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Nov 30 2014

Open Thread


Passed along by G. Fox.

Nov 30 2014

Interview With a Vampire

Real life vampires are less glamorous than the ones in the movies. They also suck a lot more blood from their victims, with help from Big Government:

Note the characteristic lack of desire to support herself. Liberals sought to remove the stigma of welfare. They have succeeded.

You have to work twice as hard so that people like this don’t have to work at all. Since they breed like rats, the situation will be worse when it is your kids’ turn to support them.

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Nov 30 2014

Black Friday, Then and Now

There sure has been a lot of progress since 1983:

A little more of this progress and we will be ambulating on all fours.

On a tip from Mr. Mentalo.

Nov 30 2014

The Word Demon Is Now Racist

The Ferguson spectacle has resulted in at least two revisions to the Newspeak dictionary. As we have already seen, the verb to charge is now regarded as racist. Now the word demon has also been struck from the politically correct vocabulary. If you can tolerate an MSNBC interview that is inane to the point of brutality, at the end you will learn why:

Via Weasel Zippers, on a tip from Petterssonp.

Nov 30 2014

Diversity Enriches the Educational Experience

The liberals are right: diversity does add a special something to the educational experience. But diversity is a superficial concept if it only applies to appearance and not behavior. Cherished minorities “acting white” spoils everything.

Fortunately for the advocates of multiculturalism, the collapse of discipline has resulted in highly diverse behavior. Recorded at Vanguard High School in Ocala, Florida:

Using force to get this guy under control would be racist, and could even lead to rioting and worse yet the disapproval of the folks running the media.

We might as well just forget about things like school. We should tear off our clothes and climb around in trees shouting, “What’s up bro?” How liberating it would be!

This behavior is common because it is tolerated if not venerated by the liberal ruling class. Otherwise there would be consequences for it. Political correctness, a.k.a. the soft bigotry of low expectations, is reducing human beings to animals.

On a tip from Mr. Mentalo.

Nov 30 2014

How to Brazenly Shoplift Right in Front of Police and Get Away With the Merchandise

All you need to do is be a person of politically privileged pigmentation and recite the magic words “Michael Brown.”

We live in a country where a sociopathic thug can follow up a strong-arm robbery by trying to kill a police officer and be deified for it by the media, so incidents like this are inevitable:

It all started when WalMart store security, and a customer, witnessed the suspect put unpaid for merchandise in the shopping cart, and attempted to leave the story with it — and called the Police. When the cops arrived and asked him to prove that he had paid for his merchandise, he quickly got his friend to start recording and unbelievably starts shouting that the officer was trying to “Michael Brown me,” as he tries to avoid showing the cop his receipt.

The five-finger discount shopper evidently has a criminal record, as he already knew the cop by name from one of his previous “cases.”

According to the video description posted on YouTube, that officer is Michael Manfredi of the South Strabane Police Department in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

And as the “shopper” flees the store, Officer Manfredi calmly follows him to the parking lot as [the thief] loudly refuses to hand the officer his receipt — waving it in front of the officer’s face, but refusing to allow the officer to hold it or even take a picture of it.

Then he plays the Ferguson card at the top of his lungs in a disgusting display of criminal moonbattery. The response is still more disgusting:

This clearly takes the two officers by surprise, and perhaps fearing some kind of racial incident that might bring unwanted media or Al Sharpton attention, they surprisingly let him go!

You get to pay extra for your merchandise so that this cockroach can have his for free:

Remember when people respected the police? Those days are behind us now, eroded by political correctness to the point of collapse like the rest of our civilization.

On a tip from Troy.

Nov 30 2014

Michael Brown Honored With Moonbat Apartheid

Racial hierarchy is key to progressive ideology. This has never been more obvious than at the riots and other disturbances leftists have whipped up to undermine law and order in the name of the dead thug Michael Brown. For example, organizers of Black Lives Matter in Toronto have made it explicit that to moonbats, these lives matter more than anyone else’s:

“WHITE/NON BLACK ALLIES” were addressed in information disseminated by “Black Lives Matter” Toronto protest organizers in advance of demonstrations that began in the city Tuesday night after the Ferguson, Mo., grand jury exonerated police officer Darren Wilson.

