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Dec 31 2017

Open Thread

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. - Brad Paisley
Dec 31 2017

Germany Sets Up Safe Zones for Women Who Don’t Want to Be Sexually Molested by Refugees

Women who think Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer are bad can count themselves as lucky that they have not experienced the mass sexual misconduct Mutti Merkel imported. The effects of Germany’s Colognization are most graphically on display on New Year’s Eve.

After Merkel brought in 1.1 million “refugees” in 2015, the following New Year’s celebrations were particularly awful:

No worries; this year Berlin is setting up a safety zone for women who don’t feel like getting pawed, robbed, and potentially raped by Islamic welfare colonists:

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the New Year’s Eve party in Berlin on Sunday and security will be strict. …

Women who have been assaulted or feel harassed will be able to get support at a special “safety zone”, staffed by the German Red Cross, on Ebertstrasse.

They must have gotten this ingenious idea from Cologne:

Cologne officials set up a “security point”, staffed by social workers and psychologists, at the city’s 2016 carnival following the New Year’s Eve attacks.

At this point it seems inevitable that safe zones for German women and for Germans in general will get smaller and smaller until they no longer exist.

On a tip from J. Hat tip: Victory Girls.

Dec 31 2017

Bailing Out of Blue States

The new tax bill will benefit most taxpayers, but some will be punished for living in high-tax blue states due to limitations on state and local tax deductions — or rather, they will be punished for being slow to bail out of the blue states, as so many others have been doing:

Three Democratic-leaning states hemorrhaged hundreds of thousands of people in 2016 and 2017 as crime, high taxes and, in some cases, crummy weather had residents seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

The exodus of residents was most pronounced in New York, which saw about 190,000 people leave the state between July 1, 2016 and July 1, 2017, according to U.S. Census Bureau data

What took them so long? Suffocating moonbattery, societal decay, and stratospheric taxes drove me from New York to Arizona back in 2008.

Since 2010, the state’s outflow of just over 1 million residents has exceeded that of every other state, both in absolute terms and as a share of population, according to the free-market think tank Empire Center.

California and Illinois are next on the list of blue states hemorrhaging residents. Between July 2016 and July 2017, 138,000 and 115,000 residents, respectively, voted with their feet by heading for greener pastures.

The erosion of the tax base will probably inspire the liberals in charge to raise taxes even higher, creating a vicious cycle that will leave all three states populated mainly by Third World immigrants and their largely government-dependent descendants.

Taxes aren’t the only reason to escape states like New York and California. The best-run states are run by Republicans. Income is growing faster. Lower minimum wages mean lower unemployment. These states are better for vets. They give more to charity. Even envy-addled moonbats who consider income inequality to be a problem will have to admit that life is better in red states.

In light of all this, it is no surprise that people are moving from blue states to red states, and that as red states get redder, blue states get redder too.

The whole country might turn red, if not for the effects of massive Third World immigration, which would distort politics for generations to come even if it were shut off completely.

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Dec 31 2017

Ten Myths About Government Debt

Most everyone is aware that the federal debt is a serious problem, but most don’t realize how serious, because they believe in some of the 10 myths economics professor Antony Davies of Duquesne University debunks in the video below:

1. The government owes only $20 trillion.

2. The government owes only $150 trillion.

3. Money borrowed from Social Security isn’t really debt because we owe it to ourselves.

4. The government cannot go bankrupt.

5. The government can solve its financial problems by raising taxes.

6. The rich aren’t paying their fair share.

7. The government could settle its debts by selling off assets.

8. The government needs to pay off its debts.

9. The government can just keep borrowing.

10. There is no way to fix the problem.

The details from Professor Davies:

It’s nice that there is a way to fix the problem. Too bad it requires more discipline than we are likely to get out of Washington.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

Dec 31 2017

Try the Maduro Diet

If you can’t lose weight any other way, try socialism. It sure has worked in Venezuela:

It is possible to cheat on any diet. This one is no exception. Venezuelans who want to eat break into zoos and devour the animals.

