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Feb 28 2017

Open Thread


Via Turning Point USA, on a tip from KirklesWorth.

Feb 28 2017

Bill Nye Unveils the Exact Effect of Human Activity on Climate Fluctuation

Since it is all “settled science,” what exactly is the effect of human activity on the ever-fluctuating climate? Tucker Carlson painstakingly pries an answer from Bill Nye the Pseudo-Science Guy, a writer of children’s books about science who has suggested that skeptics of the global warming hoax should be thrown in prison:

As for the scientific evidence that Britain would not be cursed with grape-growers if only we jacked up taxation and regulation high enough to strangulate the economy, it is doubtful Nye could provide any. You’ll just have to take his word for it, on the grounds that he is a sneeringly condescending “expert.”

No wonder the founder of the Weather Channel calls Nye a “pretend scientist in a bow tie.”

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Feb 28 2017

South African President Jacob Zuma Calls for Confiscation of White Property

South Africans may not have to wait for the maniacal Julius Malema to claw his way to power before they can get onto the fast track to Zimbabwe-style tyranny and economic collapse. Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress successor Jacob Zuma may be up to the job:

Zuma said 2017 is the year of “taking land back to the people” and for this reason government will seek to change legislation to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

Zuma spoke at the launch of Operation Phakisa on Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development in Pretoria on Friday and said the country needs to take bold steps that will transform South Africa’s economy, including land ownership, swiftly.

“[In order] to achieve all the goals mentioned in the State of the Nation Address government is busy amending all the laws and policies to enable faster land reform, including land expropriation without compensation as provided for in the constitution,” Zuma said.

According to current law, the government is supposed to try buying white people’s property before stealing it outright.

The ANC however has in recent months hardened its stance on economic transformation, calling for deracialising over-concentrated sectors of the economy and transferring ownership from white people to the black majority among other matters. At its annual birthday celebrations, the ANC said the economy will be overhauled radically to allow for meaningful black participation.

That is to say, what whites have created will be confiscated and given to blacks, exactly as happened in Rhodesia, the former Breadbasket of Africa, which is currently known as Zimbabwe, a byword for tyranny, hyperinflation, and starvation.

South Africa has been part of Western Civilization for 365 years. Within a generation, it will be indistinguishable from any other desperate and despotic African hellhole, subsisting on international handouts. That’s what progressives mean by “progress.”

President Zuma singing about killing whites.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 28 2017

Muslim Will Be Division Chaplain for Christian Soldiers

At this point in its history, the U.S. military exists primarily to defend Americans from Muslims — which makes this lunacy far worse than just flaky:

In January, Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz received the call every Army chaplain dreams of, the call that validates years of intense study and hard work toward keeping the U.S. military in good spiritual health.

He was offered the job of chaplain for an entire division, an honor for anyone in his field but a milestone in his case. After a ceremony this summer, Shabazz will become the first Muslim division-level chaplain in the history of the U.S. military – a Muslim spiritual leader for more than 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers.

This is the exact equivalent of selecting a Shintoist to serve as chaplain to troops fighting in the Pacific during World War II.

It’s not that the people making these decisions don’t care about morale. They must care very much about destroying it.

Khallid Shabazz chaplain
Khallid Shabazz: Pushing political correctness to the point of sabotage

On a tip from Stormfax.

Feb 28 2017

Tax on Caucasians Proposed

One of the fundamental hallmarks of an advanced society is equality before the law. You don’t get this in Islamic societies, where Christians and Jews are normally allowed to live so long as they submit deferentially to Islam, but have to pay a special tax. You also won’t get it in liberal utopia, where whites will be expected to pay a similar punitive tax:

To even the playing field, the privileged should pay more.

“The privileged” means white people, who tend to create more wealth than certain other groups due to differences in IQ and work ethic.

I don’t know how much more, but it must be more. Let’s start at 5% as if centuries of subjugation could ever be righted by such a minuscule percentage. …

While extracting this money is the most important aspect, not far behind is how it’s used. We must ensure that this money is used where it will benefit minorities the most.