“While we appreciate the solidarity shown by White and Non-Black POC [persons of color? puppets of convenience? pieces of crap?], want to remind folks of some things: Please refrain from taking up space in all ways possible. Remember that you are there in support of black folks, so should never be at the centre of anything,” the rules stated.

“Refrain from speaking to the media. Black voices are crucial to this.”

“Stand behind black folks or between us and the police.”

“If you see a cop harassing a black person, come in and engage. (chances are they are least likely to arrest you),” the rules stated.

That way if someone gets hurt, it’s more likely just to be some white person, so no harm done. Blacks can stand behind the Darlena Cunha types and throw bricks at the cops. But then when it comes time to pose as righteous revolutionaries for the news crews, Whitey has to go to the back of the bus and refrain from “taking up space.”

For whites to object to being treated as second-class citizens would be racist.

Useful idiot liberals have hit a new low in self-degradation.

More than the lives of white useful idiots.

On a tip from Wiggins. Hat tip: Tea Party News Network.

Nov 29 2014

Open Thread


Via Obama Is Officially the Worst President in American History, on a tip from TED.

Nov 29 2014

Demanding That Mob Burn Down Town Is Not Call for Violence per NAACP

In case you were wondering why Louis Head, the gang-affiliated stepfather of the dead thug Michael Brown, is not in prison for inciting a riot, it is because screaming for a rabid mob to burn down your town is not a call for violence. We have this on the authority of Cornell William Brooks. Cornell is President and CEO of the NAACP, so don’t you dare be racist by disagreeing with him.

The “civil rights” movement has reduced its credibility to absolute zero.

On a tip from Petterssonp.

Nov 29 2014

Yet Another Hate Hoax: University of Chicago Facebook Threat

Whenever a person of privileged pigmentation or perversity claims to have been threatened or oppressed in some way, it is safe to assume that the incident is either grossly misrepresented or a complete hoax — probably the latter if it is alleged to have occurred on one of our moonbattery-infested college campuses:

A threatening message posted to a student’s Facebook page — initially thought [or rather, implausibly claimed] to be the work of hackers — was actually written by the student himself, University of Chicago officials said Monday.

“It became clear that nobody broke into the Facebook account in question, and that in fact the posting was not the anonymous threat against a student that it first appeared to be,” according to a statement from the university.

The message was posted Nov. 18 and contained racial slurs and threats of sexual violence.

It prompted university officials to initiate an investigation with the help of federal law enforcement agencies and third-party website providers to determine who was behind the post.

No one will be surprised that officials literally made a federal case out this, in hopes that it was not yet another hoax. But these hopes were quickly dashed.

According to a person with knowledge of the incident, it appears the student’s fake message was a misguided attempt to draw attention to the issues of race and sexual abuse.

Student activist Vincente Perez told the school’s newspaper, the Chicago Maroon: “Someone felt they had to show something extreme to get people to care. Think about that. This is not a justification. But think about what the weight of apathy can force people to do.”

As Bugs Bunny might say, “What a maroon.”

Think about this, Vince: If privileged minority groups really were oppressed, there would be no need to combat apathy by fabricating incidents of supposed oppression.

As for the consequences for the hoaxer,

A university spokesperson refused to comment on any disciplinary action that may be taken against the student who posted the Facebook message.

That means that as usual there will be no consequences. Otherwise these hoaxes wouldn’t happen so frequently. The important thing from the perspective of liberal educrats is that the hoaxer meant well — i.e., is a moonbat.

