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Mar 31 2018

Open Thread

The problem with Christians is they aren't as good as Jesus. But thank God most Muslims are better than Muhammad. - Wafa Sultan

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Mar 31 2018

Canadian School Teaches Africentric Math

Before political correctness, cultures had to be functional to expand. Totally dysfunctional cultures would flounder within their own boundaries until they were able to move forward — or until they were displaced. Now, things are different. Canada is importing Africentric math:

Nova Scotia’s Auburn Drive High School math teachers are skipping their previous eurocentric approach to teaching mathematics so black students will gain more interest in the subject, the CBC reported. Teachers are adopting an Afrocentric lens to teach mathematics, based on incorporating African history and culture to make math classes resonate with their students.

The idea is to get black students to take STEM classes, so that they can take advantage of Affirmative Action to secure high-paying jobs.

One example of the new approach is using Egyptian pyramids to explain trigonometry.

According to some Afrocentric moonbats, blacks built the pyramids. Because Egypt is in Africa.

This lunacy is not new:

Temple University’s African Studies Chair Molefi Asante originally designed the Afrocentric movement in a book, “Afrocentricity: The Theory of Social Change,” published in 1980. He criticized the “Eurocentric” focus of education and instead encouraged academics to make lessons more relatable to African students. One example is teaching biology based on black biologist Ernest Just’s research over someone white, according to The American Prospect.

Anyone in academia who fails to applaud this with sufficient enthusiasm risks being denounced as a racist — the worst thing that could happen to a career.

For an idea of the inevitable effects of applying moonbattery and Affirmative Action to fields like math and engineering, readers are referred to the Bridge That Political Correctness Built (a.k.a. Diversity Bridge), which recently collapsed in Florida.

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Mar 31 2018

Family Guy Parody — The View

The only problem with not watching much of the crap on TV is that if they actually put something good on, it can take a while before you become aware of it. This Family Guy take on The View is from years ago, but it’s still good for a laugh:

The clucking of actual hens is more thoughtful than any of the moonbattery on display on The View.

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Mar 31 2018

How Soon Before George Washington Is Erased?

Thomas Jefferson isn’t the only Founding Father with his back to the Memory Hole. In this video from late 2016, Ami Horowitz found that a majority of George Washington University students he interviewed favored changing the name of the school because the Father of America was politically incorrect and deserves to be abolished:

The attitudes on college campuses soon become the attitudes of the media. From there, they become conventional wisdom — or rather, conventional foolishness.

Once progressives have demonized and erased the Founding Fathers, depriving us of our greatest heroes, we will be unmoored from our heritage. America will be over. A new country, based on the principles of sheer moonbattery, will be constructed in its place. Liberty will not be among its features.

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Mar 30 2018

Open Thread

We will have bigger bureaucracies, bigger labor unions, and bigger state-run corporations. It will be harder to be an entrepreneur because of punitive taxes and regulations. The rewards of success will be expropriated for the sake of attaining greater income equality. - Arthur C. Brooks
Mar 30 2018

Walter Williams Explains Why This Is a Republic, Not a Democracy

Young Master Hogg informs us that dumb grownups don’t know how to make our f’-ing democracy work, so it is time to put the children in charge. Grownups have apparently failed to inform him that America is not a democracy; it is a republic. That is why it is still relatively free all these years after its founding. Walter Williams could fill some of the gaps in his education:

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Mar 30 2018

Syrian Refugee Charged With Battery After Stabbing Young German Woman Nearly to Death

Last weekend, Muslims enriched Germany’s multicultural tapestry by stabbing infidels throughout the country. One of the victims was Vivien K:

Hannover – sensors watch over her somatic functions, tubes sustain Vivien K. (24). The young woman is in intensive care – she was the victim of a knife-stabber after an argument in the supermarket.

The “argument” resulted from her asking Muslim colonists not to wrestle in the store.

