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Jul 30 2018

300,000 Illegal Immigrants in Islamic Colony Saint-Denis

If a massive foreign army of 300,000, allied with other large armies throughout the country and bent not merely on conquest but on cultural eradication, had amassed 6 miles from the Eiffel Tower, would France prepare to defend itself from the threat? Apparently not, because this is happening now, with no significant response. The Islamized Saint-Denis section of Paris is infested with an estimated 300,000 illegal immigrants,

many of whom rely on crime or the ‘black economy’ to make money. …

Not only that, according to French parliamentarians in a new report that’s causing much anguish across the nation, as many as 420,000 legal residents here are living ‘below the official poverty line’.

They live in Europe, but they are not Europeans.

There are an estimated 135 different nationalities in Saint-Denis, most extremely poor, including an estimated 600,000 Muslims from North African or sub-Saharan African backgrounds.

At this point, pretending that there will be any significant assimilation, other than Europeans being assimilated into the Third World, would be preposterous.

[T]his is a parallel state — a state within a state, with its own rules and religious courts — where allegiance to Islam comes ahead of fealty to France. …

People [buy and sell] drugs openly. What law there is takes place inside Sharia courts, where Islamic leaders dispense the same forms of justice practised in the countries from which many here fled.

What about the French police?

Police have reportedly admitted the area is a ‘no-go’ zone, and will only drive through the areas armed and four to a vehicle.

This time American and British troops will not be coming to the rescue.

In the short term, this Muslim colony will serve as a launch pad for terror attacks.

There are around 350 known jihadists living in Saint-Denis, while 1,700 are believed to have returned to France after fighting for [the Islamic State] in Syria, with 15,000 terrorism suspects in France.

In Saint-Denis itself, there is a record number of mosques — 160 official ones, and many more unofficial — compared with 117 Catholic churches and 60 Protestant. Yet it is the unauthorised mosques — set up in basements and garages — that the authorities fear the most.

In the long term, it will continue to serve as a beach head for the Islamic conquest that Charles Martel managed to stall for 1,300 years.

Already many Jews have fled for their lives. Female genital mutilation is rampant. Women wear headscarves for their safety. Non-Muslims are regarded as so unclean that the new denizens of Saint-Denis refuse to shake hands with them.

This will not end well.

On tips from The Peace President™ and 1-Bodhisattva.

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