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Nov 30 2013

Open Thread


Compliments of Red State.

Nov 30 2013

Paul Weston on Preventing White Genocide

The advantage to being a dreadful awful ghastly racist like Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB, is that you can say things that most people don’t even dare think about:

A civilization is defined not by its physical location but by the people who live there. When the homes of Western Civilization — Europe, North America, Australia — are populated predominantly by Third Worlders, Western Civilization will cease to exist in these places. With nowhere to live, the civilization that brought us everything from the Roman Empire to da Vinci to Mozart to the US Constitution to flight to men walking on the moon will die.

This is fine with the liberals in charge, who are driving the importation of millions upon millions from the Third World with welfare incentives financed by overtaxing the very population they are eradicating. Their treason is on a scale that defies comprehension.

The demographic trend cannot be reversed until the political situation has been reversed.

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Nov 30 2013

Cancer Patient Hit With Audit After Complaining That ObamaCare Cost Him Medical Coverage

Cancer patient Bill Elliot didn’t know what to do when his medical coverage was canceled due to ObamaCare:

Here’s what he should have done, from the Regime’s point of view: die more quietly. He is now getting audited by Obama’s IRS.

I hope Hunter Alford has never run a lemonade stand; if so, Obama’s flying monkeys will be auditing him too.

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Nov 30 2013

If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It: The Rap

We’ve all had enough of the pathetic MSM weenie Jay Carney. Obama ought to prove he is still trendy and hip by replacing him with a rapper. Remy Munasifi would do:

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Nov 30 2013

One Lesbian’s Hate Hoax

Surprise, surprise. The recent news story of the lesbian supposedly punished by stingy tippers for her sexual orientation turns out to be a scam. …

Read the rest at Absolute Rights.


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Nov 30 2013

Barackalypse Now

More people have watched Intellectual Froglegs than have signed up for ObamaCare. Don’t miss out on this latest investigation of the Marxists of Mayhem in their ethics-free zone, which even the liberal media establishment that put Obama in power is having a hard time getting access to:

Sorry about the Bee Gees.

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Nov 29 2013

Open Thread

nancy pelosi moron

Via Is That Baloney? on a tip from G Fox.

Nov 29 2013

Sunny’s Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful

Zillionaire pop diva Cher wasn’t very grateful to live in America yesterday, but Sunny was. Her top 10 reasons:

Nov 29 2013

Fined for Sending Kids to School Without Crackers

In its latest incarnation, totalitarianism masks itself in concern for our health, the children, the environment, et cetera. But the objective of tyranny is always the same, no matter whether it is hard or soft, and no matter how petty the level at which it is imposed — control for the sake of control. An example from Canada:

A mom who thought she was properly parenting by sending her two young kids to school with a homemade, whole-food lunch was shocked to find a penalty note from school officials informing her that the lunch of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, oranges and milk she provided was “unbalanced” and therefore had to be supplemented with Ritz crackers.

She was also fined $10.

According to Weighty Matters, the Manitoba Government’s Early Learning and Child Care department blindly follows a policy which requires lunches to be “balanced” according to “Canada’s awful Food Guide.”

Unbalanced lunches are subject to supplementation and a fine of CDN$5 (US$4.80) per “missing item” per child.

Once we grant bureauweenies the authority to tell us what parents should feed their children, this nonsense becomes inevitable.

To drive home the ridiculousness of the policy, Kristen [Bartkiw, the mom in question] tells Weighty Matters she could have sent her kids to daycare with “microwave Kraft Dinner and a hot dog, a package of fruit twists, a Cheestring, and a juice box,” and it would have been met with approval by the [Manitoba Child Care Association].

It would be nice to think there is a limit to how much of this crap people will put up with.

incorrect lunch notice

On a tip from Henry.

Nov 29 2013

Cher Disgorges Moonbat Bile Upon Thanksgiving

Here’s hoping that all treasured readers had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I trust it was spent more thankfully than Cher’s:

Pop diva Cher caused controversy [Wednesday] when she told her almost two million Twitter followers that she does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Cher, 67, told a fan that she believes Thanksgiving is a holiday that glorifies ‘a great crime.’

That crime would be the birth and growth of American civilization, which allowed the part-Cherokee Cher a life of extravagant opulence that otherwise would never have been possible.

She went on to say the day celebrates stealing land from Native Americans who had no concept of property or land ownership and purposely giving them smallpox.

If they had no concept of land ownership, how could you steal land from them?

Regarding the endlessly repeated smallpox calumny, it is desperately overblown.

Don’t take Cher’s hatred of America personally, patriots. Cher doesn’t like Russia either. She refused to perform at next year’s Winter Olympics because the country is not sufficiently supportive of homosexuality to meet with her approval. She also dislikes Caucasians.

Cher probably wouldn’t like you. Sorry.

On tips from Mr Mentalo and Wiggins.

Nov 29 2013

Christmas Comes Early in Iran

Did anyone, anywhere, at any point in this farcical presidency think Obama and the left-wing clowns he appoints to crucial positions would effectively advance America’s interests vis-à-vis our worst enemy for the past generation, Iran?

