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Sep 30 2015

Open Thread


Via Grouchy Old Cripple, on tips from TED and Stormfax.

Sep 30 2015

Pitchman Pope

Pope Francis is profligately expending the credibility of the Catholic Church to prop up a phony front for international socialism. He is only too happy to let himself be exploited by the truly terrifying transformational Left:

We are all going perish unless we embrace “the Awakening” and reduce our standard of living to something that can be sustained with government-subsidized windmills and solar panels. It must be true; the Pope says so.

No amount of melodramatic propaganda will prevent a growing number of people from realizing that global warming is a malevolent hoax. It will take Catholicism at least a generation to recover from becoming invested in it.

On a tip from Merchant of Venom.

Sep 30 2015

Putin Versus Obama

If the USA won the Cold War, how come Russia has a leader and we’re stuck with a feckless metrosexual weenie who doesn’t even like our country? Can’t we make them trade?


More at Clash Daily.

Anyone surprised that Putin is chowing down on this clown’s lunch?

On a tip from Merchant of Venom.

Sep 30 2015

EPA Proclaims That Sunlight Is Bad for Plants

If carbon dioxide can be regarded as a pollutant by our moonbat rulers, even though it is actually not only totally harmless but a precious nutrient without which plants cannot grow, why not sunlight?

Expect appropriate regulations to follow. Please don’t let on that it is actually the sun and not CO2 that causes global warming; then the regulations would be even more draconian.

You had to know that anything as wholesome as sunshine would incur federal hostility.

On tips from Stormfax and Torcer. Hat tips: Michelle Malkin, Twitchy.

Sep 30 2015

Professor Matthew Liao Wants to Reduce People’s Size, Use Drugs to Make Us More Liberal

The pointy-headed moonbat masterminds of academia aren’t getting less scary. New York University professor Matthew Liao wants to breed people to be smaller, not because this would be emblematic of the effect liberalism has on the human race but because it would reduce our harmless carbon footprint.

Since breeding people to be midgets presents difficulties, Liao suggests using “treatments” that would cause babies to have a low birth weight. At least it’s not as bad as what progressives do to babies through Planned Parenthood.

The schemes don’t end there. Liao proposes creating an induced allergy to meat, because according to leftist ideology, eating meat makes it be too hot out.

He also wants to use hormones like oxytocin and the suppression of testosterone to make us wimpier and more amenable to liberalism. Theoretically, the sort of malign altruism that is causing Germany to commit suicide could be imposed pharmaceutically:

“Pharmacological enhancement of altruism and empathy…could increase the likelihood that we adopt the necessary behavioural & market solutions for curbing climate change.”

Again, Liao is not an inmate at a mental institution, but a professor at an expensive university. Kooks like this determine what our government will do to us next.

Matthew Liao
Matthew Liao: Malevolent, insane, and probably next in line to be Science Czar.

On tips from Jack Bauer, MrRightWingDave, and ScrewyPuppy.

Sep 30 2015

Separated at Birth?

Can you guess which is a combat patch worn by the handful of soldiers who have been dispatched on token missions to fight ISIS, and which is the logo of the Muslim Brotherhood, the grand-daddy of all modern Islamic terror groups including ISIS?

isis-combat-patch  muslim-brotherhood-logo


A combat patch worn by U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq on the mission against Islamic State is drawing flak from service members and veterans who say the patch — with its palm wreath, stars and crossed scimitars — looks like something the enemy would wear. …

“Will these be issued to Iraqi troops so they can desert again and leave these patches for ISIS?” asked Army veteran Michael Daunais, a reference to instances in which Iraqi troops have gone over to the jihadists rather than fight them.

Former Army Capt. Kevin Casas asked,

“How about an American looking style symbol? wtf man?”

Since they aren’t fighting only for America but for Western Civilization, including the last remnants of the formerly Christian Middle East that are currently being exterminated through genocide by the Islamic State, in a struggle that has been going on now for 1,400 years, let me suggest this for a symbol:


But somehow I doubt the US military under Commander in Chief Barack Hussein “I Will Stand With the Muslims” Obama would approve it.

