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Mar 31 2015

Open Thread


Compliments of Stormfax.

Mar 31 2015

67-Year-Old Vet Hands It Back to a Punk

Careful, social justice warriors. Sometimes public transportation assaults don’t turn out as planned — as when this punk pushed a 67-year-old vet too far:

On a tip from Wingmann.

Mar 31 2015

HIPSTER Disorder

Are you suffering from hyper involuntary panic stress tension elevation response disorder? If so, get help at once — get Unpretentiousil:

Hopefully blogging and drinking IPAs aren’t serious symptoms.

On a tip from Henry.

Mar 31 2015

CNN Bashes Ted Cruz by Comparing Him to Obama

You had to know the liberal media would come after Ted Cruz with guns blazing. But who would have expected it to get this nasty this fast? CNN attacks by comparing him to Barack Hussein Obama:

“I want to read to you a description,” began host Dana Bash. “A Harvard law graduate, 40-something years old, two young daughters, in the Senate for only two years, who thinks he can be president. I could be describing you; I could be describing Barack Obama.”

Cruz replied to this bashing by noting that he has been a leader in the Senate, not a backbencher like Obama. Regarding previous experience:

“I spent five and a half years as the Solicitor General of Texas, the chief lawyer for the state Texas in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.”

“I supervised and led every appeal for the state of Texas in a 4,000-person agency with over 700 lawyers,” he continued. “Over the course of 5 1/2 years, over and over again Texas led the nation defending conservative principles and winning.”

Obama, for his part, was a community organizer (i.e., a revolutionary leftist troublemaker) — reason enough for no well-meaning person to want him anywhere near the White House.

Still, any comparison to the worst president in American history has to hurt, even coming from CNN.

On a tip from Petterssonp.

Mar 31 2015

The Freezing Homeless Child Experiment

I’m guessing that if they tried this experiment in a nasty uncaring Christian-infested red state, it wouldn’t take any two hours to get a response, as in New York City, which cares so much about the poor that it created thousands more of them by electing a communist mayor:

On a tip from Bill T.

Mar 31 2015

A Handrail Away From America’s Enemies Getting Yet Another Good Laugh

If you are still willing to assume that Obama means this country well, his presidency has consisted of one stumble after another, making this emblematic:

Maybe now he will stop doing that irritating little jog down the steps of Air Force One every time he flies around at extravagant public expense for his fundraisers, golf outings, and prolonged lavish vacations.

On a tip from Petterssonp. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

Mar 31 2015

Wimp Rockers Wilco Boycott Indiana but Not the Other RFRA States

For sanctimonious liberal posturing at its most laughably phony, look to the whiny poseurs comprising the wimp rock outfit Wilco, who have canceled an Indianapolis tour date to protest Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Never mind that no one in their audience would be likely to understand RFRA well enough to support it, in Indy or anywhere else.

American Spectator takes

a quick look at Wilco’s other tour dates, and it seems they’ve been awfully selective over which RFRA states they’re choosing to ignore.

RFRA states in which Wilco is scheduled to perform include Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Arizona, Connecticut, and their home state of Illinois.

But the important thing is that Wilco made it public that they obediently endorse homofascist bullying, and therefore are cool — from the point of view of bovine idiots who are led around by rings in their noses by the cultural Marxist establishment.

Let’s hope no one influenced by these dweebs votes.

On a tip from Petterssonp.

Mar 31 2015

$1 for Moonbat Tabloid New York Daily News

One thing you have to say for left-wing propaganda rags: you can get great deals on them. If Newsweek was worth $1, surely the New York Daily News is too:

U.S. cable T.V. operator Cablevision Systems Corp (CVC.N) is planning to make an offer for the New York Daily News as early as this week, valuing the troubled tabloid at just $1, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The offer would come one month after New York media and real estate magnate Mortimer Zuckerman said he was considering selling the newspaper and had hired Lazard Ltd (LAZ.N) to assist with the process. It underscores the declining readership and plunging advertising revenue that have plagued the tabloid for years.

Then again, maybe Newsweak wasn’t worth $1, and the Daily Snooze isn’t either.

Congrats to the more conservative New York Post for winning the Big Apple tabloid war.

Maybe the Daily Snooze can be repurposed.

On a tip from Henry.

