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Aug 31 2013

Open Thread


Compliments of Stormfax.

Aug 31 2013

Amateur Hour

Barack Hussein Obama — with his Islamic background, African communist father, and slick leftist rhetoric — was a moonbat’s wet dream as a candidate, but was never remotely qualified to serve as president. The price of voting to strike an asinine pose rather than on a rational basis is becoming obvious, as the inept Vacillator in Chief loses interest in trying to clean up the mess he has created in Syria with his incoherent foreign policy. After bringing us to the very brink of war, today Obama abruptly announced that we may or may not attack Syria at some indeterminate time in the future. Charles Krauthammer comments on his floundering:

More Krauthammer, regrettably interrupted by moronic gibbering from Juan Williams:

Given that Obama is emotionally no more than 14 years old, you almost can’t blame him for saying to hell with it and going off to play golf or visit Sweden or whatever. He has painted himself so far in the corner that nothing he can do won’t be wrong.

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Aug 31 2013

Caption Contest


Leave a comment providing the winning caption and win a free t-shirt, suitable for any formal occasion, courtesy of the esteemed countermoonbats at Party Crasher.

The winner will be announced Sunday evening. Free shirts need to be claimed within a week (winner will need to give a US mailing address). T-shirts for the contest are currently available in XL only (either blue or white), although other sizes can be purchased directly from Party Crasher, along with an excellent selection of other t-shirts guaranteed to cause moonbats to sputter with impotent rage.

Hat tip: Wizard45.

Aug 31 2013

Rino Soup

At Froglegs University, Professor Joe Dan Gorman contrasts patriotic overpass protests with Occupy Wall Street and reminds us again how crucial it is not to aid or abet the mainstream media. RINO season has commenced:

Some might disagree regarding sainthood for MLK, but the rest is on the mark.

On a tip from G. Fox.

Aug 31 2013

Chris Matthews Overplays Race Card Yet Again During Embarrassing Meltdown

How delusional do you have to be to qualify as clinically insane? Here Chris “Tingles” Matthews informs us that Obama is the “perfect African American president” and is “everything a white conservative should applaud.” Therefore his critics are racists and have no credibility. Careful he doesn’t spray spittle on the inside of your computer screen:

It is truly alarming that you can spend your whole life around communists and terrorists, publicly brag about your cocaine use, rob the treasury of hundreds of $billions through preposterous green energy money laundering operations, and still qualify as “clean as a whistle” according to liberals.

“What does this guy have to do to win the approval of the right-wing white guy out there?!?!” shrieks Matthews.

What if we had a reasonable, mature, qualified, honest, pro-American black president — a guy like Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell? What would he have to do to win the approval of Chris Matthews?

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Aug 31 2013

British People Finance Their Own Demise

The moonbats who run England regardless of which party is in power are not just destroying the country; they are erasing it by forcing the population to pay for its own displacement.

The number of foreign nationals claiming benefits such as Jobseeker’s Allowance has jumped by 40 per cent in just four years to more than 400,000, new government figures have disclosed.

New figures showed there were 407,000 non-UK nationals receiving the hand-outs last year, a rise of more than 118,000 since 2008, with the total bill running to hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

Most of the foreign teat-suckers are largely unassimilable non-European colonists from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The new benefit claimant figures also showed there were 102,000 claimants from Africa last year and 132,000 from Asia and the Middle East.

There is no need to have ever contributed anything to Britain.

Some types of disability benefit and means-tested Jobseeker’s Allowance will be available to new arrivals who have never held a job in Britain… Also included are lone parent benefits and carer’s allowance.

That is, the government pays welfare colonists to be fruitful and multiply.

Revolt or perish, British people.

On a tip from Invaders.

Aug 30 2013

Open Thread


Via The Libtard Show, on a tip from TED.

Aug 30 2013

Sunny on Sunstein, Syria, and More

Nooo! Sunny became infected with Miley Cyrus’s hairstyle, then went on strike — but fortunately not before warning us that authoritarian statist Cass Sunstein (see here, here, and here) has been appointed to serve on the oversight panel investigating the NSA’s many abuses of our Fourth Amendment liberties:

Aug 30 2013

Australians Pay the High Price of Ecomoonbattery

The cult of radical environmentalism is harmless flakiness, until people who don’t believe in it have to pay for it. Unfortunately, we have to pay plenty. In Australia:

Virgin Airlines has blamed the carbon tax for contributing to a $98 million full-year loss, adding to corporate concerns that Labor’s climate change scheme is wiping billions of dollars off blue-chip profits.

Australia’s second biggest airline on Friday morning announced the carbon tax had added nearly $50 million to its 2012/13 expenses – around half the amount booked by Qantas, which said the green impost added $106 million. …

A week from polling day, the impact of Labor’s greenhouse scheme on corporate balance sheets can be revealed – with the carbon tax costing the country’s four biggest energy companies close to $1.7 billion.

