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Jan 31 2018

Open Thread

Good intentions are impotent unless based on reality. - Arthur Jensen
Jan 31 2018

Paul Joseph Watson on Dems’ Unseemly SOTU Reaction

As noted previously (here, here, and here), Democrats reacted with all the goodwill of rattlesnakes to Trump’s cheerful and patriotic State of the Union address, even scowling at the excellent economic news. This is because anything that is good for America is bad for the Democrat Party. You can tell things are going well by the sour looks on Democrat faces. Paul Joseph Watson weighs in:

It will be ugly when these moonbats worm their way back into power with the media’s assistance. Poor losers are also poor winners.

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Jan 31 2018

Moonbat Congresscritter Reacts to Patriotism with Conspicuous Revulsion

Congresscritter Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) has made a career out of aggressively siding with foreigners against American citizens, so it should come as no surprise that an outburst of patriotism at the State of the Union address so triggered him that he had to scuttle in disgust from out of the chamber:

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Jan 31 2018

Next After Chief Wahoo: Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Logo

Now that the Cleveland Indians cravenly caved and offered up the beloved Chief Wahoo on the altar of political correctness, liberal bullies are satisfied, and will stop dictating repressive demands, right? Of course not:

ESPN “First Take” host Max Kellerman argued the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot is offensive as well.

Even the left-wing Washington Post found that nine out of 10 Indians know better than to be offended that teams are named after them, despite constantly being told to be offended by exploitative cultural Marxists. Kellerman doesn’t care.

He [barked] that ethnic mascots should be changed “even if it is a minority of the group that is offended,” and said that rule also should apply to the University of Notre Dame, whose athletic teams are known as the Fighting Irish.

“Many Irish-Americans are not offended, but many are. And should that also change? The answer is yes, unequivocally yes,” Kellerman said, as his guest Will Cain groaned and facepalmed.

Moonbat totalitarians like Kellerman are getting desperate for something new to ban if they have to become belligerently offended on behalf of the fellow white people they normally denigrate.

“Pernicious, negative stereotypes of marginalized people that offend even some among them should be changed. It’s not that hard,” Kellerman concluded.

Congratulations to the large percentage of regular Americans with Irish blood. We have now achieved “marginalized” status, and are entitled to all manner of special privileges and protections.

Kellerman lisps and splutters his moonbat demands.

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Jan 31 2018

Why Democrats Scowl Grumpily at Lower Black Unemployment

Blacks are at the core of the Democrat base. Yet despite the theatrical pandering, the Democrat Party merely exploits them, rather than championing their best interests. The Party wants to keep them poor, angry, and fenced in on the farm, so that their votes can be harvested like chickens’ eggs. Last night’s State of the Union address provided further evidence.

Tyler O’Neil quotes the POTUS:

“Unemployment claims have hit a 45-year low. African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded, and Hispanic American unemployment has also reached the lowest levels in history.”

The sullen response from Democrats:

As O’Neil notes,

Indeed, black unemployment reached a record low under President Trump. The fact that these black congressional leaders hold their hatred for Trump more precious than their celebration of success for their own community is telling.

Wallowing in personal hatred isn’t all this reflects. To judge by their expressions, falling black unemployment not only does not make them stand up and cheer; it sinks them into a bitter funk. This is because helpless, alienated blacks vote for anti-American socialists. Successful, self-sustaining blacks might not.

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Jan 31 2018

What Caused Democrats to Pout and Sulk Instead of Applauding

Democrats sure wore some sour-looking mugs during the upbeat State of the Union address last night. The excellent economic news had them looking like they were sucking on pickles. Most failed to clap much less stand even for things that any normal American would applaud:

Leah Barkoukis has more.

By sullenly refusing to applaud their own country, Democrats reinforce the perception that they are hostile to it. But then, that does help rev up their base.

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Jan 31 2018

WaPo Changes Front Page After Moonbats Complain About Positive SOTU Address Coverage

One reason the Washington Post usually spews sophomoric moonbattery instead of accurately reporting the news is that it has developed a customer base that prefers propaganda to information. For example, here is the front page they first ran following last night’s State of the Union Address:

Liberals reacted with horror to this acknowledgment of the speech’s positive tone. It was quickly replaced:

WaPo must have thought the sneer quotes would make the moonbats happy. Yet they still complained:

If all else fails, WaPo could try just reporting the news instead of pandering to progressives, and let the chips fall where they may. But I’m forgetting: the paper is owned by a moonbat.