Mar 31 2015

Reid Justifies Telling Shameless Lie About Romney: “Romney Didn’t Win, Did He?”

Remember when during the 2012 election then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the preposterous claim on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes? At least Dingy Harry had good reason to lie through his teeth. Here, let him explain:

Reid appeared to take some joy of being a part of the Democrat machine that took down Romney in 2012.

“Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn’t,” Reid said on the Senate floor without any evidence to back his accusations.

When asked about his comments by CNN’s Dana Bash, Reid never rejected the notion his words were “McCarthyite” in nature. He admitted no wrongdoing.

“Well, they can call it whatever they want,” Reid said. “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

In fairness to the endlessly maligned patriot Joe McCarthy, Reid’s despicable lie was Reidite in nature, not McCarthyite.

With Reid, Obama, and Shrillary, the Democrat Party has hit rock bottom. Decent people can no longer justify supporting it.

On a tip from Petterssonp.

Mar 31 2015

America’s Dialogue on Race Summed Up in One Incident

Anything you say about the Michael Brown spectacle to a person of politically preferred pigmentation will be wrong. Telling the truth about the psychopathic thug who committed suicide by cop would be racist. Anything else would be a cowardly yet condescending lie. But apparently just keeping your mouth shut isn’t an option either:

Police are looking for three black men in the St. Louis area after they attacked a white man who refused to talk about the shooting of Michael Brown. The beating was captured by a passenger’s cell phone on one of the city’s MetroLink trains.

The unnamed victim, 43, recounted the story to a local station. He said that one of the men (red shirt) asked to use his cell phone. When he said no, the suspect sat down and asked his opinion on the Michael Brown incident.

The victim said, “I responded I was too tired to think about it right now.”

The video begins just after the angered 20-something stood up and began ranting. Suddenly, he attacks the victim, delivering at least 13 punches to the man’s head. For the entirety of the assault, the victim was seated, protecting his head.

As the train pulled into the station, one of the other suspects joined in the beating. As the doors opened, the main suspect delivered a final kick to the defenseless man before exiting the train.

The victim was surprised no one on the train came to his defense. At this point, I’m not.

Social justice: sure to bring a smile to liberal faces.

On tips from Bill T and Artfldgr. Hat tip: Conservative Refocus News.

Mar 31 2015

Department of Labor Bureauweenie Tweets That Christians Are Nazis, Then Claims Account Was Hacked

Cheer up, Anthony Weiner. You’re not the only victim of nefarious Twitter-hackers.

Readers will recall that after Weiner sent out a lewd picture of himself to all his Twitter followers instead of just whatever young skank he was flirting with, he claimed he had been hacked. Possibly it was by the same evildoers who went after US Department of Labor economist Elizabeth Ashack:


Then again, maybe she didn’t want to face up to the firestorm after the contrived RFRA controversy inspired her to Tweet this:


No two groups could have less in common than Christians and Nazis, yet the liberals comprising our ruling class repeatedly attempt to conflate them. It’s as if the goal is to undermine sanity itself by being as wrong as possible about everything and sneering superciliously at anyone who dares to disagree. When they overstep by getting out ahead of the degree of ideological depravity that has already become publicly accepted, they attempt, often pathetically, to cover their tracks.

On tips from Stormfax and Petterssonp. Hat tips: Weasel Zippers, Daily Caller, Fire Andrea Mitchell, US Backlash, Breitbart, Twitchy.

Mar 31 2015

Comedy Central Deteriorates Further: Ultra-left Race Politics Posing as Comedy Posing as News

The many liberals who rely on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show as their main source of news will continue to be politically correctly informed, even after Jon Stewart has left the scene:

On Monday, Comedy Central announced that South African comedian Trevor Noah would be replacing Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. To get a feel for Noah’s brand of humor, one could simply watch his debut on the fake news show in December of 2014, when he jokingly declared that present-day America had worse race relations than Apartheid South Africa.

After introducing Noah as the show’s newest contributor at the time, Stewart noted: “And I know that you flew in, I guess, yesterday from South Africa.” Noah replied: “Yeah, I just flew in and boy are my arms tired….No, no, seriously, I’ve been holding my arms like this since I got here.” He made the completely discredited “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gesture with his hands and added: “I never thought I’d be more afraid of police in America than in South Africa. It kind of makes me a little nostalgic for the old days back home.”