On tips from Stormfax and Sean C. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

Sep 30 2015

High School Kids Made to Fill Out Survey on Gun Ownership and Political Views

One problem with letting the government run schools is your kids might get confronted with surveys like this one from Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas:


The exact purpose of this is hard to determine; harder still is to imagine a benevolent one. Students who answer politically incorrectly may be subjected to shaming in front of their peers.

Other possibilities:

Child Protective Services could also use the survey as a pretext to take kids away from a family.

Also, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is increasingly partnering with public schools and sheriff departments and its agents could use the answers provided in a school gun survey to target parents with help from local officials.

Parents who cherish the precious right to bear arms and conservative values in general should be advised that a primary purpose of public schools is to turn their kids against them. As a founding father of oligarchical collectivism put it,

“When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’”

On a tip from seaoh.

Sep 30 2015

Felony Arrest for Sitting on Giant Turtle

Just because the immigration laws that prevent the welfare state from being completely overrun by foreigners are systematically ignored by authorities, and the president rules conspicuously lawlessly, don’t think there is no respect left for the rule of law:

Police in Florida say they arrested a woman on Saturday who was seen in photographs sitting on a sea turtle in July.

Melbourne police arrested Stephanie Moore, 20, after they were called to a fight taking place in on the 600 block of Espanola Way in Melbourne. During their investigation, police found Moore who had an active felony arrest warrant in failing to comply with a Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission rule, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Fox 35 Orlando reports the warrant charges Moore with possession, selling or disturbing a marine turtle or nest and was positively identified as one of the women in the photographs. …

Moore was arrested and booked into the Brevard County Jail and is being held on a $2,000 bond.

Meanwhile, Obama has been releasing illegal immigrants who had been convicted on charges up to and including murder.

Stephanie Moore, accused felon.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Sep 30 2015

Last Year Obama Granted Asylum to 1,519 Foreigners With Terror Ties

Maybe a lawyer could step forward to explain how this isn’t treason:

As if the President Obama’s sweeping amnesty measures haven’t compromised national security enough, the administration let 1,519 “inadmissible” foreigners embroiled in terrorism into the U.S. last year because the crimes were committed “while under duress.”

Before the Obama administration tweaked a federal law last year, these foreign nationals would have been banned from the country for supporting terrorist causes. But under the changes the Secretary of Homeland Security has “discretionary authority” to waive certain grounds of inadmissibility relating to terrorism.

Any sort of “discretionary authority” in the hands of Obama and Jeh Johnson equates to a red carpet for jihadists.

We’ve seen this discretionary authority abused in the last few years and in fact, the administration has eliminated a zero tolerance policy for granting asylum or residency to individuals who have provided any sort of terrorism-related support.

No government that means its people well would knowingly import Muslim terrorists — and yet:

Judicial Watch obtained the numbers from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) annual report to Congress on the DHS secretary’s application of discretionary authority. … More than half of the candidates rewarded by DHS last year provided material support to terrorist organizations, according to the DHS report. The others received military-type training from a terrorist organization, voluntarily provided medical care to members of a terrorist group and solicited funds or individuals for membership in a terrorist organization.

But all they have to do is say the magic word “duress” and the Obama Regime ushers them in. Welfare benefits allow them to devote themselves full time to their Islamic activities.

Obama isn’t just importing Third World legions to displace us. He has been bringing in armies of terrorists to murder us. Apparently that’s what he meant by his promise to “stand with the Muslims.”


On tips from Bill M, Sean C, Rob E, and Torcer.

Sep 30 2015

School Goes Into Lockdown Over Confederate Flag

Public schools are mostly run by moonbats, who impose policies of “zero tolerance.” If there is one thing moonbats have zero tolerance for, it is the Southern heritage and resistance to centralized tyranny symbolized by the Rebel Flag. So this story shouldn’t surprise anyone:

A trio of students has been suspended from school after one of them brought a Confederate battle flag to campus.

Officials said the disruption occurred Wednesday morning at Rockmart High School in Polk County [Georgia] when a 10th grade boy arrived with a Confederate battle flag attached to his backpack.

The kid was promptly greeted by black thugs. But staff intervened before there was violence.

[Principal Wesley Cupp] said no weapons were found. But later in the morning, the school was put through a lockdown drill with students kept in class after rumors of other students bringing Confederate battle flags surfaced.…

He said all three students involved were suspended for the disruption which had nothing to do with Freedom of Speech.

