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Dec 31 2016

Open Thread

Dec 31 2016

Jose Vaca Comes Up Short in Bid for Darwin Award

You have to die to win a Darwin Award, but California’s Jose Vaca still deserves honorable mention for trying his best:

In a jailhouse interview with Eyewitness News, the rifle-wielding man who was shot by a Bakersfield police officer said he intentionally approached the officers with a gun to test a “theory” he had about police brutality.

Jose Vaca, 29, had been driving down Oswell Street in east Bakersfield on Dec. 19 with a friend when he was pulled over by the officers.

Inside his car was a rifle he had recently bought at an auction, which he said he planned to sell. As a convicted felon, he said he knew it was illegal to have the gun, but he decided to bring it with him as he exited his vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, he was shot repeatedly.

As for the theory he was supposedly testing,

“I told my friend one day that I wanted her to believe all police officers are good,” he said, after his friend’s husband had been killed by police several months ago. …

“First thing that came to my mind is I’m already going to get pulled over. I know they’re most likely going to take me in, but I’m going to need to try my theory real quick and see that it’s true, so she can believe there is good officers in the world,” recounted Vaca.

Good officers are one thing. Officers who will let you approach them with a rifle after they have pulled you over are something different.

Vaca was being held on $400,000 bail. He was booked on 11 criminal counts, including possession of a firearm as a convicted felon and participating in a criminal street gang.

It is likely that the same taxpayers who are financing his incarceration picked up the tab for his medical treatment.

Better luck next time on that Darwin Award.

Vaca. The collective IQ of Kern County Jail just plunged.

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Dec 31 2016

I Thought DPRK News Service Was a Hoax Account

They say DPRK News Service is a hoax account. But aside from a little redundancy, this looks like legitimate commentary to me:

It keeps getting harder to tell fake real news from real fake news. Sometimes the fake real news is more real than the real fake news.

Dec 31 2016

Wisconsin Takes a Step Toward Sanity Regarding Global Warming Hoax

Thankfully prior to the entire economy being destroyed, the tide of global warming insanity has finally begun to recede. From Wisconsin:

The state Department of Natural Resources recently scrubbed language from an agency web page on the Great Lakes that said humans and greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate change.

The DNR now says the subject is a matter of scientific debate.

The department made the changes on Dec. 21, striking out whole sentences attributing global warming to human activities and rising levels of carbon dioxide.

The liberal source fumes that Governor Scott Walker is to blame for global warming propaganda getting scrubbed by the DNR.

In the latest changes, the DNR says of climate change, “as it has done throughout the centuries, the earth is going through a change. The reasons for this change at this particular time in the earth’s long history are being debated and researched by academic entities outside the Department of Natural Resources.”

Officials replaced this wording:

“Earth’s climate is changing. Human activities that increase heat-trapping (‘greenhouse’) gases are the main cause.”

Stating that human activities are the main cause of climate fluctuation is an extremist position unsupported by evidence. Even whether it has been getting warmer lately is debatable, thanks to the federal government fudging the numbers for political reasons.

On behalf envirostatists, Al Gore issues a measured response:


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Dec 31 2016

Obama Throws Importation of Muslim Refugees Into High Gear

With time running out, Obama is ramping up his Islamic colonization efforts:

From the start of Fiscal Year 2017, Oct. 1 2016 through Dec. 27, a total of 25,671 refugees have been resettled in the United States — little over 290 refugees per day. During that same time period in 2015, 13,791 refugees were resettled, almost 157 per day. The Obama administration resettled nearly 85,000 refugees in FY2016 and the White House is on pace to resettle nearly double that amount.

The numbers of colonists from the terror hot zones of Syria and Somalia are shooting through the roof.

As for the economic benefits that would be the only sane reason to accept more immigrants, an infinitesimal percentage of them have college educations. Those who work at all will be competing for jobs that are already scarce.

The Gatestone Institute recently reported that of 1.2 million immigrants arriving in Germany in 2014 and 2015, only 34,000 have found work. That is less than 3%.

But the “refugees” aren’t being imported to contribute economically — quite the opposite. Due to their resilience to assimilation, they can be expected to produce generations of welfare dependency and consequent Democrat votes. They will also produce generations of Omar Mateens.

