linden trees” that was meant to control aphids.

Thankfully the evildoers will be held responsible:

It said an investigation is under way to see if the application of the pesticide Safari, done last Saturday, violated the law.

Here’s a proposal for Obama’s third term: tear down the National WWII Memorial in DC and in its place let rise a monument to the billions of mosquitos whose promising lives were heartlessly cut short by DDT just so that humans wouldn’t have to suffer the mild inconvenience of malaria.

dead bugs
Dead bugs: unburied, unmourned, unconscionably forgotten.

On tips from Wiggins and Wingman.

Jun 29 2013

Open Thread


Via Collectivism on the March.

Jun 29 2013

Caption Contest


Leave a comment providing the winning caption for the quislings above and win a free t-shirt, suitable for any formal occasion, courtesy of the esteemed countermoonbats at Party Crasher.

The winner will be announced Sunday evening. Free shirts need to be claimed within a week (i.e., I need a US mailing address). T-shirts for the contest are available in blue L, blue XL, and white XL only, although other sizes can be purchased directly from Party Crasher, along with an excellent selection of other t-shirts guaranteed to cause moonbats to sputter with impotent rage.

Jun 29 2013

If You Want to Find a True Bully…

…look for someone pushing “antibullying” legislation.

No need to wonder what totalitarianism will look like when it comes to America. It has already arrived, and it looks like New Mexico state rep Mary Helen Garcia:

On a tip from Ban Everything. Hat tip:

Jun 29 2013

Are Obama Supporters Smarter Than Beauty Pageant Contestants?

Obama supporters reckon themselves to be vastly more intelligent than the knuckle-dragging Tea Party types who still cling bitterly to the concept of individual liberty. No doubt the gap between these intellectual elitists and the beauty pageant contestants they enjoy condescendingly snickering at (see here and here) must be vaster still. Let’s just confirm this:

Nope, not any smarter than beauty pageant contestants. Tune in next time to see if sneering moonbats are any smarter than a box of rocks — we’ll take out the smart rocks to make it fair.

Via Glenn Beck and Hot Air, on tips from The MaryHunter and David O.

Jun 29 2013

Paul Weston, Racist

Media warnings that sinister characters exist who are racist and not against whites have been confirmed. Paul Weston of Liberty GB confesses on video:

On a tip from DJ.

Jun 28 2013

Open Thread


Via The Heritage Foundation, on a tip from G. Fox.

Jun 28 2013

If Only George Zimmerman Were Black…

…he wouldn’t be getting railroaded toward a lynching in this farcical trial, as the always colorful James David Manning observes:

Rev. Manning goes out on some limbs as usual, but his basic premise is correct. Zimmerman is a political prisoner who was arrested for his race as much as for exercising his fundamental right of self-defense. The way things are going, he won’t be the last.

On a tip from DJ.

Jun 28 2013

No Bids on John McCain Autographed Baseball

Looks like John McCain — who manages to get reelected time and again by some process incomprehensible to the constituents he repeatedly betrays and insults — remains as popular as ever after voting for amnesty despite promises that he had learned his lesson. Look at all the bids for a genuine John McCain autographed baseball:


Just a moment, let me count them up. Let’s see… I believe it comes to zero bids.

Here’s an idea from times past to get those bids coming. McCain could agree to stand behind a plywood wall and stick his grinning face through a hole. The highest bidder gets to wind up and throw… nah, better to use an autographed pie.

On a tip from Wiggins. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

Jun 28 2013

Big Government to Provide Free Year of Groceries

As a small child could easily intuit, raising the minimum wage also raises the unemployment rate by pricing those closest to poverty out of the labor market and into the smothering embrace of the welfare state. By making it particularly difficult for young workers to get their foot on the first rung of the ladder, minimum wage is largely responsible for a youth unemployment rate (16- to 24-year-olds) that at 16.2% is double that of other age groups. Minimum wage originated as one of the tactics FDR used to prolong the Great Depression, keeping his pernicious grip on power firm.

Yet our wise leaders insist on imposing minimum wage, so there must be some advantages. Joke Biden gives an example:

“Think about all it means to a middle-class family. An increase would cover all that they are now spending on groceries – just this increase. If we increase the minimum wage to just what we’re talking about, all the money you spend in a year on groceries, will be equal to that increase. It’s like getting a free year of groceries,” Biden said.

His boss Obama wants to raise the current federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $9. How high this will push the unemployment rate is anyone’s guess, but just think: a “free year of groceries”!

Democrats’ poverty of ambition leaves an opening for House Republicans, who could promise us two free years of groceries by passing a bill to raise the wage an extra $1.75 to $10.75 — or why not three free years of groceries at $12.50?

Once we get the minimum wage high enough, it would be senseless for young people even to bother looking for jobs, leaving them more time to vote.

Another benefit is the inevitable effect on inflation. As the value of the dollar falls, the number of millionaires will correspondingly rise. Eventually, minimum wage jobs will become unnecessary, as anyone will be able to earn a six-figure salary panhandling.

joe biden
Joe Biden, bestower of free years of groceries.

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Jun 28 2013

Britain Developing Three-Parent Conception

Now that the Supremes have decreed that a marriage does not need to be between a man and a woman, all sorts of possibilities are open for exciting new family structures:

Britain is planning to become the first country in the world to offer controversial “three-parent” fertility treatments to families who want to avoid passing on incurable diseases to their children. …

The controversial potential treatment is known as three-parent in vitro fertilization (IVF) because the offspring would have genes from a mother, a father and from a female donor.

No doubt future variations will permit genes from any number of coparents, but for now,

Scientists are researching several three-parent IVF techniques.

One being developed at Britain’s Newcastle University, known as pronuclear transfer, swaps DNA between two fertilized human eggs. Another, called maternal spindle transfer, swaps material between the mother’s egg and a donor egg before fertilization.

Patients are expected to be conceiving through these procedures within two years. By then the parents will be able to enter the USA by the officially nonexistent southern border and all three get married, providing their genetically engineered children with 50% more parental affection than oldfangled two-parent households.

Some babies will take after both of their mothers.

On a tip from St. Gilbert.

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