The doctors had to remove her spleen, and part of her pancreas. Her ribs are broken. Four days after the knife attack, on Wednesday, she woke from the artificial coma. …

The alleged perpetrator is in custody and remains silent. He came to Germany as a Syrian refugee in 2013. He is charged with dangerous battery.

An allegedly 17-year-old refugee charged with battery in Germany may not get more than a scolding.

Now if Vivian K were to question the wisdom of Germany submitting to Islamic conquest, then you would see the justice system pounce into action to punish her hate speech with severe consequences.

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Mar 30 2018

Lesbian Adoptive Moms Were Being Investigated for Child Abuse When They Drove Off Cliff With Kids

Two Caucasian lesbians, heavily involved in moonbat politics, get “married” and adopt a half dozen kids, all but one of them black. Sounds like the politically correct conception of the ideal family. What could go wrong? I mean, besides this:

The two Washington mothers who drove off a Northern California cliff with at least three of their six adopted children in the vehicle on Monday were reportedly being investigated for child abuse before the fatal crash.

It is believed that all six kids went along with Sarah and Jennifer Hart on a possibly Thelma & Louise–inspired exit, but at last word not all of the bodies had been found.

Three of the Hart children, Hannah, 16, Sierra, 12, and 15-year-old Devonte, who was captured in a viral photo hugging a police officer during a Black Lives Matter protest in 2014, are all still missing.

Devonte could have been hugging the cop in the photo because he wanted to be rescued.

According to the Oregonian, neighbors of the Harts had recently called Child Protective Services after Devonte repeatedly showed up at their house claiming his parents were “punishing them by withholding food” and begging them for something to eat.

Neighbor Dana DeKalb told KGW that when a social worker showed up to investigate on Friday, the Harts refused to answer the door.

Within hours afterward, the Harts had disappeared.

The DeKalbs also told the station that one of the Harts’ adopted daughters rang their doorbell at 1:30 a.m. one day last year claiming her moms were abusing her.

This issue had come up before…

Sarah Hart had also been accused of child abuse eight years ago when her family was living in Minnesota, according to KATU.

Maybe the family setup was not perfect for a light-hearted sitcom after all. Maybe it was a better setup for a horror movie.

By definition, no one who would “marry” a member of the same sex is psychologically normal, no matter what phony nonsense liberals decree. Homosexual adoptions don’t usually produce carnage, but it is hard to see how they could ever result in a healthy upbringing.

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Mar 30 2018

#NoCopAcademy: Chicago Moonbats Protest Police Academy

The rate of violent crime is 186% higher in Chicago than in the rest of the USA. The city has become synonymous with mayhem, like Beirut in the 1980s. Even Rahm Emmanuel seems to recognize the need for more law enforcement. However, law enforcement is racist, as we learn from the militant moonbats who took over City Hall on Wednesday:

A group of Chicago youth staged a “die-in” at City Hall to demand that the city defund police and fund marginalized communities instead.

The community organizees particularly object to plans for a $95 million building for training police officers and firemen. They think the money should be distributed to people who are not white instead. Because any other use for other people’s money would be racist.

“Rahm supports schools and resources for cops, not for Black and Brown kids,” their mission reads. “We demand a redirecting of this $95 million into Chicago’s most marginalized communities instead. Real community safety comes from fully-funded schools and mental health centers, robust after-school and job-training programs, and social and economic justice. We want investment in our communities, not expanded resources for police.”

Social and economic justice means the government confiscates wealth from those who create it and gives it to looters and moochers of color.

The young hooligans disrupted a Chicago City Council meeting before staging their die in, secure in the knowledge that no one will insist they behave in a civilized manner.

The academy they object to is planned for West Garfield Park, a black neighborhood. According to #NoCopAcademy, 88% of the locals oppose its construction.

If this is true, why not let the denizens of West Garfield Park have their way? Pull the police out, fence off the neighborhood from the rest of the city, and let everyone inside the fence redistribute their money to each other in the name of social justice. They won’t need any police academy in utopia.