Even if by some miracle ObamaCare is completely repealed, Obama’s legacy is secure.

syrian refugees
Here come more.

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Dec 30 2016

Open Thread


Via Turning Point USA, on a tip from chuck_in_st_paul.

Dec 30 2016

An Australian Senator With the Right Idea Regarding the United Nations

Malcolm Roberts, Senator for Queensland, wisely calls for putting his nation’s interests before those of the corrupt and authoritarian self-styled “international community” of the United Nations:

The speech was given last September. With luck this sentiment will catch on, as the latest resolution punishing Israel for not being an Islamic dictatorship opens eyes to the corrupt nature of an institution that makes the world a worse place on behalf of the worst people.

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Dec 30 2016

Los Angeles Taxpayers Forced to Fund Legal Services for Illegal Aliens

In theory, it works like this: we give the government the money it needs to enforce the law and defend the border, and the government reciprocates by honoring those fundamental obligations. In practice, things work very differently — especially in California:

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to set aside millions of dollars for legal services to help undocumented immigrants fighting deportation.

The board voted 4-1 in favor of contributing to the L.A. Justice Fund…

The vote means L.A. County will contribute $3 million over the next two years to the fund, with the first $1 million pledged this year.

Instead of kicking them out, the county will spend taxpayer money facilitating the lawlessness of foreigners who are in the country illegally.

As for the sole board member who voted no,

Supervisor Kathryn Barger … wants to explore the possibility of pursuing federal funds to help pay for the county’s $3 million contribution to the L.A. Justice Fund.

She wants to spare local taxpayers — by forcing the rest of the country to pick up the tab.

This isn’t limited to Los Angeles:

Chicago just approved a $1.3 million legal fund, which is one example of a major U.S. city following the same route that Los Angeles would.

To the extent moonbats are able to impose this lunacy, we are not governed; we are ruled.

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Dec 30 2016

EPA Cracks Down on Key Ingredient of Bread

In a frenzy to inflict maximum tyranny before Obama leaves office, the EPA is now targeting bread:

The proposed regulation published Wednesday would make the emissions standards for industrial yeast makers much more strict. …

The cost of complying with the upgraded standards could be passed down to consumers. The yeast manufacturers must install a number of new monitoring technologies under the proposal to track the amount of hazardous pollutants that are being emitted to significantly control them. …

The agency calculated that the total annualized costs for meeting the proposed emission rules would be $172,000 per year. The estimated per-year compliance costs range from $16,000 to $109,000 per facility, which EPA brushed off as minimal.

The bureauweenies would feel differently if the cost came out of their budgets, instead of being dispersed throughout the general population, which is also forced to pay their salaries — though hopefully we will be paying fewer of them in the future.

BTW, the EPA is imposing this regulation because it “lost” a lawsuit to the Sierra Club. The EPA is complicit in these sweetheart suits. The lawsuits have been driving environmental law rather than the Legislative Branch, which would face retaliation from voters if it tried to inflict a hardcore enviroleftist agenda. Our freedom and our bank accounts are under assault by an Axis of Evil consisting of leftist activist nonprofits, leftist activist regulatory agencies, and our leftist activist courts.

Offensive to the environment.

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Dec 30 2016

Slate’s Problem With Self-Driving Cars

Actual headline from Slate:


Fret the authors,

Since the first successful recorded kidney transplant in 1954, organ transplant centers have been facing critical shortages. … among the most reliable sources for healthy organs and tissues are the more than 35,000 people killed each year on American roads … An estimated 94 percent of motor-vehicle accidents involve some kind of a driver error. As the number of vehicles with human operators falls, so too will the preventable fatalities. … Even if self-driving cars only realize a fraction of their projected safety benefits, a decline in the number of available organs could begin as soon as the first wave of autonomous and semiautonomous vehicles hits the road—threatening to compound our nation’s already serious shortages.

Don’t worry, Uber. They don’t propose banning self-driving cars. They have another solution:

The most straightforward fix would be to amend a federal law that prohibits the sale of most organs, which could allow for development of a limited organ market.

Slate embraces the free market at last. As an added benefit, this might make it easier to keep Planned Parenthood out of legal trouble.

