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Aug 31 2014

Open Thread


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Aug 31 2014

President Imposter

As noted previously, “President Barack Obama” is an anagram for “An Arab Backed Imposter” — reinforcing the notion many have had since Obama was pushed to prominence that we are now living in the Twilight Zone:

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Aug 31 2014

Early Checkout

Liberals can prove to themselves how politically correct they are by putting a Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. But they can’t turn a narcissistic punk into a president. Bill Whittle lays Obama bare:

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Aug 31 2014

Joseph Jennings: Another Youth Killed by Police Without Attracting Attention

Dillon Taylor isn’t the only white youth to be shot by the police recently. Nor is Michael Brown the only 18-year-old to apparently commit suicide by cop. There is also the case of Joseph Jennings. Although he is described in the local news report below as a man, darker skin would have qualified him as a “teen”:

A troubled and reportedly unarmed youth is shot 16 times by the police, yet it doesn’t warrant national news, much less a visit by the Attorney General to egg on rioters. The stark contrast with the Michael Brown spectacle only makes sense in light of liberal ideology.

According to the dogma of our ruling class, the universe is centered around the unjust oppression of Persons of Politically Privileged Pigmentation. Since these pampered persons are actually the farthest thing from oppressed, this ideology will collapse under the weight of its own absurdity unless an endless barrage of propaganda is excreted by the establishment to prop it up.

This is why a sociopathic thug like Michael Brown getting himself shot by police is treated as a bigger story than the rise of the Islamic State, and why a white kid getting shot is purposely ignored.

On a tip from JusttheTipHQ. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

Aug 31 2014

Islamist Weapons Fail

The liberal reaction to the Islamic State has been to say something snarky and hope it goes away. That strategy might work if they all handled the weapons Obama has been supplying to hardcore Islamists the way this guy does:

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Aug 30 2014

Open Thread

Gun Free Home

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Aug 30 2014

Nancy Pelosi Video Collection

This Nancy Pelosi highlight video gives an idea of the caliber of “leadership” that has been flushing our country down the toilet.

Democrats actually vote for these people.

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Aug 30 2014

Common Core Math

From a 2nd grade homework assignment in the Phoenix suburb Anthem:


Say what?

By the time liberals are through with this country, Americans will not even be able to do simple math.

Compliments of Muddypaw.

Aug 30 2014

Court Rules Restrictions on Bigamy Are Unconstitutional

Homosexuals account for a tiny percentage of the American population. Those who want to get “married” probably make up a tiny percentage of homosexuals. So why the big push by the liberals in charge to establish homosexual marriage? Because homosexual marriage isn’t about homosexuals. It is about marriage. More specifically, it is about destroying marriage. The strategy is working:

A judge has ruled that parts of Utah’s law banning polygamy are unconstitutional, effectively decriminalizing the practice, in a victory for the family that appears in the reality TV show ‘Sister Wives’.

Kody Brown, who stars in the TLC reality show with his four wives, filed a lawsuit against the state after leaving Utah fearing prosecution after the programme aired.

Now a federal judge has issued his final ruling in the case that strikes down parts of the state’s anti-polygamy law.

Swiftly down the slippery slope we slide, until the entire concept of marriage disintegrates into farce, and with it the concept of family.

To get an idea of why liberals would want to destroy this cornerstone of human civilization, look to their success in the black community, where liberal welfare policy has discouraged marriage to the extent that 70% of black births occur out of wedlock. There is no single predictor of poverty as powerful as being born into a single-parent household.

Blacks once voted almost exclusively for the party that ended slavery, the GOP. But in the most recent election, Democrats received 93% of the black vote. That’s how Obama got reelected despite losing to Romney by 20% among the whites who until recently comprised virtually the entire US population.

The party of government dependency knows how to socially engineer a society that will support it.

On tips from Bodhisattva and Henry.