Dec 31 2017

Rabid Moonbat Professor George Ciccariello-Maher Resigns

The new year will feature one fewer quintessential moonbat in academia. Citing harassment from the white supremacists (i.e., white non-leftists) he so stridently hates, self-proclaimed communist George Ciccariello-Maher will no longer teach political science at Drexel University.

Ciccariello-Maher is perhaps best known for tweeting, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.” He blamed “white people and men” for the Las Vegas massacre, and “whiteness” for the church massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas. In response to one of Adam Saleh’s obvious hate hoaxes, he took to Twitter to shout, “#Gulag these Racist Crackers.” He has praised the massacre of thousands of Europeans during the Haitian Revolution as a “good thing.” Like many psychotically virulent anti-white racists, C.-M. is white himself.

His hatred of his fellow Caucasians is almost matched by his antipathy toward the military, which he displayed by announcing that it made him want to vomit to see someone give up a first class seat for a uniformed soldier.

Ciccariello-Maher’s malice also extends to freedom of speech. He encouraged violence to prevent Charles Murray from being heard at a nearby college.

Don’t feel too sad that the nutty professor is out of job. No doubt he will still be paid to spew corrosive nonsense at leftist publications like HuffPost, The Nation, and Salon until he shows up on another faculty, if not as an MSNBC host.

Resigning gave him one last chance to use Drexel as a soapbox. He called for weaponizing academia. From his resignation note:

We are at war, and academia is a crucial front in that war. This is why the Right is targeting campuses with thinly veiled provocations disguised as free speech. … They will continue to attack me and many others, but from these attacks new unities spring dialectically forth: an upsurge in new AAUP [American Association of University Professors] chapters and the establishment of the Campus Antifascist Network (CAN), among others.

CAN consists of sociopathic Antifa goons.

C.-M.’s final parting bark:

In the face of aggression from the racist Right and impending global catastrophe, we must defend our universities, our students, and ourselves by defending the most vulnerable among us and by making our campuses unsafe spaces for white supremacists.

Thanks to his departure, effective tomorrow, 2018 is already off to an encouraging start.

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Dec 30 2017

Open Thread

Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society. - Antonio Gramsci
Dec 30 2017

Swedes Told to Embrace Their Demise

The “new Swedes” have no intention of assimilating. That would defeat the purpose of hijrah (conquest by mass immigration). Also, it could lead to getting murdered by relatives. It is the “old Swedes” who must “integrate” by waving good-bye to their country and their culture:

There may never have been a society in human existence that would not fight to preserve its existence — until political correctness emerged.

On a tip from Lyle.

Dec 30 2017

Venezuela’s Problem Is Confirmed to Be Socialism, Not Low Oil Prices

Socialism would have worked fine in Venezuela, except for the fall in oil prices, right moonbats? Or maybe not, as even the New York Times admits:

A general with no energy experience has been installed as the head of the state oil company. Arrests, firings and desperate emigration have gutted top talent. Oil facilities are crumbling, while production is plummeting.

As the rest of the oil-producing world recovers on the back of stronger energy prices, Venezuela is getting worse, the result of dysfunctional management, rampant corruption and the country’s crippling economic crisis. The deepening troubles at the state oil company, the country’s economic mainstay, threaten to further destabilize a nation and government facing a dire recession, soaring inflation and unbridled crime, as well as food and medicine shortages.

Due to higher prices, things are looking up for other oil-exporting countries, including even dysfunctional hellholes like Libya and Iraq…

Not Venezuela, the country with the largest proven reserves in the world. The state-owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela, known as Pdvsa, teeters on the brink of collapse, its failures at once a symptom and a cause of the nation’s downward economic spiral.

Despite Maduro barking the standard socialist dictator rhetoric about the evils of capitalist America, Venezuela has been importing gasoline and diesel from the USA to meet domestic needs. But that won’t go on for long, since they can’t pay for it with the whole country about to go into default.