Of course not. Nothing whatsoever. If you can’t see that, you are a racist who must be silenced.

Ahmed Mohamed was suspended for bringing a fake bomb to school and ignoring a teacher’s instructions to keep it hidden in his locker. He has been extravagantly adulated by the liberal establishment as a sacred victim. In contrast, the kids at Rockmart High won’t be getting any invitations to the White House.

Soon they will have it completely erased.

On tips from Torcer and Wiggins.

Sep 29 2015

Open Thread


Compliments of Stormfax.

Sep 29 2015

Pat Condell on the Illegal Islamic Invasion

Islam has been trying to conquer the West for 1,400 years. It is only succeeding now because the leftist quislings running Europe are breaking their own laws to allow it:

New punishments undreamt of in hell would need to be devised before Angela Merkel et al. could receive full justice for their treason.

On a tip from mark.

Sep 29 2015

ACLU Goes After Principal for Writing “God Bless You”

The ACLU jihad against Christianity extends into every corner of the country, including Louisiana:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana is threatening a local school district over alleged “proselytization” at Bossier Parish School System’s Airline High School.

ACLU of Louisiana Executive Director Marjorie Esman recently penned an open letter to Bossier superintendent D.C. Machen over an alleged “pattern of religious proselytization by establishing ‘prayer boxes’ with Christian symbols throughout the school and by religious messages in newsletters posted to the school’s website,” The Shreveport Times reports.

Specifically, Esman cites a message posted to the Airline High School website by principal Jason Rowland that includes the phrase “May God Bless You All,” as well as “similar messages” from Rowland.

Bellows Esman menacingly:

“Please confirm to this office that the School Board will take the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the law.”

You would think we were living in Soviet Russia.

At least the besieged school has a champion:

State Rep. Mike Johnson, a Republican from Bossier City, told the Times his law firm is willing to defend the district against the ACLU claims for free, because Johnson thinks they’re bogus.

“This is typical of the ACLU,” he said. “They’re on a seek-and-destroy mission for all things religious.”

Correction: that should read “all things Christian.” If Rowland changed his name to Mohammad and peppered his letters with calls to butcher the unbelievers, the ACLU would promptly climb off his back.

Johnson pointed out that the student prayer boxes cited in the ACLU complaint do not even yet exist, and are currently just a proposal from a student group.

It is Orwellian to the point of self-parody that the ACLU uses the First Amendment to justify its thuggish campaign to eradicate Christianity. That amendment was clearly intended to protect the free exercise of religion, not to repress it.

Christianity banned
This is tyranny, not “civil liberty.”

On a tip from Jimmie C.

Sep 29 2015

Learning About Pig Play

Since those in charge of the courts, the Executive Branch, the schools, and what we see on TV have been aggressively homosexualizing America, maybe we had better keep up with the times by learning more about the activities that gays use to define themselves. A suitable source of information is the avidly LGBT-friendly Huffington Post:

Have you ever heard of “pig play”? No, it’s not when someone has sex with a pig and no, it’s not when two (or more) people dress up as pigs and have sex.

“Pig play” is an umbrella term used by some members of the gay community. It has varying definitions depending on who you ask but it generally involves sexual activity that emphasizes and embraces things like spit, urine, feces, sweat, ejaculate and sometimes other various kinds of kink.

If you need to know more, HuffPo has a podcast that presumably tells you all about it. The guy’s voice is so repulsively creepy I couldn’t make it through more than a few seconds. Or you could just wait another year or two and learn about it from prime time television shows.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

Sep 29 2015

Note From an Enviro-Nazi

Here’s what you can expect to find on your VW if you park it in moonbat-infest Portland:


Better to be founded by Nazis than to behave like them.

Hats off to VW for evading Big Government’s tyrannical regulations. Our rulers wouldn’t have such a tight grip on our throats if more people found ways not to comply with their insane climate decrees.

Via Weasel Zippers, on tips from Stormfax and Sean C.