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Jan 31 2018

Emotional Support Peacock Not Allowed on Plane

Political correctness dictates that people who assert that they are in some way disabled are always right. Therefore, they are allowed to bring all manner of animals where they don’t belong, on the grounds that the beasts are equivalent to guide dogs for the blind. Finally, some pushback:

United Airlines recently shot down one traveler’s request to bring her emotional support peacock on a flight departing Newark Liberty International Airport.

Live and Let[’s] Fly reported earlier this week that even though the unidentified woman claimed that she had a second ticket for the peacock, the airline denied her request.

Peacocks are exceedingly large and sometimes aggressive birds. Pretty though.

The owners had been told three times in advance that they couldn’t bring their pet — I mean, comfort animal — on the plane. But they showed up with it at the airport anyway, no doubt expecting to crybully their way on board.

For once outliers imperiously claiming to be defective do not get pandered to at the expense of the vast majority of normal people who find air travel unpleasant enough with animals urinating, defecating, biting, clawing, pecking, flying or slithering around the cabin, letting out ear-splitting cries, et cetera. Kudos to United for standing firm.

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Jan 31 2018

Professor Tricks People into Walking on American Flag

As noted earlier, Gregory Salcido was suspended from his California high school teaching job when a student’s recording of his profane antimilitary ranting attracted public attention. Getting recorded wasn’t Salcido’s mistake. It was teaching high school instead of college, where there is no need to be furtive about over the top moonbattery. A taxpayer-supported state college in Fort Lauderdale offers an example:

Students and community members at Broward College (BC) are outraged after an American Flag was used as a doormat by a professor during an art exhibition hosted by the school.

“So it appears this is ok to do at central campus Broward College. This is a American Flag Painted white and cut in half and used as a door mat,” BC student and Marine Corps veteran Jess Karcher wrote on Facebook, accompanied by photos of an American Flag painted white, cut in half, and lying on the ground.

Having been defaced by BC Assistant Professor of Art Lisa Rockford, the flag was positioned so that people would be sure to unwittingly walk on it. It is a violation of flag etiquette even to let Old Glory touch the ground, much less to cut it in half, paint it, and walk on it.

The moonbats infesting academia are about as strong on subtlety as they are on showing respect.

Broward College educrats responded to the outrage Rockford deliberately provoked with the usual boilerplate about freedom of speech. A Broward student could discover how sincere they are by tricking people into walking on a picture of sainted communist terrorist Nelson Mandela and seeing how long it would take to be expelled.

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Jan 30 2018

Open Thread

If Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock. - Arthur Goldberg
Jan 30 2018

Bernie Sanders on Tax Cut Bonuses

Isn’t wealthy Marxist Bernie Sanders at least a little bit happy that downtrodden regular people have extra money to spend thanks to the tax cuts? Even Deface the Nation was curious to know:

When all else fails, you can always fall back on good old technical difficulties — although the antediluvian commie might want to come up with something better if he really is going to run for President again in 2020.

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Jan 30 2018

Why John Kerry Festers with Bitterness

Why the long face, Hanoi John? Howie Carr explains why the incorrigible traitor John Kerry is such a bitter guy:

It may be tempting to hope Kerry does run again. The guy is not only a clown but openly hostile to his own country; no one would vote for him, right?

Wrong. Barack Obama was elected twice.

In today’s Democrat Party, Kerry is a moderate. The next Democrat President will make him look almost appealing by comparison, difficult though that is to imagine.

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Jan 30 2018

California Teacher Suspended After Profane Rant Defaming American Military Personnel

The language in the video below warrants a parental advisory. It provides audio of high school teacher Gregory Salcido (and Pico Rivera, California City Councilman) instructing his class on how to view those who serve in the military:

Today’s lesson:

“[American troops are] dumbsh**s. They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the lowest of our low.”

Salcido compares heroes willing to die for his liberty to pimps.

The danger of allowing cell phones in schools is that students can record moonbat instructors barking their vicious lies and send them viral, forcing even educrats who likely agree with Salcido’s point of view into damage control mode. He is out of the classroom while school officials “conduct an investigation.”

Why was student Victor Quinonez, who wants to be a Marine, recording his teacher?

“He has a history of being anti-military,” the student said, of Salcido. “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but at the same time they shouldn’t be disrespecting the veterans who have fought for our rights, who give up their lives and do stuff that other people are not willing to do.”

That is, Salcido had been subjecting his class to this corrosive propaganda on a regular basis. He isn’t the only one.