Expropriating the money is more important than spending it because the point is to inflict damage out of sheer malice. Obama expressed similar sentiments early in his administration, when he proclaimed that he would favor raising capital gains taxes even if it resulted in lower revenue, because the real point is not to acquire the money but to steal it from disfavored people for openly malevolent purposes of “social justice.”

If we kept things simple, we could redistribute the money based on non-Caucasian race status. According to, whites account for 63.7% of the population (a population of 308.7 billion based on the 2010 census).

To get a number that low, they count all Hispanics as non-white — e.g., Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio.

This leaves $151 billion to be dispersed over 36.3% of the population, or 112 million. That’s $1,348 for every US minority individual or roughly $3,000 per minority household on an annual basis. While $3,000 could never rectify centuries of abuse, it could at least give minorities the financial tools to compete in a white, male-dominated society.

Not all Caucasians would have to pay the full 5%. A 3% rate is proposed for the “Non-cisgender Caucasian.” Just call it transsexual privilege.

Speaking of trans privilege, here’s an update:

We have reached out to the author of this article. They have confirmed that if you were born white, but identify as a different race or otherkin, you would be void from paying the Equality Tax. You would just have to submit proof that this transformation is genuine.

What the word “genuine” might mean in a world full of Bruce Jenners and Rachel Dolezals is anyone’s guess.

If Nano ever immigrates to the USA, she will be relieved to hear that identifying as a cat gets her out of the tax. Presumably she would qualify for the $1,348 annual payment for being a minority.

Would get extra cash to supplement her food stamps.

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Feb 28 2017

Vatican Provides Soapbox for Discredited Doomsayer Paul Ehrlich, Radical Proponent of Abortion

Incredibly, even after an entire lifetime of being dramatically wrong, Paul Ehrlich can still catch the pointy ears of moonbats by shrieking hysterical prognostications of doom:

“Rich western countries are now siphoning up the planet’s resources and destroying its ecosystems at an unprecedented rate,” said biologist Paul Ehrlich, of Stanford University in California. “We want to build highways across the Serengeti to get more rare earth minerals for our cellphones. We grab all the fish from the sea, wreck the coral reefs and put carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We have triggered a major extinction event. The question is: how do we stop it?”

Ehrlich, who wants the world population reduced from 7.4 billion to 1 billion, is well known as a radical proponent of birth control on a massive scale. Nonetheless, he was invited to rant at a Biological Extinction conference held at the Vatican this week, sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

Ehrlich is also well known as a maker of outlandish predictions that unsurprisingly do not come true. He barked that 65 million Americans would die of starvation between 1980 and 1989. More recently, he has been gibbering ghoulishly that we will soon have to eat human flesh because we won’t stop “breeding.”

His enthusiasm for abortion and scorn for its opponents would be difficult to exceed. By providing Ehrlich a soapbox at the Vatican, Pope Francis places the Catholic Church’s stamp of acceptability on these views.

Paul Ehrlich
Paul Ehrlich: Into abortion, eating human flesh.

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Feb 28 2017

Anti-DAPL Protesters Abuse Old Lady, Abandon Puppies

The hippies using the Dakota Access Pipeline as a pretext to protest against civilization abused more than just the environment. There was also an elderly woman

[A]uthorities say [moonbat protester from Las Vegas Kathleen] Bennett’s 82-year-old mother was discovered Dec. 6 and was zip-tied to a wheelchair. She was evacuated to the Prairie Knights Casino during a blizzard and got lost in the shuffle. On Dec. 17, she was found again, this time in a cold, cluttered teepee.

Police say she had numerous bruises and other medical issues.

…not to mention puppies:

Two dogs and six puppies were found and rescued at the main Dakota Access Pipeline camp by Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue. Those with the rescue have been working hard to catch all of the animals left behind at the camp — and they’re not giving up on these abandoned pets.

