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Nov 30 2017

Open Thread

The taxpayer is the new permanent underclass. - Andrew Wilkow
Nov 30 2017

Vogue Denounces Melania Trump’s Christmas Decorations as White

Where catty nastiness meets hardcore leftism, there you will find Vogue, which has devoted an article to denouncing Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations. It starts out like this:

Melania Trump unveiled the White House holiday decorations on Monday, which are, as some people on the internet have noticed, very, very white.

Remember moonbats: black Xmas good, white Christmas bad.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

Nov 30 2017

Probation Instead of Prison for Mohammed Mohammed

Someone who gave birth in a Somali refugee camp thought the name Mohammed was so nice that she gave the name to her baby twice. Twenty-one years later, Mohammed Ali Mohammed will be loose on the streets of Salt Lake City — despite having raped two American women:

At age 14, the Somali refugee sexually assaulted two women at knifepoint on consecutive nights in Salt Lake City. He attacked one woman who was standing outside of her home, and, on the following night, broke into another woman’s home and assaulted her there before demanding she go to an ATM and withdraw $400 for him.

Oh, he was just a child? Then it’s no biggie.

He has been locked up at a juvenile detention facility, but in a month he turns 21. Judge Vernice Trease had the option of probation or a prison term. She opted for 5 years of the former, suggesting that she has a great home security system. Others aren’t so lucky.

Both victims wanted prison for MoMo, “because of how vicious his crimes were.” One of them still does. The other cannot be located; her life disintegrated after the rape and she may be homeless or dead. “Clearly, this has had a great impact in her life,” said Prosecutor Coral Sanchez-Rose. But not the judge’s life, or the lives of the do-gooders who have been importing savages from violent hellholes on an industrial scale.

On a tip from Chuck A.

Nov 30 2017

Dem Congresscritter Jim Clyburn Gives Two Reasons Why John Conyers Should Not Be Held Accountable

James Clyburn (D-SC) responds to a sensible question regarding his fellow congresscritter John Conyers, who is up to his neck in sexual misconduct scandal:

“Other men in other industries have faced similar accusations … and gotten out of the way, resign, stepped down, far faster than he has, right … Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer?”

Clyburn answered the question with another question:

“Who elected them?”

Here we learn that once elected, politicians are entitled to do whatever they please, with no regard for the law or decency. This explains quite a lot of what goes on in Washington.

Like the infamously corrupt Maxine Waters, both Conyers and Clyburn are members of the Congressional Black Caucus, rendering them extra immune to the restrictions that are placed on normal people’s behavior.

Clyburn has explicitly played the untrumpable race card on Conyers’ behalf by repeatedly injecting the name of Susan Smith, a white child murderer who tried to blame blacks for killing her kids. Evidently women’s testimony can be disregarded when it impugns the integrity of exalted persons of politically preferred pigmentation.

Behold entitlement and arrogance incarnate:

On tips from Bodhisattva and J.

Nov 30 2017

Addressing the Menace of Neo-Nazi Furries

What could be more indicative of soft tyranny than the emergence of neo-Nazi furries?

Furries are eccentrics who dress up like stuffed animals and gather at conventions, largely to satisfy a bizarre sexual fetish. They were previously thought to be harmless kooks. However…

It appears [the] subculture, which has long been associated with gay and left-wing beliefs, is now being infiltrated by right-wing extremists known as “alt-furries”. …

The emergence of the alt-furries has been troubling for the culture, which prides itself on being inclusive to those with niche gender identities and odd social quirks.

Apparently dressing up like a Nazi fox does not qualify as an odd social quirk.

Alt-furries have been threatened with violence and banned from furry conventions so as “to make sure the attendees felt safe.”

What started as the promotion of satirical policies such as a ban on “species mixing”, soon became much more serious as the white supremacist agenda started to creep into real world furry events.

Demonstrating just how serious, someone calling herself KKKutie has stopped dressing up like an animal and apparently devotes herself to pro-Caucasian thoughts after having been corrupted by alt-furries.

A Furry of Color calling herself Deo the Tasmanian Devil is among those who believe that racists have been recruiting among the furry community.

“[White supremacists] use these nerd groups because it’s prime picking grounds,” she said. “They’re full of bitter, sad, lonely people.”

No doubt.

Lest you think the Nazi connection is a hyperbole, Newsweek reports that one furry actually wrote an erotic novel entitled The Furred Reich, “about a young Nazi officer’s encounter with an anthropomorphic female snow leopard.”

On a tip from Steve T.