One more for our merely representative but ever-growing Hate Hoax List:

University of Chicago Facebook hoax
Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar
Daniele Watts
Keith Jones
Sweet Briar College hoaxer
Grand Valley State University student
Richard Kennedy
Anonymous Hercules Middle-High School student
Joe Williams
Andrea Brazier
Genesis Hernandez
Danya Morales
Toni Christina Jenkins
Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden
Meg Lanker-Simons
Olander Cuthrell
Charlie Rogers
Sharmeka Moffitt
Joseph Baken
Alexandra Pennell
Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin
Quinn Matney
Aubriana Banks
Sarah Marshak
Floyd Elliot
Tawana Brawley
Crystal Gail Mangum
Kerri Dunn
Leah Miller
Ahmad Saad Nasim

Get a life, non-oppressed moonbats!

On a tip from Henry.

Nov 29 2014

Ferguson Spawns Welfare Terrorists

It’s amazing what you can force other people to pay for with your EBT card these days. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Two men indicted last week on federal weapons charges allegedly had plans to bomb the Gateway Arch — and to kill St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson — the Post-Dispatch has learned.

Sources close to the investigation were uncertain whether the men had the capability to carry out the plans, although the two allegedly did buy what they thought was a pipe bomb in an undercover law enforcement sting.

The men wanted to acquire two more bombs, the sources said, but could not afford to do it until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished.

A few finishing touches make the story perfectly emblematic of the Age of Obama:

An indictment … was returned in federal court here Nov. 19 and unsealed Friday upon the arrest of Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Ali Davis. … Brandon also is known as Brandon Muhammad, according to court documents, and Davis now goes by the last name Ali, his attorney said. … Davis spoke at a New Black Panther rally at Greater St. Mark Family Church in Ferguson last month about the police shooting of Brown, and was identified there as the Missouri chapter’s “minister of law.” … In July 2010, the Post-Dispatch photographed Davis as a recipient of an Access MO award letter for $1,510 to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City…

The pair probably qualify as heroic patriots according to Time Magazine.

The Gateway Arch must be racist.

On tips from R F, Bodhisattva, and Petterssonp.

Nov 28 2014

Open Thread


On a tip from Rambler.

Nov 28 2014

World’s Safest Restaurant: Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado

Despite recent gains in Colorado by moonbats, so long as Shooters Grill in Rifle is open for business, it is far too soon to write off the state:

I doubt any Michael Brown types will be attempting to help themselves to the contents of the cash register.

On a tip from G. Fox.

Nov 28 2014

Brown Revealed to Have Charged Wilson; MSNBC Declares the Word Charge to Be Racist

The grand jury found that Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown in part because forensic evidence and eyewitness accounts reveal that the oversized maniac was charging him. Liberals respond as you might expect: by barking that the word charge is racist. MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom gibbers:

“This issue about charging, which I find to be a racially tinged offensive word in and of itself, but I would have asked him, what exactly does that mean?”

Whatever it means, if someone who outweighs you by about 100 pounds is doing it toward you with the evident intent to kill, you had better have a gun and the will to use it.

At least now the Washington Redskins won’t have to suffer alone. You can expect the federal government to demonstrate its politically correct righteousness by launching an unlawful campaign to force the San Diego Chargers to change their name.

Newspeak Dictionary
Remove the verb to charge.

On a tip from Jester.

Nov 28 2014

Obama Regime Feels “Incredibly Strongly” About Breaking Promise by Providing Taxpayer-Financed Benefits to Illegal Aliens Through ObamaCare

In 2009, after Obama proclaimed to a joint session of Congress that illegal aliens would not be eligible for taxpayer-financed benefits through ObamaCare, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) was put through the wringer by the media for observing that this was a lie. Even though he has already been repeatedly vindicated, now is a good time for another fact check on Rep. Wilson’s allegation:

On November 11, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell [who is in charge of administering ObamaCare] participated in an online chat with a group of Latino bloggers. Burwell was asked a two-part question. Would the young immigrants known as Dreamers be eligible for Obamacare subsidies, and can so-called mixed families — for example, a family with illegal parents and legal children — receive benefits?