Aug 30 2014

Regarding the Rumor That Holder Paid Ferguson Rioters

Did the Attorney General of the USA directly pay lowlifes with our money to riot in Ferguson? Probably not, if only because he didn’t need to; helping the media by splashing rhetorical gasoline sufficed. But it’s hard to deny that America has been fundamentally transformed into the sort of banana republic where rumors like this are deemed credible. Wild Bill for America reminds us to keep our eyes open:

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Aug 29 2014

Open Thread


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Aug 29 2014

Ferguson Fool Prefers ISIS to Local Police

This is the mentality promoted by the media and the federal government at the expense of normal, law-abiding Americans and the local cops who defend them from sociopaths like Michael Brown:


If this is a typical Michael Brown supporter, he could have a point. Assuming he could put together a sufficiently coherent sentence to explain how much he hates America, ISIS might welcome him into its ranks. Conversely, the Ferguson PD would probably force him to give back whatever he just stole.

On a tip from Wiggins. Hat tips: Soopermexican, Young Conservatives.

Aug 29 2014

A Portrait of the Man Without a Plan

In a short interval between a long golfing vacation and the three fundraisers on the schedule for today, our “Commander in Chief” put on a tie long enough to announce that his administration has no plan to deal with the growing threat from the Islamic State, which has been conducting mass executions, ethnically cleansing Iraq of Christians, and destabilizing the entire region, and which promises to soon pose a terror threat to the American homeland that will dwarf al Qaeda.

But Obama does have one recent accomplishment to his credit. When he briefly interrupted his golf to issue a perfunctory, pro-Islam response to the beheading of American journalist James Foley, he inspired a portrait that sums up his response to the rising ISIS menace.

Warning, like everything else having to do with the Islamic State, the portrait is gruesome.

Compliments of J.

Aug 29 2014

Social Justice Department Loots Banks for Fortunes, Gives Money to Ultra-Left Activist Groups

No wonder Eric Holder traveled to Ferguson to show his support for the looters there. He is a looter himself. He does his looting on a larger scale, but it is looting just the same, and justified by the same corrosive leftist ideology. Here’s a particularly brazen example:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) keeps giving radical leftist groups that support President Obama huge amounts of cash collected from big banks to settle discrimination and mortgage abuse lawsuits filed by the government.

These “discrimination” lawsuits are sheer B.S., but it is cheaper for banks to just pay up than to get dragged through the courts by the relentlessly greedy federal government. Basically the way it works is, if a Person of Politically Privileged Pigmentation wants a loan and you don’t give it to him because he doesn’t have a job, or you charge a higher rate because of the risk, that’s discrimination. If you do give him the loan even though he can’t afford it, that’s mortgage abuse. This heads we win tails you lose approach to redistributing the wealth held in banks goes back to the Carter Era Community Reinvestment Act, and was a major factor in causing the housing collapse of 2008.

Rather than backing off from the disastrous policy of forcing banks to make loans on a racial basis, the Obama Regime has doubled down on it:

Judicial Watch first reported the scheme two years ago when Countrywide Financial Corporation doled out $335 million to settle its discrimination lawsuit with the feds. The money was supposed to be distributed to more than 200,000 minority victims who supposedly were charged higher interest rates and fees than white borrowers based on their race not their credit. Instead, a chunk of the money went to Democrat-tied groups not connected to the lawsuit, including the scandal-plagued Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and the open-borders National Council of La Raza (NCLR).

Now many of the same groups will get more money from a record $16.65 billion settlement with Bank of America. … Delinquent borrowers in Democrat strongholds like Chicago, Oakland and Detroit will also benefit from debt forgiveness.

Sorry, white people still have to pay their mortgages. In fact, you will have to pay higher mortgages to make up for the money banks are forced to lose.

Here’s how bad liberalism can get when lowlife community organizer types are put in charge of the federal government:

Leftover funds will go to politically-connected community groups—like the NCLR, Operation Hope and National Community Reinvestment Coalition—that intimidate banks into qualifying more minorities for home loans, even if they really can’t afford it. This part of the deal is conveniently buried in an annex to the 37-page DOJ agreement, but a publication dedicated to covering business, finance and economics draws attention to it in a scathing editorial that refers to the arrangement as extortion.