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Jan 30 2018

Fake News and the Tet Offensive

The term “fake news” is overused, and it certainly isn’t something we want Big Government trying to criminalize, as in Europe. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious problem. It even cost us a war, following the Tet Offensive launched 50 years ago today:

Despite their ferocity, by most objective military standards, the communists achieved none of their goals. U.S. and South Vietnamese forces held fast, regrouped and fought back. By late March they had achieved a decisive victory over the communist forces. …

But in living rooms across America, the nightly news described an overwhelming American defeat.

In his 1977 book Big Story, Washington Post Saigon correspondent Peter Braestrup blamed the radical disconnect between what was happening in Vietnam and what the American public was told on television’s showbiz aspect.

The TV correspondent, Braestrup wrote, like the anchorman back home, had to pose on camera with authority. He had to maintain a dominant appearance while telling viewers more than he knew or could know. The commentary was thematic and highly speculative; it seemed preoccupied with network producers’ insatiable appetite for “impact.”

However, the choice of narrative was not based on achieving impact alone; mainly, it was based on moonbattery.

“At Tet,” Braestrup assessed, “the press shouted that the patient was dying, then weeks later began to whisper that he somehow seemed to be recovering—whispers apparently not heard amid the clamorous domestic reaction to the initial shouts.”

This same technique is applied to hate hoaxes. When an 11-year-old Muslim claims that some nasty Islamophobe took scissors to her hijab, it is such earth-shaking news that the Prime Minister of Canada weighs in. The unsurprising news that it was all a hoax is whispered toward the bottom of page 22C.

Braestrup thought journalists should stay calm, get the story straight, and not conflate news with what they regard as “truth.” Unfortunately, journalism has rushed headlong in the opposite direction, all the more so recently.

America may have lost the Vietnam War, but the communists didn’t win it — unless by communists, you mean Walter Cronkite et al. However, they won’t defeat America again so long as we remember not to take anything they present us with at face value.

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Jan 30 2018

Europeans Acknowledge Horror Unfolding in South Africa

It’s far too little, far too late — but at least someone gives a damn about the horrific tragedy continuing to unfold in South Africa. The European Parliament’s Europe of Nations and Freedom group has organized a conference on the political situation in that benighted country. From a press release, via Gates of Vienna:

The conference will be hosted by UK MEP Janice Atkinson: “South Africa stands on a precipice. In 2019 they will hold national elections which could see the ANC fracture and the violent Marxists of the Economic Freedom Fighters holding the balance of power. If this happens, South Africa is finished.”

If you think South Africa has been hell on earth for whites under Jacob Zuma, wait until the terrifying Julius Malema takes command — though it won’t be worse than any reasonable person could have predicted when an advanced First World country allowed itself to be shamed into submitting to rule by collectivist savages.

The conference, entitled ““The Political Situation in South Africa: Some Humans’ Rights Matter More Than Others” to reflect the liberal establishment’s apathy, was scheduled for today. Don’t expect to see it featured on the evening news.

If we can’t save South Africa, we can at least learn from its lesson and save ourselves.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 30 2018

Stockton, California to Try Universal Basic Income

When utopia has been imposed, no one will need a job, because everyone will receive a universal basic income. Recently bankrupt Stockton, California illuminates the path to our work-free future:

[Mayor Michael] Tubbs is coordinating an effort to test a new way to sustain residents: universal basic income, or UBI. For one year, several dozen Stockton families will get $500 a month, no strings attached.

Dorian Warren co-chairs the Economic Security Project, which is contributing $1 million to the initiative. He said the goal is to gather data on the economic and social impacts of giving people a basic income.

In addition to tracking what residents do with the money, Warren said they will be monitoring how a basic income affects things like self-esteem and identity.

There was a time when it would have destroyed self-esteem. Nowadays, many people don’t have any pride to lose, partially as a result of deliberate efforts to destigmatize parasitism.

The hope is to demonstrate UBI’s potential and encourage other places to give it a try. UBI has recently gotten a boost from Silicon Valley moguls concerned about income inequality and the future of society…

To get it through the soft skulls of the leftist kooks in nearby Silicon Valley that society would have no future if everyone where paid merely to exist with money confiscated from the last few suckers willing to pull the cart rather than ride in it, Stockton ought to offer the UBI to everyone in town. The population would immediately explode with bums from every corner of the country, and Stockton would be back in bankruptcy.

That is exactly what would happen to the USA if it adopted the UBI. Actually, it is already happening as a result of the welfare state, immigration policy, and largely undefended borders — just a little more slowly.