Moonbats fit smoothly in the role of irredeemably irresponsible scoundrels. Only because other moonbats control the media are they are often portrayed as noble heroes.

Abandoned to the elements by anti-DAPL moonbats.

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Feb 28 2017

Moonbat Claims Having Perverted Sex With a Person of Color May Make Him Non-White

Being a racial impostor hasn’t worked out so well for Rachel Dolezal. But with Joshua Marcus, it’s different. You see he really is trans-racial, because his homosexual partner is of mixed origin. Even though Marcus admits that he is a “white Jew,”

I can’t help but feel that my cultural and racial identity has changed. See, my boyfriend is mixed race. He has four grandparents of four different races.

As a result,

as much as my white skin will always convey upon me a privilege not extended to non-whites, thinking of myself in binary racial terms is disingenuous. …

Even I, an undeniably privileged white boy, am unsure of my racial identity.

Hopefully he can at least identify himself as a moonbat.

It is people like Marcus who populate the Left. They also populate a growing list of race impostors, which might soon warrant a separate file like the Hate Hoax List. Although Marcus isn’t trying to advance himself by duping us into literally believing he is some other race, he is attempting to undermine objective reality to advance a fraudulent and pernicious ideology, so he has earned a place on this merely representative list. Here’s where it stands now:

Joshua Marcus
Philip and Paul Malone
Jeb Bush
Susan Taffe Reed
Michael Derrick Hudson/Yi-Fen Chou
Shaun King
Andrea Smith
Rachel Dolezal
Vijay Chokal-Ingam
Elizabeth Warren
Ward Churchill

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Feb 27 2017

Open Thread

putin oscars

On a tip from seaoh.

Feb 27 2017

Fascist-Screaming Fascists

Winston Churchill knew that the fascists of the future would be anti-fascists. Nigel Farage knows that the future is now:

On a tip from Jester.

Feb 27 2017

How to Get Offended

Don’t waste your time developing intelligent arguments. It is much easy to become offended by anyone who doesn’t see things from your point of view. JP Sears shows how:

Supplemented with violence, this debate tactic has kept Islam going for 1,400 years.

On a tip from seaoh.

Feb 27 2017

Triple Crime: Arson, Insurance Fraud, and Hate Hoaxing

Since Jews are largely disfavored on the left nowadays in deference to the Muslims who want to hunt them down and kill them, you don’t often see Jewish hate hoaxes. Scott Young is an exception:

Newtown [Connecticut] police allege that the 39-year-old proprietor of Rooster Wines & Liquors at 113 South Main Street falsely reported to them that an armed robbery occurred there on the night of Saturday, January 21. Police further allege that Scott B. Young of Southington falsely claimed that two robbers started a fire within the store, and also sprayed anti-Semitic graffiti [“Burn The Jew”] on the building’s exterior after committing robbery.

Through their investigation, police determined that no robbery occurred and that Young started that fire and sprayed the graffiti, according to a court affidavit.

Hate hoaxing does not always pay. Young has been charged with “first-degree arson, first-degree criminal mischief, making a false statement, interfering with police, and three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment.”

As for motive,

On January 24, Young filed a claim with his insurance company concerning the January 21 incident, after which the firm assigned a fire investigator to review the case, police state in the court papers.

Young has a history of bankruptcy.

Laments Police Chief James Viadero,

“The fact that Mr Young used racial epithets and symbolism to cover up a crime was extremely disturbing to not only the community, but all the [emergency services] agencies involved. Such an incident unnerves the community and we are thankful we could bring the incident to a successful resolution and put everyone’s concerns at ease.”

No doubt Young expected that he would receive more sympathy if he portrayed himself as a victim of racism, possibly distracting authorities from the true nature of the crime. But by now police have a great deal of experience in sniffing out hate hoaxes.

At least Young made the list.

On a tip from Dave F.