The “hands up don’t shoot” meme has been acknowledged to be a flat-out lie even by the libs at the Washington Post.

Noah went on to compare America unfavorably to Apartheid South Africa. For a liberal, this is the worst insult imaginable:

“Here’s the amazing part, for South Africa to achieve that kind of black-white wealth gap, we had to construct an entire Apartheid state, denying blacks the right to vote or own property. But you, you did it without even trying.”

The Daily Show was followed up by its spinoff The Colbert Report, whose time slot has already been taken over by Larry Wilmore — like Noah, a race-baiting leftist of politically preferred pigmentation.

Those liberals who are not driven over to Fox News to find out what is really going on will become more radicalized than ever.

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah will be telling liberals what it is trendy to believe.

On tips from Bodhisattva and Artfldgr.

Mar 31 2015

Ted Kennedy Fleeces Taxpayers From Beyond the Grave

Teddy Kennedy was not only a degenerate whose irresponsible behavior resulted in the negligent homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne, but a traitor who secretly conspired with the Soviet Union against President Reagan. Naturally today’s Democrats regard him as a demigod. They have honored him with the oversized Edward M. Kennedy Institute; yesterday powerful Democrats and assistant Democrats Barack Hussein Obama, Joke Biden, Hanoi John Kerry, Fauxcahontas Warren, and John McStain attended the opening dedication in Boston. Chappaquiddick Ted would have loved the way the institute was funded:

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr points out that the Insititute “was supposed to be paid for exclusively with private donations.” But it should come as no surprise that the gorgeous 40,000-square-foot building that will house Kennedy’s papers and memorabilia as well as a recreation of his personal office and the Senate chamber was financed with a generous $38 million congressional earmark. The state of Massachusetts chipped in with another $5 million for education “infrastructure.”

That is, the shrine to Ted Kennedy’s bloated ego was financed coercively at the expense of taxpayers far less able to afford such frivolities than the rich Kennedys themselves. The tiny minority of those taxpayers with any interest in visiting the institute will still have to cough up $14 admission — $16 if they aren’t from Taxachusetts.

Probably overpriced in the institute gift shop.

On a tip from TED.

Mar 31 2015

John Kerry Say There Will Be Nuke Deal With Iran “If Allah Wills It”

This is downright surreal. I know Obama has a Muslim background and strong Muslim sympathies, but what’s Kerry’s excuse?

As noted at Gateway Pundit, “inshallah” means “If Allah wills it.”

The reason Iran wants the nuclear weapons Obama and Kerry are effectively helping them to get is so that it can set off Armageddon in the name of this same Allah.

On a tip from Rob E.

Mar 31 2015

From Corruption to Tyranny, From Reid to Schumer

Unchecked corruption inevitably leads to tyranny, as it erodes the rule of law that protects the people from those who control the government, and demonstrates to tyrants that the population does not have enough character to resist abuse. That’s why it is appropriate that outgoing Senate Minority leader Harry Reid, the personification of Democrat corruption, wants to pass the torch to Chuck Schumer, for whom tyranny in all matters great and small is an end in itself.

Western Journalism documents some of the brazen corruption that has characterized Reid’s reign in the Senate. A partial outline:

• Harry Reid’s Alliance With Jack Abramoff
• Reid Protects ACORN From Investigation
• Reid Violated Federal Election Law by Using Campaign Funds for Christmas Bonuses
• Reid Uses His Office to Financially Benefit His Sons
• Reid Collects $1.1 Million Windfall on Property He Didn’t Own
• The Del Webb Land Swap
• Harry Reid Tied to Chinagate Figure
• Harry Reid’s Mob Connections

Et cetera, ad nauseam. Here’s a theory as to why Reid is retiring from his powerful position:

[A] possible Republican Presidential victory in 2016 would lead to the appointment of a Republican Attorney General in January 2017.

A Republican Attorney General would be almost certain to initiate a criminal investigation into Reid’s abuse of his political power in a brazen intervention in the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) issuance of EB-5 visas to investors in a Las Vegas casino and hotel that was represented by his son, Rory Reid, as was highlighted in a report released by the Inspector General of DHS last week.

“I think Harry Reid’s getting out of town ahead of the posse,” former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova tells Breitbart News.