Tubbs thinks the UBI experiment will show that Stockton’s best bet is to invest in its own people.

“Investment” is Liberalese for flagrantly wasting other people’s money. Past bright ideas embraced by the drunk-driving Michael Tubbs include paying Stockton residents not to shoot each other.

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Jan 30 2018

P.C. Bullies Claim Chief Wahoo’s Scalp

Another little piece of our culture is gone, erased because no one had the guts to stand up to progressive bullies. Based on the absurd claim that naming teams after Indians is somehow offensive, the militant liberals who run MLB have coerced Cleveland into dropping its beloved mascot Chief Wahoo. Hot Air quotes the victorious New York Times:

The Cleveland Indians will stop using the Chief Wahoo logo on their uniforms beginning in 2019, according to Major League Baseball, which said the popular symbol was no longer appropriate for use on the field. …

Chief Wahoo, a cartoonish caricature of a Native American that has assumed several forms over the years, first appeared on the Indians’ uniforms in 1948. In recent decades various groups across North America have appealed to the team to renounce the logo, to no avail. But over the past year the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, has pressured Paul Dolan, Cleveland’s chairman and chief executive, to make a change.

Robert Conquest’s Second Law of Politics is that any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing. Although usually not as aggressively ultra-left as the NFL, MLB is no exception.

At least the Indians resisted for a little while. But they didn’t want to lose hosting the All-Star Game next year, so they caved.

Maybe they think that the bullies will leave them alone, now that they have forked over their lunch money. Fat chance. The team is still named the Indians, after all, and even to call an Indian an Indian is considered a thought crime nowadays.

Give an inch to cultural Marxists and the crybully minority groups they exploit and you only encourage them. They won’t be satisfied with Chief Wahoo’s scalp any more than they were satisfied to tear down statues of Robert E. Lee. Just as SJWs soon moved on to Christopher Columbus and the Founding Fathers, before long the Indians will be forced to adopt a name as inoffensively boring as the block C logo replacing Chief Wahoo. How about the Cleveland Bobcats?

Chief Wahoo has been around for generations. Tearing down a culture is quicker than building one.

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Jan 30 2018

Total of Eight Attendees for Yale Racism Workshop

Build it and they will come. Unless what you build is a steaming mound of moonbattery:

[Last] Monday in “honor of the work of Martin Luther King Jr. and Liberation Week,” Yale University’s Dwight Hall and Afro-American Cultural Center co-hosted a workshop on race and racism.

As reported by the Yale Daily News, the workshop was led by Barb Mangle who’s identified as “an activist and former professor at Quinnipiac University.”

The College Fix discovered that her name is actually Nangle, that she currently works at Yale, and that her background is in yelping corrosively about the evils of whiteness.

The Yale News reports:

The workshop focused on the role racism plays in our society and the phenomenon of white privilege. It began with a set of ground rules set forth by the attendees that emphasized the importance of balancing passion and reason, speaking from personal experience and speaking truth to power. This was followed by a group exercise which focused on how to address racism when it comes up in conversation, a discussion of the race-based assumptions that exist in society and a brief lecture on privilege from Mangle.

Nangle’s name is hilariously mangled throughout the Yale News piece.

Still more hilarious is the total attendance: eight moonbats.

Looks like even at a bastion of moonbattery like Yale, people have had their fill. That’s the problem with making attendance voluntary.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Jan 29 2018

Open Thread

I'm proud to be paying taxes in the United States. The only thing is - I could be just as proud for half the money - Arthur Godfrey
Jan 29 2018

Repo the Rainbow

The rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise never again to cleanse the world of its sin with a great flood. But to most people it now represents depraved sexuality as a political ideology. As if taking the covenant represented by the rainbow as license to wallow in sin, deviant degenerates have stolen the symbol from regular people. Owen Benjamin says it is time to take it back:

On a tip from Kate P.

Jan 29 2018

NYU Students Respond to SOTU Before It Is Given

No need to watch Trump’s first State of the Union address tomorrow. Students say it was lousy:

Campus Reform headed to New York University to ask students their opinions of President Trump’s State of the Union. The only problem for them was that the speech would not take place for another seven days…

That did not prevent them from denouncing it rigorously:

Today’s students must be smarter than they seem, to be able to judge the speech before hearing it. Of course, there is always the possibility that even though they pretend to have highly informed opinions, they don’t even keep abreast of the news enough to know whether the SOTU has happened yet.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

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