“In effect, the government has ordered the nation’s largest bank to create a massive slush fund for Democrat special interests,” states the editorial which reveals that radical Democrat activist groups stand to collect millions from Holder’s record deal with Bank of America. “The recession has dried up funding for such groups. But Holder’s massive bank shakedown could rebuild their war chests in a hurry.” The piece also points out that Holder has brokered other similar deals that will provide more back-door funding for the Democrat groups. They include a $13 billion agreement with JPMorgan Chase and a $7 billion deal with Citibank.

The word “corrupt” doesn’t do justice to the Justice Department. Hard left ideology digs below normal corruption to a form of antimorality that will result in the country being looted into ruin if it is not eradicated.

Eric Holder
Why is this criminal still in office?

On tips from Curtis F, Bill T, and Ben S.

Aug 29 2014

Michael Brown Reportedly Had Been Arrested for Murder as Juvenile

Apparently there is only one way to cut through the governmedia narrative and get to the truth about the “gentle giant” Michael Brown — drag the government into court:

We aren’t talking about strong-arm robberies of the type he was filmed committing on the day of his shooting.

His record also reportedly includes links to the infamous Crips street gang.

But if the media could pass off Trayvon Martin as a cute little child, why couldn’t it re-create Brown as a gentle giant, even if he did precipitate his own shooting by attacking hero cop Darren Wilson and beating him almost unconscious?

Michael Brown Gentle Giant
How gentle giants acquire free cigars.

On a tip from Wiggins. Hat tip: Young Conservatives.

Aug 29 2014

Some of the Illegal Alien “Children” Flooding American Schools Have Wrinkles and Gray Hair

When the media wants to advance its agenda by deifying sociopathic thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, it portrays them as children or “teens.” Lately the same approach has been used to quell resistance to the massive hordes of Third World welfare colonists who have been illegally pouring across the undefended border. The whole farce has been taken so far that some of the needy foreign children who will be flooding American schools this fall have gray hair:

The mayor of Lynn, Mass. says that some of the illegal aliens from Guatemala who are enrolled in her city’s public schools are adults with graying hair and “more wrinkles than I have.”

“They are not all children,” Judith Flanagan Kennedy told reporters at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.

“One of the things that we did notice when we were processing some of these students coming in was that they were adults,” she said.

She added that the federal government will not allow school officials to verify their ages, even though one of the students turned out to be 35 years old.

Yet again we see that the federal government does not even pretend to be reasonable. It is imposing this invasion in an act of war against the American people — a people it is in the process of erasing by displacing. If you object, you are a racist and therefore have to shut up if you don’t want to be shunned.

On tips from RF, Ben S, and Bodhisattva.

Aug 29 2014

Why Senate Confirmation Is Out of the Question for UN Global Warming Treaty

In case anyone is wondering why Obama would have to brazenly violate the Constitution in order to sign a UN treaty regarding the imaginary global warming crisis, have a look back to this piece from last April:

United Nations Cranks Up Hysteria on Faltering Global Warming Hoax, Demands We Change Our Lives

These changes, demanded by the Working Group III of the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, include the following:

More regulation from “experts”, technocrats and bureaucrats at supranational organisations, such as the one whose initials begin with U and end with N.

More taxpayer subsidies for expensive, inefficient renewable energy.

More nuclear power (with shale gas used as a transitional fuel to replace coal).

The abandonment of fossil fuels.

Less meat consumption.

A single, globally-regulated price for carbon dioxide.

More local-government-enforced walking, cycling and public transportation.

More back-door wealth redistribution from the West to the developing world in the name of “sustainability”

All at a cost to the global economy of up to 3.7 per cent of GDP by 2030, provided we act now.

You can see why even a Senate controlled by Democrats would refuse to sign onto this tyrannical lunacy. Arrogant as they may be, Senators are at least a little bit responsive to voters. Obama is not. He is fundamentally hostile to this country and its interests and no longer cares who knows it.

Obama Treason

On a tip from Stormfax.

Aug 28 2014

Open Thread


Photo of the Man Without a Plan via Fire Andrea Mitchell.

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