Nov 30 2017

Straightforward Political Activism From the New York Times

By now it is beyond obvious that the New York Times is not primarily about journalism. It is about left-wing activism. This is called “grass roots lobbying”:

Not a bad strategy: take out Susan Collins and you can probably peel away a few more RINOs like McCain and kill tax reform. Phone numbers for likely defectors are helpfully listed in another tweet.

But the Times is supposed to be reporting on tax reform, not mobilizing moonbats to kill it.

Given that it is not merely slanted but militantly activist, how could anyone trust this publication to present an objective depiction of what is going on in the world? Yet last I knew, it was still regarded as the flagship publication of the “mainstream” media, essentially giving marching orders to other establishment information sources regarding what to cover and how to cover it.

On a tip from Bodhisattva. Hat tip: Twitchy.

Nov 30 2017

Black Xmas

For some, the Christmas season is a time of good will and good cheer. But for others, every season is a time to hate Whitey:

A California State University-Los Angeles professor is urging Americans to participate in a “Black Xmas” by divesting from “white corporations” and fighting “White Capitalism.”

Like all things hated by moonbats, capitalism is associated with European heritage.

In her op-ed for The Los Angeles Sentinel, Melina Abdullah, a Black Lives Matter activist and the chair of the school’s Department of Pan-African Studies, explains that “Black Xmas” is “an economic divestment from White corporations and an investment in building Black community through support for Black community organizations and businesses.”

Kids aren’t going to be thrilled with what they find under the tree if all of it has to be produced without involvement by white people. However,

The official website of the initiative provides additional instructions to participants, asking Americans to stop “spending with White corporations” between November 24, 2016 and January 1, 2018.

Barks Melina,

“We know that state-sanctioned violence is rooted in White-supremacist capitalism.”

State-sanctioned violence? She must think we live in South Africa, where white farmers are murdered on an almost daily basis while the government studiously looks the other way.

Look out, here comes more of the demented rhetoric this nutty professor is paid to regurgitate:

“We have to not only disrupt the systems of policing that literally kill our people, but we have to disrupt the white supremacist, capitalistic, patriarchal, heteronormative system that is really the root cause of these police killings.”

Once we abolish rule of law, white achievement, economic freedom, maleness, heterosexuality, et cetera, the death squads will finally cease their evil work.

Between skyrocketing tuition and massive taxpayer-funded support, oceans of money have been pouring into universities. Increasingly, Melina Abdullah represents what society gets in return.

On a tip from Varla.

Nov 30 2017

Gay Americans Busted for Exposing Themselves at Buddhist Temple in Bangkok

You’ve heard of the Ugly American? These two are butt-ugly Americans:

Immigration police arrested two US citizens at Don Mueang airport Tuesday night on warrants that charged they posed for pictures showing their naked bottoms at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn).

Wat Arun is a centuries-old Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

The culprits were identified as Joseph and Travis, both 38 years old, a “self-professed gay couple.” They were arrested at the airport while trying to leave Thailand, and charged with public nudity.

According to Pol Col Choengron Rimpadee, deputy spokesman for the immigration police, tourists should show respect for places of cultural importance. The whole world isn’t San Francisco — or a Melbourne train platform — quite yet.

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 29 2017

Open Thread

All presidents but Jefferson have argued that their first job was to keep us safe. All presidents but Jefferson were wrong. If you read the Constitution, you will see that the President's first job - as Jefferson understood well - is to keep us free. - Andrew Napolitano
Nov 29 2017

Latest Atrocities in Modern Art

Modern art is a cynical scam, not merely devoid of value, but viciously destructive. Paul Joseph Watson isn’t buying it:

What moonbattery has done to art, it has also been doing to every other avenue of human endeavor. It is a disease that will replace James Madison with Elizabeth Warren as surely as it has replaced Leonardo da Vinci with Cy Twombly.

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 29 2017

Cultural Bullies Set Up “Gaytivity” Scenes

For the arrogantly belligerent LGBT community, ’tis the season for in-your-face blasphemy:

“Our neighbor’s two Joseph nativity is up & I’m beaming,” posted Cameron Esposito, host of Queery Podcast, on Friday, along with a photo showing two models of Joseph dressed in pink surrounding baby Jesus.

See how many likes he received for his celebration of desecration:

Other persons of preferred perversity favor lesbian Mary gaytivity scenes.

But don’t forget, if you push back in any way, you are a bigot and a hater.

On a tip from The Lieberal Media.

Nov 29 2017

Students Brainwashed in House of Horrors

Halloween house of horror attractions may have inspired a new indoctrination tactic in use at San Diego State University:

The annual workshop, “Journey to a Shared Humanity,” is described on the university’s website as a way for organizers to get students to “step outside their comfort zone and into the shoes of those who are struggling with oppressive circumstances.”