And while Kevin Rudd is pitching his campaign message on creating jobs, coal miner Glencore Xstrata claims the carbon tax will cost it $200 million and is undermining investor confidence in new projects.

Soon to be privatised Macquarie Generation, owned by the NSW government, was whacked with a $469 million carbon tax bill, for the year to June 30.

Regional airline Rex on Thursday blamed the carbon tax for a 45 per cent nosedive in profits – from $25 million to $14 million in 2012/13 – with executive chairman, Lim Kim Hai, claiming that sales plunged “almost immediately” after its introduction just over a year ago.

You don’t need a degree in economics to figure out the effect this has on unemployment.

What do Australians get in return for the $billions wasted and countless jobs lost? Delusional moonbats receive a warm glow of sanctimony for having supposedly adjusted global temperatures more to the liking of the sacred polar bears. Everyone else just gets screwed.

For once there is good news. The left-wing ideologues who inflicted this lunacy are on the way out in Australia. The bad news is that for Americans the worst is yet to come.

On tips from Andrew in Australia.

Aug 30 2013

Punk on Punk

At last Obama has found someone close to his own stature to debate on the international stage:

The 11-year-old son of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Hafez, has reportedly goaded the US to strike Syria in a Facebook post.

“I just want them to attack soooo much,” Hafez al-Assad allegedly wrote, “because I want them to make this huge attack of beginning something that they don’t know the end of it.”

Whether the profile is real or not has not been confirmed — but The New York Times has put forward evidence backing its authenticity.

Young Hafez is probably not the only 11-year-old able to perceive the extreme folly of attacking Syria with no coherent strategic objectives, considering the likelihood that it will set off a wider conflict.

In response, the Warmongering Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in Chief stuck out his tongue and sent in another destroyer.


On a tip from The MaryHunter. Hat tip: Breitbart.

Aug 30 2013

Plumbing the Depths of Moral Depravity With Choice: Texas

As part of their never-ending campaign to further trivialize the taking of your own child’s life, abortion advocates have created a new video game:

In “Choice: Texas,” designed by Carly Kocurek and Allyson Whipple and currently in development, players hunt for abortion access in Texas via the “choose-your-own-adventure” technique – and confront obstacles such as geography and healthcare.

Gamers live vicariously through characters such as 35-year-old Latrice who, despite a long-time boyfriend, “has never planned to have children, and between her career and family obligations, she feels she has her hands full enough.” Another, 19-year-old Leah, bartends as she “save[s] up money and think[s] about what she would like to do.”

Wow! So it’s kind of like Frodo bearing the Ring to Mordor to save Middle Earth. But the Ring you want to lob into the lava is a baby, and Middle Earth is your personal convenience. How inspiring.

Obviously a society that throws its young into the lava will not be sustained; nor does what progressives are fundamentally transforming our culture into deserve to be sustained.

Besides teaching “awareness and empathy,” Kocurek and Whipple hope the game provides, “a sex education tool for older high schoolers.”

Empathy. While killing defenseless children by the millions for the sake of personal convenience, the monsters congratulate themselves on their empathy.

Whipple explained their intent in an interview, highlighting how, “Many people, including privileged pro-choice people, do not realize the extent to which people with less privilege struggle with geography, time, and money to obtain abortions.”

The term privilege indicates an attempt to link abortion advocacy to Marxist economics. There certainly is a connection at the moral level: both are utterly depraved.

Allyson Whipple
Abstinence would seem a viable option for Allyson Whipple.

On a tip from Lyle.

Aug 30 2013

Environmental Activist Vera Scroggins Calls for Parental Pedophilia

Environmental activist Vera Scroggins provides still more evidence that normalizing pedophilia will be next on the progressive agenda. Via Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

Obama supporter and prominent anti-fracking loon, Vera Scroggins is also a public advocate for parental pedophilia. Scroggins made comments on a Yahoo group called “Peacelist,” a group that is “dedicated to the advancement of the human species by restoring its natural peacefulness, through the means of affectionate parenting and sexual freedom”.

They can’t be serious. Yet Washington Free Beacon reports:

“Are there cultures that mothers or fathers pleasure their children and teenagers sexually or genitally and also possibly initiate them into sexual expression at some point?” Scroggins asked in one message.

“I have had intuitive thoughts that such would be a healthy way for parents to interact with their children and introduce their children to sensual/sexual pleasure and bonding and loving practices,” Scroggins said.

It’s not that moonbats don’t understand right and wrong. It’s that they deliberately choose wrong. A priest experienced in exorcism could make better sense of leftists than any political scientist.

Exposing children to sexually explicit material strikes her as an excellent idea:

Scroggins said she “thought it was strange that something natural, beautiful, and human should be kept hidden, especially from children. Children can lead the way in showing us sexuality and sensuality in their own, unique, innocent, way if allowed from birth to own their bodies in every pleasurable and expressive way.”