On Thursday, the non-profit group Cause of Action called on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to launch a criminal investigation of Reid. Citing the specific federal statutes that were violated, the group said Reid “participat[ed] in unlawful political activity, possible coercion and fraud related to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.”

The DOJ under President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder is so highly politicized it would never launch a criminal investigation into the many scandals in which Harry Reid is at the center.

But despite a well-earned reputation for avoiding conflict at any cost, Republicans might.

Then there’s Reid’s complicity in Senator Robert Menendez’s (D-NJ) abuse of his political office by intervening in an ongoing Department of Health and Human Services adjudicatory process involving $8.9 million in Medicare overbilling by his friend and campaign funds donor, Dr. Salomon Melgen.

As Breitbart News reported, Reid “hosted a meeting between Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. At the meeting, Menendez made the case for his friend and donor, Dr. Salomon Melgen, who was at the time embroiled in what was supposed to be an independent adjudicatory process at HHS involving $8.9 million the department said he overbilled Medicare.”

Reid’s intervention came “immediately after Melgen donated $300,000 to the Senate Majority PAC, a Super PAC that has close ties to Reid. By the end of 2012, Melgen’s donations to the Senate Majority PAC totaled $700,000.”

Meanwhile, Reason provides a starting point for Chuck Schumer’s curriculum vitae:

U.S. is urged to investigate cereal prices
Chuck Schumer rips e-cigarette makers
Sen. Schumer calls for ban on ubiquitous yoga mat chemical
Chuck Schumer races to extend ban on “undetectable” 3D-printed guns
Senator Charles Schumer Condemns Delicious-Looking Detergent
Schumer wants to ban high-powered green laser pointers
Sen. Charles Schumer Calls for a Ban on Powdered Alcohol
Schumer calls on FDA to ban powdered caffeine
Schumer Calls for Ban on Alcoholic Energy Drinks
Schumer Pushes to Shut Down Online Drug Marketplace
Senator Schumer Says Bitcoin Is Money Laundering
Charles Schumer wants federal probe into airline fare prices
Chuck Schumer Takes On The FAA Over Drone Rules
High-Frequency Trading Faces Challenge from Schumer
Fast-Food Bread a Concern, Schumer Calls for a Ban
Chuck Schumer: No Four Loko for You, New York
Senator Calls for 25 to Life [Video Game] Ban
Sen. Schumer wants to ban internationally produced Olympics uniforms
Senators Call For An End To Payday Lending By Banks
Chuck Schumer Engineers USDA Greek Yogurt Subsidy
Sen. Chuck Schumer to introduce bill 10 banning flame retardants from kids’ products
Sen. Schumer: Ban Cadmium in Kids’ Jewelry
Schumer calls for federal review of grill brush safety, possible recall.

Every tyrant knows that when people allow Big Government to dictate the little things, the large things follow naturally.

There you have it: the natural progression from corruption to tyranny. If this country truly has become sufficiently debased as to elect the conspicuously corrupt Hillary Clinton president, she will be followed by someone who makes Joseph Stalin look like Thomas Jefferson.

Schumer awaits the podium in the natural progression of evil.

On tips from Bodhisattva, TED, Bill T, JusttheTipHQ , and Byron.

Mar 30 2015

Open Thread


Via Liberal Logic 101, on a tip from TED.

Mar 30 2015

Catholic Barry University Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Sympathetic Students in Support of the Islamic State

Normal Americans gasped in astonishment when Project Veritas revealed the willingness of a high-level educrat at Cornell to devote funds to bringing in a speaker from the Islamic State and even to allow a terrorist training camp on campus. But surely not all universities are run by people that evil and insane. Cornell is Ivy League; the ideologically depraved liberal elitists at these schools went completely off the rails decades ago.

Let’s try a religious school — like Catholic Barry University in Miami. Surely they will react with horror, considering that the Islamic State has been systematically and exceedingly brutally murdering Christians, including women and children.

Or then again, maybe not:

If you want to understand how it is possible that Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States, take a look at higher education. From there the mortal infection is spreading throughout society. If we don’t find a way to root it out, our nation will die of it.

On tips from Stormfax and Rob E.

