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Dec 12 2013

$348,000 Apiece for ObamaCare Enrollees in Obama’s Alleged State of Birth

ObamaCare isn’t completely without its victories. But they come at a price:

Only 574 Hawaiians have signed up for Obamacare – at a cost to the federal government of roughly $348,000 apiece.

Well, maybe not quite 574 Hawaiians…

[T]he Hawaii Reporter quotes sources familiar with the exchange’s website saying that enrollment figure is an overstatement, because the site doesn’t always properly transfer information to insurers. Insurers thus haven’t processed all the enrollments, and applications can be submitted multiple times.

However many people signed up, they had better like their one-size-fits-all socialist medical insurance, because it didn’t come cheap.

The Hawaii state government paid CGI Federal — the same contractor that built the disastrous — $53 million to build the website, which didn’t launch till October 15. The federal government gave the state $200 million in total to set up the exchange, including money to be spent on marketing and outreach.

Fortunately for our rulers, the tab is picked up by us, and we taxpayers have plenty of money. Ask any Democrat.


The state has 100,000 uninsured residents – and 30,000 people are losing their insurance because their policies do not meet Obamacare’s minimum coverage standards.

At least ObamaCare is laying to rest the pernicious myth that we are governed by consent. Only lunatics would consent to ObamaCare.

obamacare crash and burn

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7 Responses to “$348,000 Apiece for ObamaCare Enrollees in Obama’s Alleged State of Birth”

  1. Bo Jangles says:

    Isn’t this the same company that’s owned by Moochelle Obummer’s black female ghetto pal? The company that (was given) this massive contract (without) any competitive bidding?

  2. True Blue says:

    Look -53 MILLION Dollars to build any website is criminal fraud in the first place. These “people” and their enabler in chief are doing nothing more than mounting a looting spree of taxpayer monies that can only ENSLAVE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN. Yet, no prosecutions, no demands for investigations…. This Has to STOP.
    And what, 300 Million looted from Oregon taxpayers for a similar website? This isn’t the incompetence they are trying to shrug it off as with lines like “we don’t know anything about websites…” this is Criminal pure and simple. The Zero and his cohorts are doing nothing more than LOOTING this country like it is a ghetto shoe store with the latest Hair Jordan’s or whatever.

  3. Henry says:

    Don’t be such a killjoy. If enrollments continue at this clip, by the time open enrollment closes, close 1200 people will have signed up. That’s only $166,667 per enrollee… what a bargain!

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    I see USA DECAY claims theirs over a thousand sign-ups if you realy beleive this leftists rag

  5. bobdog says:

    I figure it’s going to be at least a couple of years before the actual cost of this monstrosity are leaked out. Right now, Obama considers details like this to be a matter of national security more important than his highly secret “000000000” nuclear launch codes.

    Probably be some insider scumball like Edward Snowden, and President Clinton will pursue him to the far corners of the earth for treason.

    Now there’s a future I don’t look forward to.

    Sorry about the nausea.

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