It would make a fascinating anthropological experiment. Researchers can visit a year later to see if there are any survivors.

Via Daily Caller, here’s video of Chicago City Hall under occupation:

Mar 30 2018

Fight to Save Thomas Jefferson at Hofstra University

Too few stood to defend Robert E. Lee, so now we have to defend Thomas Jefferson:

JaLoni Owens, a Hofstra student and Black Lives Matter activist, released a petition calling for the statue’s removal on March 17, proclaiming that Jefferson has been embraced as an “icon” by “white supremacist and neo-nazi organizations,” like the Ku Klux Klan.

Shortly thereafter, more than ten Hofstra student organizations, including the Democrats of Hofstra University, Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition, The Gender Identity Federation, and Young Democratic Socialists of Hofstra, jointly planned a “Jefferson Has Gotta Go!” protest for March 30, demanding the statue’s removal.

Now that our backs are to the abyss, people are finally putting up resistance:

Hofstra student Richard Caldwell released a counter-petition titled, “KEEP The Jefferson Statue at Hofstra University,” voicing support for keeping the statue on campus.

As the counterpetition notes, tyranny was the normal state of affairs for the human race prior to Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, which gave birth to a nation that has pushed back tyranny for over 2 centuries. To the extent any human anywhere lives without someone else’s boot on their face, this key Founding Father deserves a large share of the thanks.

If progressives can subject even Thomas Jefferson to the demonize-then-erase treatment, they can do it to anyone. They can erase America itself, which is their intention.

Mar 30 2018

Muslim Terrorist Muhammad Abid Given Two Council Houses

Before political correctness, no civilization had ever embraced its own decline so eagerly as to voluntarily house its conquerors:

A jihadi who plotted to bomb 30 landmarks across London had two council houses – one for himself and another for his wife.

Council houses are free homes provided by taxpayers on a coercive basis.

Muhammad Abid was jailed alongside two other men over a plot to brainwash Muslim boys as young as 11.

The 27-year-old wanted to train youngsters to drive cars ‘like Mujahideen’ before arming them with weapons to carry out atrocities at targets including Big Ben, Heathrow Airport and Westfield shopping centre.

Britain doesn’t just tolerate people like Abid; it imports them (Abid was born in Britain but is obviously a product of these imports). It doesn’t just import them; it gives them free houses. It doesn’t just give them free houses; it gives them two free houses.

Abid also claimed benefits for being his wife Juwayriyah Noor’s carer, despite living apart from her in this East London tower block.

He told the council she was suffering ‘stress and depression’ and required full-time care.

Abid’s codefendant Umar Haque has been mentioned previously as a candidate for Britainistan Teacher of the Year.

Abid is hardly the only jihadist to receive gratis housing compliments of the society that expansionist Muslims endeavor to erase. Via Bare Naked Islam:

The more magnificent the civilization, the more horrible it is to watch moonbattery reduce it to decay.

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Mar 29 2018

Open Thread

I went to Communism as one goes to a spring of fresh water, and I left Communism as one clambers out of a poisoned river strewn with the wreckage of flooded cities and the corpses of the drowned. - Arthur Koestler
Mar 29 2018

How March for Our Lives Moonbats Disposed of Their Signs

Trump is not exactly a stalwart champion of our Second Amendment rights (see here and here), but he isn’t opposed to them. This is enough to earn him the high honor of contempt from moonbats. After the 10% teen March for Our Lives spectacle in D.C. last weekend, the human props disposed of their signs by dumping them around the entrance of the Trump International Hotel:

You don’t need to read the signs to tell the difference between moonbat and countermoonbat demonstrations. Remember the Tea Party demonstrations? Afterward, you could find not so much as a gum wrapper on the ground. In stark contrast, moonbats are pigs, despite their sanctimonious rhetoric regarding the environment.