Baracka Claus

Charles Krauthammer on the Iran deal:

“It’s really hard to watch the president and secretary of state and not think how they cannot be embarrassed by this deal. Think about this, for half a dozen times, the Security Council has passed resolutions which said Iran has to stop all enrichment. Otherwise, there will be no change in the sanctions. No relief. Which means six times China and Russia, not exactly hardliners on Iran, have signed onto this. And what is the result of this agreement? Iran retains the right to enrich. It continues to enrich during the six months. It is promised a final deal in which we’re going to work out the details of its enrichment. And remember, enrichment is the dam against all proliferation. Once a country anywhere can start to enrich, there is no containing its nuclear capacity. So it undermines the entire idea of non-proliferation and it grants Iran a right it’s been lusting for, for a decade. That’s why there was so much jubilation in Tehran over this.”

We’ve been down this road before…

Graphic compliments of Jim Lavery. Tip from G Fox.

Nov 29 2013

Another Glitch: Seven-Year-Old With Cancer Loses Coverage

The liberal media specializes in human interest stories that yank on our heartstrings. Sure capitalism has created more wealth and lifted more people out of poverty than any coercion-based economic system, but look at this poor single mother on welfare who can’t afford a second wide-screen TV for the guestroom, et cetera, ad nauseam. Journalists ought to switch sides; it would make this technique a lot easier. For example:

Little Hunter Alford needs chemotherapy to treat the rare and deadly cancer he was born with but has lost his health insurance under an administrative blunder seemingly caused by Obamacare.

While the president’s signature policy promised that no one with a pre-existing condition would not be covered, the Affordable Care Act has seemingly caused the seven-year-old Gainesville, Texas, boy to face an agonizing wait for treatment as his parents battle to get him back on his insurance plan.

‘Why would you cancel a kid?’ asked his mother Krista Alford. ‘I really want to send Obama and all of them pictures of my son. He has scars all over his head. He doesn’t want to leave the house because he’s afraid people are going to make fun of him because he’s bald.’

At least he’s still alive — for now.

While mom Krista and dad Ron go out their minds with worry, Hunter – who was born with an extremely rare form of cancer called Plexiform Hishocyne Neoplasm – is battling the disease which has now spread to his brain.

But after seven years of fighting his illness, Hunter’s insurance has been canceled and he is due his next round of chemo, which costs $50,000 and right now, Krista says he is unlikely to get it.

The Alford’s are battling with children’s medicaid, or CHIP – which insures Hunter and despite the family receiving a new, renewed insurance card, they were informed that their agency had dropped them.

‘I called them and they said we were dropped October 31st,’ Krista said to News 12.

Happy Halloween!

She was told that her son’s information was lost when administrative changes were made under the Affordable Care Act.

‘The lady’s like, the only way we can expedite is if your son was pregnant and in labor, or if he was an illegal,’ Krista said.

Hunter being from a red state won’t help him much in desperate petitions to bureauweenies. Neither will his being white.

But hey, you can’t fundamentally transform a healthcare system without a few glitches.

Hunter failing to endear himself to lib bureaucrats.

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Nov 29 2013

Why God Gave Us the Smarts to Invent Minefields and Machine Guns

Just the kind of people we want flooding our country by the millions:

A group of about 100 people trying to illegally cross the border Sunday near the San Ysidro port of entry threw rocks and bottles at U.S. Border Patrol agents, who responded by using pepper spray and other means to force the crowd back into Mexico, federal officials said.

This occurred in the Tijuana River channel, a quarter mile from the border crossing.

Border-security groups see this situation as evidence that the border remains unsecured, something they said should be fixed before Congress considers proposals to grant legal status to unauthorized immigrants.

If they could turn Mexico, with its vast bounty of resources, into a sewer from which they will go to any length to escape, they can do the same for the USA. All it takes is the ballot box.

That’s why our rulers are importing them in such vast numbers by refusing to defend the border effectively or rigorously enforce immigration law. Third World hellholes do not have a strong middle class that can resist tyrannical government. Without understanding that the middle class is an obstacle to Big Government, no policy of the Obama Regime will make any sense.

illegal aliens tijuana river
The Camp of the Saints crossed with The Walking Dead.

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Nov 29 2013

Despite Massive Energy Finds, Electricity Costs Hit All Time High Under Obama

In Obama’s defense, at least he has kept some of his campaign promises. He said he would fundamentally transform America, and already it is doubtful that anyone who fought and died for the USA in wars past would recognize it now. More specifically, he said he would cause energy prices to skyrocket.

Inexplicably, people voted for him anyway. Now we read this:

The price of electricity hit a record for the month of October, according to data released [last] Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That made October the eleventh straight month when the average price of electricity hit or matched the record level for that month.

The average price of electricity in October was 13.2 cents per kilowatt hour (KWH), up from 12.8 cents per KWH in October 2012—and up from 9.3 cents per KWH in October 2003.

Americans now pay 42 percent more for electricity than they did a decade ago.

Looks like malevolent regulation more than makes up for the discovery of massive new energy reserves that could produce more oil than OPEC.