Attendance is not necessarily optional.

This year, some students were required to attend the event as part of their classes. During the experience, students are walked through a darkened multipurpose room to view a series of theatrical vignettes acted out by campus leaders.

One vignette features a black guy shouting at the students:

“Let’s go! Face the wall! Don’t look at me,” the performer yelled as if he was a drill instructor commanding recruits. Then he went on.

“First they came for the Native Americans, but I’m not Native American, so I did not speak up. Then they came for the Jews, but I’m not a Jew so I did not speak up. Then they came for the gays, but I am not gay so I did not speak up. Next they came for the crippled, but I’m not crippled, so I did not speak up. …

“[A]nd when they came for me there was no one else to speak up,” the performer concluded.

Get it? America is just as awful as Nazi Germany.

Now for the scariest part:

After students viewed the “immersive live theatrical experience presenting a collective of raw and emotional performances,” as it has been described, they are taken into a room and debriefed by professors or other campus leaders about how the skits made them feel and what they should do to better combat oppression.

Students who don’t want to make trouble for themselves are advised not to remark that the entire spectacle is sick, pernicious B.S.

Lowlights from SDSU’s Journey to a Shared Moonbattery.

On tips from J and Bodhisattva.

Nov 29 2017

Washington School Graduates Unqualified Kids; All Are Accepted to College

Here’s a feelgood story: every graduate from Ballou High School in monochromatically diverse inner-city D.C. was accepted to college. Now for the bad news:

Ballou High School’s administration graduated dozens of students despite high rates of unexcused absences. … Half of the graduates missed more than three months of school last year, unexcused. One in five students was absent more than present — missing more than 90 days of school. …

Teachers say when many of these students did attend school, they struggled academically, often needing intense remediation.

Many 12th grade students at Ballou cannot read or write.

An internal email obtained by WAMU and NPR from April shows two months before graduation, only 57 students were on track to graduate, with dozens of students missing graduation or community service requirements or failing classes needed to graduate. In June, 164 students received diplomas.

According to a teacher at Ballou, this feat was accomplished by “smoke and mirrors.”

Teachers felt pressure from administration to pass chronically absent students, and students knew the school administration would do as much as possible to get them to graduation.

Educrats bestow lavish bonuses upon teachers who pass kids through the system regardless of whether they show up for class. Those who insist on standards end up losing their jobs.

Teachers we spoke with say if they questioned administration, they were painted as “haters” who don’t care about students.

The results have been what you would expect:

Last year, 9 percent of students there passed the English standardized test. No one passed the math test. The average SAT score last year among Ballou test takers was 782 out of 1600.

Achievement must be earned. It cannot be mandated by the authorities. Now all of these kids are in college, presumably subsisting on financial aid provided by taxpayers. Their illiteracy and habit of blowing off classes must leave them plenty of time for Black Lives Matter protests. When they are not made Chairman of the Board immediately upon graduation, they will blame it on racism, and for the most part the media will concur.

On tips from Steve T and Ken.

Nov 29 2017

Justin Trudeau Weeps as He Denounces Canada, Bestows Victim Privileges Upon Homosexuals

For a favored special interest group to make it to the top of the cultural Marxist caste system, it must be regarded as oppressed. Yesterday Justin Trudeau formally bestowed that dubious yet coveted honor upon homosexuals — in the process trashing his country and wallowing in maudlin pathos:

Trudeau issued a tearful apology Tuesday to members of the LGBTQ community for actions taken by the government against thousands of workers in the military and public service during the Cold War.

Trudeau said in an emotional speech to Parliament that from the 1950s to the early 1990s, the federal government employed a campaign of oppression against members and suspected members of the LGBTQ communities.

The thinking of the day, he said, was that all non-heterosexual Canadians would automatically be at an increased risk of blackmail by Canada’s adversaries.

That is no longer a problem, now that the worst enemies Canada ever had are running the country.

Blubbered Trudeau,

“It is with shame and sorrow and deep regret for the things we have done that I stand here today and say: We were wrong. We apologize. I am sorry. We are sorry.”

Naturally this shameful display was good for a standing ovation. Anyone who didn’t stand would be branded as a “homophobe”; his livelihood would be threatened.

What a prosperous time to be oppressed by homophobes. Already over $100 million Canadian (US $78 million) has been set aside to compensate victims.

But sexual deviants shouldn’t feel too special. They aren’t the only ones to reduce Trudeau to womanly weeping.

Last week, the prime minister broke down in tears apologizing for abuses and cultural losses to indigenous children at residential schools in Newfoundland and Labrador.