Dreamers are not eligible, Burwell said. But she left no doubt that she — along with officials at the highest levels of the Obama administration — wants that to change. “I think that everyone probably knows that this administration feels incredibly strongly about the fact we need to fix that,” Burwell explained. “We need to reform the system and make the changes that we need that will lead to benefits in everything from healthcare to economics to so many things — a very important step that we need to take as a nation.”

Burwell went on to tell the bloggers that families with illegal members are welcome to receive benefits. “Mixed families should come, they should seek and try, go on the site, they’ll find out they can get financial assistance,” Burwell said. “They may be eligible for different programs for their children or themselves.”

Finally, Burwell stressed that no one in the government will ask applicants if they are here legally or not. “Everyone should come on, and folks should not be scared,” Burwell said. “No questions will be asked…”

Attention world! Free healthcare! Come one, come all!

We are witnessing a looting spree. Obama and his treasonous collaborators have turned America into the Third World’s Ferguson.


On a tip from Mr. Mentalo.

Nov 28 2014

What Time Magazine et al. Side With When They Side With Ferguson Rioters

If the disgraceful Time Magazine hadn’t already jumped the shark years ago, it sure has now, by publishing an open endorsement of the rioting and looting the liberal establishment essentially staged in Ferguson. Try to imagine a responsible adult putting their name on the recently published tripe by Darlena Cunha that asks, “Is rioting so wrong?”

Her answer:

Riots are a necessary part of the evolution of society.

In response to people who don’t share her admiration for mobs that engage in theft and malicious destruction, and who accuse the mobs of blaming others for their failures and inadequacy, she channels socialists like Elizabeth Warren and Barack “You Didn’t Build That” Obama:

…when you have succeeded, it ceases to be a possibility, in our capitalist society, that anyone else helped you. And if no one helped you succeed, then no one is holding anyone else back from succeeding. Except they did help you, and they are holding people back. So that blaming someone else for your failures in the United States may very well be an astute observation of reality, particularly as it comes to white privilege […quack quack quack…] I am racist because I am white. Until I have had to walk in a person of color’s skin, I will never understand, I will always take things for granted, and I will be inherently privileged. But by ignoring the very real issues this country still faces in terms of race to promote an as-of-yet imaginary colorblind society, we contribute to the problem at hand, which is centuries of abuses lobbied against other humans on no basis but that of their skin color.

Astonishingly, the thugs responding to encouragement by the liberal media and the Obama Regime by looting and burning down businesses on the pretext that a white police officer opted not to let a marauding black maniac murder him are portrayed as somehow the victims.

If you have ever been to a Tea Party event, you were probably struck by the conspicuous civility of everyone involved. Not so much as a gum wrapper is left on the ground, in jarring contrast to liberal gatherings like Occupy Wall Street and the savagery in Ferguson. Yet Time attacks the Tea Party — and the historic event that inspired it:

[T]he Tea Party gets its name from a riot, The Boston Tea Party. For those who need a quick history brush-up, in 1773 American protesters dumped an entire shipment of tea into the Boston Harbor to protest The Tea Act, which colonists maintained violated their rights. In response to this costly protest and civil unrest, the British government enforced The Coercive Acts, ending local government in Massachusetts, which in turn led to the American Revolution and created our great country.

Comparing hood rats looting the local liquor store to the American Revolution is a classic example of liberals’ favorite fallacy: moral equivalence. Here it serves a dual purpose, both elevating the animals running amok in Ferguson and tearing down the country liberals so hate even while hypocritically acknowledging its greatness.

The only difference between thugs and patriots, per Ms. Cunha:

What separates a heralded victory in history from an attempt at societal change, a cry for help from the country’s trampled, today? The fact that we won.

What does she mean we? Americans won, not moonbats.

The notion that the pampered, privileged, welfare-fattened parasites stealing anything they can lay their hands on and setting fire to everything else are “trampled” is what you might call the Big Lie — a falsehood that is accepted by some precisely because it is so outrageous. Obviously, the only people getting trampled are the business owners, who receive little sympathy from the liberal media.