There is no surer way to lower the standard of living than to raise the price of energy, since it in turn raises the price of everything, in turn decreasing profit margins, in turn raising unemployment, in turn increasing dependence on government, in turn improving the political fortunes of the cancer that is killing us, the Democrat Party.

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Nov 28 2013

Open Thread

obama thanksgiving

Compliments of Red State.

Nov 28 2013

Moonbats Attempt to Throw Wet Blankets on Thanksgiving

In case you were tempted to do something as politically incorrect as enjoy yourself on Thanksgiving and feel thankful to live in what has been the greatest country in history, click your way to liberal Huffington Post, where Nicole Breedlove (President and CEO of, a social networking site for “lesbians of color” [yes, I’m serious]) entitles a piece with the sneer, “Happy National Genocide (Thanksgiving) Day!

A remarkable excerpt:

My great, great, great, great grandfather was a part of a band of Black Indians in Florida, hence my unique and Native American-sounding last name. It seems I come from a long line of warriors and activists. I am a revolutionary not by choice but by lineage. … Whenever someone asked what I was doing for Thanksgiving I proudly stated that I no longer celebrate it. Thanksgiving day should be known as National Land Theft and American Genocide Day. …

So when you sit down to dinner this year, look at your family, serve the food and tell each other what you are most thankful for, think about the origins of Thanksgiving. Think about the countless Native Americans who lost their lives so you can carve a turkey and get the best deals on Black Friday. Say a prayer for them, especially the children, who died simply because of the color of their skin.

You tell them, Nicole.

Nicole Breedlove, black faux-Indian lesbian of color.

If Ms Breedcooties and the likeminded Bradley Manning are too strong for your stomach, invite over a moonbat relative. Be forewarned, Obamazoids have received instructions from the mother ship to use Thanksgiving dinner as an opportunity to proselytize in favor of their mulatto messiah’s catastrophic attempt to socialize medical insurance. From the Anointed One’s website:


The Democratic National Committee put out a guide yesterday entitled “Talking Politics With Your Republican Uncle”:

“[N]othing ruins a slice of pecan pie faster than talking through immigration reform with a cousin who spends too much time listening to Rush Limbaugh,” DNC Digital Director Matt Compton said in a message to Democrats. “We can’t do anything about highway congestion, but we can make sure you have the information you need to answer a bonkers question about President Obama’s record on jobs or the perfect fact to respond to a ridiculous argument about the Affordable Care Act.”

The guide takes on certain “myths [i.e., established facts],” such as claims Mr. Obama and his health care law are increasing the deficit, or that the president doesn’t care about jobs.

The quasi-official state organ WaPo chimes in with a piece entitled, “A Guide to Surviving Obamacare Debates at Thanksgiving.” Soldiers of Obama are encouraged to aver that ObamaCare is not really in a death spiral because there are “safeguards,” there is no death panel (or at least, that’s not what bureaucrats have chosen to call the Independent Payment Advisory Board), those who have already lost medical coverage due to ObamaCare represent an insignificant 5% of the population, et cetera.

But if any moonbats are reading, be sure not to be too gung-ho about getting relatives to go online to sign up for ObamaCare. It could easily cause the rickety site to embarrassingly crash yet again. From the New York Slimes, via American Thinker:

White House officials, fearful that the federal health care website may again be overwhelmed this weekend, have urged their allies to hold back enrollment efforts so the insurance marketplace does not collapse under a crush of new users.

At the same time, administration officials said Tuesday that they had decided not to inaugurate a big health care marketing campaign planned for December out of concern that it might drive too many people to the still-fragile

With a self-imposed deadline for repairs to the website approaching on Saturday, the administration is trying to strike a delicate balance. It is encouraging people to go or return to the website but does not want to create too much demand.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if opponents of socialism were to hit again and again over the coming days, just to know they did their part to help cause Obama’s massive power grab to fail?

Let’s wrap up this gala holiday post with a countermoonbat message from the NRA-ILA:

NRA Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

On tips from Mr Mentalo, Stormfax, Susan K, and Hans-Erik Carlsson.

Nov 28 2013

A Bradley I Mean Chelsea Manning Thanksgiving

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! The best way to do it is to avoid moonbats. That would mean steering clear of the odious magazine Slime, which asks the wrist-slapped execution-worthy traitor Bradley Manning — I’m sorry, now he wants us to call him Chelsea Manning — what he is thankful for. Via NewsBusters:

“I’m usually hesitant to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. After all, the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony systematically terrorized and slaughtered the very same Pequot tribe that assisted the first English refugees to arrive at Plymouth Rock.”

Yes, the pilgrims who founded this evil country were evil. If you want to hear details, just say the word “Thanksgiving” in the presence of a hardcore moonbat. Then cover your face as the spittle spews.

Nonetheless, he is thankful for something: the profusion of fellow moonbats, specifically including anti-white National of Islam maniac Malcolm X and the child-molesting pervert bureauweenie Harvey Milk.

Everybody needs to have heroes, even Bradley Manning. I mean Chelsea.

bradley manning as chelsea
Bradley Manning is also thankful for wigs.

On a tip from Mr Mentalo.

Nov 27 2013

Open Thread


Compliments of Red State.

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