Feb 27 2017

DNC Chair: The Ultra-Radical Lost, the Ultra-Radical Won

thomas perez
Enough to make us miss Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The good news is that in the battle between Keith Ellison and Thomas Perez to become Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, an ultra-radical leftist lost. The bad news is that an ultra-radical leftist won.

As noted earlier, new DNC Chair Perez is a guy who does not believe that Caucasians are entitled to voting rights. That’s why he spiked the case of New Black Panther Party thugs trying to scare whites away from a polling place.

Discover the Networks has full details on Perez’s radicalism.

This offers alarming insight into his mentality:

Throughout his career, Perez has touted “disparate-impact theory” in discrimination law, which contends that discrimination exists in just about any circumstance where statistical data point to a racial disparity, regardless of whether discriminatory intent can be proven. He was willing to go to unprecedented lengths to protect this touchstone of his legal thinking.

Disparate impact is a radical theory employed by authoritarians to advance radical objectives.

What if we were to apply it to the NBA? Since whites make up 78% of the population, they should make up 78% of the NBA. Otherwise there is discrimination, which must be remedied by federal force. In theory, this could also be applied to dwarves in the NBA.

Don’t worry, basketball fans. People like Perez don’t care about dwarves, and they care far less about Caucasians, even if Perez is plenty pale himself.

But how about the government mandating that 13% of all heart surgeons must be black, regardless of how many can be found who are qualified? That is the sort of lunacy we can look forward to when the pendulum swings back in favor of an increasingly radicalized Democrat Party.

To answer Steve Doocy’s question, because it was up to Thomas Perez.

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Feb 27 2017

Rachel Dolezal Hits the Skids

The racial impostor business is still working out okay for Talcum X. Not so for Rachel Dolezal:

Dolezal, the infamous white woman who for years passed herself off as African American and rose to become head of an NAACP branch, is now jobless, on food stamps and expects to soon be homeless.

A defiant Dolezal, 39, recounted her current plight to The Guardian. Dolezal said she’s only been offered jobs in reality television and porno flicks. A friend helped her come up with the money for February’s rent and she doesn’t know how she’s going to pay for March.

And she still says she’s not white.

She says she is “trans-black.” If Bruce Jenner can pass himself off as a woman…

Times have been tough since she was exposed as a faux person of politically preferred pigmentation:

The formerly successful leader of the Spokane NAACP chapter and a university professor [actually instructor], Dolezal – who once sued historically-black Howard University for racial discrimination, because she was white – now says she’s been turned down for 100 jobs and her memoir was rejected by 30 publishers before finding a taker.

The title of the memoir: In Full Color. Rachel has as much color as Casper the Ghost. But she feels herself to be black, and since biological reality is only a social construct according to liberal ideology, she asks,

“What other choice is there than to be exactly who we are?”

I was going to burst into tears over the plight of this poor lunatic, but then I realized that Captain Capitalism is right. Being an unemployable persona non grata instead of getting the preferences she must have expected to receive by pretending to be black is poetic justice.

Rachel Dolezal back when she was white.

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Feb 27 2017

Black Waitress Makes $Thousands Off Hate Hoax

No wonder there are so many hate hoaxes. Hoaxers can make good money:

A black waitress who received thousands of dollars in donations after she claimed she received a racist note and no tip from a patron last month fabricated the incident, the customer claims.

Kelly Carter, a waitress at Anita’s New Mexico Cafe in Ashburn, Va., claimed that a white man stiffed her on his $30.52 restaurant bill and wrote “Great service, don’t tip black people” at the bottom of his receipt.

But the note was forged, says Daniel Hebda, a lawyer for the customer.

Hebda said in a statement Friday that his client did leave Carter a small tip — one penny — because her service was poor, not because she is black.

The hoax was not well executed.

For one, the receipt she posted online was printed several hours after Anita’s New Mexico Cafe closed. The receipt also bore markings showing that it was a reprint of an original receipt.

Instead of taking responsibility for doing a poor job and striving to improve, Ms. Carter gets revenge on the customer, gets to bask in the sympathy and adoration all correctly thinking people feel for blacks claiming to be oppressed by racism, and even gets to rake in far more cash than she would get in any tip, even if she made some effort to excel at her job.