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Mar 29 2018

Murdering the Helpless Old People Americans Won’t Murder

Liberals club you over the head with the word “compassion,” as if anyone who doesn’t want America to become buried in the rest of the planet’s refuse must not be a nice person. Then you read something like this:

Currently, 45-year-old Billy Chemirmir is charged with capital murder in one death, but sources tell FOX 4 he may be linked to multiple home health care-related deaths in Collin and Dallas counties.

Home healthcare worker Chemirmir was at the scene of several deaths previously thought to have been due to natural causes.

Two other possible victims have come forward and told police that Chemirmir tried to sit on their chest and smother them with a pillow.

Chemirir is an illegal alien from Kenya.

Where’s the compassion for the victims of the invasion our government refuses to get serious about protecting us from?

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Mar 29 2018

Outrageous Blasphemy from College of the Holy Cross Theology Professor

If you could destroy Christianity with brute force, it never would have survived the Roman emperors prior to Constantine. Not even Joseph Stalin could club it to death. Progressives have settled instead on a strategy of subversion. If they can poison it from within, it will be reduced to a farce, and congregations will wander off from lack of interest.

Sometimes overzealous progressives forget that at least a modicum of subtlety is required for incremental strategies to be effective. For example, students studying theology at a Catholic college might be taught that Jesus was a pervert:

Dr. Tat-siong Benny Liew, chair of New Testament Studies at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., said Jesus was a “drag king” who had “queer desires.” He also claims the Last Supper was a “literary striptease” and that Jesus was not a man, but gender fluid.

Throwing moonbat blasphemy into overdrive, the nutty professor barks that the Passion was actually a “(homo)sexual bonding of the Father and the Son.” He accuses Jesus of trying to sexually corrupt his followers.

[T]he Last Supper, when Jesus washed his disciples feet, was a “seductive,” “literary striptease” and a “womanly/slavishly task” used as an example of John’s transgendering of Jesus, the professor claims.

The religious studies professor also argues John’s multiple references of Jesus wanting water, giving water, and leaking water “speak to Jesus’ gender indeterminacy and hence his cross-dressing and other queer desire.”

Good thing for Liew that Pope Francis has just abolished hell.

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Mar 29 2018

The ACLU Has Chicago Blood on Its Hands

The Chicago homicide rate abruptly shot through the stratosphere in 2016, rising from 480 to 754 in a single year. Now we know why.

Was it because of our fundamental right to bear arms? Hardly. That precious right is severely curtailed in the single-party Democrat city.

Paul Cassell of the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law gives us the reason:

University of Utah Economics Professor Richard Fowles and I have just completed an important article on the 2016 Chicago homicide spike. Through multiple regression analysis and other tools, we conclude that an ACLU consent decree trigged a sharp reduction in stop and frisks by the Chicago Police Department, which in turn caused homicides to spike. Sadly, what Chicago police officers dubbed the “ACLU effect” was real—and more homicides and shootings were the consequence. …

Our equations permit us to quantify the costs of the decline in stop and frisks, both in human and financial terms. We conclude that, because of fewer stop and frisks in 2016, a conservative estimate is that approximately 236 additional homicides and 1115 additional shootings occurred during that year. A reasonable estimate of the social costs associated with these additional homicides and shootings is about $1,500,000,000. And these costs are heavily concentrated in Chicago’s African-American and Hispanic communities.

Sanctimonious ACLU SJWs took credit for the decline in stop and frisks, but it is doubtful they will accept responsibility for its consequences.

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Mar 29 2018

The Ultimate Farce: Double Transgender Marriage

Dying Britain is closing in on maximum political correctness:

Transgender Army officer Hannah Winterbourne has married actor Jake Graf — who used to be a woman.

Captain Hannah, 31, who spent her [sic] first few years in the Army as a man, wed Jake, 40, in London.

Having been chemically transformed into something from the Island of Doctor Moreau, Ms. Graf wears a beard.