Mar 30 2015

An Obamabot Meets the Moonbat Messiah

Like everything else having to do with Democrats these days, this is pretty creepy:

At least they managed to take the shot while his tongue wasn’t darting out and flickering.


Tip and graphic compliments of Stormfax.

Mar 30 2015

Bill Whittle on the Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton

Even before it came to light that Shrillary wiped her server after the subpoenaed emails on it had been officially requested, she had legally not to mention morally disqualified herself to hold public office, as Bill Whittle explains:

Transcript at Truth Revolt.

If this known criminal is elected president, the fundamental transformation is effectively complete. America is over.

On tips from Petterssonp.

Mar 30 2015

Ronald Fliegelman: Another Weather Underground Terrorist Turned Teacher

In the 1970s, communist terrorists went from setting off bombs to infiltrating the education establishment. An example is Ronald Fliegelman:

The “bomb guru” for the terrorist group the Weather Underground never served a day in jail — but he did spend decades teaching in New York City classrooms, a new book reveals.

Ronald Fliegelman built explosives for the Weather Underground, a far-left group that launched a domestic bombing campaign in the 1960s and ’70s, including one explosion inside NYPD headquarters.

But when the group dissolved, Fliegelman managed to safely fade away into the square life. For 25 years, he worked as a public special-education teacher, retiring to a quiet life in Park Slope, Brooklyn, according to “Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence” (Penguin Press).

Fliegelman isn’t the only prominent member of the Weather Underground to escape punishment and go into education.

Under the leadership of co-founder Bill Ayers — who went on to become a University of Illinois professor whose political relationship with then-candidate Barack Obama was scrutinized during the 2008 presidential campaign — the group also pushed for a sexual revolution.

Their slogan? “Smash monogamy.”

To achieve their goals, the militant group — popularly known as the Weathermen, derived from the Bob Dylan lyric, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” — embarked on a years-long bombing campaign, targeting places it considered pillars of US imperialism, capitalism, racism and anything contrary to their “ism” of choice: communism.

Bill Ayers went on to launch Barack Obama’s political career from the apartment he shared with fellow terrorist Bernardine Dohrn. Compared to that, Fliegelman’s bombs were virtually harmless.

I wonder what Fliegelman taught the kids.

On tips from Sean C and Dean D.

Mar 30 2015

Media Applauds Savages Flinging Excrement at Symbol of Western Civilization

At the zoo there are certain cages it may be unwise to approach wearing your best shirt. Likewise, there are certain protests it would be prudent to avoid — for the same reason:

A bucketload of human excrement flung at a statue has toppled a symbol of British imperialism in South Africa, marking the emergence of a new generation of black protest against white oppression.

Hold it right there. What white oppression? The country has been turned over to black communists. Whites have lived in South Africa for centuries, establishing it as an outpost of civilization, making possible a much higher standard of living for all inhabitants of the region. But now whites are second-class citizens, systematically discriminated against by the government. They know it is only a matter of time until South Africa goes full Zimbabwe and starts killing them on an even larger scale than is happening already.

As always, uncivilized behavior by leftists produces eager cooperation from liberal authorities:

The senate of the University of Cape Town (UCT) on Friday bowed to student demands that a brooding bronze statue of colonialist Cecil John Rhodes should be removed from the campus.

UCT, the oldest university in South Africa and regularly ranked as the best on the continent, was built on land donated by Rhodes, a mining magnate who died in 1902.

If the name sounds familiar, you could be thinking of the country named after this noted philanthropist. Rhodesia used to be the breadbasket of Africa. These days the people are starving as farms lie fallow, having been confiscated from the whites who made them productive. Now that the population is no longer “oppressed,” it subsists under the inept and tyrannical rule of a Marxist dictator. Zimbabwe is the happy ending liberals have in mind for what’s left of South Africa.

In the meantime, all vestiges of Western Civilization are being methodically eradicated in the name of “antiracism” — i.e., racism against whites:

In the east coast city of Durban, students at the University of KwaZulu Natal splattered white paint and anti-racism slogans on a statue of Britain’s King George V.

And at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape, activists want the institution to be renamed.

As America’s fundamental transformation progresses, before long the Founding Fathers will receive the same treatment as Cecil Rhodes, until they have been erased from history.

Rhodes gets no thanks for shouldering the white man’s burden.

On tips from Bodhisattva and Nobama.

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