So she was exposed as a fraud — so what? It’s not as if she will have to give the money back. Naturally, the Loudon Country NAACP is standing behind her, so she is unlikely to lose her job for framing a customer. It isn’t easy to run a cafe when Al Sharpton types are siccing mobs of idiot thugs on you while screaming that you are racist.

As phony as most racial grievances.

On a tip from Steve A.

Feb 27 2017

Rogues Gallery of Terrorists, Murderers, and Communists Plan Women’s Strike

Follow-up has been conceived for the guffaw-inducing women’s march spectacles, so as to advance this “new wave of militant feminist struggle.” The Guardian has published the plan, which is “at once anti-racist, anti-imperialist, anti-heterosexist and anti-neoliberal” and will strike a blow against “the violence of the market, of debt, of capitalist property relations, and of the state; the violence of discriminatory policies against lesbian, trans and queer women; the violence of state criminalization of migratory movements; the violence of mass incarceration; and the institutional violence against women’s bodies through abortion bans and lack of access to free healthcare and free abortion.” Kyle Smith shines a light on the authors:

The document was co-authored by, among others, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, a convicted terrorist. Odeh, a Palestinian, was convicted in Israel in 1970 for her part in two terrorist bombings, one of which killed two students while they were shopping for groceries. She spent 10 years in prison for her crimes. She then managed to become a US citizen in 2004 by lying about her past (great detective work, INS: Next time, use Google) but was subsequently convicted, in 2014, of immigration fraud for the falsehoods. However, she won the right to a new trial (set for this spring) by claiming she had been suffering from PTSD at the time she lied on her application. Oh, and in her time as a citizen, she worked for a while as an ObamaCare navigator. …

Another co-author, Angela Davis, is a Stalinist professor and longtime supporter of the Black Panthers. Davis is best known for being acquitted in a 1972 trial after three guns she bought were used in a courtroom shootout that resulted in the death of a judge. She celebrated by going to Cuba.

A third co-author, Tithi Bhattacharya, praised Maoism in an essay for the International Socialist Review, noting that Maoists are “on the terrorist list of the US State Department, Canada, and the European Union,” which she called an indication that “Maoists are back in the news and by all accounts they are fighting against all the right people.”

Maoists uphold as their ideal the communist tyranny imposed by Mao Zedong, who ran up the highest body count against his own people of any dictator in world history.

“Feminism” isn’t about women any more than “anti-racism” is about race. The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution. That is, the issue is always destroying our world and replacing it with collectivist tyranny.

Odeh, Davis, Bhattacharya, and friends will try to advance this agenda by “blocking roads, bridges, and squares.” It falls far short of murdering by the tens of millions, but you do what you can.

Rasmea Odeh
Rasmea Odeh, supposed advocate for women.

On tips from Bodhisattva and Steve A.

Feb 27 2017

Starbucks Brand Takes Major Beating After Announcement It Would Hire Islamic Refugees Instead of Americans

In response to the announcement of travel restrictions on seven countries likely to export Islamic terrorists, Starbucks expressed its preference for Angela Merkel’s “let them all in” approach by announcing that it would hire 10,000 refugees at the expense of unemployed Americans. This turned out not to be such a wise business move:

The coffee giant’s consumer perception levels have fallen by two-thirds since late January, according to YouGov BrandIndex.

The perception tracker measures if respondents have “heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative.”

High-handed moonbattery apparently makes the progressives running most large corporations feel self-righteous about how politically correct they are. But they still have to sell their products to the regular Americans they so conspicuously despise. The YouGov BrandIndex Buzz score demonstrates the effect the 10,000 refugees has had on the popularity of Starbucks.

You can’t boycott every company run by sneering moonbats, if only because it is impossible to keep track of them all. But why give business to people who go out of their way to poke a stick in your eye? They serve coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts too, and without the pretentious ambiance.