Captain Hannah wed Jake in a ceremony that she [sic] described as “like a Disney movie”.

That’s not true quite yet, although Planned Parenthood has been pushing Disney even further in that direction.

This grotesque parody of holy matrimony is officially endorsed by British authorities. The perverted pair will live in Army married quarters. “Hannah” is hyped in the media for “her courageous decision to become a woman.” We even see a picture of them posing with the Prime Minister.

Being eager to pass their sickness along to the next generation, they are patrons of a “transgender children’s charity” called Mermaids, and plan to acquire children through surrogacy who can be raised in their warped world of psychosexual dysfunction.

The liberal establishment insists that we regard all of this as not only normal but desirable. Only the Devil could conceive of what depraved blasphemies we will be required to accept next.

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Mar 29 2018

Moonbat Barks That Global Warming Will Be Worse Than 25 Holocausts!

Excellent news — climate doom-monger David Wallace-Wells barks in New York magazine that global warming will kill 150 million people if someone doesn’t start to take the Paris climate accords seriously:

Numbers that large can be hard to grasp, but 150 million is the equivalent of 25 Holocausts. It is five times the size of the death toll of the Great Leap Forward — the largest non-military death toll humanity has ever produced.

This is good news because it represents a dramatic improvement over figures that Wallace-Wells has been bellowing just recently:

Last year, he published an essay called The Uninhabitable Earth — a 7,000-word compendium of climate terror hailed by one overawed leftist commentator as “the Silent Spring of our time” and praised by activists including Michael Mann but widely mocked by more sane people for its absurd and hysterical predictions.

Wallace-Wells warned that a sixth mass extinction could wipe out 97 percent of the planet’s population; that Bangladesh and Miami would be drowned; that almost everywhere would become hotter than the Middle East; that terrifying diseases would be released from the ice; that there would be no more hamburgers.

Only a 150 million dead sounds a lot better than 97% of the population lost. Think of how many Holocausts the difference adds up to. Also, he has dropped that ominous reference to no more hamburgers.

Could it be that warmists have figured out that no one is impressed by them screaming ever more preposterous numbers, so they are now inventing smaller numbers that might be easier to sell?

Maybe not. The 150 million figure is actually how many people will die from air pollution alone, not counting “heat waves, drought, agricultural failure, pandemic disease, hurricanes and extreme weather, climate conflict, and more.” It could be that Wallace-Wells doesn’t understand the difference between CO, a pollutant, and CO2, an essential component of the environment that makes plants grow and is harmful only in the alternate reality of liberal politics. You can’t blame the guy; science is not a strong suit of left-wing propagandists.

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Mar 28 2018

Open Thread

Now that I look back, I realize that a life predicated on being obedient is a very comfortable life indeed. Living in such a way reduces to a minimum one's own need to think. - Adolf Eichmann

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Mar 28 2018

The Positive Side of March for Our Lives

If Paul Joseph Watson is correct, there could actually be something good about the way the professional left has mobilized a handful of clueless teenagers to attack our constitutional rights:

The horrific Parkland tragedy had several significant causes, including weak school security, refusal to confront mental illness, and incompetent/cowardly law enforcement. Addressing these causes would help prevent future such incidents.

The eagerness with which progressive hyenas diverted attention from these causes in order to undermine liberty has been so spectacularly vile that you would have to lack any faith in humanity to think it won’t cost them votes.

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Mar 28 2018

Woman Arrested After Making Lewd Comments to Easter Bunny

The cultural decay is everywhere now. Not even the Easter Bunny is safe. From Mansfield, Ohio:

Police report that they were called out to Richland Carrousel Park after receiving a complaint that Ladonna Hughett, 54, appeared to be intoxicated while having her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. She allegedly made lewd comments to the Bunny and then began riding the carousel.

She was arrested for drunkenness and hauled off to jail. Furthermore, she is unlikely to receive a basket full of candies and painted eggs this Sunday.

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