If letting people sell their body parts doesn’t work, maybe we could make up the death shortage with a lottery, killing random people for their organs.

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Dec 30 2016

P.C. Pandering Could Produce Hilarious Results for NYPD Headgear

It isn’t only Muslims who benefit from the servile Islamophilia that has been so prevalent in New York City since 9/11/01. The moonbattery has spilled over onto Sikhs, who are no longer so oppressed as to not be able to wear full regalia while working for the NYPD.

Current regulations forbid beards and nonregulation headgear…

But now a major change to that policy has been announced to allow officers who follow the Sikh religious lifestyle to wear their full beards and their turbans, due to the area’s growing Sikh population. The only stipulation is that the turbans must be New York Police blue and must have an NYPD cap shield affixed in front.

The change comes after a Muslim officer filed a lawsuit against the department saying his religious rights were violated by department policies.

Let’s check out the NYPD’s multicultural new look:


Very sharp!

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Dec 30 2016

Starting Sunday, Child Prostitution Decriminalized in California

Even after the beating they took at the polls last month, Democrats will continue their march into madness wherever they still hold power. To get an idea of what lies ahead for single-party California, consider that the state just decriminalized child prostitution, effective New Year’s Day:

SB 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.

This terribly destructive legislation was written and passed by the progressive Democrats who control California’s state government with a two-thirds “supermajority.”

Of course, the lunatics behind this measure drip with good intentions. They say it will help the victims of sex trafficking. However,

The unintended but predictable consequence of how the real villains — pimps and other traffickers in human misery — will respond to this new law isn’t difficult to foresee. Pimping and pandering will still be against the law whether it involves running adult women or young girls. But legalizing child prostitution will only incentivize the increased exploitation of underage girls. Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can’t interfere with minors engaging in prostitution — which translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps. Simply put, more time on the street and less time in jail means more money for pimps, and more victims for them to exploit.

No doubt liberal do-gooders really do think they are doing good. But if they were motivated by sheer evil, the results would be the same.

Growth industry in California.

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Dec 30 2016

Christmas Tunes Drive Moonbat Grinch Berserk

Another Christmas has come and gone, yet moonbats still cannot let go of their inner Grinch:

Angered that “Christian music” was being played inside a McDonald’s, a Florida man cursed at employees and other patrons and demanded that they “turn it off and play Muslim and Hindu music,” according to cops who arrested the customer.

Joseph Allen, 46, walked into the McDonald’s around 10:20 AM Tuesday and created “a threat to the safety of others,” according to a Largo Police Department report.

Allen, cops say, “began cursing at customers and employees” due to the “Christian music” being played over speakers in the fast food restaurant… The “Christian music” to which Allen referred was apparently Christmas tunes.

Police were called after Allen approached employees “in an aggressive manner.” He was busted for disorderly conduct and possessing methamphetamine.

His lengthy rap sheet includes busts for assault; robbery; grand theft; trespass; battery; disorderly intoxication; lewd and lascivious exhibition; distributing stolen property; criminal mischief; and carrying a concealed weapon.

To all that we can now add aggravated moonbattery.

Joseph Allen
Joseph Allen, a moonbat lacking Christmas spirit.

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Dec 29 2016

Open Thread


Via Straight White Male.

Dec 29 2016

Twitter Reactions to Kerry’s Knife in Israel’s Back

Twitter lit up with reactions to Hanoi John Kerry’s appalling speech denouncing Israel and blaming our ally for the terror war being waged against it. A few samples from the collection at The Blaze:

But there is no need for Kerry to pull a long face. Dianne Frankenfeinstein loved the speech.

Dec 29 2016

Michael Moore Encourages Dems to Double Down on Extremism

It would be nice to think that leftist dinosaur Michael Moore is giving one last piece of advice before he lumbers off to the tar pits. Moore wants the Democrat Party to double down on the extreme moonbattery that appears to be killing it.

In addition to encouraging moonbats to make a spectacle of their infantile sore loser mentality at the inauguration next month,

Moore added Democrats needed fresh leadership after losing to Trump, pointing to Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a candidate for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, as a good starting point. …

“[Ellison] is the future and everyone else is the past,” Moore added. “He will fight to turn this around and, as a son of the Midwest, bring that part of the country back from the dark side.”