On tips from Torcer, Bodhisattva, and J.

Feb 27 2017

Corroding the Australian Defence Force With Moonbattery

Australians have been steadfast allies in every war going back generations. How much longer we can count on them depends on how successful they are at fighting off political correctness:

[D]iversity experts have designed a $30,000 program effectively to brainwash young leaders in the Army to become “champions of change” and stamp out the “white Anglo-Saxon male” culture they are told no longer has a place in the military.

In October, a handpicked group was taken to Sydney and Canberra for the “Junior Leaders Shaping Future Army”, and subjected to five-days of diversity indoctrination.

On day one was a three-hour session from an imam explaining his “Islamic conversion testimony” and proselytising the benefits of Islam, according to one participant who took detailed notes.

This is the equivalent of indoctrinating troops on the benefits of Japanese militarism during the 1930s and 40s.

Gender diversity expert Professor Robert Wood introduced the latest politically correct inanity, “unconscious bias”, and criticised the predominance of “Anglo-Saxon males” and the “banter culture” of the Army.

The banter culture is bad because if you josh members of politically preferred “marginalized” groups, it is an inexcusable thought crime; but if you don’t josh them, you are not being inclusive. The only solution is for no one to be allowed to josh anyone, everyone remaining devoted at all times to pure and somber thoughts regarding the need to eradicate all things Anglo-Saxon.

The next day Qantas diversity and inclusion manager Zak Hammer spruiked the airline’s same sex marriage campaign and LGBTI network for staff.

“Spruik” is Australian for “talk up at length.” I is for “intersex.”

“Gender diversity no longer refers to male and female, because there are people within our community now who don’t identify with these,” one presenter told them.

In one exercise they were asked how they would “inclusively” manage a diversity scenario in which a digger [soldier] under their command converts to Islam, requiring him to pray five times a day, eat halal food and fast at Ramadan.

“I felt like I was sitting in a North Korean indoctrination camp,” recalls one insider.

The ideology of those in charge cannot be reconciled with the goal of winning wars.

The ADF’s [Australian Defence Force’s] diversity orthodoxy decries a military comprising mainly “males of Anglo-Australian background”, Christians and “third-generation-plus” Australian[s].

“Such a demographic profile is no longer desirable or sustainable”, says one of the ludicrous diversity reports which now clog the minds and in-trays of generals.

A military is supposed to defend society. Brainwashing soldiers into believing that their society is fundamentally bad and needs to be replaced is not conducive to high morale. Neither is former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Liz Broderick’s goal of filling 35% of senior positions with women, when women make up only 12% of the Army (despite dogged recruitment efforts). Men who know the game is rigged against them are leaving for other fields of endeavor in which they will be allowed to succeed.

A top-flight military cannot be reduced to a joke overnight. But neither can it maintain excellence indefinitely when it is ruled over by people who hate excellence and are committed to eradicating it.

The ADF: Something else moonbats are working to destroy.

On a tip from Andrew in Australia.

Feb 26 2017

Open Thread


On a tip from Nate.

Feb 26 2017

Can Tucker Carlson Use the Ladies’ Room?

Now that the liberal establishment has rejected objective biological reality, what exactly determines whether a guy gets to use the women’s locker room and avail himself of the money the federal government hands out on the basis of not being male? Are there any coherent standards? Tucker Carlson tries to extract a straight answer from a transsexual activist and fails comically:

On a tip from Jester.

Feb 26 2017

David Horowitz Exposes Mentality of Muslim Students’ Association

The Muslim Brotherhood is explicitly devoted to imposing Islam at the global level. It has been very fertile in spawning offspring. Groups spun off, inspired, and/or supported by this umbrella organization include Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the Muslim Students’ Association. David Horowitz shines a bright light on the mentality of the latter:

For or against hunting down and murdering every last Jew? Not even for the sake of taqiyya can this fiend say against. Imagine what must be said in the privacy of MSA meetings.

On a tip from Jester.

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