Sep 29 2015

Oscars Promise Heaping Shovelfuls of Agenda-Driven Degeneracy

Oscars are coming up. It’s time for the moonbat social engineers running Hollyweird to make it extra clear what we are supposed to like:

One of the leading candidates is “Spotlight,” Tom McCarthy’s exciting telling of how Boston Globe reporters unmasked 90 pedophile priests. …

“Carol” is a love story about two lesbians in 1952 New York. …

“Grandma” stars Lily Tomlin as a hippie grandmother, pot smoking lesbian who’s trying to help her granddaughter raise enough money for an abortion. …

Then there’s the transgender section: Eddie Redmayne plays a man who becomes a woman in “The Danish Girl.”

Any questions regarding the agenda?

They have just about finished flushing our culture down the toilet.

We are told to find this nauseating crap appealing.

On a tip from Jeremy K.

Sep 29 2015

Insane: New York County Bans Prosecutors From Defending Their Homes With Guns

Every law-abiding American adult should have a gun in the house for self-defense. This goes triple for prosecutors, who make dangerous enemies in the course of their daily work — which makes this all the more insane:

The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office on New York’s Long Island bars its prosecutors from possessing a handgun, even at home, unless a special exception is made by the Acting District Attorney, Madeline Singas, according to an application for employment.

The Second Amendment? It doesn’t apply in New York, and neither does the Fourteenth where the Second is concerned.

“Thanks to Singas’ policy, Nassau County prosecutors will be finding themselves especially exposed, should they be forced to confront an aggrieved offender bent on doing them or their innocent family members harm,” the NRA said in a statement on its website.

“The policy will also ensure that armed offenders have the upper hand in any such confrontation,” the group said.

That’s what prosecutors get for siding with law and order against the bad guys, whose advocates write the rules in the Age of Hope & Change.

Liberal authorities will make the choice for us.

On tips from Torcer and Jon.

Sep 29 2015

Government Lackeys Calling Themselves “Scientists” Demand Imprisonment of Global Warming Skeptics

When the point of science was to find objective truth, skepticism was regarded as essential. Now the point of science is to advance liberal policy. Soon skepticism may land ideologically noncompliant scientists in prison. Professor Judith Curry is former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and President of Climate Forecast Applications Network. She is right to be alarmed:

Scientists have many important roles to play in preparations for the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris. Some are working hard to clarify uncertainties in the science, others on developing and evaluating alternative climate policies.

One group of climate scientists is trying a different approach. Dismayed by what they see as a lack of progress on the implementation of climate policies that they support, these 20 scientists sent a letter to the White House calling for their political opponents to be investigated by the government.

In particular, they are voicing their support of a proposal by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) for a RICO investigation of fossil fuel corporations and their supporters, who the scientists allege have deceived the American people about the risks of climate change, with the consequence of forestalling America’s response to reducing carbon emissions.

RICO, short for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, is a federal law enacted in 1970 as a crime-fighting tool for use against the Mafia. It includes prison sentences of up to 20 years and seizure of financial assets for those found guilty of such “racketeering.”

Racketeers don’t carry Tommy guns in fundamentally transformed America. They are scientists alleged by leftist authorities to be doing the bidding of the energy industry.

Senator Whitehouse singled out one climate scientist, Willie Soon, a solar physicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics who argues that changes in solar radiation, rather than carbon emissions, are the major force behind global warming.

Before long Dr. Soon’s scientific findings may constitute a felony.

Seven other climate scientists were the targets of a recent McCarthyite ‘witch hunt’ by Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.). I was one of the seven. Rep. Grijalva indicated that I was investigated because of my recent Congressional testimony summarizing peer-reviewed research indicating that the magnitude and impacts of expected warming could be less than generally believed.

None of the Grijalva 7 was found to have engaged in wrongdoing of any sort, yet there have been significant career consequences for some.

Our rulers would like this will be sufficient. Throwing scientists in jail for not going along with a hoax could conceivably generate bad press. But the current climate of intimidation has not been sufficient to silence all dissent.

Liberal totalitarianism is reducing scientists to government lackeys who find what they are told to find in exchange for lavish publicly funded grants. Those who don’t play along with the corrupt farce have their careers ruined and in the near future may face prison. The effect this tyranny will have on scientific progress should be obvious even to a progressive.

Whitehouse would have thrown Galileo in prison.

On a tip from Wiggins.

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