Keith Ellison is less a son of the Midwest than a son of the nefarious Nation of Islam. Currently he has ties to the comparably malevolent and far more dangerous Muslim Brotherhood. His politics, like Moore’s, can be summed up as Ultimate Left.

Trump was elected largely because liberals became impatient and pushed their extremist agenda too far too fast, creating an angry backlash. This is why, under the leadership of the Moonbat Messiah, the party lost over 1,000 seats. Doubling down on extremism would further marginalize Democrats, potentially reducing them to a regional party of no relevance outside the Northeast, the Left Coast, and rotting urban sinkholes.

As absurd as Moore’s approach seems on the surface, it could pay off for leftists — assuming, as he does, that the Trump Administration will be a disaster and conservatives will be blamed for it. This would likely cause the pendulum to swing forcefully back to the Left.

Fear of this catastrophic scenario is what motivated some conservatives to oppose Trump even after he had secured the nomination. How it actually works out, only time can tell.

Calls for doubling down on moonbattery.

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Dec 29 2016

Be Sure to Remember Carrie Fisher Politically Correctly or Moonbats Will Get Mad

Feminazism has reached the point where you can’t even say something nice without getting your knuckles rapped:

Steve Martin was forced to delete his Twitter tribute to the late Carrie Fisher after critics labeled the remembrance as ‘sexist’. …

‘When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well,’ the comedian wrote on Twitter.

Some on Twitter came out to criticize Martin’s post however, saying that his attention first on her physical appearance before her personality wasn’t the right way to remember Hollywood princess.

If only Princess Leia were around to rescue Martin from the P.C. Stormtroopers.

Also regarded as political incorrect are pictures of Princess Leia in a golden bikini after she was captured by Jabba the Hutt — although she said that strangling the Michael Moore-like monster with the chain he made her wear was “the best time I ever had as an actor.”

Candidate photo for the memory hole.

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Dec 29 2016

Actual #1 Cause of Global Warming Revealed to Be PBEM

What is the #1 cause of global warming?

1. Insufficient regulation.
2. Insufficient taxation.
3. Income inequality.
4. Natural climate fluctuation.
5. The sun.
6. Phony government data.

If you guessed #6, congratulations, you are correct — as The Deplorable Climate Science Blog confirms.

The global warming priesthood at Climate Central and elsewhere bark that temperatures have risen 1.5°F since the 19th century, which isn’t much, when you consider that climate fluctuation is natural. But for the past century the climate has been even more stable than they claim.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data supports the 1.5°F claim, but this data has been “adjusted.” The graph below shows the effect of the adjustment by subtracting the actual temperature measured by the United States Historical Climatology Network from the adjusted temperature:


What a coincidence: the line goes up by 1.5°F.

Deplorable Climate Science notes another remarkable coincidence:

The adjustments correlate almost perfectly with atmospheric CO2.

Comparing temperature adjustments to atmospheric CO2 reveals the correlation:


Maybe it’s not such a coincidence after all:

NOAA is adjusting the data to match global warming theory. This is known as PBEM (Policy Based Evidence Making.)

Often NOAA adjusts temperature data to fit leftist theory the easy way — by inventing it from scratch. For example,

In 2016, more than 42% of their monthly station data was missing, so they simply made it up. This is easy to identify because they mark fabricated temperatures with an “E” in their database.

Global warming would be nice, because in combination with higher CO2 emissions it would lead to more plant growth and consequently more food. However,

It is increasingly looking like the first full week of 2017 will be greeted with a cold air outbreak over the Lower 48 states that will be widespread and persistent.

Early next week the cold air will enter the U.S. through Montana and the Dakotas, where temperatures will likely plunge into the minus 30 deg F (or colder) range.

By the end of the week, single digits could extend into the southeast U.S., and a hard freeze could push into central Florida…

New England is expecting up to 2 feet of snow. No doubt temperatures will later be readjusted to reflect the heat wave we must be experiencing according to CO2 levels.

Look at the bright side: at least there are far fewer tornado deaths, despite warmist hysteria.

Well well well. What have we here?

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