Scroggins, who is known among her fellow moonbats as Grandmother Superhero, has this to say about nudism:

“I do feel comfortable and not a sex object at nudist gatherings and lovely to be surrounded by all sizes and shapes — feel innocent and like a child, playful,” she wrote.

Continuing to lose the Culture War to these people is not an option.

Scroggins and potential playmates.

On a tip from Bernie D.

Aug 30 2013

Obama Regime Paying for Home Mortgages for Palestinians With Our Money

While you struggle to pay your taxes, or to find a job in an economy bled pale by excessive taxation, this is how our rulers are spending the money:

The U.S. government will fund $313 million in home mortgages for Palestinians living on the West Bank, according to a Government Accountability Office report released Monday.

The U.S. will also guarantee $110 million in loans to small- and medium-sized businesses located on the West Bank.

Big Government meddling in mortgages caused the 2008 economic collapse, and is already starting another housing bubble at home. But maybe things will turn out better in the terror-exporting West Bank.

At least Palestinians are grateful for the free money. Here they celebrate:


No wait, those were Palestinians celebrating the terrorist atrocities on 9/11. Never mind.

On a tip from Ben S.

Aug 30 2013

Trayvonellas at Play

Here is a story they forgot to mention during Wednesday’s speeches:

A woman who said she was brutally attacked by a group of black teenagers in Pittsburgh’s North Side Sunday said the girls savagely beat her while calling her racial slurs.

Ginger Slepski said she suffered multiple injuries, including torn shoulder ligaments. She said she thought the girls were going to kill her.

“I thought it was so animalistic. So violent. I’m so afraid for these girls to get out and walk the streets,” Slepski said.

Police said Slepski was savagely beaten after the girls threw a bottle at her car on Concord Street and she stopped to confront them.

“I was mad. I knew they were younger. I thought they were in their early 20s. I got out and said, ‘What is your problem?’” Slepski said.

All four African-American girls then called her names before getting physically violent.

“They yelled, ‘Shut up white [expletive].’ The other said, ‘Get that white [expletive],’” Slepski said.

Slepski said she tried to get back into her car but the girls grabbed her by the hair.

“The one punched me in the head and I was on a set of concrete steps and my head hit the concrete so hard,” said Slepski. “Then they all got on top of me and all their hands were in my hair. They kept telling each other to, ‘Kick her in the head. Kick her head in the concrete.’”

Fortunately a man finally intervened before she was killed.

Too bad for Obama, Sharpton, et al. that she didn’t have a gun to defend herself. They could have had a Trayvonella or two to deify.

But since no one of privileged pigmentation was injured, the story will sink without acknowledgment from the national media, like similar stories that occur literally every day in this country.

Ginger Slepski’s injuries won’t make it easy to support her daughters.

On tips from Wiggins, Artfldgr, and Clingtomyguns.

Aug 29 2013

Open Thread


Via 100 Percent FED Up, on a tip from G. Fox.

Aug 29 2013

Training Obamunists

The massive crowds of glassy-eyed acolytes that swept Obama into power in 2008 have been getting so sparse that the Lightworker has been forced to import specially trained audiences from abroad:

On a tip from Varla.

Aug 29 2013

Bill Clinton Lies Brazenly to Inflame Racial Tensions

Yesterday’s MLK worship ceremonies allowed Bill Clinton to do what he does best: pander, demagogue, and lie:

Clinton suggested that the Supreme Court decision striking down a portion of the Voting Rights Act was an act of continuing racism. “A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon. We must open those stubborn gates,” Clinton stated.

Could anyone truly believe that the current Supreme Court is racist against blacks, or that it is easier to buy an assault weapon than it is to vote? You would think even moonbats would get tired of being brazenly lied to by this lowlife.

bill clinton lying
Still spewing lies after all these years.

On a tip from Bob Roberts.

Aug 29 2013

Government Confirms Tyranny Fears for Blaine Cooper

Like I was saying earlier about a congealing hard tyranny… Within 24 hours of posting on Facebook about America degenerating into a police state, 33-year-old Blaine Cooper was called in by the Prescott Valley, AZ police for an interview with the FBI:

He complied with the request for an interview, which lasted 45 minutes with federal agents present. He was released after apparently being determined to not be a threat.

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information, and parent’s information,” Cooper told

Cooper said that he was told that without “defusing the situation” by complying with the interview, his house might have been raided.

It was thoughtful of the authorities not to send in a SWAT team straight off.

It should be pointed out that answering questions from federal agents is an extremely risky idea, especially without the presence of a lawyer. Supreme Court case BROGAN v. UNITED STATES affirmed that it is a federal crime to tell any lie, or misrepresent any fact, to a federal agent. Even an innocent person with good intentions could commit a federal crime by misspeaking during an interview.

At least they proved Cooper’s point for him.

This is what got him in trouble. Careful what you type. Your tax dollar may be paying people to read it.

Cooper is training to be a much-needed wildfire fighter.

On a tip from Wiggins.

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