By comparison with Trudeau, Obama looks macho and patriotic. Canada will not find it easy to be taken seriously within the lifetimes of those witnessing this appalling spectacle.

On a tip from Don M.

Nov 28 2017

Open Thread

Any man of energy and initiative can get what he wants out of life. But when initiative is crippled by legislation or by a tax system which denies him the right to receive a reasonable share of his earnings, then he will no longer exert himself and the country will be deprived of the energy on which its continued greatness depends. - Andrew Mellon
Nov 28 2017

How Hillary Brought Black African Slavery to Libya

Even in these divisive times, we can all agree that enslaving black Africans is bad, right? Then we ought to agree that it is a good thing Hillary Clinton no longer has a role in formulating U.S. foreign policy:

Footage from Libya, released recently by CNN, showed young men from sub-Saharan Africa being auctioned off as farm workers in slave markets.

And how did we get to this point? As the BBC reported back in May, “Libya has been beset by chaos since NATO-backed forces overthrew long-serving ruler Col. Moammar Gadhafi in October 2011.”

And who was behind that overthrow? None other than then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

You broke it, Hillary. You own it.

Bush 43 had a deal with Gadhafi, according to which the dictator abandoned his weapons of mass destruction in return for not getting deposed. Obama and Hillary reneged on the deal, resulting in the creation of an ISIS/al Qaeda terrorist wonderland in a country that had been neutralized; a flood of largely unassimilable refugees into Europe; America becoming established in the international mind as untrustworthy, so that other dictators will be unlikely to follow Gadhafi’s lead and give up nuclear/biological weapons programs peaceably; and black African slavery.

On the positive side, it gave Hillary a chance to laugh merrily as she let loose with this zinger:

Careful now, Libyans. Importing slaves from south of the Sahara in centuries past did not work out well for the USA.

On tips from J, StephaneDumas, and Dragon’s Lair.

Nov 28 2017

Moonbatty Portland Is Becoming Unlivable

Portland may be trendy among hipsters, but businesses find that it is becoming uninhabitable:

Columbia Sportswear may be the next business to flee downtown Portland after a series of frightening encounters with the city’s homeless population, including car break-ins, human waste dumped by the office’s front door and threats to its employees.

So many employee cars have been broken into that parking downtown is referred to as the “laptop donor program.” Columbia CEO Tim Boyle calls the situation in Portland “outrageous and unacceptable.”

Boyle isn’t alone:

Judith Arnell told FOX12 Oregon earlier this month the decision to close her business, Judith Arnell Jewelers, came from a mix of panhandling and concerns over the safety of her employees and clients. …

Another owner of a boutique in the Pearl District near downtown said a man threatened her life when she confronted him as he stole items from a clothing rack outside.

He came back later to threaten her life some more.

Arnell says her customers are afraid to come to her store. Increasingly, sane people are afraid to come near Portland period. The place is so rotten through with moonbattery that Antifa militants managed to nix the Rose Festival parade by threatening violence if Republicans were allowed to participate.

As San Francisco has been demonstrating since the 1960s, prevalent moonbattery draws wackos from across the nation who are too dysfunctional to keep a roof above their heads. They are best known for drug use, psychosis, defecation in doorways, and menacing behavior. Those who want to engage in productive activities are advised to avoid cities where moonbattery has taken firm root.

On tips from Varla, J, and Sean C.

Nov 28 2017

Keith Olbermann Calls It Quits

You might think MSNBC is rock bottom for a journalist. That’s where Brian Williams washed up after the top dog network anchor was revealed to be a compulsive liar. But no, quintessential moonbat Keith Olbermann managed to get fired even from MSNBC.

It turns out there was something lower still: Al Gore’s Current TV. From there, Olbermann was fired with a great deal of acrimony.

Surely there could be nothing beneath Current TV? Actually, there is: GQ — the juvenile ultra-leftist publication that named theatrical America-hater Colin Kaepernick Citizen of the Year. Now we read this:

GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann announced Monday that he is “retiring from political commentary in all media venues” during his online program “The Resistance.”

“Retiring”? Sounds like spin on “I was canned, and there is nowhere to fall from GQ, so that means I’m done” — although he denies he was fired.

[Olbermann] said he was “confident” President Trump’s presidency would end soon, thereby making it the “correct moment” to exit from making further political commentary.

Not even Olbermann is that crazy. If there is any chance of overturning the election results, why would he quit now? Nothing will happen before Trump commits a high crime or misdemeanor or Democrats take over both houses of Congress. The latter misfortune could befall us after next year’s elections. But Olbermann wants to abandon his jihad now? Not likely.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

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