As for why blacks are so prone to the ultimate antisocial behavior, rioting,

Blacks in this country are more apt to riot because they are one of the populations here who still need to.

Bizarrely, the devastating and unjustified 1992 riots in Los Angeles are cited as a positive example of social betterment through looting, assault, and wanton destruction.

According to Slime, the ultimate purpose of rioting is to end “racism.” If racism means the tendency to view blacks as the sort of people low enough to participate in riots, this approach would seem to be counterproductive. But apparently when a white liberal elitist like Darlena Cunha blathers about ending racism, what she means is achieving a utopia in which all blacks have every need met without having to exert any effort or take any responsibility, are above the law, and cannot be criticized.

We’re almost there now. One more riot ought to do it.

Here is an example of what the pointy-headed vermin constituting the liberal intelligentsia think is justified by a white police officer defending himself against a black criminal:

While covering the protests, a St. Louis news crew came upon a chaotic scene in a parking lot.

An elderly man dependent on oxygen was reportedly attacked and run over during a car jacking in the parking lot of Faraci Pizza on Florissant in Ferguson.

In the video, you can hear witnesses tell the news reporter an elderly male was attacked, car jacked, and then run over with his own car.

One witness said the unidentified victim went to his car to get his new oxygen tank when the thugs attacked him with it.

Sure, the rioters are just like George Washington.

We are well past the point where liberalism could be regarded as just a differing point of view that you happen to disagree with. As the Ferguson spectacle has made clear, it is a vile, depraved, malevolent ideology that is destroying America before our eyes. Anyone who subscribes to it is a traitor not only against American civilization, but against civilization in general.

You might say the same for anyone who still subscribes to Time.

Liberals’ answer to the Founding Fathers.

On tips from Varla, Don M, and Wiggins.

Nov 28 2014

Fighting Back Against the War on Christmas

Thanksgiving is over; now it’s time for Christmas. Here’s the spirit:


On a tip from Merchant of Venom.

Nov 28 2014

Separated at Birth? Anthea Butler and Her Better-Looking Twin

Can you tell them apart?

anthea-butler  king-buzzo
anthea-butler  king-buzzo

One represents an overpaid industry known for outlandish posturing, degeneracy, irresponsibility, flakiness, sophomoric left-wing politics, and infantile behavior. The other is a rock musician.

The aforementioned industry is of course “higher” education, specifically the formerly respected Ivy League. Pictured on the left is Anthea Butler, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Africana Studies at The University of Pennsylvania. Her take on the Ferguson spectacle is well below the intellectual level of something one of The Melvins’ roadies might scrawl on a restroom wall in an alcoholic stupor. Here’s a taste:

America’s racist god requires black people’s blood to atone for the sins committed by its followers. This time, the blood shed in sacrifice to this god of white supremacy was Michael Brown’s. Darren Wilson, an agent of that god, was vindicated. For his reward, he is showered with blood money from other followers of the racist god.

No one should be surprised that Darren Wilson was not indicted by the grand jury. Prosecutor Robert McCulloch played the role of Pontius Pilate, washing his and Darren Wilson’s hands of impunity, while the sacrifice, Michael Brown, was deemed worthy of death because in Wilson’s words “he look[ed] like a demon.” Wilson even uses the sacred instrument to complete his sacrifice to the god of American Whiteness: the gun. …

White supremacy always demands the shedding of blood to assert its divinity.

But there is good news for moonbats:

I believe that those like Darren Wilson who worship at the altar of America’s god of white supremacy will fail.

This evil gibberish was vomited in response to a police officer defending himself against a marauding hoodlum who was trying to kill him. Zero evidence has been produced by anyone that the incident had anything to do with race until after it happened and liberals seized upon it as a story they could distort to advance their agenda.

Undergraduate tuition and fees at the University of Pennsylvania are $47,668. There are better uses for the money.

Apologies to King Buzzo for the comparison. His jabberwocky lyrics make a lot more sense than anything you will hear from Ms. Butler.

On a tip from Mr. Mentalo. Hat tip: The Blaze.

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