Socialism is socialism, no matter where tyrants and fools inflict it. This sums up the spirit of the Soviet Union:

Employees have lost all interest, said Emilio, a worker in the Cardón refinery who asked that his last name be withheld because he feared punishment by the authorities for criticizing the company. He said they were simply punching the clock.

Workers spend their days playing cars and dominoes, production having slowed to a crawl.

Milton Friedman’s wise words ring ever truer:

If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand. - Milton Friedman

Under Chavez/Maduro, Venezuelans effectively put the federal government in charge of everything. Now they have nothing — not even oil, despite floating on a sea of it. No one even vaguely familiar with the past 100 years of world history could have expected a different outcome.

But maybe Bernie Sanders, with his keen grasp of economics, will be the first to make socialism work.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

Dec 30 2017

Campus Reform’s Top 10 Appalling Examples of Moonbattery for 2017

Campus Reform has been a mother lode of moonbattery this year. Its readers chose the top 10 stories of 2017:

1. “Leftist Fight Club” trains UCF students to fight Republicans

2. Students love Trump’s tax plan…when told it’s Bernie’s

3. Greek Life retreat cancelled after banana peel found in tree

4. Gender-swap experiment shows Hillary even less likable as a man

5. UNLV prof blames Las Vegas massacre on Trump

6. “White Privilege Checklist” appears in Minnesota dorm

7. CSUF prof allegedly assaults conservative student on campus

8. Prof: Algebra, geometry perpetuate white privilege

9. College asks students to contemplate “pee privilege”

10. Prof lets students choose own grades for “stress reduction”

Academia ties with the media as the easiest place to find moonbattery. Horrifyingly, these are the two pillars of society best positioned to subvert the rest of our culture. This is likely why they were targeted for the Long March Through the Institutions.

Stand by for plenty more moonbattery in 2018.

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Dec 29 2017

Open Thread

The United Nations is useless...and also harmful. It is a land that flowers demagoguery with a bunch of newborn countries, devoid of any tradition. - Antonio de Oliveira Salazar
Dec 29 2017

If I Were the Devil

Paul Harvey’s commentary “If I Were the Devil,” — which was broadcast on ABC Radio on April 3, 1965 — is as relevant as ever:

If I were the Devil, I would destroy America, because America is what has been holding back the darkness. The Devil has been doing an excellent job.

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Dec 29 2017

Shrieking Moonbat Demands Animatronic Trump Be Locked Up

A person of coinciding political and sexual orientations visited Disney’s Hall of Presidents. His reaction to the animatronic President Trump taking the oath of office was unlikely to make the experience more enjoyable for other visitors:

Lock him up on what grounds? Moonbats don’t need any grounds; you can ask Democrat congresscritter Al Green, a leader in the Impeachment Just Because campaign. That they don’t like you is reason enough for leftists to treat you like a criminal.

On tips from TCS III and Bodhisattva.

Dec 29 2017

Obama’s Legacy Is Cold

For 8 years, Obama persecuted the fossil fuel industry, deliberately driving up prices in the name of global warming. Now we read this:

Plunging temperatures across half the country on Thursday underscored a stark reality for low-income Americans who rely on heating aid: Their dollars aren’t going to go as far this winter because of rising energy costs. …

This winter, energy costs were projected to grow by 12 percent for natural gas, 17 percent for home heating oil, 18 percent for propane and 8 percent for electricity, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Traditionally, most electricity in this country has been generated by cheap and abundant coal. Although coal is still abundant, the electricity it generates is no longer as cheap, in part due to Obama’s openly acknowledged War on Coal.

Energy prices may even be higher than those projections. According to [Mark Wolfe, executive director of the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association], colder weather could lead to even higher levels of consumption, and resulting prices could push the cost of winter heating up to $1,800 this winter for those using heating oil, 45 percent more than last year’s level.

Despite the rapidly rising carbon levels that according to liberal dogma make it be hot out, it is so cold that a video from New Hampshire shows a guy pouring out boiling water that turns to snow before it hits the ground:

The video makes an apt metaphor for the effect of human activity on the climate, which we are unfortunately unable to make warmer. But Big Government can certainly make it colder — at least in our homes — by driving up the price of fossil fuels.

Here’s another relevant video, in which Obama announces his intention to make energy prices “skyrocket”:

Finally, Obama is out of power, but plenty of other leftists are waiting in the wings who would have us shivering in the dark.

On tips from Bodhisattva.

Dec 29 2017

Paul Krugman Calls for Making Pink Pussy Hats the Symbol of Delivery from Evil

When you get down in the dumps, you can always cheer yourself up by laughing at the misery of moonbats like Paul Krugman of the New York Times. Since linking to the Slimes might spread cooties, we’ll take a couple excerpts quoted by the Daily Wire:

Many of us came into 2017 expecting the worst. And in many ways, the worst is what we got.

Krugman grouses gloomily that Republicans don’t block Trump when he advances conservative objectives like cutting taxes.

But wait… even for the hapless Krugman, there is hope — in the form of the “highly energized resistance”:

That resistance made itself visible literally the day after Trump took office, with the huge women’s marches that took place on Jan. 21, dwarfing the thin crowds at the inauguration. If American democracy survives this terrible episode, I vote that we make pink pussy hats the symbol of our delivery from evil.

There you have the quintessence of absurdity: Paul Krugman in a pink pussy hat, boldly denouncing election results. That’s what we are up against.

On a tip from Jester.

Dec 29 2017

2017 Proved That Everything Is Racist

Tucker Carlson wrapped up the year by tweeting 100 racist things from 2017. The list has been condensed for our convenience at waka waka waka. Here are 1 through 10:

1. Tamarisk trees in Palm Springs, California.
2. The ice cream truck song.
3. Credit scores.
4. Car insurance.
5. Crime statistics.
6. Halloween costumes.
7. Calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”
8. Most of the better Disney movies.
9. Dr. Seuss.
10. White flight.

Everything on the complete list should also be listed at Everything Is Racism, which documents that everything is racist, just as Number Watch documents that everything that can be construed as bad is caused by global warming. This suggests a connection between racism and climate change, which a liberal in academia might point to as an example of intersectionality.

As the wise Anonymous says, “When everything is racism, nothing is racism.” So we may as well stop cringing when moonbats call us racist.

On tips from TCS III and Steve T.

Dec 29 2017

Course on Hating Whites Offered Again at University of Wisconsin

This spring, the University of Wisconsin–Madison will again offer a course entitled “The Problem of Whiteness”:

The African Cultural Studies course seeks to teach students to “understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle white supremacy,” according to its online description.

When the course debuted during the spring 2017 semester, it prompted national headlines and much controversy, with some Republican lawmakers even calling for the course to be canceled.

Not all Republicans can grasp why taxpayers should have to finance indoctrination devoted to engendering hatred of the core population.

The course is taught by the conspicuously absurd wigger Damon Sajnani. In addition to brainwashing impressionable youth with race hate in the classroom, Sajnani performs rap. He is better known by his stage name Professor D.

State Rep. Dave Murphy also raised concerns about several tweets from Sajnani’s Twitter account that the legislator said showed the professor “condones violence against law enforcement and compares white voters to the KKK.”

In one of the tweets highlighted by Murphy, Sajnani included a photo of news coverage from the 2016 fatal police shooting in Dallas and wrote “Is the uprising finally starting? Is this style of protest gonna go viral?”

That is, the nutty professor publicly praised the racially inspired murder of five Dallas police officers, and encouraged further acts of senseless violence against law enforcement personnel.

Check out some of his tweets. Professor D is clearly a sociopath. You can only imagine what he must say in the privacy of his taxpayer-subsidized classroom.

Consider the likelihood of any university offering a course entitled “The Problem of Blackness” and it becomes obvious which race really does face systemic hostility in this country, even if it is other whites doing the oppressing.

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Dec 28 2017

Open Thread

Significant new peer-reviewed research has cast even more doubt on the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming. - Antonino Zichichi

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